Christopher Cantwell Has Been Arrested By The FBI Over Internet Drama

Maybe Christopher Cantwell has finally learned his lesson that 1.) this Bowl Patrol internet drama is stupid, 2.) the FBI isn’t his friend and 3.) that it is a mistake to hang out with these people on Gab and Telegram. He should have focused on his radio show.

Union Leader:

“KEENE — Christopher Cantwell, the far-right provocateur known to some as the “crying Nazi”, was arrested Thursday morning by federal agents on charges he made threatening statements online.

Cantwell was indicted on two federal felonies this week, one count of interstate extortion and one count of making threatening interstate communications.

According to the indictment, Cantwell threatened a man using the Telegram Messenger app, posting:

“So if you don’t want me to come and (expletive) your wife in front of your kids, then you should make yourself scarce[.] Give me Vic, it’s your only out.”

It is unclear from the indictment what Cantwell was demanding from the alleged victim in the statement.

Cantwell was using the Telegram app to communicate after he was barred by other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Gab.

Gab had been known a haven for the so-called “alt-right” and is where alleged Tree of Life Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers was known to make anti-Semitic posts. Cantwell was kicked off Gab last year after he reportedly wrote about killing “leftists.” …”

FWIW, I told him all of this.

I just quit posting on Gab after the Robert Bowers shooting.

In the last month, Cantwell, Augustus Invictus and Eli Mosley have all gone to jail on unrelated charges. Jack Corbin has gone to jail mainly for sounding off and saying stupid shit on Gab that a federal judge construed to lock him up during the crackdown on accelerationists. Dozens of people have gone to jail for saying dumb shit to undercover federal agents and informants trying to entrap them in crimes over the past several months particularly on Telegram.

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  1. They are sending folks to jail for shitpoasting on the Internet. Let that sink in. You are not in America any more, you are in Bolshevik Russia.

    And all this is happening under the Republicans. So if you think this is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s going to get a lot worse under the Democrats.

      • There already is one. They call themselves Bugsters posting anti-White Genocide memes all over twitter and elsewhere. Look them up or Fight White Genocide.

      • November,

        I agree with your comment on the not so Krafty down below. I do not believe he is for real. He is not crafty in the slightest. I recommended for CROAT to ignore him. It is valiant for you write what you do but no one in their right mind thinks this is a Catholic problem instead of a white Christian problem due to modernism and liberalism.

        It is slightly possible he is a misguided Prot fundamentalist but I believe otherwise.

    • Making direct personal threats isn’t just “shitposting.” Only the most complete fucking idiot is unable to tell the difference between threatening people and making political statements.

      • The point is, it shouldn’t be a federal crime — it should not result in FBI involvement and arrest — at this rate, anyone who says “I’ll beat the shit out of you” is heading for jail.

        Any idiot — except you I guess — can see the sinister nature of this.

        I would even say making threats against the government should not be illegal — the government should not be able to make it illegal for the people to dissolve or overthrow it by violence when it has become clear meaningful change via voting is no longer possible — see Trump/2016.

        Compare to the violent carnage in America going on daily courtesy of ghetto Blacks — look at the local news (TV, radio, newspapers) for any major city in America; these sites are full of heinous violent crime — but that sort of crime is not a threat to the Establishment, so it is ignored.

    • Had you ever read any of Cantwell’s posts on his website, which HW links to the right of this post?
      He actually has a head on his shoulders….. And was pointing out a LOT of truth.
      This nation is truly in the grip of (((Evil))). And the First amendment cannot survive with ‘hate speech’ bogus legislation, merely serving the interests of the Deicides.

  2. reminder that its irish catholic race traitor thomas cullen who is behind the majority of these arrests. papist scum.

    • @Jerry yeah okay dude. If you think Thomas Cullen is a practicing Catholic then that says it all right there. Making comments that are both not true and have nothing to do with the article.

    • Yeah, Handy Andy Torba make a big mistake bouncing the multi-millionaire inventor from Wisconsin off of GAB, because he may have mentioned Ricky Vaughn’s real name with whom he had a business relationship. Ricky, was a PR guy on the inventors payroll, right?

      Now Cantwell, like Brad’s friend from the Daily Stormer, got bounced, for seeing how far they could push the envelope, and Torba pushed back!

  3. The arrest of and indefinite detention of Augustus Invictus has been the most outrageous. Since the 1980’s in America a woman has been able to go the the police/courts and make false allegations which in turn ruin a man’s life. The man is arrested usually in a humiliating way like in front of his kids, employer, or his house is stormed and raided by ZOG Navy Seal wannabes with AR-15’s and flash bangs. Then he gets taken to the city or county jail where he will appear in front of a judge and swiftly be denied bail and will be held until his trial arrives usually 3-6 months later at which point the book gets thrown at him by the JEW-dicial system. Now he is in prison, will not be allowed to see his kids when he does get out of prison, usually will have to pay a $5,000-$10,000 dollar fine, won’t be able to find a good job once released(even a Misdemeanor domestic violence conviction is looked upon by employers as worse than most felonies), and he will never be allowed to own a firearm again. Domestic Violence laws were crafted by Jews in order to cripple white men even further than ever before.

