The Waking Nightmare of ICU Delirum for COVID-19 Patients

As things stand today, the current consensus is that we are in for a two year ordeal with the virus until it infects something like 60% to 81% of the population and herd immunity is achieved. So, if you haven’t already been infected, it is overwhelmingly likely that you will be at some point.

I’m not sure how the conspiracy theorists and truthers will explain this aspect of the HOAX. Over half the population is going to eventually get infected by the virus. A huge number of these infections will be asymptomatic. Millions of people will have symptoms though and those who don’t die from it will be able to compare it to the flu. We also have no idea how long antibodies to the virus lasts. By all accounts, this virus is highly unpleasant and causes hallucinations that are nothing like the flu.

The recoveries statistic is also highly misleading. Many of the people who recover from this are left with permanent damage to their bodies. It will shave years off of their lives.

Note: Hopefully, those who made the call to “ride this out” in February because shutting down international flights would have “spooked the markets” will be held accountable.

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  1. “herd immunity is achieved”

    There’s no law of nature that says a person will have permanent immunity to this bug.

    Here’s an alternate thought.

    Suppose the ppl who test positive and are asymptomatic are not immune but the virus is in a latent phase, just quietly waiting for an immune weakness so it can erupt into full cov19. Hiding in the spinal fluid or such.

  2. Were in for a two year run? Who told you that, Gill Bates? The whole lockdown regime is meant as a tool of control through trauma. Why do you acquiesce to ZOG on this question? Why do you agree with their lockdown and technocracy implementation? You’ve even admitted you’ve over exaggerated the viruses lethality by 5-10x, and were still here debating this bogus argument about what we should do. We need to fight ZOG, and realize the government doesn’t care about us. We need to protest their technocratic takeover.

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