Trump Signs Executive Order On Police Reform

Along with pushing a new version of the DREAM Act due to a pending Supreme Court decision, this is what the GOP is working on five months before the 2020 election:


“Top White House aides including senior adviser Jared Kushner, Ja’Ron Smith, chief of staff Mark Meadows and the acting director of the Domestic Policy Council Brooke Rollins spent the last week developing the executive order, along with Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina. …”

What are they doing for their base?

To recap: black criminals, illegal aliens, feminists, LBGT activists and Jewish donors have gotten far more out of Donald Trump and the GOP than their own base.

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  1. At this point it’s clear that Trump is trying to lose this election.

    There’s no longer any reason to bother voting.

    • @Mestigoit…

      To the contrary, Sir – President Trump is doing his dead level best to win reelection, only he just does not realize that being Jeb Bush will probably not do.

    • It sure seems that way.

      Republican “Big Shot” Jane Timken needs to have a little chat with her friend President Trump.

      • The Republicans wanted to compromise on an anti-Lynching Bill with the Democrats by reducing the penalty for lynching from death to life imprisonment. This is a Federal law, with the full force of the Federal Government behind it.

    • I wouldn’t blame him. He has a beautiful wife, money & if he still has ambition to do television, the audience to do it. It was his ego that made him run in the first place. Either that, or to help ruin the republican party since he was always a democrat. If he was honest about changing his party affiliation to republican the 5th time he changed it and doesn’t really want to be POTUS anymore, there were far more dignified ways to do it. He could have announced that he would not seek a 2nd term because he’d achieved more than he ever hoped for in America and wanted to spend more time with his family. Or wanted to leave government to pursue entreprenurial ventures again, his primary passion. This right here, is something else. I do not want to know what it is.

      • “Either that, or to help ruin the republican party since he was always a democrat.”

        This is a light-switch-brain cope; the GOP has been doing a quite sufficient job of ruining itself long before Trump showed up.

        The GOP is full of ex-Democrats anyway; Trump is nothing unusual.

        The GOPe is to the left of Trump, in any case.

        They aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore.

        Trump was simply the JigNat takeover of the GOP and these people are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down while the Trump presidency lasts and they don’t care how much damage they do to us in the process as they make their way to the exits.

        It does not matter which side of the kosher sandwich you are part of; either way (((they))) win.

    • I”m gradually becoming more and more sympathetic to China. Israel and of course Russia. The sooner the better to US to collapse in order to stop the contamination of weaker minds around the globe with that pathetic failed experiment’s nonsense

  2. It is the ILLUSION of choice. Freud’s nephew Edward L. Bernays, who was responsible for the “Consumer Culture” and women getting the vote and on and on and on:
    “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?”

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.”

    Dr Pierce’s keen eye:

    One can even understand the Islamic fundamentalists who denounce America as the “Great Satan” and regard this country as a danger to the whole world. We don’t have to accept Islam to agree with them that American society has become dangerously pathological. A self-destructive society which has aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons is a danger to everyone.
    November 29, 1997 – William Luther Pierce

    You know, there are two reasons why the people of the Middle East hate America. One reason is that to the Muslims America is the Great Satan, the corrupter of the world. They don’t want us meddling in their affairs and trying to change the ideas and attitudes of their people. They don’t want our Hollywood films and our Madison Avenue fashions and our immorality and our lust for money to corrupt their people. They don’t want to be contaminated by us. They want us to take all of our Jewish fashions and our Jewish television and our Jewish attitudes and ideas and get out of their lives, go home, leave them alone. For many Muslims the view of America as the Great Satan, the great corrupter, as an actual source of corruption in the Middle East
    September 22, 2001 – William Luther Pierce

    The mothers of 4 year old boys and girls getting MDs to prescribe hormone replacement drugs so that they can”change” the sex of their babies is a single example of how EVIL the US is today.

    Trump has pushed the homosexual agenda as hard as any democrat.

    As the Muslim holy book puts it: (LUT is LOT)

    We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you?”
    For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women: Ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.

    In this game, the most committed wins.

  3. Voting in jewish (s)elections in a negrified / judaized nation owned by Christ murdering nation wrecking jew pedophiles -is and always has been pointless.
    There is no way to vote your way out of genocide.

  4. When that bullet flies through whatever unknown territory that hides behind trumps skull, its impossible to say if all of jewmerica will be sucked into that gigantic vacuum or that he will have to pick up some piece of his brain like kennedy did.

  5. “”… have gotten far more ….”””

    I the war, winner will be clear only after the war. Napoleon and Hitler both got from Russians tremendous amount of land, population and resources. They failed to understand how expensive this will turn out.

    Many armies lost because they failed to understand that even most successful attack is always more costly to attackers than defenders. Entire diversity lives off only on the moral barriers, taboos and compassion of the white people and when white dogmas and taboos break…….

    • It’s a propaganda war in which anti-Whites had a huge head start .The back of anti-Whitism needs to be broken before our race has any chance of victory. Believe it or not, we have our own samizdat doing that everyday.

