The Spanish Flu & How The World Recovered

History Time has a new documentary on the Spanish Flu and the Roaring Twenties.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 death toll in the United States has reached 144,953. The death toll from the Spanish Flu which was the deadliest event in American history stands at 675,000. As an epidemic, the Spanish Flu is currently the only disease in history that has killed more Americans.

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  1. Still drinking the PSYOP-19 koolaid, Brad? That’s sad. You do excellent work when you talk about anything other than the hoax virus.

      • Watching the documentary was great, until @4:00, when the Millennial- with his stupid cap, and scrawny beard, utterly destroyed everything his British diction gave false credence to. God, I wish these kids would grow up, and dress accordingly when they do these videos!

    • @Jack…

      Sir, like you, I agree that the virus, or, at least, the Mainstream Media Furor constructed over it, has been a ‘Psyop’, although, at the same time, it is real.

      That said, I do not think that anyone needs to be ridiculed for being interested in it, writing about it, or taking precautions over it.

      Neither my wife nor I have once worn a mask nor curtailed our social life, but, that’s just us. Many of our friends have undertaken to make serious changes in their lives, as is their right.

      They have not reproached us and we have not reproached them.

  2. In my view, viruses are much less devastating than tyrannies, because, at most, viruses only obliterate bodies, whereas tyrannies can last very long and obliterate many many souls, not to mention destroy vultures and civilizations.

    In the end, this virus, and the crisis that has come with it, will pass into the annals of history – sooner, probably, than later.

  3. Diolch (thanks). Please don’t apologize for sharing information on the pandemic, which is something REAL.

    The death toll in the U.S. has returned to 1,000 a day, which is nothing to sneeze at. The so-called “Spanish” (origin: Kansas, USA) influenza pandemic took several YEARS to reach that number, and SARS CoV2 is just getting started at less than six months and will certainly far surpass that number (absent an effective vaccine), because “our” government refuses to do universal testing and tracing and will not enforce rules of basic public hygiene known for centuries, and because most of the US population is atomized, selfish and almost completely scientifically illiterate!

    There were two worldwide (spread rapidly by railroad travel and transoceanic shipping) influenza pandemics in the 1890’s, the Gilded Age, that killed millions. One continued to “burn” for five years. That this should be allowed to happen again in the “most advanced nation” in the twenty-first century is entirely unacceptable. What then is government good for? “WAR is the health of the state.” Mankind needs a new kind of government or it will perish.

  4. You claim that all men are not created equal, but then you simply compare numbers of death between the Spanish Flu and Covid-19. The Spanish Flu killed many healthy people in the prime of their lives. Has the Wu Flu killed any healthy people in the prime of their lives?

    Also, what does “stands” mean? Are people still dying of the Spanish Flu?

    • Obviously, COVID-19 is a different disease and is not the Spanish Flu. H1N1 has also evolved over the course of a century ibto a weaker strain and resistance has built up to it.

      • You neglected to mention the number of people who died from the Spanish Flu shutdown compared to the Wu Flu shutdown. Of course, there was no Spanish Flu shutdown, but how many folks are going to die from the Wu Flu shutdown? We will never know, but it will be a very substantial number. If you do not believe me, just go down to your local liquor store and look at all of the empty shelves.

  5. In the video you linked, note that it was called the Spanish flu because the Republican government of Spain was the only one reporting on the flu, while the U.S., Britain and other governments ignored it. What was different about the Spanish Republic? Today also socialist republics (or should I say mixed, or SEMI-socialist, because the Empire will not allow a fully socialist republic to exist) are the ones struggling to not only control but eradicate the pandemic, while the U.S. empire and its satellites are still trying to ignore it and effectively letting it rip through their dollar-enslaved populations.

    • History Time is incorrect about crediting Republican “leadership” that did not really exist in the fake-constitutional, restored Bourbon monarchy that was still in place in 1918, and until 1930’s brought full republicanism, with warning the world. The motive was really the illness of King Alfonso, who almost died of the flu, that was being reported to the world, more than warning the world about the pandemic as such.

      • Most interesting. The first royal to catch this Covid19 was king of MONACO. Monagasques Flu.

  6. To me it would help if so many people would stop running around acting like we’re all gonna die tomorrow. This flu is not a death sentence, most of the people who get it, recover from it. 140 to 150 thousand people in the US have died from Covid 19 that sounds like a lot but the US has 330 million people, this is less than one tenth of one percent. You would never know this from listening to the harpies in mainstream media, they focus on how many cases there are, not how many people have actually died compared to the overall population. I see people wearing masks outdoors when they’re alone, who the fuck are they going to catch it from, there’s no one around. Germs don’t live forever in open air and sunlight.

  7. In the news: (1) Masks with easy-breathing valves don’t work and are being banned in some places. I said that all along. It is ridiculous to use a valve to exhale, bypassing the filtration material, completely defeats the purpose of wearing a mask to protect others.

    (2) Walmart and other big retail corporations just announced they have not been and will not be enforcing their mask-wearing so-called “rule,” which was nothing but a cynical public relations stunt designed to trick intelligent shoppers into returning to their giant, monopolizing, community-destroying “germ factories.”

    (3) More and more children and youth are being sickened, but schools are being forced to open, because the education and school sports industries are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and because both parents must not have any excuse not to go back to work (no matter how dangerous the job or how low the pay) to pay the interest on the “public” debt for the multi-trillion dollar gifts given to “bail out” the Elites who are too big to fail.

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