Facebook and Twitter Censor New York Post Article

UPDATE: Tucker’s monologue tonight is about the censorship of this article.

For those who are swept up in the election hysteria:

Facebook and Twitter are now choosing what stories can be shared about Joe Biden on their platforms. Conservatives are having a meltdown about it after squandering their majority cutting their taxes and doing absolutely nothing about the problem but grandstanding about censorship.


“Facebook and Twitter took action on Wednesday to limit the distribution of a New York Post story making unconfirmed claims about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, leading President Trump’s campaign and allies to charge the companies with censorship.

Both social media companies said the moves were aimed at slowing the spread of potentially false information. But they gave few details about how they reached their decisions, sparking criticism about the lack of clarity and consistency with which they apply their rules. …”

Sen. Josh Hawley introduced a bill about Big Tech censorship over a year ago last summer in the Senate. It predictably went nowhere. The GOP went to sleep.

Note: Did you learn anything from this post? Did these people do anything for you in Congress except soak up your time with their whining about their victimhood?

In the last two months, I have devoted less time to politics and current events and more time to history. Whether it is Antifa violence, the destruction of monuments or Big Tech censorship, the GOP just kind of stands by and watches it unfold like a spectator. It does nothing to address any pressing problem. It is a waste of everyone’s time to watch them do nothing too.

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  1. The left will do anything to win, including censoring opponents and vote tampering. The right just ineffectively whines about how unfair the left is. If I was a Recuck, this spinelessness would be grating. Do something about being continually slapped around, or accept that you’re a little bitch who’s easily bullied.

    • Yes and the Republicans, good cuckservatives the whole lot, will constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They had four fucking years to do something about the depredations of the Deep State and their Democrat puppets yet they did nothing. Now Big Tech is sabotaging Trump and Helping Slow Joe/Camel Toe Harris get elected President. The Republicans took huge bribes from High Tech, called “campaign contributions” and now can only complain.

      Trump selected the worst possible people to advise him starting with his idiot daughter and miserable son-in-law, co-President Kushner, then staffed the bureaucracy with never Trumpers. He rarely fired anyone who betrayed him. Instead, he hung his supporters out to dry. Had Trump used his executive authority the way the Democrats will he could be boasting about the 2,300 mile long wall on the southern border, his biggest broken campaign promise. Instead the Republicans have been reduced, as always, to their old campaign slogan: “The other Guy is Worse!”

  2. “Most impactful has been the organized jewish community, spearheaded by the ADL, who relentlessly pressured tech platforms to censor “hate” speech. The ADL now effectively controls free speech. They have partnerships with all the major tech platforms. ADL “hate speech” and content guidelines have supplanted US law. It should be illegal for an ethnic activist organization to control what we are allowed to say on the Internet, even more so when it is a criminal organization like the ADL.”


  3. Plutocracy has almost totally suppressed freedom of political speech and thought. What appears to be lively political discussion is confined within the narrow boundaries of the two, Republican and Democratic, right wings of the one-party system. Absolute, unrivalled hegemonic power makes this universal censorship possible.

  4. You guys may hate Trump but this world will be so boring with him. He’s the best meme content of the ages. Without Trump you guys would be reduced to writing about women’s fashion of the 1920’s. Oh wait…

    Contrary to Hunter’s beliefs, I wasn’t pushing him to only write about news and Trump and the election. Just write about anything besides the useless historical bullshit he’s been posting. It’s pretentious.

    Best meme content ever:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i05gKtHWjGY&w=560&h=315%5D

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAvFFYu1RGM&w=560&h=315%5D

    • Yeah, like where would we be without Donald Trump?

      Look at all that he has accomplished for us over the past four years. He assassinated Qasem Soleimani, cut the corporate tax rate, sprung A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail, signed the First Step Act for Kim Kardashian, pardoned Sholom Rubashkin and Jack Johnson, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, multiplied Antifa a thousandfold while crippling our free speech and access to online fundraising, allowed law and order to completely collapse, destroyed the careers of Jeff Sessions and every immigration hawk in Congress and lost something like 300 historic monuments. If we don’t vote for him in November, we will miss out on Ice Cube’s Platinum Plan.