  6. The GOP had it all: full control of the government for years.
    A “populist” and “nationalist” POTUS with all the awesome might of the office at his fingertips….

    So we must ask the question that William Hurt asks in this scene. How?

    • Geir Gunderson,

      Trump and the GOP didn’t “f*ck up.” They did as they always do. HW illustrated it perfectly with the Charlie Brown and Lucy video clip.

      During Blompf’s first two years as POTUS when Conservative, Inc. had control over the legislative and executive branches do with that opportunity? They passed tax cuts for their millionaire and billionaire donors and moved the American embassy to Jerusalem.

      We mislead ourselves into believing that this time it would be different.

    • DJT seems to be most influenced by the last person to whom he has spoken. Unfortunately, that person is usually either co-president Kushner or some scumbag bidnessmen wanting more immigration to drop wages to zero. Winning!

  7. Why vote for Trump?

    Because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem (thus endorsing a war crime)?

    Stealing oil and burning crops in Syria? (Turning the US military into pirates and saboteurs)

    Bombing Syria based on lies?

    Assassinating Sardar Q. Soleimani when he was in Iraq as a diplomat to discuss lessening tensions with Saudi Arabia?

    Lowest black unemployment (until this year anyway)?

    Turning over immigration matters to Co-President Kushner?

    Giving Wall Street jews trillions to play with?


    Letting out of prison thousands of violent criminals?

    Repairing some border fence paid for with funds reportedly stolen from Venezuela?

    Etc etc etc

    Then there all the things he should have done or promised to do but didn’t.

    • Trump’s intention is to deliver NOTHING to us, EVERYTHING for the Jews, Trump is evidently a psychopath.

    • Watch out for a war between India and China over their shared borders, about 2,100 miles long and much of it at an altitude of over 10,000 feet. If a war starts between those two it has the potential to go nuclear. Trump would be scared to death by that and would try to re-institute conscription which ended in Jan. 1973 amongst other bad things he would do.

      That’s the time for white people to stand up say ‘no’ to the Government just like BLM has done. Non-cooperation is a potent weapon against Leviathan, it cannot function, especially conducting a war, without white people’s, aka real Americans’ cooperation.

    • Oh there’s still plenty of niggers “holding down jobs”. I had a medical appointment today and saw plenty of them. It was like a trip to monkey island…

    • If it comes, it will be passed by Latinos after they gain political power. White Americans will never do it. Conservatives are already adopting the left’s “systemic racism” and “white privilege” memes. The recent Dreher article that HW linked here had a comment section full of conservatives parroting left wing critical race theory buzzwords and talking points. And that’s from a supposed “paleoconservative” publication (as if that means much of anything).

    • Behavior reform happens when someone figures out how to change their DNA to make them civilised. The problem is fundamentally genetic in nature and a leopard can’t change his spots.

  8. I’m going to sit the next one out. There is no point of voting for people that don’t represent me or my interests.

  9. What is he doing for his base? This:

    He’s encouraging his best puppets to attend his mask-free mass rallies where no social distancing is possible, so they will become infected (a step towards “herd immunity”) and take it home to their families and home communities, some of whom will die off or become permanently disabled, bankrupt and destitute – because they’re really expendable, especially the elderly ones.

  10. Next logical step is (((they))), along with their treacherous White allies and mud-colored hordes declare ‘racism’ a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

    What is ‘racism’, anyway…?

    It’s been established.


  11. Ja’Ron Smith… Seems like a qualified enough guy to be a presidential senior adviser. Not resume wise or based off his public speaking ability i found on Youtube. But he has other factors which take him to the top. But white supremacy is institutional, right?

  12. Did not mean to hit enter. My closing line was a man with a theology degree from Howard University is the guy i want advising alongside Jared Kushner. A lot of love for Israel and comparisons to MLK. What more can you want from a leader. Ja’Ron Smith fanclub starting up right now

  13. All those “victims” he named but no mention of Daniel Shaver, who was murdered by a pig . Fuck Trump and fuck this shit hole country, I hope the nogs burns it to the ground.

    • @Sean Courmont,

      And two more Whites, were murdered by the oikers in Missouri last week. Who will be investigating their deaths? The Missouri State Highway Patrol. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

    • The cop that killed Daniel Shaver receives a 2600$ per month , tax free pension for the rest of his life. He was traumatized.

    • Our Silence will be “Violence” as BLM cohorts say. Political violence against a party that uses us with more certainty than democrats use blacks. Let’s not be taken for granted anymore. This is how we start to Win again. Let them go.

    • Trump is lucky to be running against a crazy old man in Biden. But yeah, I think Trump is having it. The coronavirus and now the dark and white communist riots I think have weakened him and bored him.

      Sure, he will maga it up at the mask filled rallies but he is getting old and worn now. Just turned 74. Certainly not young. Biden is pushing 78 and looks ready for nap time all the time.

