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  1. The narrative is that China is responsible for the virus and against Trump’s reelection.

  2. I have some disagreements. I’m closely looking at various tallies of infections and deaths along with racial data.

    I think we are dying from international travel and multiracial society.

    The worst hit borough in the UK is Brent. It’s where the Wembley stadium stands. The white population there is around 20%. The rest is Hindus, Pakistanis and blacks in that order. There are 330,000 people in it. There are around 1500 confirmed cases.

    In Oxfordshire a tourist and student hub there are 600,000 people and around 1500 cases. It’s a whitopia apart from the Blackbird Leys estate the Cowley area BMW car factory and an area on Cowley road.

    In Gloucestershire there are around 1500 cases and around 600,000 people. In early March 100s thousands of horse mad punters were clogging up every bar and hotel in a 20 mile vicinity of Cheltenham. The county is ultra white and ultra rich and is older on average than the UK. It also contains pockets of very poor whites in Gloucester city proper and the northern part of Cheltenham. GCHQ is located there in Benhill.

    Practice racial distancing. It’s half the problem. There figures could change of course but the numbers are now declining across the board and the worst of it had passed over.

    However has anyone looked at Wuhan and who really died there and who got a dose? Blacks. The chinks are now deporting them because they refuse to follow orders.

    • “Practice racial distancing. It’s half the problem.”

      It also prevents knife wound infections.lead projectile poisoning, not to mention STDs from rape.

  3. That “Once Upon A Virus” video is brilliant. The only suggestion I would have made is to swap the Statue of Liberty out for a Boomer on a Harley Davidson wearing a MAGA hat and carrying a Q sign in one hand and a never fired totally tacticled out AR

  4. BTW the Jenner Lab in University of Oxford have a vaccine ready. Human trial ends in late June. Astrazeneca will mass produce it for anyone interested. First phases of drug will be for the very old and those with multiple comorbidity. I think they managed to get the Chinese researchers trapped in Oxford somehow and the nice Chinese docs on the conference brought all their previous notes with them to help out the English lab team at Jenner.

    Thx MI5. Good form.

  5. Would it be so hard for the states to mandate the wearing of masks in public?

    The president and his officials don’t wear masks in public. What total ftards!

    Trump and his admin are crashing the economy and causing massive death numbers by their arrogant indolence.

    Masks, such a simple, cheap and effective solution.

    • In my neck of the woods masks are a requirement to enter any of the stores that are open. They have security out front and refuse entry to those without a face covering. I understand but can’t say there isn’t something unsettling about it

        • You are a cunt. Masks don’t do anything unless they’re airtight and those weaved surgical masks are not airtight, moron. The Chinese have been wearing masks for years due to the smog problem, did it stop them from getting sick? No it didn’t! Go hide under your bed like the weak cunt that you are.

        • You’re so butch and assertive.. The “tough” command is what sold me. One would think any normal person would find two older Indian men in vinyl jackets market “SECURITY” dictating terms to someone wanting to buy a pack of razors and a box of cereal to be unsettling and odd… Apparently not you though Arian. Thank you for making Dinesh and Dejub’s jobs that much easier

    • This was the first chinese commie propaganda I’ve seen on youtube. I usually avoid it, but having the link here was a real smokescreen. The cutesy music was especially foul, as those virus vectors went tooling around at their robot restaurants.

  6. Hunter, take a look at this:

    At the beginning there was general disbelief in the necessity or usefulness of preventive measures. It was an absolute novelty to the Chinese mind to attempt to check the spread of any infection, and apathy naturally accompanied their fatalism. “This is the scourge of Heaven” said many. “All will die whose time has come, and no others. Then why take people away to isolation stations? Why burn good clothes and bedding?”

    Interference with personal liberty was strongly resented, and still more the disturbance of trade and business. When a shop was forcibly closed and disinfected, and twenty-nine persons removed from it to an isolation station because of the death of a thirtieth, the merchants were highly incensed. The co-operation of the general public could thus hardly be expected. When the house-to-house visitation began it caused much fear. It was said that every sick person was to be removed, and those who had been ill for weeks struggled to rise and present a cheerful front to the unwelcome intruders. As days went on and no terrible results followed from the police inspection, it came to be welcomed by many as a kind of official certificate of health and protection from Plague.


    Also, the Chinese posted a great video on the American accusations against them in regards to the virus:


  7. Whoops; you can edit out the second part of my previous comment. But I strongly suggest you post on the first. Westerners were teaching Chinese how to combat epidemics the same way Chinese do today more than 100 years ago. And yet, Westerners have forgotten every one of their tried and true methods.

  8. “Westerners have forgotten every one of their tried and true methods.”

    Yeah, especially when it comes to race and Jews.

  9. Listen to guys who have married into mainland Chinese families. How their in-laws think hand washing is a silly waste of time.
    Now the CCP is having to teach an entire generation the basic hygiene of hand washing.

    • How their in-laws think hand washing is a silly waste of time.

      They need to read up on the saga of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis.

      You remember reading about Semmelweis, Arian?

  10. I was first attracted to this site because I am pro-South, sympathetic to the Confederacy and am interested in populism.

    I kept returning to this site because of the above and also because I want to know what people who hate Jews think.

    Now I come back to this site because of all of the above plus I want to know what China (and the people who admire China) thinks.

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