Black Klan Threatens To Burn Down Louisville

The Black Klan that rallied at Stone Mountain earlier this month and called for a race war against White rednecks held a rally in Louisville this afternoon:

Here you have another vivid illustration of the post-World War II era.

If 500 armed members of the League of the South marched on Louisville, calling for a revolution and a race war and threatening to burn down the city, it would be the biggest story in the world. It would be “a story about race in America.” We know this because a few hundred unarmed White men in polo shits armed with nothing but tiki torches in Charlottesville caused a national moral panic.

The only thing the media cares about is race and politics. It is “largely peaceful protests” when Antifa lay siege to a federal courthouse in Portland for two months and burn down Washington, DC. It is “largely peaceful protests” when they take over part of Seattle for weeks or blow up a police department in Minneapolis or launch a nationwide series of violent riots. It is “largely peaceful protests” when there is a thousand times more violence and more death than there ever was in Charlottesville.

It is not about “racism” or “violence.” It has nothing to do with morality. White, Western men are illegitimate. Western civilization is illegitimate. White people are uniquely repressed by the liberal order. Non-Whites, however, are encouraged to nurse racial grievances. White violence is excusable or understandable when it serves “antiracist” ends. That’s the standard.

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  1. Dumb or not the numbers and organization of this group is surprising. While I’m sure the usual suspects are behind them, I feel it best to not underestimate or dismiss them as dumb apes. I’d be willing to bet that this NFAC will be used in the near future to push REAL organized terror against whites. It has already happened and it will get worse. As I’ve said before on this blog it is not noble to call them names when whites (like the lame 3 percenters who “denounce racism”) can barely get a dozen people together.

  2. “They chanted for Breana Taylor”
    A few of my friends mentioned this phenomenon and asked me “why does every white Instagram hooker who spends the day taking pictures of herself, and upper middle class 20 and 30 something Facebook attention seeker have “JUSTICE FOR BREANNA” as their wallpaper or lead pic.

    If anything ever summed up how young to middle aged white women act as counters to everything needed for the continuance of European values and western countries. It is this. Always acting in the opposition of themselves and white men out of daddy issues and the need to signal

    • @Captain Schill of the Blackpill Tribe…

      Unfortunately, White Anglo American Women have become separated from their most fundamental drive – that being to nurture other humans, and, thus, to create, and nurture men, and the fruit that comes from nurturing men.

      But, White Anglo men, too, have become separated from their essential selves – , that of being protectors, exemplars, and guardians.

      Worse yet, we have become a two-income household society where children do not have the benefits of a mama at home. Our children are raised by strangers, at day-care, and, as well, are educated by strangers, who teach them a strange philosophy.

      Though I was fortunate to be raised by a generation of men who were still guardians and women who were still nurturers, and still at home, I grew up in an era that imparted to all of us that thee main reason to live was to perpetually seek brief gratifying moments, instead of constructing a life.

      It was called, ‘Drugs, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll’.

      As you surely must have observed, Dear Captain, the family structure in this country is largely degraded – and when you get past all the political and economic problems, there still is this fundamental problem.

      At this time in history, we are a largely selfish, frivolous, superficial, and egotistical lot who, for lack of a better term, are ungodly and diabolical.

      We, as a whole, have become a poster child for precisely what NOT to be, what NOT to become.

      We, collectively, are what the Bible describes as ungodly, the very essence of Sodom and Gomorroh.

      Though good is still done, and though there are still plenty of good people, we, as a whole, are not a good people – not by a long shot.

      This is why Mr. Griffin, and those like him, can cogently shout their heads off about what is going on, for years, and it does not really stir the vast masses, because they do not want to construct a life, or a society that can live, but, rather, they wish to experience themselves solely as individuals perpetually seeking fleeting moments of sensual gratification.

      You see this basic corruption at the highest levels of governance, because they, the politicians, arise from us, and we are a very bad crop.

