Flu Cranks

According to the CDC, 61,000 people died in the 2017/2018 flu season.

This is the upper limit of “bad flu seasons.” There hasn’t been a flu season in over 40 years as bad as the 2017/2018 flu season. Let us set aside for a moment that nothing about the coronavirus is like the flu (it is a different kind of virus to which we have no immunity, there isn’t a vaccine available, only 24,000 people died of the flu this year, deaths aren’t distributed evenly across the country over the course of a year, it hasn’t peaked in winter, coronavirus kills by pulverizing the respiratory system because it is a version of SARS, it attacks the immune system and hospitalizes the young and causes nerve damage and heart attacks, it has different symptoms and a different clinical course, etc.) and look solely at deaths.

49,737 people have died of coronavirus since the beginning of March. There are currently 743,107 confirmed active cases. Of those confirmed infections, 14,994 are currently in serious or critical condition. If 11,000 out of those 743,107 people end up dying (this doesn’t include all those who will get infected and die from it in the future), then it is officially and inarguably worse than the flu. 61,000 deaths is the point after which our patience with Flu Truthism should run out because the argument ceases to be plausible.

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  1. Those people died WITH the flu, not OF the flu. The doctors are paid by the pharma industry to lie about flu numbers so they can sell flu vaccines.

    • LOL … that’s right.

      The people who died during the 9/11 attacks had comorbidities. Many of them were obese or elderly. They had high blood pressure. They were smokers. They didn’t die of the twin towers falling on them. They died with the twin towers falling on them.

      • LMAO, perfect.

        I don’t expect the current pace to continue as reported in the last post, with roughly 1/3 of infected dying and 2/3 recovering. As the rest of the cases resolve I think the death rate will fall considerably, but even something around 20% or so would still be big if America reopens prematurely and the spread rate remains high.

        I’m still on board with letting it happen. If the hoaxers and deniers want it, let them have it, good and hard.

          • I think you have slightly misunderstood the data. Those who will die of this infection will die
            Somewhat rapidly from onset. Anyone who can fight it will go three to four weeks and probably recover. Early recovery might also be an outlier group.

      • Just be honest, HW…how much are “they” paying you to shill for them? Enough to send HWJr to an Ivy League school, perhaps?

        • I’m too honest for my own good.

          I say exactly what I think is the truth. No one is paying me anything. I’ve always been skeptical of conspiracy theorists and crackpots. I have family members who work in hospitals which is why I am particularly irritated with these people at the moment.

          • A Screaming Karen is someone who gets pleasure from assaulting those Certificate Of Vaccination 2019 (Covid-19) Deniers. Sort of like jews whining about “HoloCo$t-Deniers.”

            Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin has morphed into Screaming Cunthair Walrus. This blog is not a place for us Covid-19/Boomer-Remover ZOG-Virus Deniers.

            It is a hell of a deal when the Daily Nigger becum-cum cum-cums the place that the [bowel] Movement reads for their take on world and ZOG events while Accidental Dipshit has becum-cum cum-cum the equivalent to Carlos Slim’s jew Yawk Slimes or jewff Baalzebezos’ Washingtard ComPost.

            A real anti-ZOG blog would be gloating about shitholes like jew yawk and jew joisey and Dirtroit having the muds croak off like flies but instead Screaming Cunthair Walrus bitches about us ZOG-flu Deniers even when we try to play nice here on Accidental Dipshit because far from being ZOG-flu Deniers we are actually ZOG-flu Gloaters.

            When you have local piglice turning aside out of state license plates from diverse states and making them quarantine in place or turn back then you have the breakup of ZOG happening right before your eyes. The Night They Drove Ol’ Mighty Evil ZOG Empire Down (& It Can’t Get Up!!!).

            Go back to the farm, take Baby Bradifer with you, catch a few bullheads, fry them up in butter, take your meds, stop “cycling”, and bounce back to the other side inside of the steel white-washed giant ping-pong ball that is you mentality and resume becum-cum cum-cumming Bi-Polar Bradifer again and get off of being all Screaming Cunthair Walrus for a while.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Dichter Von Frankenwhigger
            Renegade Phineas Priester &
            ZOG-Virus Gloater & Enabler

      • The mortality rate is 0.1 to 0.3%. Less than the flu. When we say relax, its just the flu, what we mean is that although slightly different than the flu, it has the same to lower fatality numbers. You’ve been pushing this BS past expiration point. Even the mainstream media is admitting this, and even the whitehouse. Here look at this zinger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYdlrmTD9c

        You need to quit while your ahead before you discredit your whole operation.

