Western Liberalism Is The Real Pandemic

The coronavirus is real.

It is a highly infectious, moderately lethal virus that produces a SARS-like disease that destroys the respiratory system. Genetically speaking, it is almost identical to the coronavirus that caused SARS. It is just a different coronavirus that jumped to humans from the same type of bat.

The most revealing thing about the coronavirus pandemic is how different the outcome has been across cultures. It is not the virus that is killing people so much as it is a lack of defense against the virus. Here is the current death toll from the pandemic in East Asia outside of China:

Singapore: 8

Hong Kong: 4

Taiwan: 6

Vietnam: 0

North Korea: 0

Mongolia: 0

South Korea: 211

Japan: 99

Why not include China?

China: 3,339

That’s the official Chinese death toll, anyway.

In the West, we are infected with liberalism whether it is the morons who said that “racism” and “xenophobia” were the real virus, the market fetishists or the retarded conspiracy theorists who blame the virus on things like 5G networks. The virus has only been able to kill as many people as it has here because of this stupidity. Of the 10,587 people who have died in Asia in the official count, over half of the deaths have occurred in Turkey and Iran. Presumably, far more people should have died in South Korea from the coronavirus which leads the world in 5G internet service than in places like Indonesia.

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  1. I asked a clerk at a local Drug Store where she got her Corona-Mask. She said they were issued to employees, which is a good thing, I guess. They all wear latex gloves too, also issued. However both items aren’t available for sale to the General Public. We gotta’ make our own, just like our race-mixing mulatto “surgeon general” sez…thinking about looking into that protest march scheduled for Easter Sunday. Hey! Easter Parade!! I promise I won’t wear a Skull Mask or open carry, Honest!

    • I saw online the other day a comment from an Italian medical professional or scholar who said the wearing of those latex gloves is counterproductive. He said they prevent the destruction of the virus by microorganisms that reside on human skin and are a protection against pathogens.

      Whether he was right, I don’t know. I’m simply struck that it’s very difficult to get information about all this.

  2. Regardless of your, or anyone elses opinions of the virus, you keep repeating the same exact talking points in virtually every article you post … on the same subject … for nearly three months now………….

    Does like any other news, topics or issues even exist in your world anymore??

    • I think HW is trying to point out how consistent he’s been on this issue, because critics are always trying to accuse him of changing his positions.

  3. Masks are such a simple , easy , cheap and effective way to limit tbe spread of this pathogen, it is beyond belief that anyone would ridicule it.

  4. “It is time to point and laugh at any soy boy running around with a mask. Social pressure is effective with these herd like creatures.”

    So says another “edgy” soyboy grifter following the cuckservative herd.

    Pot, kettle, black.

    Tammypaul’s face alone suffices to discredit him. But then he has to open his mouth.

    I hereby nominate him for ICU duty in either New York Shitty or Joisey. Post pics and videos of him sanitizing the rooms of infected coronavirus patients.

  5. If you take a look at Dr Andrew Kauffman and his breakdown of this virus ant the pcr testing employed, and of course have half a brain still open to thinking, you’d realise this is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.

  6. What this has revealed and exposed sadly, is why the United States continues to fall further behind in all ways, beginning with education. There are many reasons for this that I won’t get in to. We think we are so “smart” when in fact we become dumber and dumber with each generation. A concurrent decrease in hubris can not be found. Anyone who does not use this opportunity to read. To learn how to subsist outside of “the economy” and instead pound the table to go back to work for the people who are responsible for this mess are a prime example. Carry on. My family is good.

    • “the United States continues to fall further behind in all ways, beginning with education. ”

      Man, weez don’t need no edumacations,
      weeks gotz diversivy and multi-clutterism.

  7. Spot on, except perhaps the affirmation of Mainstream Media’s “natural origin, bat source” narrative that is still not proven. There is so much circumstantial evidence for a bioweapons lab origin, as hard to ignore as the identical free fall of WTC Building #7 that was not hit by a plane.

    Ramsie’s “soy boys” expression could be called projection.

    • It could be either one of the two.

      Regardless, the virus ultimately came from a bat whether it was transmitted to humans naturally via a pangolin or whether it was some kind of accidental release at the Wuhan lab.

  8. OT (sort of)

    The “forgotten pandemic”.

    COVID-19 deaths worldwide this year: 108,471

    Abortions worldwide this year (estimated): 11,842,200

    Homicides (abortions) vs a pandemic.

  9. Where I work we have to wear masks (and gloves in most cases) and if we are exposed or show symptoms we have to go home for 14 days. We have to clean our area each day with a disinfectant and practice social distancing. It may be just a “hoax” but for all practical purposes it is REAL!

  10. Strict laws would not be needed if people weren’t such retards – and Typhoid Marys like RamZPaul did not exist.

    I like how the Indians deal with their quarantine breakers. They have long sticks which they use to smack their bottoms.

    “Give me liberty or death!”



    • The Indians still have those old, Lee Enfield .303 bolt action rifles they use to give out love taps to unruly crowds, especially when the crowds are Moslems. The .303s are much more effective than those 6 foot sticks the Indians use. I’ve seen on TV crowds of rioters scatter after a few shots are fired in their general direction, it gets their attention, except for those left face down in the dirt.

  11. If there is one conspiracy to believe in, it’s the one that knows Social Security, SS disability & Medicare is broke. Cutting these programs are a political loser, for both sides. So, the non-producers have to go. The lockdown will not end until sufficient elderly, sick and blacks are gone.

  12. Liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. It destroys its natural immune system so that a nation infected with liberalism will eventually succumb to political and social toxins that would pose only a minor threat to a healthy nation.

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