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I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. As an INTP, I am psychologically incapable of doing anything else. I value truth above everything else.

I still remember when George W. Bush and mainstream conservatism led us into the Iraq War almost 20 years ago. We were told it was going to be a cakewalk. I didn’t think it was going to be a cakewalk. It is now remembered as one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.

4,424 American soldiers lost their lives in the Iraq War. It was a $2 trillion dollar mistake. Until recently, 9/11 and the War on Terror was the defining event of our lifetimes:

Imagine where we will be when we can look back on this in the rearview mirror.

How will history remember those who said this virus was just the ordinary flu? What is the death toll from COVID-19 going to look like in May 2021? Will it surpass the Spanish Flu?

The political, cultural, economic and geopolitical consequences of this will be as staggering as the death toll. This could very well end up being the cause of the downfall of the American Empire. The world order will never be the same after this event has finished playing out.

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  1. I am looking for some change. More work better pay cheaper living expenses more family time. But if anything living in America has taught me it’s life is hard but fruitful if you work hard and nothing comes easy. America isn’t perfect but even if it ends the people are what matter and I have faith in humanity. The cream rises to the top. America has reached the point that if 2 million people were to die it would be devastating and traumatic. We will survive with 328 million americans(338 if you count illegals). We humans are smart and will come up with new ways to cure sickness and injury.

    • Should have blockaded and battered China in Spring 2001. Too late now.

      • We also should have blockaded NYC as soon as the first case showed up there, these rats running out from it were what spread it so much in the US.

    • No, it won’t. Because when you import the 3rd world you become the 3rd world. The 3rd world is 3rd becuase of its people and no other reason.

      • “there are at least 30 mil illegals in Weimerica”

        Those are just the ones that come out in daylight.

    • Lots of lolz at these pretty little conservative fictions which totally disregard the past 55+ years of Murica’s, Fuck Yeah history. It’s time for a Lee Greenwood tune!

  2. “It is now remembered as one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.”

    Only by those who don’t recognize that Bush had no choice.

      • After the 9/11 disaster, Bush had to give Osama bin Laden what he wanted, namely, the removal of those U.S. troops from Saudi Arabia; but those troops were there for a reason, namely, to contain Saddam Hussein. Bush knew, as his father had known, that the U.S. didn’t (and doesn’t) have the muscle to pacify the Middle East. He knew, in other words, that the U.S. wouldn’t be able to control an Iraq from which Hussein had been removed; but he knew, too, that Hussein couldn’t be allowed to engage in his regionally-destabilizing military adventures against his oil-producing neighbors (Iran to the east, Kuwait and even Saudi Arabia to the south).

        As long as nobody was objecting to the presence of those U.S. troops there, in the Moslem holy land, the situation could be finessed: Hussein, contained, could keep Iraq unchaotic. As soon as bin Laden made clear, via 9/11, the vehemence of Islamist antipathy toward that troop presence, Bush had to give in.

        Now–Bush could hardly go on American TV, after 9/11, and say, “Yikes–did you see what just happened to those twin towers? If this guy bin Laden wants us out of there, I say we’re getting out of there, unless you want to see your husbands, brothers, and sons-to-be fighting over there until, like, forever.”

        No–that wouldn’t have been very John-Wayne-ish, so all Bush could do was roll the dice: Invade Iraq, depose Hussein, and hope for the best, which is probably what we’ve obtained.

        Decades ago–probably in the Clinton years–a friend of mine whose background is such that he has a feel for the Middle Eastern mind, so to speak, told me that the decision by the first President Bush to stop the first Iraq war after Hussein’s troops had been pushed out of Kuwait and back into Iraq–as opposed to a decision to continue into Iraq and depose Hussein–had made the U.S., in the eyes of Middle Easterners, “look weak.”

        “We ARE weak,” I replied, startling him; then, as he rolled it over in his mind, he repeated it: “We ARE weak ….”

