Today’s Absurdities

Flannery O’Connor:

For the racist perspective of her personal writings which are in conflict with the woke trinity of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

Racist Stereotypes:

Black Lives Matter wants you to know the truth about race and crime!

Chevron’s Diversity Ratio:

As Whites are laid off on the basis of race, the diversity ratio has improved which is bringing about a more equitable racial balance.

Jesus and George Floyd:

Some would say that there is a crucial difference between the Son of Man and George Floyd, but woke people see similarities.

Trashville, NC:

Ruined by Eastern hipster transplants.


The Trump administration is out of control.

“Hands Up, Please Don’t Shoot Me”:

The Woke cult which is 95% White in Portland recites the sacred words.

Christopher Columbus (Chicago):

This is what “democracy” looks like!

Christopher Columbus (Lancaster, PA):

The essence of the democratic process under liberal democracy is that no one is consulted except the lawless mobs engaging in vandalism.

U.S. Capitol:

More lightning.

Just throwing this in here to illustrate how this country has been cursed.

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  1. They consider everyone who is not White to be black? This is what is worrying me as of late that normies will begin to believe Hispanics are White because that is what the msm believes and foolish “White Nationalists” will go along with it because “Hispanics are better than blacks!!!!!!!!” even though it is Hispanics who are replacing us and our greatest threat in terms of miscegenation and not blacks. I really believe Spick Fuentes is a paid FBI agent and actually a White American larping as a spic to try and get us to accept spics as somehow “White.”

    • I have been saying this for awhile. He Tweeted an attack at Michael Tracey today on Twitter, mocking him while his minions tried to ratio the single honest and genuine reporter in all of media trying to keep a consistent fair and accurate position.

  2. America magazine, a supposedly Catholic rag, comparing Fentanyl (and Meth) Floyd to Christ?! I’m not aware of the Messiah threatening to murder any pregnant women or making any pornos. (Unless I missed out on some racy Gnostic tales.) A comparison to Barabbas would be more apropos, except he was an insurrectionist, not a drugged-out thug. The threshold for sainthood has really hit bottom.

    If racial parity is considered necessary for a better America, let’s start with evening up the violent crime stats, shall we? We should start scything down dark ones at the rate they do us. According to the 2018 FBI crime stats, we need to be doubling the number of blacks killed by whites. Are we for racial equality, or aren’t we? Hell, I’m for making blacks the statistical underdogs. Let’s quadruple, no — OCTUPLE — those white-on-black murder numbers, people!

    • Boomer, don’t worry. The godless pagans who hate Christ on this forum, will soon join with their racial/religious atheist ‘brethren’ (cistern?) and denounce all Christians as ‘eebil racisss’, too.

      The demon-possessed mind – it’s a terrible thing to waste.

  3. The kwa has gone exponentially farther to the left in the 3 1/2 years Trump has been POTUS than it did in the 8 years Obongo boy was nigger-in chief. I hope everyone here understands that in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM was I a fan of our first NIGGER president. I detest that coon. However, facts are facts, however unpleasant. Another unpleasant fact is this-Trump is going to get his ass handed to him in November. Many liberals that were going to vote for Trump when this shit started are most likely going to vote for Uncle Joe. Reason? They think this nonsense will go away if Trump does. WRONG. What is happening now is just the preview of coming attractions our red revolution. No matter who is POTUS, the ceaseless march to the left continues.

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