Donald Trump Addresses The Nation About Coronavirus

Donald Trump announced a month long travel ban on Europe tonight as coronavirus has continued to explode there while seeding new brush fires all over the United States. I suppose it is better late than never. “Conspiracy theorists” were over a month ahead of the current news cycle.

Note: It was also announced this evening that Tom Hanks has been infected. TruNews and Peak Prosperity are doing an excellent job covering coronavirus.

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  1. Forrest Gump caught airborne AIDS? SAD!

    Corona could be the kind of black swan event nationalists have been hoping for. All it would take is something to disrupt a country, where the peoples in it have nothing in common, and the whole thing could fall apart. Exciting.

  2. “Jared has it all under control. He is like me. A master of all things. Israel shilling. Not wall building. Coronathingie prevention. We do it all. Goes to show our teachers who gave us bad grades… Masters of the Universe”


  3. I’m sure HW’s readers have read the columns in AMREN and VDare about various school systems such as Seattle, LA and NYC staying open in spite of corona because the schools are really babysitting/quasi-jail/housekeeping/entertainment and most importantly, feeding centers for the wogs. If the schools shut down the chocolate hordes will run the streets causing mayhem while the cupboard is bare at home except for used 40 oz. malt bottles. The school administrators openly admit that they are basing their decisions on the politics of diversity and delivering welfare for the sprogs, not public health. This of course guarantees the spread of corona and the failure of containment.

    If corona continues to spread and the financial markets seize up like 2008 it will end the feeding of the sprogs because the logistics chain will break down and there simply won’t be food to hand out. This will be the day of reckoning for the sprogs in the globohomo, multicultural, diverse, shopping mall the U.S. has become. It will also be a day of reckoning for all those unprepared for disruptions of everyday life but at least white people aren’t likely to destroy everything in a blind rage.

    • “schools are really babysitting/quasi-jail/housekeeping/entertainment ”

      So true !

      As a consequence of ‘inclusion’, the schools will be incubators for wuflu.
      ( this won’t last, they will have to close schools eventually, when it’s too late.)

      • “schools are really babysitting/quasi-jail/housekeeping/entertainment ”

        True for the muds.
        Brainwashinng and beat down, for Whites.

    • Imagine an induced truckers’ boycott/blockade of infection hotspots created in the inner cities which are then left with no food on the shelves. Food controls could be the actual weapon vectored by this or other mild virus categorized as a pandemic by WHO—as if those totalitarian apparatchiks give a rat’s ass about sustaining the world’s population rather than culling it like a scythe through wheat. The fact that New Rochelle in New York was early on dubbed an “epicenter” of the disease is also a huge red flag that something stinks.

  4. They are scared witless!

    Dow loses 6000 points in 3 weeks. They know something is terribly wrong.
    If they put more burdens on the dollar, bailouts, tax abatement etc. And the dollar starts to crumble, all hell will break loose.

    We are on the leading edge of a financial panic.

    • Yes, the next thing to go after the stock market will be the bond market then the banks then the dollar unless the Feds can magically stop the rapid decline. Time is running short, confidence in governments in the great, globohomo shopping mall that constitutes the U.S. and many other countries is slipping away. When the dollar goes, everything in the current diversity, multicultural, globohomo shopping mall goes with it.

      What comes after will be up for grabs.

    • Forget propping up the market using counterfeit dollars during a staged sell-off. What “they” know very well is where the stop-loss orders are, most of which I’m guessing they’re taking out today with the market down 9% or so. It goes under the generic name of yet another massive wealth transfer from Americans to their alien masters.

      None of this is possible without what Michael Hoffman calls predictive programming. Just a few minutes ago I turned on Fox News’ business channel to hear the talking head in a mind-bending inversion of what’s happening say that Fox News’ doctor-pundits who’re responsible for whipping up this mass hysteria deserve credit for preventing it. It’s undoubtedly worse on CNN, CNBC, and the rest.

      • This is far more than stop-loss orders.
        More in terms of algorithmic trading.

        We are seeing the consequences of quants and computer trend trading.

        • Allowing microsecond trading is


          There should be at least a 10 second order delay, probably more , 30 seconds.

          We have servers trying to outrace servers over fiber networks. AN ENGINE WITHOUT A THROTTLE !

          • What we may be seeing is an algorithmic lockup. Most trading houses using the same basic algorithms to make decisions.

            When the market reaches an extreme, lile 24 times earnings in jan 2020, one gets on the sell side and the rest pile on to get to the exit. Each new sell triggers another sell, ad infinitum.