        Yes, a completely capitalist, non-socialist America, with the muscle that America once had, could control that area, even though the presence of Israel there is a constant ethnic irritant to the region’s other polities; but the America that was upended in the ’60s can not.

        After the first Iraq war, the Democrats, who had opposed it, constantly needled the first President Bush for not having “finished” it, i.e., for his decision not to go on to Baghdad; but that had been the best possible decision at the time. After 9/11, as I’ve said, the arrangement that that first war had produced was no longer viable; and the second President Bush made up some nonsense–about weapons of mass destruction or whatever–to justify an invasion in whose aftermath those troops would be gone from Saudi Arabia. Thus, he protected America from the shameful admission that it had no choice but to do what Osama bin Laden wanted.

        • Saudis were almost all of the 9/11 hijackers. That provides a rationale for punishing the Saudis. We have been used to fight battles for Saudis and Israelis for far too long.

        • Bush didn’t make up the lies about WMD. A bunch of neo-con jews did, and the fool fell for it. Israel got what it wanted….all it’s closest neighbors greatly weakened. The region is still chaotic and unpredictable, and more so because of that war. These same vermin have been trying to push for war against Iran for at least twenty years.

          • When I said Bush made up that nonsense, I meant that he was the one who put it out there, before the American people, to get the political support for the war he had to fight. Even if Wolfowitz and (((the rest))) were the persons who formulated it, Bush didn’t fall for it. He used it to launch the war.

            Yes, the region is still chaotic and unpredictable and maybe more so because of the war, but that’s not inconsistent with what I said. I said Bush rolled the dice. He knew that if America were to dig in its heels and try to keep those troops there, then the region would become completely unmanageable. His only choice was to do what was necessary to get those troops out—namely, remove Saddam Hussein—and hope that the situation would turn out a little better than completely unmanageable, or at least no worse. He probably won that gamble, as I said above. Yes, the place is more of a mess now than it was before the war, but it’s probably less of a mess than it would be by now if there hadn’t been the war.

            America, as I said, hasn’t the muscle to quiet that region to its (America’s) satisfaction. It can pursue only whatever is the least unsatisfactory arrangement at a particular time.

        • Your acting as if Osama actually carried out 9-11. Again that is lazy, inept and wrong. Osama had nothing to do with 9-11. 9-11 was a decades long plot of the Israeli Military Intelligence, and was brought to fruiting once they had a deep state in place that was filled with Jewish supremacists. The planning had been done for this deep event since the 70s. We have proven that with the film, The Medusa Touch, which was Israeli Nuclear Spies early fictionalized depiction. Arnon Milchan would later do several more depictions in the late 90s. All had to do with airplanes, NYC, and the World trade center. From a 727 plowing into Manhattan to the WTC ornament balls destruction, to a full on warning in the Lone Gunmen. We than look at those indivduals brought to justice and still wanted for 9-11, all of them are Israeli intelligence operatives. Dominik Otto Suter is still wanted for his crimes in leading the Urban Moving Systems Cell that planted the explosives in the towers.

      • “LOL”—the motto of the unfooled Teuton, who, oddly enough, is proving insufficiently unfooled to preserve his people from extinction.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      If President Bush sincerely felt that he had no choice in going to that war; that the office and the country are so ursurpt by hidden alien factions, and that he did not possess the moral courage to discharge his duties in the face of sure peril, do you not feel that he had a duty to have given a speech to the country, to that effect, and then duly resigned?

      • If you’ve seen my reply above, to commenter Jud Jackson, then you know, Ivan, that I don’t think Bush was doing the bidding of hidden alien factions. He did what he thought best; and to shield America’s pride, he presented the defeat (capitulation to Osama bin Laden) as if it were a victory (getting rid, at last, of Saddam Hussein). I guess the answer to your question—insofar as that question still applies—is no, I don’t feel Bush had a duty to tell the American people why he wanted the war.

        • “getting rid, at last, of Saddam Hussein”:

          When “we” were done using him as a puppet ally.

