The Flu vs. Coronavirus IV

We’ve got an important update.

This is how things have changed since last week. It is four states doing most of the heavy lifting now. The flu season has been particularly brutal in Louisiana this week in 80 degree weather.

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  1. The irony is that its a tropical disease. Hot weather might even be a premium moment for it.

    • Yeah, I think there is a lot about COVID-19 we are not being told. For example, if COVID-19 is responding to anti-malaria drugs, does that mean that COVID-19 is a possibly recurring disease like malaria? I wouldn’t rule that out since in all probability COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese bio-weapons lab accidentally, or on purpose!

      • HIV (lopinavir and ritonavir), Ebola (remdesivir, which also works against MERS) and malaria (chloroquine) drugs have all been successfully used against this virus. The efficacy of those meds corresponds with the engineered basis of corona-chan, which has been shown to be a combo of SARS, MERS and HIV.

        • I think this is interesting, I thought this since I read that Australia was using the Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Lopinavir was eating it up in vials, this was when they were ‘bad’ and we didn’t have it yet.
          I don’t think it was released on purpose but I do think there’s a likelihood it’s bio-warfare that ‘got out’, something they were working on to target certain people and now it’s killing everyone. Whoops.

  2. I don’t only say this as a friend and longtime reader but with total sincerity. The day one coverage here has been more thorough, accurate, even handed and wide reaching than anywhere else in the mainstream media or alternative sources. Up to the date numbers and analysis.

    I have about 20 normie friends that now come here everyday first to get their updates

  3. Also on shutdowns and such. Crowds will generally know when it is time to hide out or come together again by voting with their feet. Governments tend to just rubber stamp what people decide to do collectively, anyway. 11 million denizens of Wuhan. That’s a city I’d never heard of before this event. They should be tested to see if herd immunity now exists to any degree.

  4. It is Pearl Harbor week. Hunter told us so. Following his favorite scholar, the retarded kneegrow Surgeon General. And it is TRUE. I am sitting in Central Michigan, and the bombs are falling from everywhere, ships are sinking, thousands are dying, we need a world war! It is Pearl Harbor!

    • Hard to say if this post contains more childishness or stupidity.

      Not that it really matters.

      • Actually it matters. It is very weird that all over the planet nobody can not agree what the corona death actually is.

        I live on the other side of the planet and here is exactly the same. Some people claim that we have another corona death and other people fighting back that 92 old cancer patient is not corona death,. There are now 15 deaths in my county and even one doctor wrote angry piece that soon we need to reclassify car crashes and murders also corona deaths, because thanks to EU our quarantine was late approx 2 weeks and a there are a lot of asymptomatic carriers around.

        I don`t think that this is conspiracy but it is very weird indeed that half dead people with virus in their blood are now ” epidemic victims ”

        Viruses and epidemics are dangerous and can kill a lot of normal healthy people. But luck of rationality and mass hysteria is not a solution.

        There is one country, where there is no lockdown. This is Belarus and one of their main income sources is medical tourism, so by all logic, this country should be one of the epidemic hotspot because of lot of sick people visiting Belarus from all over the Europe.

        “””…..He cites an example of clients from the USA. To determine the diagnosis, the dentist asked a patient to send him an X-ray of his jaw. In America it costs $1600 while in Belarus the price is $25. Hence, it is cheaper for a person to fly to Belarus, do a tomography here and fly back….”””

        So where are all the Belorussian dead bodies ?

    • I read the entire article and it’s very informative, with a lot of government-guideline details as to why the coronavirus-death numbers in many countries, including the USA, are likely to be substantially inflated. Thanks.

  5. Funny how you trust mainstream sources. Sources that have liked to you for decades are now your gospel. Truly disappointing.