      It’s no more complicated than that, and civil war won’t change that, because that is a spiritual problem, not a security, not an economic, and not a political problem.

      All problems arise from this central problem – we are very ungodly, by the measure of any major faith, and because we are so very ungodly, The Bible tells us we are fit for only a couple of fates – slavery and or destruction.

      We are in Rome 425 A.D!

    • “You see this basic corruption at the highest levels of governance, because they, the politicians, arise from us, and we are a very bad crop.”

      Jeez, hate yourself much? Hate your own people that much? The crop I was raised in was a record crop, and it was good. They still talk about it. Your crop was not vetch, not even a crop at all, more like barberry in the woods, the only plant the deer won’t eat.

      • @Weed…

        Sorry, Sir, but, there is nothing beneficial to us and ours by pretending we are better than we are.

        Being a non-pathetic member of a non-pathetic minority group within a majority pathetic group, however, is downright painful I grant you that.

  3. You sound really pitiful whining like this Hunter! White men do not talk like that.If you are not powerful enough to defend your culture and civilization you get run over! Its that simple! Did you see Erdogan in St. Sophia yesterday? That’s what the minorities will do to you too guys.

    • Perhaps.

      A single individual can only do so much though. I defend our culture and civilization every single day on here but my efforts are not enough. It takes a collective effort to hold back the tide.

      • Your efforts are valuable. I don’t always agree with you but I think you are one of the best and most important commentators on the American right.

      • Brad, What can we do? I truly am at a loss. If our side marches, the media paints us as a bunch of hateful racists and the police arrest us. If we form groups, they are infiltrated and destroyed from within. If we make comments on websites about the anti-white hatred coming from the various systems in society, we are slurred with the term white privilege and told that we are “afraid” of losing power, as if our losing power in the country that your own people created is nothing to be concerned about. Whites fear the slurs and any action that can be taken against them and then back down. At this point, it seems that our people, good Whites, not the traitorous ones, are cornered and all we can do is helplessly watch our people go down.

        • @Stefania…

          Be patient, don’t despair!

          There are times when the clouds gather so intensely, and the deluge comes to hard from the sky, we are held into a very tight space (our house), but, alas, there is no permanence, whatsoever, to it.

          We are coming to critical mass right now, as a society; a time which shall dispell the circumstances that have frustrated and defeated us in the last decade.

          Never forget, Dear Stefania, that the whole point of this realm is to make saints, and, in order for that to come to pass, devils and diabolical organizations are needed, and, consequently, are allowed to rise.

          In the end, however, the are only mechanistic dupes of The Almighty.

          • Stefania, I’m very sorry you had to endure that wooing from that guy. If you want to make a complaint to the authorities, I and many other commenters on this site, I’m sure, will testify on your behalf.

        • Hello Stefania;

          What all of us should be doing now, while there is still time, is to prepare for the inevitable financial crash of the rotten system of debt-money we are ruled by. There will be a crash followed by supply chain interruptions of everything. Food will be especially important along with the means to cook it, preserve it and prepare it. Stock up now while you still can, especially canned and dry foods. Disorders will get much worse when the system fails.

          Drugs such as antibiotics and pain medicine will be important and those who have medical conditions like diabetes should get as much extra medicine stored as they can. Take care of dental/medical/eyeglass issues now while things are still working and keep homes and vehicles repaired too. Those who are living in “diverse” areas should move to safe(r) areas, the vibrants aren’t known for being forward looking people who save up and they get extra angry when the EBT fails.

          No need to go into detail about self defense, that is an obvious one. Keep some cash available in small bills and if you can, buy small silver coins such as pre-1965 quarters, dimes, half dollars and more modern silver eagle coins. You can use them sparingly to buy essentials when the USD goes bad. Don’t buy off of E-Bay though, too many fakes there. Try to connect with like minded people, especially those who have trade skills like cooking, sewing, nursing, repairing and building things.