          Are you are in favor of getting rid of Assad, and the Ayatollahs, and Maduro, and other “evil dictators”? “Our” government is still hard at work doing that, even while the pandemic rages. Bailing out with trillions of dollars the too-big-to-fail elites, many of whom are actually profiting from the pandemic, and feeding trillions of dollars more to the War Industry beast while the lower middle class slips into poverty. Hussein was “our” man like Noriega until we were done with him.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          I have now examined your penetrating comments carefully. Thank you so much for having taken the time to share all that with us, because, though I studied that situation some, I had not done so to the extent to which you had.

          Your premise that G.W. Bush made a war on false pretenses because of a fragile American Empire Ego is, indeed, a damning one – every bit as, if not more so, than would be the premise that Bush had been manipulated into the war by factions hidden from view.

          In my view, to sentence to death, chaos, and homelessness, so many people, (Americans and Iraqui civilians) just to preserve the ego of an entity, is utterly disgraceful, and, to borrow one of your favourite semantics, ‘contemptible’.

          This is a big part of that to which I have objected about our country’s foreign policy since WWII – it is based on every reason but the actual benefit of The American People, and, is, in general, fanciful, vain, obtuse, and completely extra-constitutional for the benefit of those who deserve no such benefit.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          “Yes, a completely capitalist, non-socialist America, with the muscle that America once had, could control that area, even though the presence of Israel there is a constant ethnic irritant to the region’s other polities; but the America that was upended in the ’60s can not.”

          To me, this question (of America’s might) is much less a pertinent question than whether we would have any moral authority (much less benefit) to do such a thing.

          Somehow, America has gotten completely sidetracked – whether you wish to blame Jewry for it’s 360 degree interference & usurpations, The New Englanders for their belief in asserting a Shiny Egalitarian City on The Hill over everyone, or the incredibly sheepishness and gullibility of all my fellow Southerners, who, against our every mind-our- own-business inclination, actively cheer this whole process on and participate wholehog in it!

          Borrowing the words of my subsistence-farming granddaddy, and applying it here, I would conclude in this way…

          ‘America has gotten too big for her breeches and needs to be taken out to the shed.’

          • Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ivan. If anybody needed to be taken out to the shed, it was Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, two strong-willed but unreasonable men who brought much misery upon their people. The U.S. could hardly leave unchecked Hussein, whose idea of economic enterprise was seizure of his neighbors’ oil fields. How much death and destruction did he bring down on that region with the Iran-Iraq war, which went on for YEARS before Reagan shut it down with some deftly-applied U.S. military pressure? Into what kind of CHAOS would Hussein have plunged that region and, really, the whole world if the U.S. had simply stood aside and let him make a military move against Saudi Arabia?

            Bin Laden? What was his point? His fellow Islamists and he should be in charge of the Moslem holy lands? They’d know how to keep Saddam Hussein under control without help from the stinking infidels of the West? Sure–that’s very realistic.

            The region can not be managed satisfactorily, Ivan, as I’ve already said. The U.S. had been spending God knows how much money (to keep those troops over there) and wearing out God knows how many aircraft (for maintenance of no-fly zones) just to contain Hussein, just to forestall the bloody chaos that has ensued in that area since his, uh, departure. Whose fault is it that that expensive arrangement—which America was apparently willing to maintain indefinitely–came to an end? It’s not our fault. It’s bin Laden’s. We did the best we could, just as the Romans did the best they could, in that same part of the world, to stop Judea from being a deadly nuthouse. A lot of thanks they got for it.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ivan. If anybody needed to be taken out to the shed, it was Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, two strong-willed but unreasonable men who brought much misery upon their people. ”

          Yes, if you mean to thrust ourselves in the position of God and make a judgment on all people.

          From my point of view, however, the people upon whom this Tarheel is called to judge are those politicians who claim to be protecting us and furthering our own interests.

