China Is Losing Control Of The Coronavirus

UPDATE: Spreads to Tibet and UAE.

UPDATE: IMO, it isn’t racism to criticize the Chinese obsession with freshness, aversion to frozen foods, penchant for eating weird foods especially wild animals and particularly unsanitary wet markets which are breeding grounds for viruses. See the video below.

UPDATE: Contagion (2011) which was inspired by the Nipah virus is now playing on Bitchute:

UPDATE: Netflix’s new show Pandemic:

UPDATE: Alex Jones and Zero Hedge are on top of the coronavirus.

UPDATE: The official numbers out of China are coming twice a day now. Over 6,000 cases now. Next update around 1 AM.


Generally, I have a positive view of China, but I am under no illusions that Chinese culture is anything like Western culture. It is not even like Islamic culture.

If the Wuhan coronavirus which originated in these filthy wet markets spirals out of control and kills millions of people, I can see China’s global image taking a major hit.

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  1. These events remind me a song from the Dawn of the Dead movie. It could have been a classic if they hadn’t ruined it with all the swearing at the end.

  2. ” Generally, I have a positive view of China ”

    If you knew the number of ‘slaves’ being worked to death, you wouldn’t.

    You only have a Potemkin Village view, that the PRC allows.

    • The chinks do organ harvesting, suicide nets around sweatshops, etc., to their peons. China uses its’ people like they’re merely resources to be drained for the elite. Our elites admire China precisely because the commies don’t have to hide their exploitation. With their thievery of intellectual property and reverse engineering of tech, along with their abuse of workers, the slants mercilessly squeeze every last drop of value out of the marketplace.

  3. Sad if not tragic on a simple humanity level, and historically the Caucasian West would help however it could. But the fact remains, if they couldn’t come to our shores we wouldn’t have to worry about the bat eating peoples of the world at all. That’s what Nations used to be about. We better get that notion back, and soon.

  4. I cant look at these people the same after seeing these videos. Extreme measures in starvation scenerio is one thing but this…….

    • Our ancestors had stereotypes based on reality and experience.

      They weren’t frivolous bigots as current media portrays them.

  5. The Great Influenza, John M. Barry, 2005, Penguin Books, London, ISBN 0 14 30.3649: A history of the Great Influenza epidemic, 1918-1920.

    Even worse than the corona virus:

    Scourge, The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox, Jonathan B. Tucker, 2001, Atlantic Monthly Press, ISBN 0-87113-830-1.

  6. In the case in Japan, it was a tour bus driver that was shuttling tourists from Wuhan China around. Logically, these Chinese tourists were seeing popular locations, therefore they most likely encountered tourists from other countries, and with the nCoV 14 day asymptomatic window of contagiousness could have infected them. Now those non-Chinese tourists have returned to their own countries and may or may not have caught nCoV, but if they did, they’ve spread it to family, friends, co-workers, and strangers.

  7. I’ll take phony epidemics for $500 Alex!

    Millions of dollars in profit are to be made from this fraud virus! People have already forgotten about the hyped-up viruses in the recent past such as the swine flu, SARS, and Ebola. Now the big, bad coronavirus! Run for your lives!

    Just the fact now that there are countless videos now on YouTube, Twitter, etc. that show these Chinese health care providers in Wuhan not even taking the most rudimentary precautions such as wearing masks, covering there eyes, wearing gloves, etc. when dealing with these supposedly infected patients. This just shows what mass hysteria can do to the sheeple! You must be afraid!

    From the link below:

    “And now we come to THE VACCINE against the virus. This is where some very bad rubber meets a very bad road. Several of the novel vaccines being rushed towards approval and production are completely experimental. They have never been openly used on the public. So the stage is set for a grand planet-wide guinea-pig test.”

      • So you are saying this isn’t real ed? I dunno looks pretty freaking real to me, impressive if this is all Chinese crisis actors playing a part to hype hysteria of the virus

        God that one young simba vid with the girl squirting a geoduck wtf? on a plate full of octopus embryos or fetuses? is nauseating shit my god thats fubar maybe the Chinese are insectoid alien savages after all I need some drugs or eye bleach after viewing that maybe both

    • Those are not phony panics. We have sitting on the time bomb for a while.

      Viruses are living things and despite human immunity, vaccines, hygiene and other protection, they are still here.

      Virus is very small and mutations are very easy and very fast. Viruses mutating all the time. It is like burglar checking one lock combination after another. 100 000 times wrong but then…click.

      Virus breaks the immunity barriers and will spread like wildfire. Most people think that black plague is history. Well, no. Those mutations, for what humans developed immunity, are still here and mutating…until click.

      Same with Jews. They may be harmless for centuries and most people forget maybe even their existence. But then Jew see break in the society, gets in and there we go again.

    • Didn’t even know bitchute did full movie releases, once upon a time youtube did it in the golden era but then it went to crap and now they charge 5 dollars to rent which is unbelievable bs. I don’t mind Fishburne decent actor hes at least less annoying then Morgan Freeman, Will Smith or Jamie Foxx Can’t stand either of them

      • Thom,

        True. I was just ‘noticing ‘ that none of the heroic protagonists in the movie were White men.

        BTW, you can add Samuel L. Jackson to your roll call of extremely off-putting negro actors.

  8. Bat soup anyone ????????


    On a serious note.
    Is this a play on the CAPCOM game, “Resident Evil” and the “T-virus”????

  9. Thought contagion looked really boring but now that it is becoming real life scenario, I might have to finally check it out. btw since when did Itunes do movies?!

  10. Islamic culture calls us dirty filthy christian goys for eating pork but these stupid backward arabic sand dwellers pos don’t even attempt to critique the chinese funny that huh?

  11. Yeah, we all know about the bio-lab located by Wuhan and the “if it moves we sell it” food markets. Here’s another possibility to add to the mix. Did you know that the 2019 Military World Games (sorta like an Olympics for military athletes), at the end of October with over 100 countries participating, were held in – you guessed it – Wuhan, China.

  12. I respect China’s govt. and the Chinese people a lot less after this whole thing. I think we can all sit around and have a good debate over what animals we should and shouldn’t eat, but there should be no debate on at least keeping everything sanitary and not raising random animals together. This is something the Chinese govt. clearly could have done more to prevent.

    • Well I can safely say that I definitely have that “virus”.

      Loooooove Corona beer – with a slice of lime !
      (one good thing that comes out of Mexico)

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