            We might see the counterpoise to this.
            When things get super heavily oversold we could see a skyrocket advance and subsequent violent oscillations.

        • Not if you’re a small investor taken out with big losses via stop-loss orders on your stocks, Arian. See the lead article on zerohedge on margin calls. When a counterplay like gold is getting taken down at the same time, you know the fix is in, regardless of diversionary b.s. about safety in cash or Treasuries.

          I’d say this blow-off is an orchestrated take-down unless proven otherwise, and its magnitude goes beyond black box trading algorithms. There had to be either something like a “pandemic” or a real war to cover the Fed and its cabal of Wall Street insiders’ raping the economy. It’s possible the scenario is as described by the mainstream media, but hardly likely.

    • The Plunge Protection Team has already been pumping money into the stock market, so I wonder how big the fall would’ve been without their input. Would we have seen 1929 crash-level lows?

  5. Colleges have, or are sending their students home, because it’s “Spring Break.” Many are saying, ‘Don’t come back… until next fall.” Big schools, like Harvard and Yale, even. (Sadly, the demographics of those schools deserve to catch the illness- too many Affirmative Action/Asian and ‘Other’ students, who don’t deserve to even BE in America’s colleges and universities.) Other institutions are going online w/their classes in an attempt to keep going. This, I think, is a brilliant solution for a short (6-months to a year) problem. Those institutions without massive endowments (basically, all ‘private Christian colleges’) have been, by and large, tuition-driven for so long, they don’t have a prayer (no pun intended) of staying open in the wake of this virus- oh, hell, call it a plague. There.

    Schools that don’t close down now, will suffer the wrath of their donor base when/if one kid ‘comes down’ with the virus, thus making the entire student body, administration, and ancillary personnel ‘infected’ or scared to death, that they ARE/might be infected…… and then what happens? No new enrollees for next year? Smaller entering classes, no returning students, negative ratings on ALL the online ‘rate my professor’ sites? It’s a lose/lose situation- and only IDIOTS would think of not following other school’s attempts to survive for the remainder of this semester. Such Presidents/Boards of Trustees should be shot- if ONE student dies from their fear of ‘losing money,’ it is really worth it???.

    The “PUBIC” Schools (where trannyism, free polyamorous sex, MLK and miscegenation are now all they ‘teach’) DESERVE to be infected, for the blasphemies and monstrous errors they are promulgating. Will ‘innocent’ children be lumped along with the guilty? Yes, of course. ‘For ALL have sinned, and fallen short….”. Why the hell didn’t you homeschool your own, parents?

    The fact that people are so ‘entitled’ to think that they are above divine judgment, is reason enough for their extermination. Sorry to be so “Savonarola,” but it’s true. We have FORGOTTEN GOD, and his grace. We have presumed on the Almighty, and now He’s pissed…. as it were.

    Reading this column (and learning that Italy’s status as a high point in medical care) just jettisoned all of the ‘stupid wops’ undertones that were circling around the ‘net, when this began. This one sentence is alarming: “I will just show two more US states for illustration. West Virginia and Alabama. OECD ratings of 0.9/10 and 1.2/10, with relative ranking of bottom 7th and 8th percentile compared to other *developed* regions of the world. #COVID19 arriving in either states would be terrible. ”

    Terrible? It will be a scourge of biblical proportions. I am beginning to feel like Elijah, because I have been laughed at, and looked at askance by colleagues and parishioners, for speaking the truth about this plague, shortly after Christmas…. ‘And I, only I, am left.” (I hope not…..)

    Clearly, without mandatory, State of Emergency mindset, up to, and including shoot to kill orders out of curfew- from the President, Senators, and all WHITE Governors, until this is cleared/rips through the lower 48, the Spanish flu won’t hold a candle to the Chink Plague. And both were brought on by the OTHER.

    The fact that the Chinese have LIED to us about a world pandemic- its severity, numbers dead, and above all, THEIR COMPLICITY IN RELEASING THIS, is nothing less than a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY- and they all should be held accountable. Every last slant-eyed pagan among them.

    “…the virus is NOT a naturally-occurring phenomenon. It was intentionally engineered by China. I will say that this is not speculation, not a conspiracy-theory, but a fact documented by plenty of public-domain documentation, by the people that did it.”