          Hussein, Bin Laden, etc, etc do not fall within that purview, and, unless they assault our homeland, also, do not.

          Moreover, ‘The Holy Lands’ are neither in The United States, nor, more pertinent to me – Dixie.

          You see, Dear John, I am not for policing the world, AND … that so … what really miffs me is the government that claims to be ours cannot police it’s own borders, yet can find trillions to decide who holds sway in ‘The Holy Lands’.

          If you ask me, The Roman Catholic Church ought ‘police’ The Holy Lands, as they once did.

          Lord knows – they certainly have the money and the jurisdiction to do it.

          This is why I did not vote for Bush, McCain or Romney, but, did Trump.

          I believe in America, not the Zio-New England American Empire.

          That said, if you do, I accept that. You have a lot of company.

          • “That said, if you do, I accept that. You have a lot of company.”

            I’m going to classify that as “grudging” acceptance, Ivan.

            Anyway …

            Having made the mistake of sharing its modern life with the peoples of that region after it discovered petroleum there, the West had little choice but to police the region. I’m not any happier about it that than you are, but I’d say it’s just the way it is.


        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          “Having made the mistake of sharing its modern life with the peoples of that region after it discovered petroleum there, the West had little choice but to police the region. I’m not any happier about it that than you are, but I’d say it’s just the way it is.



          I totally agree with you it was a mistake for the West to ‘share’ it’s life with Arabia, because, in my view, it was not really ‘sharing’, but imposing in an imperialist way.

          Neither you nor I have much sympathy or respect for Hussein or Islamists, but, I really have to wonder how much of either we would have had, or had to deal with, if we had not started interfering with the place about a century ago.

          Actually, I ought not use the pronoun ‘we’, because I do not feel much included. No, Dear John, the last war that I feel was fought for the benefit of me and mine was in the 1860-1870s era.

          Everything since has been for someone else – does not matter who to me, only that it was not for the sake of Southerners.

          I think that a lot of the country has come to grips with a lot of what I just said, and that is a good thing. Now we have to find, and or create, a political structure, and or system, that respects and employs that.

          There has to be a better way than what we have been doing for the last century. Nothing is more evident about this to me than, if we had not changed course and chosen to get into WWI, WWII would not have happened, because there still would have been a Kaiser and a Austro-Hungarian Empire – instead of a ‘European Union’.

          Moreover, The Eastern European States would likely never have suffered the brutal occuptation of 45, after WWII.

          If we would only stop our meddling, we could break this neverending chain of insanity, cloaked as justice.

          Peace to you always, My Friend. Thank you for being who you are!

  3. In 2001 Bush could have blockaded China because of the downed Navy spy plane. In 2001, China was containable.

    That downed plane was the big issue in Bush’s first 100 days. The Brits had only just handed over Hong Kong in late 1997. There was fight to pick back then, but we did Israel’s bidding instead.

    We could have pushed in their shit back then.
    AFTER THE EMPIRE by Emanuel Todd should be revisited with an ANALYSIS BY Hunter. It did discuss China a little bit.

  4. Has there been a post outside of corona in the past 6 weeks. There are all these occurrences going on from the three or for racist “racial murders of innocent unarmed black” men that the media is rambling on about 24/7 making a point to slander whites and the system as a whole. Biden’s “rape assault” charges. Ginsburg in the hospital. Etc.
    It’s almost as if you are only concerned with countering your buddy who shall not be named’s corona takes.

  5. I did not mean to hit post before editing slightly as well as adding your work on the corona virus has been top tier, better than any media outlet by far, so much so that i know atleast twenty people i pointed here for solid data and fact based reporting. It really is just that there is so much going on and usually it is here i find out about the more pressing issues.

  6. Hunter is right that this could be America’s Chernobyl. As agonizing as the collapse of the American Empire will be in the short run, in the long run it will be good because America as it exists now is an evil empire founded on an edifice of egalitarian lies. Perhaps the plague, in good time, will make peaceful secession possible.

