Neocon Ridicules National Conservatism As Sophistry

What is the state of Trumpism in 2020?

I suggest you check out what Noah Rothman is saying about Yoram Hazony’s upcoming “National Conservatism” conference in Commentary.


“The reality of Donald Trump’s years in office presents a problem few nationalist conservatives dare confront. There’s a discontinuity in their idea of what Trump represented, what they believe he was elected to do (and, more importantly, to reject), and the mixed results of the bargain they made in 2016. …

As of last month, 93 miles of a new border wall have been constructed along the 1,954-mile frontier. Only 3 of those miles can be considered new construction, despite the president’s allocation of unappropriated funds under the guise of a national emergency toward that purpose (a precedent to which a Democratic successor in the White House will undoubtedly appeal to achieve their parochial aims). Despite the hostile climate toward illegal migrants that has prevailed since Trump took office, apprehensions at the southern border have increased year over year since 2017. The Department of Homeland Security estimated in 2019 that the illegal immigrant population is on the rise. …

Of all the hobgoblins that haunt conference attendees, few so rile national conservatives as much as the power wielded by Big Tech. Though it is often challenging to separate dispassionate concerns from the class resentments that pervade this movement, the populist right’s mistrust of a heedless class of technocratic elites who routinely subordinate the national interest to commercial considerations has merit. But does this movement’s avatar in the White House hear their concerns? Republicans in control of the Federal Trade Commission balked at stiff penalties for Facebook when it was found to be abusing users’ privacy. For all of Trump’s populist antipathy toward Amazon and its reliance on the taxpayer-backed U.S. Postal Service to cushion its bottom line, neither he nor the legislature sought to curtail those advantages. Indeed, Trump only heaped opprobrium on progressives for successfully lobbying against the local tax incentives that would have made New York City Amazon’s second home. And like the progressive reformers he opposes, Trump’s public ire toward Silicon Valley is not reflected in his efforts to siphon campaign funds from the pockets of the Bay Area’s billionaires. …

In a sense, true national conservatism has never been tried. But any political philosophy becomes hard to distinguish from sophistry if it has no practical application. And like all who cling to such dubiously exculpatory narratives, they’re unlikely to devote a moment’s thought to why their ideals were not–perhaps cannot–be applied. The unavoidable conclusions are too terrible to contemplate.”

Four years ago, I was attacking Noah Rothman as a neocohen on this website. He is still a neocohen. I am still a nationalist. We are still politically at odds. And yet, we both now agree on the policies of the Trump administration and the total failure of National Conservatism. These people are nothing more than conservatives in populist drag.

The biggest farce of all is “National Conservatives” posturing as champions of free speech while acting as gatekeepers in practice. Charlie Kirk is such a huge supporter of free speech that he flees in terror from photo ops. We all remember the White House Social Media Summit where no one who was actually censorsed by Big Tech was invited because of their “associations.” We know for a fact from people who worked inside Conservatism, Inc. that it supports censorship too. This is why nothing was ever done about the problem aside from exploiting the grievance.

Nothing materialized out of that conference or all the campaign promises that Trump made about social media censorship in the 2018 midterms. Instead, Trump has delivered tax cuts and deregulation for Silicon Valley. The stock market has gone up and made all of those people wealthier. The GOP has even increased guest worker programs. Trump is also campaigning on increasing legal immigration and changing the composition of it to bring in more high-skilled workers for business lobbyists. We’re standing up to Big Tech folks, believe me!

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  1. I suppose that this proves the exception to the rule. That even intellectually dishonest subversives can have a moment of clarity. A change from the usual pilpul and (((kvetching))), I suppose.

    • Even a Jewish clock is right, twice a day.

      “The unavoidable conclusions are too terrible to contemplate.”

      I really, truly would not want to be the Elite class when the Revolution comes -their multi-million dollar homes, their private jets, limos, etc. will offer no defense, when the Golden Horde arises all over the nation. Media has helped, as everyone now knows what (((they))) look like, too. It may not be the Kulaks with pitchforks and axes, but it can take many forms… and it is inevitable. The obscene wealth of the very, VERY few, contrasted with the poverty of the Many, cannot long endure. Imagine scenes of public lynching of CEO’s of all the Fortune 500 companies, members of Congress, sodomite spokespeople, movie stars (especially the Jewish ones!) when the Mob breaks free from their stupor-

      Escape from NYC, DC? What if an EMP renders us all “equal”? Even DT (especially DT?) won’t be immune to all of this, post-office. And all the SS men in the employ of Julian the Apostate, won’t be able to ‘protect’ everyone- they’ll be too busy protecting the Emperor. The actions of the Gillets Jaunes, multiplied 50 or a 100 times. And, in the USSA, with our guns? Just sayin’- it’s not going to be pretty. War never is.

      No one likes being played as a sucker- even the MAGAtards….and while it may not be on the horizon at present, yet it WILL come. When a competing presidential candidate promises the equivalent of free ‘bread and circuses’ (i.e., Bernie), what do you expect? It’s like the scene in that movie where Peter Ustinov as Nero, is totally alone, and the mob is descending on the palace of Caesar…and the lone demagogue has no one, save his own knife, to end the fear.

      Dear God, don’t they see what their actions are leading to? History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes. And God is not mocked. I wouldn’t want to hear THAT refrain… no one does.

      “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake…” – Matt. 24:22

  2. Rothman is 100% correct about the populist Democrats and AOC stopping Amazon in New York from ripping off the taxpayer and the Trump fan club attacking her over it. I remember I shook my head at the time at how politically retarded it was to have a reaction like that simply because they didn’t like AOC’s other politics..

    Noah Rothman is just telling the truth – a truth many of us acknowledged in 2017. Trump is not and never will be thought of as a populist ever again – only by his deluded cult. Being on the Trump train in 2020 means being with the Davos crowd, Jamie Dimon and people like Dick Cheney. Period.

    Anyone who shills for Trump in 2020 as a populist will lose all credibility.

        • I’ll never vote again until a candidate openly denounces open borders and supporting is all rigged and there were never any real options for whites.

          A great awakening and uprising should have already emerged from the subversion we’ve witnessed and been a part of for the last 50 yrs.
          Never underestimate the power(or lack thereof) of complacency and cybernetic mind control.

  3. I just saw my first Trump 2020 commercial. Memorable for lots of military imagery and references to low black and Hispanic unemployment.

    That’s not like the 2016 ads.

    • I think Trump is going to find out that the blacks/hispanics are too busy being employed to vote Republican. Again.

      The Republicans are like Charlie Brown, the “conservatives” are Lucy and the minority vote is the football. Charlie Brown never learns.





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