    “Here’s what I SUSPECT (with the obvious caveat that I have no way to prove it. This isn’t even from sources. This is just my personal suspicion….): China lied it’s ass off about the numbers, all the way around. They lied about the rate of infection. They lied about the fatality numbers….and they lied about the demographic breakdowns. I suspect a LOT more people in middle-age died than they’ve let on. ”

  6. There has been no “strict measures” taken. For the past forty-seven days, there has been nothing but silencing anyone who has a grasp on reality. The FUSA’an “healthcare” system is a joke, as is the “economy”. In two weeks, we will be Italy…

  7. The consequences of this panic are salutory even though the rationale is dumb.

    Adding Corona to the flu makes this still a very mild flu season (thanks to vaccines!). The death rate originally reported to be over 3% is less than the flu’s 0.8 at 0.7%.

    We are at the mercy of a system that cannot understand numbers.

    • The death rate varies from country to country, based on whether or not they did early containment. But the death rate here seems to be around 6% (5.8). The regular flu only kills at a rate of less than .1%. A death rate of less than a tenth of one percent for standard flu, as opposed to one of six percent for coronavirus. Damn that egomaniac of an orange baboon for lying about this! His re-election isn’t more important than people’s lives.

  8. I couldn’t listed to Limbaugh yesterday with his head in the sand “it’s all a liberal media hoax” spin on the thing. They guy is 69 and has lung cancer, about as high risk for “complications” if he gets infected as you get and he’s spewing this denial crap to a national audience? Well if he gets it at least I won’t have to hear that strange lingo of calling himself “El Rushbo” like he’s some Mexican Wrestler anymore.

  9. Close the barn doors after the horses escaped and threat a ruptured artery with a band aid. Par for the course.

  10. Tucker had a good commentary the other day and over at Breitbart the comments were flooded with the deniers claiming “he sold out to the liberals” and endless claims how this is no worse than the common cold. You know what this reminds me of? I read “And the Band Played On” and the gays in 1982 and 1983 refused to accept the reality of the situation and insisted on still going to the bathhouses. Shows it wan’t just “they are perverted, that’s why they are unreasonable” but more human nature to want to deny something very negative like this.

  11. “Trump suspends travel from Europe over coronavirus fears”

    Good! There is no creature stupider or more useless than the ‘tourist’. As nationalists, we should cultivate love for the local. The blessings Corona-chan might bring us is the collapse of the airlines and the hotel industry. You’re not broadening yourself when you travel, you’re simply wasting your time and money.

    • Everyone should see at least one of the Great Cities of Europe in their lifetime – the cathedrals are like nothing you could imagine and the cities take one back in time to the epoch of White Christian civilization.

    • That’s just stupid. Every European ought to get to see the US/Canada and vice versa. Controlling two continents is the basis of white hegemony.

  12. The scary thing is that the coronavirus virus has characteristics that even the best medical research scientists don’t understand.

      • We probably should have allowed the Japs to seriously reduce their numbers. Of course, then the Japs would have just come up with something even worse.

      • The Federal Reserve is fighting the last war. We have a demand side problem, and no amount of supply is going to solve it. Unless, today’s supply side move is prior to a 1/2 percent emergency rate cut?

        • Good point.
          But what incentives are they going to use to spur demand ?
          Tax rebates on car and house purchases ?
          Interest free credit cards ?
          Subsidized credit purchases ?

          • Friedman’s helicopter money is the answer. The Federal Reserve should take over all salary payments to employees and profits to employers while everything is literally shut down into June 1, when the weather is warm or hot everywhere in the US. Quantitative Easing for fun (the people ) and profit (the investors). Simply debit those payments into the bank accounts of employers and employees every 2 weeks until June 1. Black Swan events require outside the box thinking. Then end both the lockdown and the free money June 1 if that has contained the virus sufficiently to allow the US medical system to cope with those infected. If it continues to spread, maintain the new normal until victory over Corona-chan.

  13. I read a story that accounted for the breach of containment at the Wuhan Biolevel IV lab (if that is actually the source of corona). Supposedly animals were used for the various biological experiments, which is actually common, then the animals were supposed to be disposed of securely. Instead, people working in the lab were stealing the animals used for experiments and selling them in the local market about 300 yards away.

    This was done without the knowledge or permission of the people running the lab, it was done by lower level people in breech of protocol. It is part of the problem of endemic corruption in China, anything to make a buck. Not that corruption is confined to China, there is plenty of it here, just look at the cheap whores in Congress but one hopes that they would have at least a grain of sense and not do something like that.

    I cannot find the link now but I will look again for the story.

      • Thank you Flaxen, I thought I must have been hallucinating at first when I read that someone, anyone could be that greedy and reckless.