    • You can’t call “Sol” because he’s going to be in the jailhouse for a long time.

      From what I’ve read this isn’t Mr. Sol’s first dust up with his ex(?) either. Btw, is she a Mexican/Puerto Rican Catholic like you? LOL.

      As far as Cantwell goes, he’s another guy who leads with his chin, and he should consider getting some professional help.

      Really, you can’t help anyone, if you can’t help yourself.

      • @Krafty Wurker Back again to stir the pot. Yeah I’m of Croatian descent not Mexican or Puerto Rican. Catholicism has nothing to do with this article yet you and others obsess over Catholics and attempt to make almost every story on this site about Catholics. While you criticize Catholicism the kikes sit back laugh and gain further control over the world.

        • Until Catholics start to feel the political heat, nothing is ever going to change.

          It is kind of funny in a way, that a Croatian, from a marginally White county Catholic country in the Balkans, a former communist-socialist country, wants to tell White Americans how to live.

          You are suspect in my opinion.

          • @Krafty Wurker Okay both my father’s and mother’s families(both come from Croatia) have been in the US since the 1880’s so they were never over there during the “socialist” regime. You really sound like a boomer screaming about socialism though, it’s kind of funny. Also I’m 6ft 2in tall, have light brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin and you are going to try and tell me Croatians are marginally white? This is why you are laughable because you spew bs that makes no sense. Croatia is located in Central/Eastern Europe. It’s people like you who think anything east or south of Germany

          • Krafty Worker,

            Get,off your bullshit Protestant high horse.

            National Socialist Germany was a blend of both Lutherans and Catholics that worked together for the good of their people and Western kind.

            England and the United States on the other hand were both exceedingly Protestant nations that teamed up with the jews to destroy NS Germany long before September 1939.

            So your beloved Protestants are responsible for the post WWII neo-liberal cultural, societal, and political order alongside your BFF the jews.

            You sound like a Sunni Saudi talking shit about a Shia Iranian.

        • CROAT0517,

          You are to be commended for your responses but the people you are dealing with can not be reached. Either they are agent provocateurs or worse.

          A good portion of the problematic white politicians in the USA are Protestant. It is not just a Catholic problem. Krafty is almost for sure a disruptive agent.

  4. The problem is that a lot of political dissidents have no history with the legal system outside of their political activity. That’s perhaps one area where gb is different. A lot of gbs had drug charges, duis, fraud charges, hoaxing charges. So we’re smarter about legal traps.

  5. Ya, that seems to be the Modus Operandi of the corrupt governments everywhere. When they can’t piss off a guy bad enough to arrest him when he beats the fk out of his antagonizers, they watch and listen to his every move,
    and every word he says, looking for a “crime’..Stalin said something like, ” find me the man and I’ll find you the crime”..this is what the FBI is doing to White Nationalists while other people are trafficking in babies to rape online..its fkn outrageous..these cops are treasonous scum!
    Cantwell is tough,resourceful and smart(most of the time)..they’re afraid of him.

  6. Well Cullen is Catholic, and he is doing this. Not surprising. Irish resentment, Catholic religious bigotry, and some class snobbery all rubbed into one shiny shitball.

    • Cullen is Catholic by birth but is the furthest thing from a practicing Catholic. What’s next? Are you going to tell everyone Al Goldstein was a Baptist pastor? The hatred towards White Catholics is getting very old.

      • CROAT0517,

        It was way worse before the Civility Law began to be enforced. I was called a whore twice, a transvestite twice, an animal, a roach, and that I should sexually service a donkey in Tijuana along with all Mexicans.

        Oh, and I was called fat when I am actually skinny.

        The owner is honorable but not all of the commenters.

          • Thim,

            Thank you for your response.

            I understand that there are some rotten Catholic politicians and clergy out there. And I can promise you they bother me as much as yourself.

            But not all of us are like those people.

          • @Thim The 21st century mainstream Catholic church is a Jew run organization just as all mainstream protestant/evangelical christian churches. However Traditional Catholics(like myself) practice true Catholicism in it’s original form and part of that is speaking the truth about the Jews who are evil! Someone who is born into a Catholic family yet they haven’t gone to church in years I wouldn’t categorize as Catholic. He’s Catholic in name only.

    • A good rule is never trust a Catholic. No matter what they say. LOL.

      Catholics will throw you under the bus with the least reversal of political fortune, and, Catholics will never return a political favor! Never! You have more chance of a Jew returning a political favor than a Catholic returning a political favor. That’s what I’ve seen!

      You don’t have to be mean to Catholics, but, you do have to understand that they are under the influence of a cult like Judaism.

      It never hurts to be pleasant, or a gentleman, because you might encounter the one exception to the rule, but, don’t bet the farm on it.