          Keep a low profile publicly, don’t advertise anything that draws attention to you on any website such as Facebook or Twitter if you even use them.

          Things are going to go from bad to worse, there is no fixing the current system and even if there were a means to fix it, why bother? Out of the mess we are in a new and better world can arise. The Left and their dupes in Conservatism, Inc. can do nothing but wreck things. We have to survive the turmoil to rebuild, that is the reason to prepare.

      • Brad, you do more for the European race and culture than millions of white Americans do combined. Keep up the great work. I appreciate and place a high value on everything you do for us.

      • I applaud you for your effort and enjoy your website! You are right a single person can only do so much!

    • @Eric…

      Mr. Griffin is not ‘whining’. He is reporting what is going on and taking just note of the perils it portends.

      He’s done the works of thousands of people, but, alas, he is going up against a tide of cowardice and learned indifference of his fellow Southerners and Whites, all around, who are determined to think that the America of 1960 is still fundamentally there, and will work into perpetuity, without any major overhaul.

      Wave the flag, grill, and pray for things to go away, seems to be the prevailing ethos of the early 21st century.

      For whatever it is worth, when I was a kid – we had this kind of thing,

      The Weathermen and The Black Panthers, etc, etc, and it never became anything because your average Black thinks the idea of shooting Whites, because we are White, as stupid, ridiculous, and evil as does your average White think it stupid, evil, and ridiculous to shoot at people because they were not made White.

      Yet, in every group of people, around the world entire, there is a small group of those who would like to shoot others, other than how The Good Lord gave them to be.

      No law, no society, and no time in history will ever change this problem. Only God couod do that.

      Another reason for the 2nd Amendment.

  4. get your guns ready, because this is never going away white people…
    thats not how genocide works.

    • They have at that muster, roughly 3 companies worth of people. If only 10% of them have even minimal military training, that is significant, much better than many third world guerilla forces. Now consider that this has been seen nation-wide; in terms of simple propaganda, this is a massive coup, despite the shooting. This will be seen as inspirational to others like them, and their ranks will swell.

      The enemy is not 10 feet tall, but the enemy is very real, and has much support. When they make their move, they will also be supported by countless sleeper cells, gangs, probably external material supply, etc.

      White people had better get their act together.

  5. Blacks using their own money on that kind of firepower less than 4 years after a double-term black president? I smell something gefilte fishy.

    I would take them very seriously. God knows what weapons will be pulled out if a civil war ignites. They have money and power behind them. Useful idiots never run out of usefullness.

    “I am the NFC for life, motherfucker!”

    Sounds like a university professor.

    • @Snowhitey
      Indeed Snowwhitey. These NFAC boys cannot speak without uttering the f word at least once per sentence. Their crudity belies their lack of intelligence.

      • Exactly.

        I found it interesting that there were no canons in their march. You know, the loose canons….. their women.

          • Snowhitey,

            You are not losing it. You are one of the brightest people on this website. You are just very passionate.

          • Cristina, that is a very, very nice compliment. Not sure if I qualify but I’ll take it! Thank you very much.

            You know, you’re very bright, too. How’s the training going?

  6. Anytime jew planning and money is used to organize Blacks against Whites, the Blacks ALWAYS cannibalize and shoot each other when the jews are done with them…them shooting each other at this march is a hilarious, early insight into the end game for them.

  7. Notice that all the emergency service providers are White. Very telling. Blacks provide virtually zero social capital in the functioning of the cities and communities in which they dwell.

    But it seems the orcs of Mordor are well armed and supplied. And well fed too. Lol.

  8. I’m still sitting here, my patience almost exhausted, wondering when I am actually going to see these feral ones hand over working CAD files for warp engines. Y’know? The same technology they once had that posited the pyramids around the belt of Orion? Yeah, that stuff.

    Call me?

  9. America is such a grotesque pile of shit….Its a shame that the American Revolution ever happened.

    • @Stilicho…

      “America is such a grotesque pile of shit….It’s a shame that the American Revolution ever happened.”