    • Huh. Last I heard it was a Pangolin that some old duffer bought for dick pills and he spread it to nurses.

      • Nonetheless, whatever the cause, it comes from filthy Chinese habits. The results of communist Mao’s mass starvation, followed by filthy open markets to feed the masses.

        Judeo-communism at root.

        • speaking of ((())), assorted Wall St. Jews

          are now calling on the 3rd Rothschild National Bank, alias the Federal Reserve,

          to begin purchasing stock directly. This might end

          with the Jews literally owning everything and everybody.

          • Now that’s a very plausible point.
            It would fit their “exploit the misfortunes of others” doctrine.

        • Those “filthy open markets” were not invented by Mao but the state of all markets around the world in pre industrial times. Just with it’s supposed “development” there is no excuse for them to still be so prevalent in China. If they truly are the source of this, I suspect once the situation is under control the dictator Xi will probably really stamp down hard on them. If this occurs it would suggest the Chinese know the source and it really was the wet market. Even then the place is so corrupt there will still be superstitious idiots insisting on eating fresh bat penis for their “chi.”

    • Whites are the least corrupt race on the planet. Northern Europeans, and those with roots there, are the least corrupt whites. Unfortunately, they are also the most naive, and too soft.

    • Post-boomers are no paragons of restraint, or reservoirs of intellect, “duh, like uknow what I’m sayin?”.

      • If the U.S. Treasury market locks up it’s game over for the world’s financial system in a matter of days, weeks at most. The Government will try to move Heaven and Earth to keep the Treasury market going; massive money printing, QE, foregoing debts temporarily, leaning on scumbag businessmen in money centers like NYC to start market making again in Treasuries (with an implied guarantee against loss) etc. Foreign CBs such as the BOE, ECB, BOJ will jump on the train too even if its ultimate destination is over a cliff at 100 MPH.

        If Treasuries stay locked up it shows there is a destruction of confidence in the big money centers of the world, not a good thing. In the long run it will mean the end of the globalhomo shopping mall type of political arrangements with their diversity, multiculturalism, false equality, massive debts and endless parasitism for the benefit of our enemies. In the short term there is the danger of these scumbags starting a war as a distraction such as Argentina did in 1982 over the Falklands.

        • “move Heaven and Earth to keep the Treasury market going”

          Even if they do , won’t ppl realize it’s a game played wi monopoly money ?

  14. So many people here just accept the media narrative about CV on its surface without any further questioning!

    If CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. tell us that Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and two members of the Utah Jazz have tested positive for CV, it is just accepted without any further questioning like 1)what is the method of these tests, 2) how exactly are the tests done, 3)what are the percentages of ‘false positives’ 4)where exactly are the tests sent for testing, 5)what is the chain of command for these tests to maintain the integrity of the results, 6)Is it the virus that is tested for or is it just pattern in ‘symptoms’ that is tested for.

    As Jon Rappoport has stated before, “I see no evidence that the accuracy of the tests has been proven.” Exactly! We just assume on its surface that what these authorities at the CDC, NIST, and NIAID are telling us is ‘science’ and hence based on the scientific method and therefore- TRUTH!

    There are many who question the whole existence of viruses and the ‘contagion theory’ they are based on in the first place. Ohhh! This guy sounds like one of those ‘flat earthers!’ It is all about how much you’re willing to question and the research you’re willing to put in with an open mind filtering the information along the way.

    In this interview, Northern Tracy gets into some of the issues with the founding of virology by Martinus Beijernik and the ‘contagion theory’ that it is based on.

    When I type in ‘virus’ on Google images, I get hundreds of CGI(Computer Generated Image)like this one:

    Here is an article that Tracy discusses in the interview above titled, ‘Germ Theory Nonsense Exposed:’

    • Thank you Ed from Salt Lake for being an intelligent voice of reason. Right wingers can be some of the most credulous people on the planet.

    • “ There are many who question the whole existence of viruses and the ‘contagion theory’ they are based on in the first place. Ohhh! This guy sounds like one of those ‘flat earthers!’ It is all about how much you’re willing to question and the research you’re willing to put in with an open mind filtering the information along the way.“

      Excuse me? Those who truly question the narrative ARE the FE advocates, not the other way around!!! Are some Obama chad, who constantly was hiding his lies, for eight years!?
      What a dupe you are.

      • I don’t know if the coronavirus tests have been improved, but the first ones had a 50% failure rate. That’s incredibly high. Why take a test that will give you a false negative or positive half of the time? Might as well flip a coin.

