Twitter Purges QAnon

The president is monitoring the situation and considering doing something.

Note: Antifa is free to use Twitter to organize violent mobs and dox people.

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  1. This is a simple problem to solve. There is already a peer-to-peer Twitter clone out there that works:

    The performance sucks but there is no reason why it couldn’t get better if some work were put into it. And/or refine the protocol so other messaging apps – Gab, Parler, Mastodon etc. – might plug into the same protocol.

    We’ve had the SMTP email protocol since 1982. For the life of me, I don’t understand why some techo-libertarian-anarchist types don’t just sit down and solve this problem. Distributed messaging is the wave of the (past and) future.

  2. How do you pierce this Master Anti-White Kosher Zio-Elite Chess Game being played?

    They’re laughing at us right now……….

    I Know How.

    We Know How.

    Let Them Be and Do.

    • O Lord, another Charismaniac crowd, merging the ‘doctrines of men’ with their interpretation of the Word, ignoring the martyrdom of millions to achieve Orthodoxy of thought, over the last two millennia!

  3. Instead of just monitoring a situation, Blompf’s FCC and DOJ needs to declare that all social media platforms are public forums. Then, censoring people can lead to a range of response that quickly defangs the companies. They could be heavily fined, shut down temporarily or permanently, or anything in-between.

    • It is interesting to note that they rely on having an American business license, which at least “should” require adherence to the First Amendment. But, they are so above the archaic concept of freedom of thought, and expression. Oh, and they have protection courtesy of Conservative Inc., imagine that….

  4. The Daily Stormer did some suspect shit the past few days. They advertised for donations, and apparently got quite a few, enough to make them happy. Finally write about the Epstein Judge. Completely say it was the mens rights guy who did it, give it lols, and fail to mention that he was probably a patsy, Leslie Wexner, or the Mossad. This is quite disturbing! This is how disinformation works.

  5. One of the the few twitter purges I actually agree with. They were a strange psy op that made no sense to me just gullible trumptards that always trusted the plan no matter how many times blumpf and jarvanka stabs us in the back they always came out with some wacky stupid shit as a coping mechanism

  6. Qanon is nonsense, confusion and disinformation. Notice that no one here is concerned the least bit about the Imperial attack on Wikileaks and Julian Assange for publishing FACTS.

      • “I’ve written at length”;

        I know, having searched your archives. But like the subject of the pandemic, the subject of Wikileaks is evidently unpopular with O.D. readership, or at least with many of those who post comments, who consider Julian Assange a left-wing progressivist enemy of White nationalism.

  7. Good riddance. Q is neocon garbage, for the purpose of keeping white conservatives on the GOP plantation. We can’t worry about repression of conservatives. We have our own movement to worry about. We are not on the same side as the Q community.

  8. Long time ago, US crushed Iraqi army and later complained that instead of one easy to control force, they got thousands of independent resistance cells, not connected and impossible to monitor or control.

    Q people are pro active folk, so it is completely possible that a lot of them will do 100 fake account per day and will spread the message under thousand names. So let the wildfire begin.

  9. This is because Q tards are the only remaining Trump supporters aside from hardcore Likudniks. I would guess that many of the larger accounts were paid GOP shills similar to Ricky Vaughn.

  10. The Communists / Socialists / Liberals are all afraid that Conservatives will become more and more White Nationalist and really make a difference. So the purge continues of right wingers online. Deo Vindice !

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