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  1. The concept of replacement birth rates has to be discarded by prowhites. It feeds into both the anti-white agenda of mass immigration but also legitimize’s liberal capitalists economic theories of constant growth.

    in technologically advanced countries it is not needed. America has large swaths of dependents, easily 20+% of the population. Baby boomers make up roughly the same amount. Most of the younger dependants are non-white, I’d much rather shell out or tax bucks to our grandparents as a dependent class than to refugees

    It is simply lie we can’t pay for our elderly. The world is massively overly populated, and even with getting 3rd pops under control there are still too many Europeans.

    We as a movement should be about reducing the global population and not feeding into liberal capitalists theories of perpetual growth.

    If we give in to the idea of a white vs non-white birthrate we are going to lose.

    • *If we give in to the idea of a white vs nonwhite birth-race we will lose.

      The whole world will lose really, and the likelihood of living in pods eating bugs will become an unnecessary necessity

      I am a proud urbanite, and do not resonate with rural life at all. The funniest thing is that pro-white ruralites are far more likely to be against encouraging birth control to reduce global populations even though their way of life will be the first to be discarded. I in my urbaite apartment will be disturbed last by populations blooms.

      The amount of resources that are poured into rural roads/highways are completely subsidized by urban capital, and rural infrastructure is wildly inefficient(miles of road and utility lines/pipes that are needed to provide service to such few people can not pay for itself).

      That doesn’t matter much when there’s fewer people but as the global population continues soar, more and more pressure will be placed on ruralites to move into more centralized and efficient housing. The 1200 sq ft 2 bedroom apartments will be the last to be zoned out of existence.

      Being pro-life and anti birth control is the fastest way to get us all crammed into pods eating bugs.

      *caved in head Christian reactionary in his pod eating bugs psyched president baron trump ended all foreign aid for birth control “they baby killers are evil” *eats more bugs*

        • When I was speaking of replacement birth rates I wasn’t speaking racial terms.
          I was speaking in terms of having to average 2.1 babys per women

          averages also include the elderly and children, so that means fertile women would realistically have to have around 4 babies apiece to keep a 2.1 replacement level birth rate.

          If you want a big family go for it, but why do we need have perpetual population growth?

          How or why is that desirable?

          The world would be a much better place if there was only 500 million Europeans, 300 million africans, 700 million asians and 3-500 million people in the Americas.

          Why do you need 7, 10, 15 billion people???

          How does encouraging the global population growth benefiting white people???

      • “The amount of resources that are poured into rural roads/highways are completely subsidized by urban capital, and rural infrastructure is wildly inefficient(miles of road and utility lines/pipes that are needed to provide service to such few people can not pay for itself).”

        And just where do you think the raw materials and everything else required to keep cities running comes from?

        • @powell

          “And just where do you think the raw materials and everything else required to keep cities running comes from?”

          You’re not seriously giving me Africans were rich because they had diamonds argument lmao

          Even though I come from the left, and I’m still a leftists in many ways the “resources equals wealth” is one of the stupidest arguments.

          Physically having resources in your backyard isn’t what generates wealth, technology, expertise and having markets to sell said resources creates wealth. If I randomly discovered oil in my backyard I wouldn’t be wealthier. I do not know how to build an oil rig, I do not have an oil refinery to make the oil usable, I do not have any ability to ship the oil to anywhere that would be required for it to be used.

          When you have no skills but resources, you can either A) learn to develope the tech needed to extract said resource or B) hire experts to come in and extract the resources for me, obviously reducing the amount of the profit you’d by a huge amount.

          Your argument is also fallacious because the fact an iron ore deposit is close to you doesn’t change the fact in order to lay pipes you’ll have to bring in A LOT of outside help. Rural communities do not have enough economic activity for them to be the base of industry.



          My point is that as the global population blooms and more infrastructure spending will also grow to insane levels.
          Urbanities are paying higher energy bills to pay for the lopsided energy bills running 100’s of miles of lines/pipes for an extremely small market. Urbanities are absorbing that price now but with population growth your communities will the first to go, realistically they’ve already started this process of hollowing out rural communities for the said reason that they won’t be compatible with an America of 500+ million people.

      • I think your on the wrong blog…

        As a proud ‘ruralite’ from the last frontier…. GFYS

        Cities need us, we don’t need cities. You might end up eating bugs off the floor in some shitty urban hell hole but my people never will, and you will never understand why… bugman

    • Yup, they ate all clueless of the dialectic being played … i believe in the “Second Coming” Messianic usury Calvinist Solomonic and Herodian Jerusalem Temple Monarchy … (1 Cor 3:16) … the collapse of the influence and autonomy of the local into a (GLOBAL) consolidated political and financial order, what Jefferson’s people called monarchy. This order is not merely political, it includes cultural, social, religious, and political mores and habits national in their scope and often emanating from institutions closely aligned with the centers of political and economic power.

  2. We need to be intolerant of the anti-natal, anti-Christian Judeo- “Right.” We never had these problems before these atheistic loudmouths started spewing their pathogenic gases all over the place.

  3. The Bible says Man was created in God’s image: Genesis 1:26. The word Man in Genesis 1:26 & Genesis 2:7 & means Adam. Strong’s definition of Adam means RUDDY, man who shows blood in the face and is able to blush. Strong’s H119 & H120.

    Genesis 5:1 says: “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him.

    The Race of Adam is White & Ruddy.

    Man = White society or people. 1994 Merriam Webster Dictionary page 445.

    The Song of Solomon in verse 5:10 is used as a type for Christ: “My beloved is White and Ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.”

    Don’t worry, I’ts OK to be White

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac says; “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.”

  4. If this chick gets it, there’s still a glimmer of hope. Now she has to go find a nice White bloke, and have babies until her uterus breaks.

  5. Her perception is changing and that is a good thing. On the down side, she just can’t grasp the fact that there are people in high places of power that are completely evil.

    Keep doing your research because that beautiful little baby of yours needs a brighter future than what currently awaits him/her.

    Pathological altruism is suicide. Once they get complete control, you’re not getting your country back.

  6. In part of this video, the theory that unless the population of a country endlessly grows that it will be a fiasco. So…..how does the world ever reduce its human population? I guess they don’t? This theory is insanely stupid. Less people is better not worse. Take it from me. When I was 20 there were 15 million people in California. And it was way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. Les is more.

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