        • 1.) The current U.S. case fatality rate is 5.7% which is the highest it has ever been.


          2.) The flu has never killed 52,000 people in a month during a national lockdown.

          3.) If the infection mortality rate were lower than the flu, less than 153 people a day would be dying of coronavirus.

          4.) Coronavirus is now the leading cause of death in the United States.

          5.) Don’t believe everything you read on crackpot websites.

          • 5.7% of people need hospitalization for Corona die, which includes victims of cancer, pneumonia, flu, heart problems, sepsis, etc. etc. etc. They are fixing those numbers. The first premise is, if its bad enough to go get checked out, and number 2, everyone dying of multiple diseases, or if they simply say they have Corona, without even checking. This is open number fudging. Italy is at 10%, Australia 2%, either we are dealing with different viruses or are the statistics are all over the map and improperly modeled. What I am saying, nations doing mass testing sporadically and to a large segment find 1. far more people are infected and 2. death rate is less than 0.3%, some studies even put it lower than 0.1%. All new studies are saying the same thing. It’s more common and not many die. Last year when 80K died of the flu we didn’t go into panic. Now you have 52K dead on the tail end of a Corona virus, which is different virus so it has its own season, and your still calling for lockdown? It’s time to end it now #NewDay2020 #STFUBillGates

          • 1.) Coronavirus is killing more Americans now than cancer and heart disease. It is the leading cause of death in the United States. Something like 147 people normally die every day of influenza. LMAO “just the flu.”

            2.) There is no conspiracy to “fix the numbers.” The numbers actually undercount the number of people who have died from coronavirus because many are classified as pneumonia deaths and because not everyone who dies is tested. In contrast, annual flu deaths are an estimate based on modeling.

            3.) 52,000 deaths in a month can’t be explained by a 0.1% to 0.3% death rate. If coronavirus actually had a 0.1% death rate, it would have only killed a fraction of that number like the flu normally does in March and April.

            4.) 80K people didn’t die of the flu last year. 34,000 people died which is almost 20,000 fewer than who have died of the coronavirus this month.


            5.) Feel free to tell me when 52,000 people have ever died of the flu in March and April.

            6.) Bill Gates hasn’t created a vaccine yet. It is funny thought that idiots are touting hydroxychloroquine, but are against an actual vaccine. That makes no sense at all outside of the Trump cult.

  2. Well it obviously is not seasonal flu. Spanish flu was the flu too. If the order of magnitude of deaths is not greater, people will say it is not like the flu. Because of the response, the order of magnitude of deaths will hopefully not be 10 times the typical number of flu victims in a year. At any rate, this talk about the antibodies being widespread and “herd immunity” (of the MAGA sheep) doesn’t account for the higher overall mortality rate where this disease has taken hold.

  3. Cases of Death by Chinese Lab Frankenbug have been recorded as such, even though the dead were never even tested.

    Never the less – this is a NOVEL event. The alleged Corona Death do NOT have to halt before the flu benchmark, FYI new testing stats are emerging. Something like a third of people tested in Hot Spot New York show antibodies for the bug. This means a LOT more people have been exposed to the bug. And nothing’s happened to them

    A lot of those 48,000ish CoronaDead are due to other causes – but I’ll humour the CoronaPorn meisters; Is that figure the total of deaths in relationship to a global population of 350 million?

    Get ready for what I am about to write….clutch the pearls….make sure the smelling salts are at hand – pfft – it’s nothing.

    PS – Tucker has just rightfully noted that the Jew manufacture opiod death toll is far greater than CoronaChan’s. Nothing’s been shut down, including the Jews that created this. Rural Whites should care a lot more the opoids than Corona Chan. And Southerners should rejoice in the CoronaChan kills; it’s mainly getting Yankees in NY and NJ

    • Anyone who says women are too emotional and irrational have never read any of your sober, trenchant commentaries, madam.