    • @Kyle…

      ‘As agonizing as the collapse of the American Empire will be in the short run, in the long run it will be good because America as it exists now is an evil empire founded on an edifice of egalitarian lies.’

      Yes, indeed, Kyle, The New England Yankee/International Jewry-run ‘American Empire’ is now wildly more tangential and oblique to the country which was founded, or, even, to a country that existed not so very long ago, when I was a child.

      This usurpation, if you will, goes far beyond the edifice of egalitarian lies, but has accompanying economic, religious, and cultural fascits, as well.

      As a North Carolinian, there is, and, indeed, has long been, one thing very clear to me : ———– The United States’ of America is not only NOT run for the benefit of me and mine, it is run precisely and purposefully to our detriment.

      That so, there can be no logical end game other than secession, because we know that usurpers never refund what they have usurped, unless they are constrained to do so.

      I know this kind of thinking shocks & scares many, dismays others, but, sometimes the truth is unpleasant, and you still have to take hold of it, anyway.

      I yearn for the day when I can drive by the post office in our little town, and see our good Tarheel flag, and that of a New Southern Confederacy, flying high, instead of either being flown below the flag of our enemy, or not flown at all.

      On a final note – in the coming chaos, I wish our like-minded friends in The North and the West, the very best in straightening out their lands, as well.

      Once we get through this period, I am sure we can get back to the business of being good friends and finding common cause in many areas.

      The opening words of the 10th amendment were the lynchpin of America, and when The South lost that fight to make that concept stick, it became only a matter of time before the whole thing went downhill.

      • I agree except for the fact secession is only envisioned for the southern states. I would like to see a red state secessionist movement that culminates into a White Heartland Republic including parts of the South and all parts of the United States that are majority white and politically conservative.

        • @Heartland…

          Because there is so much commonality between rural and smalltown Midwesterners (moving westwards from Western New York and Pennsylvania) and Southerners, I think it very probable that after the coming changes will either see us together in a Confederacy or working as a kind of U.S. Visegrad Alliance, if you will.

          I think history will favour your yearnings.

          After having lived in 13 states, I know that Plains’ Staters, Midwesterners, and Southerners have a great basis for mutual affection and respect.

  7. The problem I have with my state opening too early is that people in closed states are coming HERE. The solution was easy in January & still easy today. Test and quarantine the infected. The problem is that Trump spilled the beans and said that testing too many people would make his administration look bad. This is the psychosis we are dealing with. Everything is about Trump and we are plum sick of it.

    • The only rational explanation for the derelict response is that those in power intended to let the disease spread to exploit the situation. Trump playing the moron is for plausible deniability. It isn’t plausible. They knew what they were doing.

    • “Everything is about Trump and we are plum sick of it.”

      He’s a pretty boy. Too pretty to even obscure his beautiful face wi a mask.

      • @Powell…

        “He is an egomaniac and the only thing he is concerned with is his own re-election.”

        As the humble and self-effacing do not put themselves through a national political process, it goes without saying that you must be talking about every president in recent history.

  8. Democrats may come up with a new NEW DEAL to reform and save the system again.

    Today, Democrat senators Harris, Sanders and Markey introduce a bill to send direct monthly stimulus checks of thousands of dollars to everyone who makes less than $250,000, double for married filing taxes jointly, and even more for children, up to three children. Trump and Fox News will call this “socialism,” which it definitely is not. Like the New Deal, the system is trying to save itself.

  9. I value truth. . . .says the man who endlessly repeats the words of the establishment communications apparatus that have promulgated falsehoods, grand and mundane, for the last 75 years. . .or is it the last 160, or 225? Who can keep count?
    And who conveniently cuts off replies to his words of wisdom in response to commenters in these threads, once he feels vindicated? Or who resorts to childish taunts, like his nemesis Donald J. Trump, rather than engage in actual debate, with said commenters?
    Some of us can actually hold two disparate concepts in our heads at once, understanding that reality is a duality because people are ambiguous and contradictory in motive and capability. Such as: the virus is real and dangerous for some, unhealthy for all, but the best methods for avoidance and treatment have not yet emerged, so perhaps destroying the economy for those without fallback security in income is not the best way forward. And the already secure might use the opportunity created by nature to gain more than they already have, just because they can-which is how they got so secure in the first place, by playing to win in the Game of Life.
    See, not so hard to understand. Even for a self-described genius thinker. Which I am not, but a certain someone claims. Cheers.