      • Seriously.

        people seem to think all the nations and all the nations doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, cops, firefighters, etc are all actors in this so called “lie.” the freaking doctors in new york are refusing to go home to their families. Thats some dedicated acting. or maybe they are just scared of their shadow…. right? I mean its not like they are literally in front of hundreds of patients drowning in their own fluids every day. what are they REALLY scared of? They are scared of the “joos” who created this false flag, killed kennedy, started global warming, and stole and hid your car keys and tv remote!. Obviously I am being sarcastic, but I really do think the naysayers are utter morons that should be forced to kiss a covid 19 patient to prove its a lie.

          • FOX would never lie, they have Bible thumpers on all the time and Jeebus tells them what’s going on. Trust the plan, just like Q anon.

            FOX is in on the grift, bigly.

      • They’re all part of “The Big Show” brother!

        All the brothers out there who believe that they aren’t sipping Chateau d’Yquem together because they’re different nationalities has taken too many folding chairs to the head brother!

        • They’re all part of “The Big Show” brother!

          All the brothers out there who believe that they aren’t sipping Chateau d’Yquem together because they’re different nationalities has taken too many folding chairs to the head brother!



          Freemasons don’t have a traditional “nationality” .. nor do they have a “country”

          Freemasonry is their nationality .. as well as their “country”

      • I don’t know if it is a flat earth website, just watch the video of Dr. Freemason Fauci declaring there will be a pandemic in the Trump administration.

        You seem very suspect Brad pushing this like its the end of the world. Are you one of ‘The Trusted Voices’ talked about at event 201? Or are you so inbred you can’t think for yourself? I know how you hillbillies like having sex with family members.

        • Brad’s forbearance regarding commenter’s on this site is commendable. Too bad I don’t run this: I would’ve banned your fuckin’ ass!

          • Oh, you must be a hillbilly us northerners here about. You don’t like your family secrets out, is that why you want a ban on comments?

          • Any disagreement on RT gets you immediately accused of being a jew and a hasbara and banned. They are very weak people.

        • Hey mind games just go fuck off and die- that would be at least a minor plus for human society- got it bitch boy????

      • “Isn’t that a flat earth website?”

        Brad- Your myopia would be helpful, if you actually realized that you had it….

        ” @AlexBerenson 1/ As you sit home watching #COVID death counts spiral, please know the official @CDCgov guidance for coding COVID-related deaths is as follows: any death where the disease “caused or is *assumed* to have caused or *contributed to* death.” Confirmed lab tests are not required… –

        Many of us are not denying the reality of the virus. We’re merely wondering why it seems to have such widely disparate impacts, numbers, etc.

        Just like the lies of another Government Agency, known as NASA…..

        • I’ve haven’t met many WNs or racially aware whites who questioned heliocentrism until i saw some of your comments and a couple others on this site recently.

          Sickening how the deification of science has become unquestionable scientism.

          Nobody has ever been to space, the evidence is overwhelming…and most WNs and others tend to take the stance that this diminishes whiteys accomplishments in our world.

          Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing else like the moon landing hoax could point out and prove how government agencies all collude and nothing we are told about foreign policy and our relationship with the world is true.

          ALL war is always done by deception, so i don’t see how our conflicts with anyone would prove any sort of ally/enemy relationship status between ZOG USA and ZOG anywhere else.

          Samuel Rowbotham’s “Zetetic Astronomy” & “Earth Not a Globe” are 2 of the best books on the truth of geocentrism and understanding the lies of the heliocentric model of the universe.

          1-The truth is that the Earth is not a “planet”; it is a plane. Other than the heights and depths of mountains and valleys the Earth has no curvature or convexity and is for all intents and purposes flat. Just as it appears, the Sun, Moon and stars (fixed and wandering) all revolve around the flat Earth which is the stationary, immovable center of the universe. The magnetic North Pole is the center of the Earth and the universe. Polaris, the North Pole star remains always significantly situated atop the dome of the heavens, while the Sun, Moon, and stars revolve in circular cycles around us. The truth is that all standing water is always flat, the horizon is always flat, and all canals, tunnels and railways are built without regard for the supposed curvature or convexity of the Earth. The light from lighthouses can be seen at incredible distances only possible on a flat surface. The truth is pilots do not make constant nose declinations or compensation acceleration to account for the supposed curvature and rotation of the ball-Earth. The truth is sailors do not use spherical calculations, but plane trigonometry when navigating.

