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  1. Even in prehistoric times white people were far ahead of the other, lower races. Their ability to cut and move giant slabs of stone is something we still don’t understand.

    • No slab is too giant to be cut and moved by Ace Movers and Construction! We specialize in “Stonehenge” style dolmens! Come see us at the giant erratic near Highway 49! Tell us “Drew Idd” sent you!

      • lmao- thanks for the chuckle!
        Oddly , in such a clownish reality i find myself lacking a good laugh most of the time.

      • (((TPTB))) have been trying to crack the firmament for a long, long time now…
        Gotta get those demons into our world somehow…amirite?
        it spins, it spins…derp derp

  2. Ancient Origins.net has an article on a new discovery of 15,000 year old hunter gatherer art work found in in Catalonia Spain.

  3. Dear Mr. Wallace : who is Pete ? Is he the manager of History Time or of another history channel on youtube ?

  4. Amazing that the total population of the British Isles was only approx. ten thousand, just six thousand years ago. Amazing.

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