    • Nothing you people have said about the virus has come true.

      The biggest lie of all is that you can magically “reopen” the country and that the lockdown, not the virus, tanked the economy. Well, Sweden never locked down its economy and yet it has declined by 7%.

    • I’ll ask one of “you people” again…

      Do you, or do you not, believe that the United States will be majority non-White by 2045 due to massive third world immivasion?

      Do you, or do you not believe that Negros, though 13% of the population, commit 50% of rapes and in many cities massively lead in murder and violent crime?

      You never answer, so you probably won’t this time, either. But I’ll give it a shot.

      This is directed at J.R. Chloupek.

      • @Ironsides…

        “Do you, or do you not believe that Negros, though 13% of the population, commit 50% of rapes and in many cities massively lead in murder and violent crime? ”

        I’ll give you a traditional Southern answer to this, Ironsides – if Negroes are raping their own kind that is a very different matter than raping a White Woman.

        Historically, White Southern police departments left, and, still, today, often leave, The Negro Community alone, unless there was, and is, a White victim involved – particularly a lady.

      • Sorry to butt in here Mr. Ironsides but I will answer the first question: We were on course to be majority non-white before 2045, perhaps 2035 . . . until corona came to town. Now, I don’t know. Corona will have far reaching and unforeseen effects including on demography. Demography is destiny and ironically, one of the effects of corona may be to reverse the influx of wogs, once the dust settles.

        The current evil regime is simply unsustainable; economically, militarily, demographically and therefore, politically. This was true before corona came to town but the hostile elites who own this country (for now) were racing the clock, gambling that they could use the U.S. for their own evil purposes (such as war in the Near East) and continue to suck wealth out of the country like a herd of vampires. After the collapse, they were planning to loot the corpse of the country exactly like they did with the USSR and Weimar Germany before WWII.

        HW is correct, corona is not some giant, intricate, far flung conspiracy, it’s nature in action with liberalism’s ugly stepchild, globalism accelerating the world wide spread of the pandemic like the Santa Ana winds that fan California wildfires. Corona is actually bad for the Western ruling class, it has disrupted their plans and accelerated their demise. The most obvious sign of this is financial distress with the Federal Reserve holding up markets, meddling everywhere (in secret, too) and printing infinite money as though they could just buy their way out of these troubles.

        None of the corrupt bastards in the ruling elite are even talking about global warming, drag queen story time or any of their other degenerate frauds, it’s Covid-19 24/7 and its problems. International trade has collapsed, even in oil, the most widely traded commodity in the world. International travel has declined to almost nothing and diversity is on the back burner now. The bread and circuses of diversity sports are suspended and school indoctrination is over, at least temporarily.

        These are all working against the hostile elite’s plans and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no “back to normal”; what was “normal” about drag queen story hour, the influx of wogs or all the other catastrophes the liberal state has brought about? The past will not be returning and the future is unknown but liberalism has been shown to be the cause of our misfortunes, it is rapidly being completely discredited by its own actions, it is the past, not the future.

        • My reason for asking this is that the “flu truthers” always discount the COVID-19 deaths because they’re an “official figure” and therefore MUST AUTOMATICALLY be the opposite of the truth.

          If they’re consistent, and not the most flagrant imaginable hypocrites (ha!), then they also have to adopt the positions that:

          1. Whites are still a supermajority in the USA and always will be, because “official figures” indicate that we’ll be a minority by 2045.
          2. Negroes are gentle, safe, and angelic beings, because “official figures” about crime indicate that they’re extremely violent, impulsive, dangerous, and criminal.