          2-The truth is that Antarctica is a giant ice wall holding in the oceans and the South Pole does not exist! Various anomalies and differences between the Arctic and Antarctic prove the earth is not a ball. The Arctic midnight Sun proves the universe is geocentric. The truth is the Sun and Moon are equal divine balanced opposites made for signs and seasons, to light the Earth, and divide day from night. The Moon is not merely a reflector of the Sun’s light but emanates a demonstrably unique light of its own; It is completely self-luminescent and semi-transparent. The truth is that man has not and cannot ever walk on the Moon or Mars because the heavenly bodies are simply luminaries and not terrestrial terra firma like the Earth. The Moon and Mars landings were/are all hoaxes staged and filmed by Freemasons on Earth. Orbiting satellites and space stations do not exist; all video and photographs you have ever seen from NASA, Hubble, and other “official” sources are all CGI (computer-generated images). Gravity does not exist, and all “floating” astronauts are simply using wires or filming aboard Zero G planes. Relativity does not exist, and that is why Einstein is always sticking his tongue out at you!

          3-The truth is the universe was intelligently designed by an intelligent designer, purposefully created by a purposeful creator, not the haphazard result of some inexplicable cosmic accident. The truth is that life, consciousness, the incredible beautiful diversity and complexity of nature is divinely created, not coldly, blindly “evolved” out of nothing.

          Einstein was a fraud…how shocking…

          And Nikola Tesla was probably the greatest science mind that ever lived!

          • I am convinced of the validity of your argument based on its honesty and simplicity. No exotic or esoteric theories regarding the nature of light, mass and gravity are required to understand it!

        • Yeah ok just keep ranting your idiot sermons you senile withered old fool- maybe you’ll convert me to your flat earth society you moron

    • Sad, but true! Stubbornly clinging to the narrative when there is no evidence that can be provided other than your daily charts, graphs, and numbers from places with such reputability like the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center or CDC.GOV! Really? Yet, there is a plethora of circumstantial evidence that shows that this pandemic is being staged.

      And, of course, anyone who sees through this farce is dismissed as a ‘flat-earther’ and therefore cannot be taken seriously. No different than a myopic liberal. Of course, it has nothing to do with how he is processing and analyzing the information and the conclusions he is drawing from that information. Oh no!

      People have to understand that the prisoners in Plato’s Cave Allegory are just that- PRISONERS! It is only when they willingly leave the comfort and security of the cave and its shadows that that they become liberated.

    • Mind Games – THIS IS THE YEAR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEEEE – (sometime many decades from now) – EXCEPT LESS OF US ARE GONNA DIE THAN WE DID IN 2014 AND 2015 AND 2016 AND 2017!!!! AAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!

        • Spahn – I’m joking. I think Hunter, and many, many others, are being suckered and terrorized. The bio-engineered virus can be very bad, depending on the physical issues of the individual – but it’s being WAY overblown. Meanwhile, while the American Cattle are being herded over a cliff, ZOG’s Janissaries are attacking Syria and Lebanon and everything else Israel wants, and the borders are STILL wide open. But American Rover – FETCH! Here’s a nice big juicy pandemic! FETCH! Good Goy! When you lose your livelihood, and your home – nice Mr. Cohen and Goldberg will help, “We’ll buy everything you have! We are hurting too – so we’ll give you 10 shekels on the dollar….good deal, huh?”

          Don’t expect that 1200 Joobux any time soon, though. You have to fill out lots and lots and lots and lots of paperwork. IF you are qualified.

          • Prediction: The “usual suspects” who made out like bandits in 2008 (because they are bandits) will get the big pieces, crumbs for the masses, maybe.

