Tory MP Disciplined After Attending Yoram Hazony’s “Anti-Semitic” National Conservatism Conference


Times of Israel:

“A Conservative MP condemned by Jewish groups for speaking at a conference attended by “far-right” politicians has received a formal warning from the party and apologised.

Daniel Kawczynski, the MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, spoke at the National Conservatism Conference in Rome this week despite calls to skip the event entitled “God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations.” …

“Daniel Kawczynski has been formally warned that his attendance at this event was not acceptable, particularly in light of the views of some of those in attendance, which we utterly condemn, and that he is expected to hold himself to higher standards,” a Conservative Party spokesperson told Jewish News.

“Daniel has accepted this and apologised,” according to the spokesperson. …”

What have we said all along about these people?

  • National Conservatism is nothing but a phony attempt to rebrand mainstream conservatism. It is a survival strategy for discredited conservative elites.
  • National Conservatives are the same gutless cowards who have spent the last several decades destroying the West and have no credibility as nationalists.
  • National Conservatism is all about coopting nationalist and populist movements for Israel, maintaining the power of Jewish gatekeepers and fighting anti-Semitism.

Predictably, the conference devolved into accusations of anti-Semitism from the Jewish Left, which only goes to show that any nationalist movement which includes Jews, trusts Jews and allows itself to be policed by Jews invariably BECOMES ABOUT NOTHING BUT JEWS.

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  1. Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. The biggest. Now are you going to stand with the innocent man who did no wrong or are you going to stand with the goddamned Christ killers? The choice is yours. God needs to know.

  2. Jews are not even Semites.

    If you are not familiar with the Scriptures, or who the scriptures are written to, for and about, then read on.

    Adam is a race of people. Adam is not the father of all the races. Adam is the father of the white race. How do we know this? By definition, by history, and by archaeology. A learned student will be able to trace ancestry of our race back to Adam. 

    The Bible says Man was created in God’s image: Genesis 1:26. The word Man in Genesis 1:26 & Genesis 2:7 & means Adam. Strong’s definition of Adam means RUDDY, man who shows blood in the face and is able to blush. Strong’s H119 & H120.

    Genesis 5:1 says: “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him.

    The Race of Adam is White & Ruddy.

    The Jews are descendants of Cain, who was NOT Adam’s son. Yes, Eve was seduced and deceived into having sex with the serpent (Devil, Satan, Adversary, fallen angel, Lucifer). Later on, Esau (a white brother of Jacob’s) married Hittite wives (related to Cain) and polluted his seedline forever.

    The Jews are Canaanites (of Cain) and Edomites (of Esau Edom). When you understand this fact, you will be able to understand just who the Jews are and their mode of operation. The Bible will also become very clear.

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac says; “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.”

    Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israel declared:

    “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed.”

    “Edom is in modern Jewry.” —The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol.5, p.41

    The Kenites, the word being used to describe a tribe in Genesis chapter 15 and not an occupation, are the descendants of Cain.

    The Hebrew lexicon found in the original Strong’s Concordance states that the word Kenite is a patronym from the name of Cain and defines it as: “a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin”, and in turn it defines Kajin as “the name of the first child”, referring to the Cain of Genesis chapter 4, and “of an oriental tribe”, which could only be those Kenites listed in Genesis chapter 4, the descendants of Cain, and they must be these Kenites of Genesis chapter 15.

    Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon also connects the name of Cain to the tribe of the Kenites.

    Later, in the Gospel, Christ tells His adversaries that they were indeed descended from Cain, where in John chapter 8 He says “44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.”

    Only Cain was a “murderer from the beginning”, and a clear historical connection exists in Scripture from the Kenites to the Canaanites with whom they mingled, to the Edomites descended from Esau and his Canaanite wives and down to the Idumaeans in Judaea at the time of Christ.

    In Matthew chapter 23, and in Luke chapter 11, Christ had also related His adversaries to Cain by informing them that they would be held responsible for the blood of Abel, something for which only the posterity of Cain could be liable. Since Seth was not yet born, no descendant of Seth could be held liable for the blood of Abel.

    If you look up the word Shemite, you will find that many dictionaries define it correctly, below is one example.

    From Memidex: Shemite (White person)

    Others such as Merriam-Webster, New World, Random House, Wiktionary, Columbia, American Heritage, and Cambridge all define a Shemite as a descendant of the Biblical Shem, who speak a Shemitic language, and lived in the Middle East. Which our ancestors did before they migrated north into Europe through the Caucasus Mountains.