      It really did not matter that there was an American Revolution, Sir, because we got sucked right back into the Anglo-Jewish Empire, anyway, almost within a few years of The Constitutional Convention.

      There really is no separation.

  10. Still nobody wants to talk about Israel training of American police forces. Why is that? If blacks do not like the way they are being man handled by the police why aren’t they honing in on the cause?

  11. Hey Hunter,
    Thanks for covering this story. I live about 60 miles from Louisville, and was quite displeased that this NFAC event occurred. The Louisville *Courier-Journal* paper appears to be downplaying Grandmaster Jay’s violent rhetoric, namely by omitting it! I have seen estimates of between 200 and 500 Black militia at the event. Here is a link to a Louisville area site that did cover Jay’s violently inflammatory rhetoric. I am beginning to think that we in America are now in the early stages of the plight of our Boer cousins in South Africa.

    • @Joe…

      With every respect to you, and your thoughtful process,es Sir, we are nowhere near going down the Boer Road.

      Yes, there will be some unpleasant events, but, in this country, unlike The Boers, we, Whites, are the overwhelming majority of this nation, outside of the small amount of land that comprises the big cities, where most of the trouble will play out.

      Things are bad, no doubt, but, many tens of millions of people to which you refer, in this country, are not going to disappear, not going to be endless victims.

  12. Can you imagine what would happen to a bunch of “White supremacists” parading around like this? Hell, we can’t even say “All lives matter” without risk of getting shot at. People that think voting for Trump and Republicans is going to “save” us are delusional.

  13. Speaking of burning, at least we’ll never have to worry about blacks doing it. Burning something, at least to destroy it, is hard. You have to know about fuels and materials, technology and science and art–you know, chemistry, physics, construction engineering, architecture, and maybe even meteorology. You need to do at least some planning. Some retard thinks he can buy a gallon can of gasoline and pour it on something, light a match, and “burn this shit down” or whatever their slang is. Not for nothing that arson investigators always look first at paid firemen, volunteer firemen, or firemen wannabes as suspects when a suspicious devastating fire happens. The suspects in those groups are almost never black.

  14. Even if a “Black Klan” really was burning down Louisville, THAT WOULD BE NOTHING compared to what THIS “klan” is burning down:

    The world “must not be hijacked,” but it IS being hijacked! Alt-right and White nationalist groups and websites serve a useful purpose stirring up Republicans and other conservatives for a divide-and-rule anti-Black race war, like the Epoch Times (Crossroads, NTD, etc.) another CIA project, stirs them up to support the U.S.’s anti-China war to overthrow and re-subjugate China.

  15. Negroes have never won a war/battle without overwhelming numbers and except for Isandlawa where they had at least 5:1 numerical superiority), significant outside help.

  16. What winning looks like. Blacks aren’t weak cowards like the woke right. HW would have you believe the politicians support Antifa and BLM. Yes, he’s partially right but its out of fear, not support. Fear and intimidation is a great weapon. BLM and Antifa have it down to a science. Woke whites on the weak right could learn a lot from them. Instead of learning the weak right will follow the same losing script. Dress nice,show good optics and run away when confronted.

    • LOL.

      This is a delusion. Those people have the full backing of the media and the Democratic Party. They are political allies in the same coalition. Everything they are doing is considered legitimate because it is “antiracism.” It is the product of fawning media coverage, the cooperation of local officials and hundreds of millions of dollars in astroturf from Democratic donors.

      There is no comparable relationship between the Center Right and Far Right. The whole system is built on the repression of “racism” and the Far Right. We are not political allies. We are not represented in the rightwing coalition. No one is seeding our movement with hundreds of millions of dollars or patting us on the back. If we were to go out and engage in violence, which is a course of action only recommended by idiots who never learn anything from experience, the whole system and above all else the Center Right would come down on us.

  17. Before these folks can burn down Louisville, they need to become aware of where the safety switch is…

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