          • If you have your direct deposit info with the IRS or Social Security, you don’t have to fill out any paperwork. We’re supposed to be getting our 1200 joobux starting April 9. That’s the part I don’t believe. The elites have been getting $1 trillion a day in the banks and markets without asking, just expecting to get the help. We have to wait for scraps.

      • I know, just maybe it is what I said. I know how Brad loves Hollywood. Do you remember that Burt Reynolds film, was that film predictive programming, ‘Deliverance’?

  6. This has been the best time of our lives. Family, Community. We may never go back. We Are earning just fine in flyover country, living off the land and bartering.

    • @Vickey Weaver: And what happens if the state police and Federal agents show up one morning with armed goons demanding you and your family leave the property and report to the nearest FEMA relocation facility? I suspect you won’t be so cavalier about that situation.

  7. From

    “In Germany, around 2,500 people die every day, with twelve deaths so far linked to Sars-2 in the past three weeks. Of course, people will still die, but I will sit far out of the window and say: it may well be that in 2020, taken together, we will not have more deaths than in any other year.” — Hendrik Streeck, Institute of Virology, University Hospital Bonn


    just 2 time more deadly than the flu. Still not the black plague. Italy start to recover.
    Btw, how many obesity people on the dead list ? How many elders ? How many with cancer/heart disease, respiratory disease ?

    10 MILLIONS of unemployed, in a country without social care for unemployed. How many will commit suicide, or start become crazy or thiefs ?

    I still think those are non-crazy-complotist argues. I still not believe in flat-heart, young-earth, 9/11 holograms. Are we supposed to be 100% atheists on eventual conspiracies or 100% believers in all conspiracies ? Can’t we just choose to exam if this one is stupid, this other one is not, and the third one, we don’t know yet ? Can’t we ?

  9. Prepare for Record Post-Corona Highs on the stock market!!

    Record low Post-Corona black unemployment!!

    They poured 6 trillion into the economy, much of that will hit Q3 just before the election:

    The economy just had a MUCH NEEDED correction (similar to 1982) and can now ho into growth mode again.

    • What happens to the millions who’ve lost their jobs and the thousands of small business owners who’ve been forced to shut their doors? Will they benefit from that much needed correction to the economy?

      • It’s going to rough, there is a seafood restaurant in my neighborhood that literally just open the week of the shutdown. Talk about a kick in the ass. Family business too, not a franchise.

      • They will be allowed to perish, some literally, some figuratively, because when policymakers determine a course of action they do not care about collateral damage, as long as the targeted beneficiaries of that policy are helped. In this case, it is the .0001% who must not be allowed to lose anything to corvid-19 shutdowns, hence the CARES bill from Congress gives the Treasury Secretary virtually unlimited authority to bail out the donor class, but for the 99.0099% a one-off UBI payment, then nothing if the lockdowns extend indefinitely.

        That is of course the criticism I level at OD’s host, that his acceptance of a forever lockdown is going to kill the hopes and dreams of the people this site is said to speak for, the working and middle classes of citizens. He is adamant that we should not care one iota about people’s economic future, but only about the chance that one person might die from the disease.

        In doing so, he ignores the fact that the sources of information cited in support of the forever lockdowns are judged to be suspect when they relate news, due to bias against the perspectives of OD readers, but somehow are unbiased now when used to support totalitarian extensions of government power.

        Trust no one except Dr. Fauci strikes me as a mistake, as he has material and political motives to extend his power and influence just like any other 52 year bureaucrat. I believe the Oligarchs are using this crisis, whether legitimate or contrived, to establish the precedent of policy by executive decree. That scares me. Our host is sanguine. I am not.

        • Well said, JRC. Dr. Fauci is a high-level career bureaucrat who does the bidding of his Globohomo masters. We are standing around helplessly as our wealth and freedom are being transferred to the 0.0001% without so much as a peep of protest.