    • Arian;

      So is gold, ironically. It looks like big money is selling everything it can to try to hold back the tide including selling their life insurance policies for pennies on the dollar. Like King Canute demonstrated to his courtiers, the tide cannot be held back.

      If the dollar goes on the ash heap of history other fiats will certainly follow. At that point the only dog left in the race will be Au, Ag and Pt even if Au is a three legged dog at this point.

      Check out these Direxion funds with 3 X leverage that are inverse bets on the S & P 500 and tech stocks:

      (This is NOT investment advice, only observations. Due your own due diligence of course. These are risky funds using leverage from Direxion, a company based in Boston that specializes in narrowly focused investments)

      Use the Google graph over different time periods to see how high these were in the past and how low they are now. What’s the old saying: “If you want to make money, buy low, sell high?” These guys are all low now. Most people seem to buy high, sell low.

      SPXS (3 X Leverage betting that the S & P 500 goes down):…0.1..0.0.0…….5….1..gws-wiz.HAPtYhGCU80&ved=0ahUKEwiT_O2hiojoAhXchXIEHXXsCD4Q4dUDCAs&uact=5

      TECS (3 X Leverage betting that tech stocks go down):

      And last but not least:

      NUGT (3 X Leverage betting that Au and Ag stocks go UP):

      (This is NOTinvestment advice, only observations. Due your own due diligence of course. These are risky funds using leverage from Direxion, a company based in Boston that specializes in narrowly focused investments)

    • Apologies if this is a double post but check out NUGT, a Direxion fund based in Boston that is a 3X bet that Au + Ag miners will go up:

      Also from Direxion a 3X bet that the S&P 500 will go down : SPXS:…0.1..0.0.0…….5….1..gws-wiz.HAPtYhGCU80&ved=0ahUKEwiT_O2hiojoAhXchXIEHXXsCD4Q4dUDCAs&uact=5

      And a 3X bet that tech stock will go down: TECS:

      Of course, this definitely not investment advice, I’m not a series 7 rep or otherwise qualified, this is just publicly available information. Due diligence and recognizing risks here is an absolute.

      These are low, low, low now but were at very high levels at their peaks. Buy low, sell high if you want to make money. If you want to lose money just watch CNBC or FOX TV and do what they recommend.

  15. Went to Sam’s 2 days ago in Dothan, ALL membersmark toilet paper gone. Ordered a new kids bed online 2 weeks ago delivered today, 1 nigger from Atlanta said toilet paper gone at their ghetto Walmart and 3 of their ghetto schools closed. The panic will be a real crisis not the virus. Be prepared for chimp outs.

  16. CDC has only tested 11,000 people this week. Congress has no trouble finding money for Israel’s wars. Congress has trouble finding money for builfing America’s borders, testing for Corona virus and fighting the opioid epidemic

  17. We went to a local Sam’s Club today. The canned chicken and Spam are gone. We loaded up on the tuna that was available (it has selenium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B complex and omega-3). Both the chicken and Spam used to gather dust in big displays. I was one of the few that bought the giant packs of canned chicken before corona-chan came to visit. The checkout ladies would sometimes comment on it, actually. The lack of bottled water seemed to disturb some of the shoppers, who looked longingly (sometimes angrily) at the people with stacks of it on their pallet carts. Get a water purification unit that can filter out damn near any impurity, like an Alexapure. You just fill it up, and let gravity and the filter do the work. It’s low-tech and highly effective.

  18. Y2k!… Ebola!… SARS!… Godzilla!!! SCARE TACTICS and Population Control. As someone else stated, the panic is worse than the Coronavirus. I’ve seen Lysol products that claimed to kill Human Coronavirus, SARS Coronavirus, and just plain old, ordinary Coronavirus. Look at the back of your can and see if it is listed. This quarantining and cancellation of everything is just another step in getting us used to being subdued and accustomed to unwarranted intrusions and planned shortages. Who still objects to a cavity search at an airport? I resolve not to fly on commercial airlines, so I wouldn’t know. But, I never hear anyone complaining about it anymore. They’ve become used to being pushed around.

    It’s going to be really interesting to see if they can dissuade Homie from going to the store to get his forty oz. They already reported one homeless person, (San Francisco?) who left quarantine, robbed a 7-11, boarded a bus for out of town, and hasn’t been seen since. That’s a mild chimpout compared to the Defcon 5 that would ensue if this was enacted on a large scale.

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