Israel Is The Only Country On Earth That Approves Of Trump’s Foreign Policy

Donald Trump isn’t a globalist.

As the most pro-Israel president in history, he has completely isolated the United States in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to his Super PAC from Sheldon Adelson. Israel is the only country on earth that supports Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

The Forward:

“(JTA) — Israel is the only one of 33 non-U.S. countries where a majority expresses net approval of President Donald Trump’s major foreign policies, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Some 55 percent of Israelis in the spring 2019 poll expressed net approval of the policies – meaning they back more of the policies than they are against. The share of net approvers is 18 percentage points higher in Israel than in the United States, the country with the second-most approvals.

A median of the 33 countries surveyed other than the United States showed that only 18 percent of people expressed net approval of Trump’s policies and a median of 67 percent of people expressed net disapproval. …”

In the age of “America First,” Israelis are significantly more supportive of Trump’s foreign policy than Americans. Why do you think Kosher Nationalism only resonates with the Israeli Right? In spite of the National Conservatism conference in Rome, Donald Trump is a huge political albatross for all the nationalist parties in Europe. Maybe this is why Matteo Salvini pulled out at the last minute. By 68% to 17%, Italians disapprove of Trump’s foreign policy.

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  1. Wow. Even African countries know the score.

    That press conference with Bennie Satanyahoo last week was a DISGRACE. Egomaniacal blowhard Trump’s body language was blatant, every second, in deference to Satanyahoo. Every American should be utterly aghast and ashamed – but alas, this is not so.

  2. “Israel is the only nation on earth that approves of Trump’s foreign policy.”

    Duh. Why wouldn’t they?

    Israel determines Trump’s foreign policy.

    • Exactly! Of course, Israelis approve of Blompf’s foreign policy, as it is devised, written, and delivered to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by his Mossad handlers.

      The biggest surprise was so-called ” based” ethnostate-nationalist nations Poland and Hungary are the two supporters of MIGA (though the majority disapproved of Netanyahu/Kushner foreign policy objectives). With Pollacks, they’re just reinforcing their penchant for stupidity. On the other hand, Hungarians were on the correct side in WWII and should not so kosherized.

      Thank you Deutschland for knowing what’s going on.

      • Poland and Hungary are neocon states that aren’t even really ethnostates. They just hate Islam for kosher reasons. Orban loves his Jews and Gypsies, considering them proud members of the nation. Just keep the dirty muzzies away. Poland allowed a bunch of filipinos to immigrate there because they were BASED catlicks, and it’s fine to become a mongrel nation as long as there is no scary anti-Zionist Islam.

        Polish nationalism has always been kosher and cuckservative. The “true fascists” in Poland were insignificant. Pilsudski was a Jew lover, just like Engelbert Dollfuss. Both of them proudly claimed the Jewish vote in every election. A recent poll showed that 70% of Poles oppose war with Iran but among supporters of Law and Justice (PiSrael) 70% of them support it.

        Belarus is the closest thing to an actual ethnostate in Europe. I doubt there’d be much pro-MIGA crap there except among decadent opposition scum.

        • Yep. The poles are such “nationalists ” that they’ve allowed NATO troops (including non-whites) into their country.

  3. I sincerely hope the kikes reward Trump’s fealty this November by overwhelmingly voting for Bernie.

  4. I find Germany’s result interesting. Is it 75 years of Jewish programming against anything/anyone remotely Nationalist or is it residual disapproval of overt, pro Jewish/Israel policies? Let’s hope it’s the latter for their sake.

  5. B-b-but I thought Russia LOVED Trump!

    20-25% of Israeli citizens are Arabs. Who wants to bet that those are most of the 32% of Israelis who are anti-Trump?

  6. Journalist Abby Martin was recently banned from speaking at Georgia Southern because she refused to sign an oath not to boycott Israel. What next ?

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