      • Sessions is an interesting case. He did recuse himself at a stupid moment and failed to Bury the Russia Collusion bullshit. Sessions talked a good game but was a weakling with no sense of self preservation.

        • Captain John,

          Sessions also ran point on all the Charlottesville propaganda and prosecutions.

          Jeffery B. Sessions is/was a Grachite that threw his own people to the Ashkenazi wolves. Sessions would have given murderer Barabbus his freedom instead of the innocent Jesus because his jewish masters demand it.

      • Add to that list massive deregulation and direct or indirect subsidy (paid for with our taxes and by massively increasing “our public debt”) of large corporations of all kinds including financial; further dismantling and privatization of (giving away at fire sale prices) public properties and services of all kinds; further increase of the U.S. military (the world’s single worst polluter of the environment); the militarization of space and ramping up all kinds of wars hot and cold; and one of the world’s worst responses to the pandemic (which I do believe is a natural virus, although if it is a lab creation, even a bioweapon, the U.S. not China is responsible) – all happening, and logically so, under the Republican, slightly righter right wing of the Plutocracy.

        • Hohoho the funny memes guise! Lol Blumpf might be a backstabbing, lying piece of shit conman but we need to relect him for the unfunny forced memes lol gtfo here dude

          Speak for yourself I like the occasional history article even trad womens fashion in the 20’s was interesting. The tiresome natsoc style jazz bashing on the other hand… sort of cringe imo but whatever we all have our opinions

  5. Trump has done very little if anything to positively help white interests. In many ways he’s actively undermined and negatively impacted white interests. The only only argument for him is that he’s not actively hostile to white interests. It’s thin gruel for the folks who keep everyone who keeps society functioning to see him accomplish so little and to have done as much damage. He has either been negligent at best or malicious at worst.

  6. The lying shill Tucker Carlson regaled his Giza Cotton My Pillow Dream Sheet buying audience last night (I actually OVERHEARD some of the show) with a sad story of private for-profit mass media censorship of his borderline CRIMINAL misuse of CDC statistics, taken out of context to mislead his gullible audience to believe that mask wearers are MORE likely to get Covid. He told a LOT of lies about the pandemic last night. He probably does every night. No one should ever give “views” to Carlson and other Faux News. One can find out whatever of “importance” was said there by indirect means.

    • I understand that now the lying shill Carlson is promoting the CRIMINAL “Great Barrington Declaration” of the laissez-faire “American Institute for Economic Research” think tank and “Doctor Atlas,” Fox News’ and Trump’s most-trusted RADIOLOGIST advisor on virology and epidemiology.

  7. “Conservatives” have no problem shutting up and criminalizing “white supremacists” as “Antifa” and BLM murder, loot and burn down the country.

  8. When will right wing whites quit bitching about being censored on social media and start building their own platforms?

  9. I read Hunter’s articles almost every day, and Gryphon’s Ferocity is a bit out of line in this comment section. Hunter’s series on the juxtapositions of Victorianism with Modernism is darn interesting, especially for someone like me who is a former jazz musician — and a novice regarding much of the historical periods he covers. I got a BA in history from UCLA in 2004, and I learned JACK SQUAT.

  10. The dissident right has been quashed by Google. Later, “conservatives” will be shocked, SHOCKED when google turns out to be suppressing them.
    I’m sure they’ll hold hearings about it! With lots of soundbytes! That’ll learn ’em.

  11. One day Hunter people will read through your 10,000 posts to understand what was occurring in antebellum to Civil War 2 America. They’ll appreciate your consistency in these articles and everyone commenting on them

  12. Hey HW – ever thought of setting up your own Mastodon server and allowing regular Occidental Dissent readers to join?

    Here’s an example where the guy who runs the “No Agenda” podcast set up his own Mastodon server. Looks right-leaning to me:

    I set up a test account on a different server that has open sign-ups:

    But the thing is – users on one server can follow users on any other server. So it destroys the centralized power to block that Twitter has. If all the dissident media sites – and the not so dissident media sites – had their own Mastodons, blocking would be harder.

    Instructions to set up your won server are here:

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