Wuhan Is Open For Business

Wuhan was the epicenter of the outbreak in China.

The city has been on lockdown since January 23. The longest lockdown anywhere in the world officially ends on April 8. Wuhan has already partially reopened and life is returning to normal there.

Bangkok Post:

“WUHAN: Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged last year, partly reopened on Saturday after more than two months of near total isolation for its population of 11 million.

The city in Hubei province was placed under lockdown in January with roadblocks ring-fencing its outskirts and drastic restrictions on daily life

But the major transport and industrial hub has now signalled the end of its long isolation, with state media showing the first officially sanctioned passenger train arriving back into the city just after midnight. …”

Keep a close eye on Wuhan.

The economy doomers have assured us that it impossible to bounce back from a lockdown. It is better to let millions of people get infected and die from the virus rather than suspend liberalism for a month.

South China Morning Post:

“One of the more telling smartphone memes that has been doing the rounds is the one that looked like a WhatsApp page that began by saying, “China created the group Covid-19”. The next message on the screen was, “China added You”. Then came, “China added the World”. The final punchline was, “China left”. 

Most comedy is funny because of an element of truth running through the gag. China this week reported its purchasing managers’ index (PMI), a leading indicator of how the economy might perform.

It was a massive 52 in March, much higher than the expectation of 44.8, and comes on the back of a really shocking figure in February of 35.7. A figure of over 50 indicates that the economy is expanding, and this kind of expansion is way above anything that has been seen for a decade, even though we should expect a significant, if unsustainable, rebound. …”

The Chinese economy is bouncing back.

Yesterday, China reported 30 new cases and 3 deaths from the virus.

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  1. Hunter… I have lost countless hours just reading the various “QANON” appearances on Twitter as well as analyzing this subset of freaktowns own personal Charlie Kirk like “Grifter Gang” such as the 20 something Q “expert” and former mental patient “Educating Liberals”… If you ever run short on daily material, take a drive down “Q flavor country”….

    If you thought MAGApedes had an extra chromosome before… You will be even more entertained

      • Does he wear a bicycle helmet 24/7 and eat lead paint? Joking aside, do me… No, do YOURSELF the favor of going to Twitter… Whether you have an account or not, you can use it… And just search “QANON” in the bar thereby bringing up every post it is mentioned in.

        These people genuinely believe that this is their God hero, Trump’s doing as he is organizing loyal members of the US military to go on a worldwide pedophile ring and are taking down everyone from Hillary, Tom Cruise, Oprah, etc etc down in Trumps GI Joeesque led task Force. They analyze Trump Tweets and speeches, picking out letters to prove he is communicating with them. It is bonkers and you won’t be disappointed.

        The latest posts yesterday were that Trumps military loyalists were blowing up the NYC subway complex to rescue pedophiles mixed up with the Epstein global kidnapping conspiracy

        • Captain – I know. I had a Qtard, IRL, tell me all about it. These blithering morons are going to destroy all of us. That’s what I resent, the most

        • I know. I know. I would like just see Trump get serious about borders. These Q people are all into the addrenochrome pedovore matrix. It’s really such a waste. He’s rich too and has a family.

      • The Chinks will recover from this pandemic, because losing a few hundred thousand of their own kind and imposing draconian measures on their country is no big deal for them. Naturally we could never allow anything like that here. So in the long run China comes out of this stronger while ZOG USA remains permanently crippled.

      • Spahnranch… The irony is I have gone way to deep on these people, based not out of an intellectual curiosity but more so being bored out of my mind and finding them hi-steer-i-cal

        The “Educating Liberals” “Dylan Wheeler” guy is my favorite though. His police arrest file from about seven years ago is comedy gold. Whipped his prick out and flopped it at a cop before resisting arrest and getting beaten. His old FB and Twitter posts are also masterful, combining his belief in “lizard people” and some strange desire to combine masterbation, feces, ammo, and tears. Even better is the legion of Boomers that send this “Hansel from Zoolander” makeup wearing feeb plenty of Patreon shackles and pledges of loyalty.

        Denise… I think you’re on to something as weed does some to be a common denominator for the Qtards under 60. Either that or its too many year or Libertarianism rotting their brains. At the very least i learned not to debate or argue with them, just enjoy the shit show. Although being a Q Tweet leader seems to be a lucrative gig especially with so many of us out or work. Similar to Candace Owens and the other black people who wear MAGA hats and milk the Conservative Boomers dry

  2. It always strikes me how people who have never lived during communism accept without any questions the propaganda that comes from those servants of the devil. Before it was the commies that loved Stalin, would spy for him, die for him. Then if someone made it to USSR their illusions would be shuttered, their faith broken. Just read about Kim Filby. Now its the turn of the western nationalists and their love for Russia or China.
    Let me tell that nothing you see coming out of these shitholes is to be believed, nobody from there is to be trusted. Contrary to what you think these systems produce the most incompetent and brutal people you can imagine and their societies are totally disfuncttional.

  3. If this is a super magical Hollywood virus that evades masks like a ninja, and you cant even touch your own face then ALL of China should have gotten it, no?

  4. Ah contraire, this (potential) economy doomer has proposed total shutdowns of two months, combined with total government support of employees and employers during that time, then reopening the economy with prudent health related restrictions going forward. You can misinterpret this as “muy economy ” and “death to granny” all you want, but becoming a smear artist and liar as to those who honestly disagree with your honest interpretation of the situation does not change anything real, but loses you support for your historical projects and desire to change society for the betterment of the masses. Grow up, sir.

      • Hang in there Brad… You’re a good guy and you do excellent work. I see this is all wearing on you mentally. In a world of nutbars, even those who agree with you on most things, the most vocal will do their best to make you feel small and broken. Know your work is appreciated and that there are many amongst us with an IQ warmer than room temperature that can piece together atleast the basics of the true path

  5. As I have been probably the most vociferous commenter here highlighting the potential harm to the working and middle classes a prolonged shutdown would cause for small and medium sized businesses and their employees, we both know who you are referring to by the epithet economic doomer. And we also both know that I am right, a lockdown lasting more than a few months will devastate those businesses and employees.

    You think it is fair to impose social policy costs on people who did not cause the harm addressed, without compensation. I do not. I believe we are in this situation together, and therefore both the benefits and the costs of the policy chosen should apply to all citizens.

    I am not special pleading, my wife and I are deemed essential as lawyers, so we will work and get paid 100% no matter what, and our children work part time in fast food establishments, so they will lose nothing either. Nonetheless, I care about everyone, not just those who agree with me on life and its realities. That is why I push to cover all business costs, including salaries, as long as forced lockdowns are in place.

    Despite many attempts I have made to get you to explain what people forced out of the ability to acquire money to pay bills are supposed to do to cover expenses when cash is gone and salary or profits dry up, you steadfastly refuse to do so. That suggests the same lack of empathy you rightly decry in the masters of the neoliberal universe who do what they want to make more money for themselves even if it literally kills their subjects. Hurting the many to save the few is wrong.

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