Antifa: Nazis Without a Plan

Don’t laugh.

I’ve been thinking the same thing.

Until this afternoon, I was unaware that Paul Gottfried had recently published this.

Chronicles Magazine:

“Although I have spent much of my scholarly life warning against inappropriate comparisons between Nazis or fascists and the pet peeves of academics and journalists, I myself am now using the F-word (as in fascist) or really the N-word (as in Nazi) with growing regularity.

The antifascist left, about which I have just finished writing a book, resembles the Nazis in a striking way, particularly when these earlier advocates of violence were on their way to power. I am drawing this parallel while being fully aware of the qualifications that I am constrained to offer.

Yes, I am aware that, unlike the Nazis, American Antifa members and German Antifaschisten loathe their own race and nation and are doing everything possible to weaken them. They also favor filling their country with third world immigrants, preferably non-Christian, to change its inherited cultural and ethnic character. Further, these rioters and subversives are working to bring shame on once-celebrated national heroes and call for tearing down their statues and banishing national literatures. As I write, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have just torn down a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon. Elsewhere, Confederate memorial monuments, statues of Columbus, and other tributes to the onetime heroes of my youth are being smashed or defaced. …”

I laid out the reasons why this morning.

The fascists came at the tail end of the long 19th century. They were a product of all the ideas that gained traction in the Romantic age from Rousseau, Fichte, Herder, Schopenhauer, Carlyle, Hegel, Nietzsche, etc. Adolf Hitler loved Richard Wagner. In National Socialism, you see the full blossoming of the Romantic ideal of ethnonationalism and 19th century racial theories like Nordicism. By the 1930s, Romanticism had worked its way down from an elite consensus to the masses.

This is the distilled essence of the spirit of the 19th century:

Go further back to the previous cycle.

Maximilien Robespierre, the Jacobins and the Terror during the French Revolution were the culmination of the ideas of the Enlightenment which had filtered down from elites to a mass level. They were the product of all the ideas that had gained traction in the Enlightenment age from Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, Hume, Rousseau (again), Kant and so forth distilled into a crude level.

This is the distilled essence of the spirit of the 18th century:

Go further back to the previous cycle.

You’re in the early 17th century in the time of the Protestant Union and the Catholic League and the culmination of the Wars of Religion in the Thirty Years War and Roundheads and Cavaliers in the English Civil War. The battle lines have been drawn for the final apocalyptic battle which are the full outworking of the ideas of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. The ideas of the reformers and their enemies have finally filtered down now to a crude form at the mass level.

This is the distilled essence of the spirit of the 16th century:

We’ve “progressed” beyond all of that.

Something like the Thirty Years War, the Wars of Revolution and the World Wars could never happen again in the 21st century. The ideas of Sigmund Freud, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, Karl Popper, the New York Intellectuals, Herbert Marcuse, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Derrick Bell, Judith Butler, Frantz Fanon, Kimberle Crenshaw, Robin DiAngelo, and so forth, could never filter down from elites and congeal into a violent crude form at the mass level and lead to some sort of violent upheaval after permeating our society.

This is the distilled essence of the 20th century: the full outworking of the Antiromantic ideal, which holds that White, Western man is no good, which has been ascendant since 1945.

No, we are not the Nazis.

The Nazis, however, are at the root of our present troubles.

The enemies of the Nazis triumphed in 1945 and the world that they created has been an Antiromantic age. It has been an antifascist age. It has been an anti-racist and anti-totalitarian age. It lacks self confidence. This shit has been all the rage since literally 1945. It permeates everything to an absurd degree. Martin Luther King, Jr. could only become a secular saint in an antiracist age. Jim Crow could have only fallen in an antiracist age. Virtually every institution in our society has been steadily reconstructed around the goal of promoting racial equality and the interests of black people. We live under “systemic antiracism” which actively represses Whites with the laundry list of -isms and -phobias. The political and cultural establishment vilifies “Nazis” and “white supremacists” and sees “racism” in everything. The previous crisis which was World War II has become the compass for the elites who have ruled in its wake.

Could actual “white supremacists” succeed in setting America on fire and convulsing the whole country for months? To ask the question is to answer it. The riots have been cheered on for being “antiracist.” The Zeitgeist has crushed the spirit of young White men. It fills them with guilt. And yet, the people who do this pretend that they and their ilk and their values are not the ones who are in power. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that we are in power while policing our own thoughts.

It is all absurd. It is utterly detached from reality. Perhaps this is what it is like when an idea that had become the basis of an entire social order for a whole age of history finally achieves saturation and total societal liftoff toward utopia before it crashes back down to earth in its parabolic descent?

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  1. The per century dating style really is inadequate.

    The 19th century: 1789-1945: the age of Democracy.
    The 20th century: 1945-2001: the age of Liberalism.
    The 21st century: 2001-present: the age of Nihilism.

    I would argue that National-Socialism was real democracy, or government established for the spirit of a people. The Confederacy also shared this character, though not entirely as there was still a strict class system. What has been called “democracy” by Americans since 1945 is as you know really just Liberalism. Liberalism is an attempt to graft democracy across the entire human race equally irrespective of origin or history, purely on the basis of individual bodily units. This is of course impossible, so liberalism inevitably slides into nihilism. Capitalism is just crass opportunism and plunder. That is why Capitalism is practiced nowhere else. China is certainly not Capitalist and never has been. Foreign Direct Investment for them was from the very beginning a war tactic, not a get rich quick scheme, though Americans were too stupid to tell the difference.