    • So it’s both a bioengineered lab weaponized to kill China’s enemies and its essentially harmless to healthy young men of fighting age. Death from it are both insignificant tiny alleged cases and a widespread blessing as they cull the excess population.

      What goes on in your mind?

      • This in a nutshell is the psychology of the paranoiacs that are basically all that remains of the American right. It’s a hoax to take muh liberty but it’s also a bio weapon. Like Trump is great because he’s a businessman (12 bankruptcies, endless scams, trashy lifestyle) and Bill Gates is a demon (actual computer geek and philanthropist). It’s funny and satisfying to know these people will work 40 hours a week for the right to pay taxes and never make an effort to escape their limited reality. This moment is the writing on the wall that America is cursed and there is no future here for us, it’s entirely dumbed down on all sides.

        • Fuzzy – Gates is an absolute PSYCHO. He is a demon And absolute wannabe mass murderer. But you take his needle, dear. He and his slimy crew got kicked of out STREET SHITTING India,and ooga booga Africa. THAT take a special kind of psycho.

    • “Its the End of the ZOGland As We Know It” — (And I Feel Fine)

      There is a wide-spread narrative collapse in that they antibody tested jew Yawkers and found out that 21 % or so got already infected and not being nursing home oldsters or fat negroes or beaners with diabedes and hypertension that they didn’t even get a cold when they got the Boomer-Remover ZOG-virus. So the “lockdown” didn’t do much of anything except to take a few months off the life expectancy of some oldsters. The average nursing home stay is six months because when the Millennials don’t want to change grannies Depends it is shifted to Social Security or SSI to have the Puerto Ricans and niggers to wipe Boomer butts.

      If they locked down the nursing home in February and kept it locked down then in Granby with anglo-whigger caretakers no fatalities. If not, then as Grove Oklahoma fifty miles east of here with beaners working, then nine dead within a week.

      Across Europe and the ZOGland the statistics are the same — 40% of deaths is from these nursing homes caused by fecal transmission from their third-world caretakers.

      The way to have treated this disease would have been to lock down the oldsters and self-quarantine the Section 8 and assisted living and meals on wheels for the rest of the geezers and keep the economy running. Now the economy is shot and logistics and industrial agriculture is ailing. Like a famine, domestic unrest, rural whites shooting down looting niggers and beaners, lynching lawyers and politicians, gunning down piglice and setting up local military dictatorships under 10K Warlords.

      Actually all my friends, like myself have been preparing for the Fall of ZOG for the past 30 years. Now that it has happened, no tears from me.

      Bradifer should get on the “Its the End of the ZOGland As We Know It” — (And I Feel Fine) Bandwagon as opposed to repeating ZOG Shithead ZOG-virus “Woe is me pore ZOGtard ZOGling whigger ass-clown” Agitprop.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Dichter Von Frankenwhigger
      Renegade Phinehas Priester

  4. There has got to be a better way of dealing with a moderately lethal flu pandemic than crashing the economy, imposing martial law and throwing 25 million people out of work. You can obsess over the statistics like a high-functioning autist all you want. But the fact remains that life wasn’t meant to be lived in a constant state of worry and fear over what might happen. This “lockdown” has lasted between 30 and 45 days already. If that’s not enough time for the Charlie Chan virus to run its course through the population then we’re screwed no matter what. Sheltering in place for another several months will accomplish nothing except to drive up the rates of suicide, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence and financial ruin.

    This summer I’m getting on that DC-8 and going to Paris whether any of you like it or not.

      • I was in Paris 2 years ago during New Years. Had no issues. In fact everyone was very friendly towards us. I felt safer there than I ever did in Chicago, Atlanta or New York that’s for sure.

        Now London, you couldn’t pay me enough to go there.

        • My feelings exactly, SCR. The French govt keeps their niggers and Arabs corralled in suburbs like St.Denis, away from the tourists. Sadly, my desire to visit London is gone.

        • SCR: London was actually not bad when I was there a year ago. Pretty much hoofed my way around the city the whole time but never felt unsafe, even when I was in secluded parts with no one else in sight. The worst I had to deal with were gaggles of Chinese tourists stopping to gawk and take group photos of things. Not dangerous so much as sad to see what it’s come to.