          They can’t have it both ways. If ALL official figures are automatically wrong simply because they’re official, which is what they’re claiming with regards to the coronavirus, then by the same token official demographic and crime figures are ALSO the opposite of actuality.

          The reality, of course, is that Whites will soon be a minority, Negroes are dangerous savages, AND COVID-19 is a highly contagious, moderately lethal pestilence that needs to be taken damn seriously.

          • Indeed. Well said except I see on the TeeeVeee Bill Cosby as Dr. Huxtable and he’s not violent. Doesn’t he sedate his female patients before raping them so they never know what hit them? He’s full of kindness that way.

            What about Michael Jackson? Except for diddling little boys, having a chimpanzee as his best friend, getting his skin dyed as white as possible, using surgery to fix his nose until it almost collapsed and buying, among other bizarre things the skeleton of the Elephant Man he was perfectly normal.

            Remember; All men are created equal, it says so in the Bible, or Charlie Kirk, or his black boyfriend, or on TV, or somewhere so I know it’s true, TV wouldn’t lie. All the Negroes on TV, especially those with white spouses are working as doctors, engineers or in other other high performing occupations. They are full of wisdom and heroics, solving every problem while the white man bumbles along.

            Aren’t we fortunate to have such diversity in these turbulent times? Here is an example of diversity in action: Kizzmekia Corbett, chief researcher for a corona virus vaccine at the NIH, a graduate of an HBCU. She has bitched about the lack of colored people doing scientific research, even misspelling her rants against white people on Twitter.

            I would bet a C-note she is an EEOC person from high school through her current job but no one would take the other side of that bet even if I gave them good odds.


  10. “WMD’s in Iraq” is todays “the virus came from China”

    Same playbook and people still fall for this shit.

    Thanks, jews.

    • @Judy…

      That so, at this point it really does not matter where the virus came from. It’s here and not going anywhere.

      Our grandfathers kept on keeping on through polio, scarlet fever, malaria, the grippe, and various other persistent malaises, and so will we be constrained

    • It’s ((Fauci)) and his crew that gave 7.4mil to Wuhan inst vid to ‘enhance’ corona.

  11. I think the America Empire is already dead. We can’t exert enough force and will to conqueror and enslave smaller countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. In a real war with China, Russia, or Iran, our weakness for diversity would expose the US military and it’s ruling political class for what they are: Paper Tigers.

    It is worth noting that our potential combatants (Russia, China, Iran) do NOT employ blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, women, lesbians, and metro-sexuals in their combat units and military personal.

    If diversity and employing women and transsexuals made logical sense on the battlefield, then ancient Roman Legions would have been filled with women, blacks, lesbians, etc. They were not. And Rome ruled the known world for centuries.

    No, I think after diversity, inclusion, and equality took it’s toll, the US military lost it’s fighting edge and the America Empire died.

    • The Roman argument is a particularly good one because it can’t be answered with the “but Christianity!” argument.

      As pre-Christians, they had none of the supposed anti-female bias of Christianity. They were ferociously pragmatic pagans and had no diversity in their fighting units. So the typical “go-to” cheap shot of the left is powerless against invocation of the Romans.

      Excellent point you bring up.

    • @Truth Teller…

      “I think the America Empire is already dead. We can’t exert enough force and will to conqueror and enslave smaller countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.”

      I do not know if Afghanistan is a good measure of the demise of The ‘American Empire’, Truth Teller, because there never has been a government which could impose it’s will on another nation, if that other nation was willing to fight it to the last man.

      There is no technology, and there never will be a technology, than can contend with a formidably-welded community will.

  12. “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.” – George W. Bush in 2005

    What the hell do you mean he had “no choice”?

      • @Arian…

        There always is a choice.

        That’s where guts and integrity come in.