    Unfortunately for us, the left is not really a left, but is just a bunch of non-white Nazisms for brown and black people, as you and Paul noticed. They are going to try to retcon the real democracy of the 19th and early 20th centuries for their own races, and this time we are the Jews.

    • God I wish this was the age of national socialism. The most inspiring, successful, spiritually meaningful governmental expression of European man possible.

      No, this is just basic shitty anti-white Jewry. No reason to overthink it.

      • “The antifascist left, about which I have just finished writing a book, resembles the Nazis in a striking way, particularly when these earlier advocates of violence were on their way to power. ”

        Gottfried IS A JEW.

        OF COURSE he would NOT compare this to the REAL ideology that Antifa incarnates – JEWISH BOLSHEVISM.

        This is not Nazism – it is JEWISH MARXISM!!!!

        “Communism and internationalism are in truth and in fact great virtues. Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”
        Harry Watan, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 80

        “The [Jewish] Commissaries were formerly political exiles. They had been dreaming of revolution for years in their exile in Paris, in London, in New York, in Berlin, everywhere and anywhere. They saw in the Bolshevist Movement an opportunity of realizing the extreme ideas of Communism and internationalism to which their fate had compelled them.”
        Dr. D. S. Pazmanik, in The Jewish Chronicle (London), September 5, 1919, p. 14

        “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
        Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

        “It’s the Jews, stupid.” – Edgar J. Steele, American martyr

  2. I would argue that the 20th Century ended when the Cold War did, with the fall of the European Communist Block. In 1989-90. The 20th Century was defined by WWII and the Cold War.

    • This is probably a better take than the outline given in the article. The end of the Cold War up until the beginning of the “War on Terror” period really closed out the 20th century. Not to say it fully ended on Sept 11, 2001, but that the 20th century stopped being so relevant. I remember when Harry Potter came out, many groups, including Catholic Schools, opposed the book because it promoted “witchcraft”. Not only would you never see such a thing now, but even the idea of witches are a 20th century concept. I remember old movies and vague conversations in the 90s of some teenage girls being into “wicca” now the only people who are into that are old cat ladies. Not to say something hasn’t replaced it, atheism or new age crystal shit has filled the void, but things have changed drastically.

      Dating is another area where if you try to do it like it was done in the 20th century, you’re doing it wrong.

      While Hunter is following the Strauss-Howe model, I think he shouldn’t get too far ahead with historical cycles. Strauss-Howe emphasizes generations and social moods. Historical cycles don’t always follow the same or a similar trend. The 20th century died when the Berlin wall fell and two planes hit the Twin Towers. The coming Crisis won’t be the culmination of the 20th century, but the disenfranchisement and alienation of the young White natives living within the American Empire.

      I like the label “Anti-Romantic period” though. Good term Hunter

      • Strauss-Howe is one model.

        Turchin has a different mathematical model.

        I think there is something to both models. I will look around and see what other people have written on the subject.

  3. Its not so much that they don’t have a plan. Antifa are really just a violent anarchist social justice grunt group for the long nose tribe when they need a good long distraction. Whether if for bailouts, tax cuts, deplatforming right wing or corona. Blm and antifa both take marching orders from them

  4. The explanation for our predicament is muchmore simpler.
    As long as America financed the industrial abortion industry and led the world in the exportation of war and weapons, Satan did not have to manage us.
    When Trump merely mentioned de-funding mass abortion and peaceful talk with our enemies, Satan turned his eyes upon us.
    He fluttered down upon Washington and will stay there until his job is done.
    As per., “The Master and Margherita ” and ” Sympothy for the Devil”.
    This too will pass.

  5. Love that picture of the Reichstag saluting Hitler. Looks much better than our pathetic legislative bodies.

  6. I don’t think anyone pro-white person should use the word Nazi, imo. It’s national socialist. This was a huge error made by George Lincoln Rockwell, like running around calling oneself a commie.

  7. “…And yet, the people who do this pretend that they and their ilk and their values are not the ones who are in power. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that we are in power while policing our own thoughts….”

    This doublethink is part of the process of psychological warfare. Those on the street, who are pushing the bad Whitey narrative to the point of their literal insanity, are doing everything they can to refuse to face the real perpetrators, and real reasons they are doing what they are doing. They will gladly murder their own people, so they do not have to face the reality of their direction. They have crossed from brain-washed political mindset, to cult hive-mind.

    At this point, even if there was no one to confront them, they would still believe their nemesis exists, it has to, to give their existence meaning. The parasites who brain-washed them know The Black Science (an ancient method of brain-washing, used to destroy people, if one can use the people one wants to destroy, to do the work for them, so much the better) well…

    One of two things will happen to those among them who still secretly try to think for themselves:
    1) A few will look around and realize their situation, and realize they are losing their minds, and they will try to extricate themselves, before it is too late.
    2) They will go all in, and devolve further into the self-assured hive-mind that consumes every marxist movement, some will become gulag guards, others will crush their peers to become commisars. At this point, they can only be put down, like rabid animals.

  8. “The Nazis, however, are at the root of our present troubles.”

    Yes, absolutely – we are still living in the wake of Nazi excesses, just as the next era will be lived in the wake of those Liberal excesses that came in the wake of the previous Nazi excesses.

  9. “It is all absurd.”

    Yes, it is. Steve King continuing to reverence Jews and Israel after he was removed from office by Jews is the height of absurdity and a definite sign that we live in an age of ‘systemic anti-racism’.

    The same pattern is ubiquitous in MAGA and ConGrift.

    I’m sure the Proud Boys imprisoned by Jews in NYC will fully denounce the Alt-Right and highlight their support of Israel once released.


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