        • That is of course the criticism I level at OD’s host, that his acceptance of a forever lockdown is going to kill the hopes and dreams of the people this site is said to speak for, the working and middle classes of citizens. He is adamant that we should not care one iota about people’s economic future, but only about the chance that one person might die from the disease.



          As the Voz/i>, Generalissimo “Uncle Joe” Stalin once quipped:

          A Single Death Is a Tragedy, a Million Deaths Are a Statistic

          Really J.R., get with the program!

          How many losses of homes, businesses, and people’s livelihoods can we take to **save just one life**?

          How many suicides from bankruptcy are equal to an 85-year-old diabetic, obese emphysema patient succumbing to coronavirus???

          Where is your heart, man?!?

          • I ‘m with you, Virtus, as you and I both know from reading each other’s daily refutations of Hunter’s quaint acceptance of Establishment authorities. Speaking of which, Rahm Emanuel’s doctor brother Ezekiel let the cat out of the bag today in the Huffington Post that the lockdowns will extend 12-18 months because it will take that long to secure FDA approval for any corvid-19 vaccine.

            So absent government taking over all business expenses, including salaries, for the 25-33 percent of employers and employees not considered essential, and thus frozen out of money to pay bills, until the situation ends, those people will be rendered homeless and bankrupt from a 12-18 month corvid-19 freeze-out.

            Somehow, the question of how anyone can survive in 2020 America without income for that length of time is not asked at any of the briefings given by the feds or state governors. Nor does Hunter even hint at this reality in his calling me, you, and others economic doomers and/or conspiracy theorists. He just pretends that it all will work out, and saving any life justifies ruining many multiple more lives.

            For a guy fancying himself a man of the people, that seems pretty cruel. But I guess no price is too much for Establishment respect.

          • But I guess no price is too much for Establishment respect. @JR



            Something Brad, and every White right-winger, will NEVER get


            Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. ~1 John 2:15-16


            And the sooner he and others *get* this truth, the better off he, and we, will be

    • There was no “correction.” None of the fundamental problems of the US economy have fixed by this. They were only made worse. Fixing the US economy would require radical change that is not going to happen as long as plutocrats control Washington.

    • I’m proud to say I never liked that guy. The TWP and NSM didn’t need to be infiltrated by ZOG because they were already doing a great job making the pro-white community look bad.

    • Point made. All you southerners are into family-friendly sex. Is that why you’re so dumb?Heimbach got caught with his mother inlaw having sex. He was also many believe controlled opposition like Brad spreading his beliefs and fake fears in a controlled once popular website. I hear banjo music from that Burt Reynolds film…..

  10. Come on guys, don’t be too hard on Brad. He was conned by Trump in 2016 and he came around. He will come around on the corona-hoax as soon as he opens both eyes and realizes the real agenda behind it. Then again?

  11. Thank you, John. I cannot understand how anyone, including our esteemed host, cannot see this is a panic over nothing. Yes, the disease itself, once one comes down with it may be serious. It’s not just a cold. It’s more than the flu. But that’s true of a number of “minor” illnesses which can progress to something worse, especially for the elderly and those with underlying conditions. It’s not small pox or the black death. Here are some more numbers:

    Number of ventilators needed in the USA:
    Projected was 24,848, now projected 13,664.

    Number of ventilators needed in Tennessee:
    Projected was 697, now projected 114.

    Government officials are pulling numbers out of their butt. There models are just that – models, not reality.

    And now we’re getting videos of hospitals with #filmyourshospital showing no lines, no ambulances, nothing, along with staff being sent home.

    We don’t even need a conspiracy (if conspiracies aren’t your thing). Our ruling elite made a big boo-boo and crashed the economy for nothing and potential one-upmanship (if country x went on lockdown, country y will have to as well). OK, better safe than sorry but let’s get on with it. Certainly the elderly and those with underlying conditions are more at risk and should take personal/private precautions. But a state-wide lock down is not necessary.