      All these leaders are ready to pass on relatively soon if one is honest. This is why the young blood is filling up the blm thugs. They have energy galore. I look at Trump, Biden, Pelosi, Clyburn, Nadler, Waters, Graham, Romney, etc. and I see a lot of old folks ready to retire, die or be replaced by younger folks soon. It’s normal. It’s the cycle of life.

      Trump has far more energy than most at his age. Being with a beautiful woman 25 years younger helps along with being loaded. But I do think age and one problem after the other is hitting him now just a bit.

      Biden is lucky to stand up in two years. I am going for Trump because the left thinks he’s Hitler’s brother. Him winning again will help break up this ridiculous, worn out concept called America

      • @Jeff…

        President Trump may have taken some shots to his reelection chances, recently, but, if he would keep his word on something like e-verify, withdrawing from the wars, and or or using the unJustice Department to break up the tech monopolies, he would find the magic sword.

  14. Trump is not caving to the mob. Trump and the mob are on the same team. Trump knows that, even if the mob doesn’t. Trump and the nation wreckers are one and the same.

  15. Weak as F! He may be buried in a landslide. If we must have a battle let it be while we are still in the majority. History will show when we needed a political warrior and a Statesmen we got a con-artist and carnival barker!

  16. It’s going as planned. Listening to a few pro Trump channels. I guess Barr is the new hangman now. What I heard was the first guy being mentioned to be executed was a ‘White supremacist’…. The next three guys are never mentioned skin color so you know they must be black. See the agenda even on YT?

    It’s going to get nasty for my White folk who don’t know and were brainwashed into believing to hate their own beautiful White skin color and brain.

    In the end I won’t feel pity for the Trump supporters…

    Sorry Ivan for my cruel words.

    • Seems like our people are digging their own graves, right now we’re outnumbered. RAZ the warlord was handing out ARs in the RT news in occupied CHAZ.

      Let that sink in.

      • Oh! I forgot the most important, the truckers are not going to work in underfunded police counties, cities and towns. The Union/non truckers said in a vote. This is only the beginning….

  17. I’m just not going to watch the segment or read a story on this so what I would suggest in the way of reform may be in there, but probably not.

    Stop having US cops trained by vicious Israeli bastards. Unless you want us all treated like Palestinians.

  18. We should write in the word “Confederate” for POTUS. What a statement that would make. But we can’t ever consolidate on much of anything these days. JB tells me every day not to stress about this stuff. Starting today, I will finally listen. I’m done with politics.

  19. The “Two Party System” is an anti-White scam. After Trump’s betrayal no one should be in doubt of that any longer. There will be no change until the anti-White paradigm is discredited and broken.

    • It’s true. We need at least 4 real parties minimum. It’s pretty obvious a blm party is coming and will get many votes. That would be a great time to dump the Republican losers and vote for a new nationalist party that would help destroy Republicans or force them to work with the nationalist party the way blm will increasingly do to Democrats.

      It’s good to run primaries against these con artists. I read some Republicuck congressman was defeated in the primary in Virginia by a seemingly better alternative.

      The old guard Democrats are nervous too. Aoc has clout and she routinely backs people to run in primaries against the old guard. I was reading congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who has been around way too long is up against Democratic Socialist candidates. No more hiding in terms like liberal and progressive. The socialist label is proud now.

      Even Senator Hawley just said conservatives basically failed. It’s a loser concept. I have the feeling Gorsuch will turn into a Steven Breyer..Roberts is 75% there. And when Democrats get back the presidency they will stack the courts more with blaxxx, lesbos, homos and invader children. Biden has sold his soul to get in bed with these devils. No shock!

      Trump does not focus. I have read that many times. How can you wait? Nearly 4 years into your presidency to just now look at tech companies? Waited 3 years to put up better fencing on a dilapidated one and getting some new miles up. But man, where were you after say, a three month honeymoon after the election? He said the cucks told him to wait until after the 18 election on the wall. Many lost anyway!

      The guy who ran for president and the one who became president are different people. The president one was obviously corrupted and he went along for the ride!

  20. More police violence against innocent White women. The Macron regime’s “Praetorian Guards” (French police) follow the same brutal Israeli protocols as U.S. police – teargassing, beating, and blinding (shooting the eyes out of) citizens who dare to protest against Neoliberal austerity. Here is a new video of a White woman, a nurse in her medical uniform, being dragged by the hair and beaten against a tree by French police:

    • @ATBOTL…

      A Tarheel here, and I am not voting for Trump or Biden.

      If Ventura runs, as it looks like he will, I’ll vote for him.

  21. “And no one was able to make war with the Beast” (Revelations)

    The biblical beast is the media narrative. No one, no one person nor politician can wage war against the beast, esp. to overcome the Beast.

    The synagogue of Satan control the narrative.

  22. This is what politicians do – they go to Washington and sell out their base. For instance, Nixon created Affirmative Action. In comparison, Trump has played it close to center – at this point, his base is all he has left.

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