    • Spahn, make sure to visit Harry’s New York bar when you go. It’s like traveling back in time. The bartenders are the real deal too. Hemingway and Fitzgerald used to hang out there regularly. We chatted up some locals in there. Very cool place.

      • Thanks very much for that information. I wanted to know which bars those guys used to patronize. I’ll have to visit Pere Lachaise cemetery as well.

    • Spahn,

      Be sure to check out as well the Musée de l’Armée (“the Army Museum”), at the Hôtel national des Invalides, while in Frankreich.

      It has one of the FINEST collections of military uniforms and items in the world, including the largest collection of WW1 uniforms .. with many excellent quality German uniforms anywhere to be found, including many examples of the M1916 Stahlhelms.

      • Your advice is greatly appreciated, sir! There’s a small hotel in the 5th or 6th Arrondissement near the Luxembourg Gardens and Palace where I’d like to stay, but it temporarily closed due to this global insanity.

    • There was a way. Shut down international flight and quarantine visitors. The Frogs should do the same to you when you arrive Spahn.

    • Was chased through the Metro by a Senegalese drug dealer with a machete around the Louvre and Marais. Saved by the Gendarmes when I turned a corner and he bugged out. Bag of gear in my pocket. Aha. Be careful Spahn. The Centreville is lousy with nogs.

  5. Flu or virus, homemade or natural it’s all too late now. All because our rulers can’t or won’t protect our borders. What a joke of a Super Power. Maybe this will be the end to this ShitHoleNation.

    • The key was to shut down airports and quarantine visitors in February at the latest. Trump didn’t have the guts to do that. Effective border control for a couple of months followed by contact tracing.

      Everything else is academic or posturing.

  6. Hunter, in surprised at the faith you have in the media narrative. It’s frankly disturbing. It’s a fact that the CDC has issued guidelines for hospitals that encourage doctors to list ANY upper respiratory infection as Cov-19 and that hospitals are give 5x the money if they die of COV-19. You can Google this.

    Question: Do you remember those early videos from China of people dying on the streets, markets and subways? Why are those symptoms not happening here? Hmmm?

    Question: Just before the three quarantine in Wuhan 5 million Chinese left the city and went back to their villages. You can Google this and see the articles. Why didn’t this create a massive outbrake throughout China?

    Question: Where did all the masks, gloves and hand sanitizer go? Hospitals DON’T BUY FROM SAM’S CLUB AND HOME DEPOT. They buy from distribution warehouses near them that only sell to hospitals. They have pallets and pallets of this stuff, but suddenly, all at once, everything disappears. Who has the power to buy up everything and have no one talk? Hmmm?

    Question: Why is the CDC using a test that different test for Covid-19, but instead only tests for a small piece of the genome of a corona virus? Btw, the common cold is a Corona virus.

    I could go on and on. It’s a hoax.

  7. In college I was required to read And The Band Played On which is a history of the AIDS virus which narrowed it down to patent zero that brought it to the U.S. Have we not found patient zero for Cov-19? I was told he lived in Washington State (Seattle?) and had just come back from Wuhan China. That makes me suspect patient zero was Chinese. If that be the case why isn’t the disease raging through parts of Canada with its massive Chinese settlements?

    PS: HW can you break it down as to rates for red states verses blue states and if possible whites and non-white proportional to the population?

  8. Begins, “according to the CDC”. The rest is gibberish. Best for you to move on, write about anything except virology, of which you have zero comprehension.

  9. The fact that you believe the media the CDC and their bullshit statistics speaks volumes about your level of intelligencw. Dunning-kruger personified.

    • All those other countries are in on the hoax too. And the information from China is 100% reliable. Doctors, nurses, police, firemen and emt’s die from viruses all the time. Got to re-open the ((economy)) because muh liberty

  10. Dude these numbers are meaningless because the truth has been intentionally concealed. BTW, the 2018 numbers originally said 61k died but the NYT later updated that number to 80k after the rest of the results came in, so even after our beloved government officials rigged the numbers (per the CDC), it’s STILL nowhere near a normal flue season, and I’m sure the 2019/2020 FLU deaths are going to be unexplainably low this year….

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