    It should also be obvious, as stated by the experts, the virus will continue to circulate in the population. Once the lockdown is lifted, cases will spike again. The curve can be flattened, but the area under the curve (total cases or deaths, depending on the curve) is not changed. Dr. Fauci has stated we’ll see another upsurge in the fall. Maybe shutdown everything for a year? Get real people. That’s why epidemiologists provide advice (that can be taken or not) but don’t rule the land.

  12. To my knowledge, there has been no focus here on how the CV tests function or whether or not they are actually reliable in the first place!

    And while we are being bombarded with stories of tigers getting the evil virus and propagandized videos of people cheering health-care workers and they go to work, Dana Ashlie is doing some authentic journalism.Here she brings up the CDC’s own words regarding their PCR tests which do NOT test for a virus, but test for sequencing. The CDC states:

    1- “Cases include PRESUMPTIVE positive cases of Covid-19
    2- “Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the sequences, but the CDC CANNOT PROVIDE ANY WARRANTY REGADING THERE ACCURACY

    Does the meaning of those two statements by the CDC hit home at all? We’re just going to include assumed cases in our numbers AND we cannot back there accuracy. The numbers mean nothing! This is all a con game, and yet were going to continue to refer to the numbers as somehow reliable.

  13. Hey Hunter
    If someone has questions about ‘global warming’, for instance “does the modelling include cloud cover or water vapour”, “why have the predictions failed” …if a skeptical someone has -questions- such as these would you call them a ‘climate denier’?

    Also, do you think Jesus was jewish (according to the modern usage of the term)?
    Straight answers. Thank-you.

  14. It really boggles my mind seeing so many on the dissident right trusting the CDC, mainstream media and their fearporn predictive statistical models. We started doing lockdowns with the models telling us 2.1 million Americans were going to die, the next model predicted 500,000, then 240,000, then 100,000 and now today’s model is 80,000 (which is the same as the 2017-2018 flu season). I’m sure it will probably get revised down lower in the coming weeks.

    Will the dissident right start shilling for Climate Change next? Those models are scary too!

    • Yes but all this extra spending on top of already bloated government budgets will not be cost free, look for inflation in our futures. Although not a straight line up, gold and silver have been increasing in USD lately, a sure sign of future inflation.

      N.B. Au and Ag are sold by the Troy ounce, not the Avoirdupois (Avdp.) ounce used in commerce. The Troy ounce weighs 480 grains, the Avdp. ounce 437 1/2 grains. There was a scam on TV a number of years ago whereby a 10 (Avdp.) oz. Ag coin was being sold based on the price of a 10 Troy ounce coin, a difference of 425 grains of Ag per coin. For reference a standard aspirin weighs 5 grains and a .223 round (usually) weighs 55 grains.

    • No surprise there. The stock market is a reflection of the investor class’ confidence in future profits. Higher unemployment translates into more potential workers seeking the same number of potential jobs, thereby lowering the wages employers must offer due to supply and demand in the labor market. Since labor costs are anywhere from 66-75% of expenses for all businesses, less money to workers results in more profit to employers and investors. Bad news for the 99% is always good news for the 1%, as they can sell their products overseas to make up the lower spending by employees whose income has stagnated for almost 50 years. That’s why TPTB love Globo-Homo, since they can stiff the rest of us out of a higher portion of the wealth the society jointly produces ( investors, employers, and employees all contribute to the final product or service, but the investors and employers claim a larger portion due to supply and demand: many more workers then people with excess money to fund a business or manage it for said investors) by selling to foreigners. Win-Win for them, Lose-Lose for the rest.

  15. It really boggles my mind seeing so many on the dissident right trusting the CDC, mainstream media and their fearporn predictive statistical models. …

    Will the dissident right start shilling for Climate Change next?


    Probably, Yair

    Again, affirmation and validation from the ‘mainstream’ are the highest virtues — not truth-seeking (that’s like soooo 19th century anyway:/)

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