        No White Gentile deserves a pass for refusing to stand up for our lands and nation, when it is his time to come up to bat…

  13. “How will history remember those who said this virus was just the ordinary flu? What is the death toll from COVID-19 going to look like in May 2021? Will it surpass the Spanish Flu?”

    In my dreams, angry lynch mobs hunt those people down, only to find that Alex Jones ate their ass.

    • @Sam…

      LOL – kind of like an updated and politically astute Buford Pusser flick…

  14. A correlation I’ve noticed

    The US death toll has been about the same as the world death toll, lagging by about a month (35 days). The current global toll is 270k.

    If that holds true, we’d be at abt 270k deaths in mid June.

    • That would be a great origin graph.

      That parabola flare curve US v World of infection.

  15. The same people, Hunter, who brought us the 9/11 false flag, and all the wars from 1989 onward, are the same people pushing this Corona hoax. Same people. The only diffetence for you, is that you switched sides.

    You joined the dark side, the side of Satan. You are cheerleading for outright communist tyranny. I know you have your reasons. But that diesn’t make it right. Only the weak falter in tims of persecution.

    • I’m not a conspiracy theorist or truther who believes literally everything that ever happens in the world is a hoax. This is the dumbest conspiracy of all time because the entire world would have to be in on it

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        “I’m not a conspiracy theorist or truther who believes literally everything that ever happens in the world is a hoax. ”

        And this is another reason why your work is so important : ——– you are reasonable, and because you are that, your reason convicts you to regard that some things are a hoax, other things part hoax, other things not at all a hoax.

        People can say what they want about you, but, in the end, I find you very open-minded in your appraisals on what is transpiring in the world.

        Though your values are staunchly Southern Nationalist, you are not bust neatly fitting events into your pre-written script.

        Imagine if the whole media of this country were like you?

        This country would get right within a few years, which is why The Media ain’t right – because that is what a few do fear.

        • Do you remember what the conspiracy theorists said about Hurricane Katrina? The government had a weather array which had created the hurricane and guided it into the Gulf Coast. Also, the levees in New Orleans were deliberately blown up to flood the city.

          • @Mr. Griffin…

            Yes, Sir, I sure as hell remember it!

            My dear aunt, who is the queen of conspiracies, ’bout near drove my uncle (an understated scientist who hated unsubstantiated conspiracy claims) crazy with tales of how the U.S. Government was in control of the weather, and how they had purposefully wiped the New Orleans areas out.

            She also believes that the moon landing was faked, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

            To be clear, she is utterly dear to me, and I love her to death, but, she is constitutionally averse to believing anything without a conspiracy!

            She ain’t the only one I know like that!

            Then you have many more folks who believe everything they are told – just so long as it is told to them on the TV.

            They are even worse (I think) than the conspiracy addicts!

    • HW does the most sober analysis of this pandemic of anyone. He has great news aggregation and realistic commentary.

      • @Arian …

        I totally agree with you, but, where I disagree is in your limiting to just the Coronavirus Pandemic, but, to my mind, we get the most honest, critically balanced, and fair coverage of domestic events here, too, and, as well, all those international events, particularly as they pertain to Dixie.

        I have come here for years, in part, because this website is the principal public voice of The Olde South and, as well, The New South to come, and, that so, I want to support it.

        Too, I come here because it is the only place that has existed in this century where fair, honest, and balanced criticisms can be leveled at both the individuals, entities, and races which have usurped The South, and, indeed, this entire once proud White Gentile land.

        While Mr. Griffin has excoriated Jewry,and he has infuriated them beyond compare, he has also excoriated Yankees, corporations, Westerners, Negroes, politicians, and, yes, our own kind – The White Southern Race.

        As someone who spent a good portion of his life teaching music, I can tell you that no improvements can be made, until a student undertakes to get serious about what he has been doing wrong, takes those mistakes apart critically, and then seeks to substitute those bad habits with something better and correct.

        This blog is a part of what must come, if we are ever to get out of this mess.

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