    Caucasus (Caucasian) Mountains. Yes, some of these dictionaries add Arabs, Jews and others to the definition, which of course is incorrect as they are not white people. The original Arabs were white, just as the original Egyptians were white (they were Hamites, Ham the brother of Shem).

    Since “Jews” were a mixed race from the beginning, the term “Semites” applied to them, admittedly, is silly. “Anti-Semitism” , actually; means “Anti-Pharisaism”.

    The Christian who realizes this can well understand the hatred borne for Christ by modern Pharisees.

    Elizabeth Dilling – The Plot Against Christianity

    In paragraph 1 of Protocol 3 of Learned Elders of Zion the leaders of Jewry admit that the Jews are the serpent race of Satan.

    Jewish EU ‘founding father’ Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ 1925

    “We [Jews] intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews”

    Our people love to use the word gentile instead of European which is a mistake and here’s why:

    Gentile is a Latin word and in Hebrew it means Goy, in Greek it means Ethnos and in English it means Nation.

    It might surprise you to know that there is no such word as gentile in the Bible in its original language.

    Oh yes, I know that you can find it in the King James Bible, also in the less accurate of the modern English translations. It was never in the original languages and has been put in by the translators.

    Neither Hebrew nor Greek has such a word as gentile, nor any word which is equivalent to it. The word gentile comes from the Latin word gentilis which means, one who is not a Roman citizen.

    If you were to use the word accurately, you would have to say that Christ and all of His disciples were gentiles, for none of them were Roman citizens. Paul was the only one of the apostles who was a Gentile, for Paul was a Roman citizen.

    Actually, that should say that Paul was the only apostle who was not a gentile, because he was a Roman citizen.

    But what does the Bible say in the original languages in which it was written?

    In the Old Testament, which was written in Hebrew, whenever you see the word gentile in your English Bible, the Hebrew used the word goy if it was in the singular, or the plural form of it, goyim. This word means precisely nation and nothing else.

    Remember Yahweh God told Abraham in Genesis 17:6 “I will make nations of thee.” In the Hebrew Yahweh said, “I will make goyim of thee.” It would have been utterly too silly to translate this, [as] “I will make Gentiles of your descendants.” The translators translated it correctly here as nations.

    The word “gentile” is a non-word because in our language it is just that, [it is] not an English word.

    Rather, “gentile” was borrowed from the Latin language, and assigned a corrupted meaning, “Non-Jew”, which it never bore in Latin!

    The English translators chose the Latin gentilis, “gentile”, for their corrupt translation of the original Greek word (ethnos) because Jerome, when he made the Latin Vulgate, used the word gentilis to translate into Latin.

    Jerome, however, may well have had more wisdom than the later English translators, since gentilis is defined [as] “family, hereditary; tribal; national … clansman, kinsman” by The New College Latin & English Dictionary, and describes a people with some degree of relationship to each other.

    The Junior Classic Latin Dictionary published by Wilcox & Follett Company in 1945 defines gentilis: “of the same clan or race”, surely a word consistent with all scripture (Amos 3:2, Matt. 15:24 et al.)

    • What is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as away to draw people to the religion, it is the nature of all religions so what benefit does Judaism offer Jews?

      Answer—-the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Christ was the son of God. You could not kill him, he had all the power of God which is the power of life and death. Christ chose to die rather than meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah. Christ chose to die rather than enslave human kind for the Jews.

      Do you understand what happened? The Jews believed Christ was the son of God. The Jews wanted God to enslave human kind for the Jews. The Jews took Gods son hostage, tortured him. When God refused to meet the demands of the Jews, the Jews killed their hostage.
      Why else kill an innocent man who did no wrong? Why else kill the only perfect man ever born? Why else kill the only man born to never have sinned? Why?

    • You are a Johnny One-Note with this autistic Christian Identity fetish of yours. For all intents and purposes the jews of today are the same as the jews of antiquity, they simply have absorbed other groups of people along the way while still retaining their jewish identity. Okay?

  3. Even if you don’t want to think that Hazony’s outfit is a mass co-opting operation, the main problem with the Hazony political sector is that he’s trying to create a political space that splits the uprights between three forces that really don’t want anything to do with each other if they’re all perfectly honest: Organized activist Jewish interests, nationalists and lamestream conservatives. Any one group will trash the Hazony movement for being enough of at least one if not both of the other things.

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