      • @Kraftt Wurker more nonsensical rambling coming from your mouth. The last and only Catholic president was JFK, most senators are protestant, most house members are protestant or kikes, most federal judges are protestant or kikes, most high ranking federal law enforcement officials are protestant or kikes. Catholics have absolutely no power in America and your bs belief about how evil Catholics are and how they control the world is ridiculous. Jews control the narrative and majority of their butt goys are protestant. Are there Catholic butt goys? Absolutely, but not even close to the amount of protestant kike shills.

        • Joe Biden is a Catholic, so is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. There are 5 or 6 Catholics and 3 Jews on the Supreme Court. At least 22 US Senators are Catholics, and 105 Congressman are Catholics. The Senators and Congressmen always vote as a unit with the Jews, even on things that are against the Catholics claimed interests. This is your hardcore anti-White vote.

          When you get down to analyzing City governments and State Houses the numbers are even more pronounced.

          Really, you would be happier back in Catholic Croatia.

          • @Krafty Wurker you are very misguided. Each state has 2 Senators so do the math.. 100 Senators and only 22 are Catholic.. what are the other 78 my dude.. The supreme court is the highest court but again majority of federal judges and law enforcement officials are Jews or protestants not Catholic. Joe Biden is not Catholic. His bishop has denied him communion because of his stance on many issues including abortion. Nancy Pelosi is a retarded Wahhhmen and Catholicism has nothing to do with her being anti-white. The House of representatives has many Catholics because Catholics tend to live in more populous states and also in concentrated areas in said states which in turn is why they have alot of representatives. Get the facts straight.

  7. Cantwell has been foolish, but he doesn’t deserve this. He is also about to be charged with threatening opposing counsel Robbie Kaplan of the UTR lawsuit… again , for stupid unnecessary crap.

    • Yeah , he is stupid, he thinks he can get away with things like Howard stern, bill Maher etc.

      What does he think, he’s jewish ?

  8. Yea we live in a age where people just say whatever. Saying I’m gonna kick somebody’s butt now is seen as a terrorist threat or something. It’s all crazy. I think sticking with the issues is best. Just stick with the issues. We’re not gonna bash people in the ground. We’re standing up for our people’s rights. I think David Duke and his media friendly approach focusing on White Civil Rights is a great example of what we should all be doing. The tough guy approach does nothing but get people in trouble for nothing. We should respect others in a Christian way and demand that same respect in return. Deo Vindice !

    • We should respect others in a Christian way and demand that same respect in return.


      Amen to that.

      Deo Vindice, brother.

    • “We should respect others in a Christian way and demand that same respect in return.”

      That is a perversion of the Gospel. We are commanded in Holy Writ (and via the example of the Saints) to stand against the tide- and that means NOT giving the ‘goyim’ ANY respect.

      “Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD, and detest those who rise against You? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them as my enemies. Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns.” – Ps. 139: 21-22

      “Live in peace with your enemies; but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    • The case on him is very weak, both indictments together is 1.5 pages that basically say “Chris Cantwell said bad things that scared someone somewhere”.. Its a bogus charge and a few legal analysis people have said the same as you, hyperbolic bravado that can be found on almost anyone on Twitter or wherever.
      This is a punishment via process, a jury will never find him guilty of the charges.

      • They don’t need a conviction.

        This is to wear him down, legal expenses, disruption of business and income, ruining whatever social life he has, putting a heavy strain on his friends and fam, diversion of assets.

        This is injury via courts, malicious litigation under color of law. This can’t be fought, unless he has years and $100,000s to throw at it.

        Whatever the outcome, he s injured in terms of time, money and lost opportunities.

          • Yes, I just expanded on the idea.

            Additionally, it drains funds from the pro-White cause. Ppl who are serious contributors will divert moneys to help Chris.

  9. How many times does it have to be said and shown? Pigs specialize in lies and entrapment. Thought criminals are the latest justification for the police state’s power and bloated budget. By now, if you’re still falling for their con, you just might be a retard. If you’re an active dissident, GTFO of all social media platforms.

  10. Theres been no juice to this squeeze. I wish to hell the Altright had never happened and I hadnt wasted a couple years on activism.

    Cantwell is his own worst enemy. But the extent to which they have distorted fact to give themselves an excuse to arrest him tells me its time to go radio silent.

    This whole deal has been the worst thing thats ever happened to me.

    The Red Pill or Blue Pill paradox, was a false dichotomy. Neo could have just said no, which is what I should have done.

    Time to cut bait. None of this justifies the risk. And this site is STILL unsecured.

  11. He’s fucked. One mistake he made was being buddy buddy with FBI agents. When he’s released I doubt he will make that ignorant move again. But he will be in jail for awhile. The Feds will completely screw him over and make bail impossible.

  12. “Fu*k your wife infront of your kids” jeez thats sick shit even if its a empty threat btw who’s Vic? Its your only out? Cantwell is straight up talking like a fbi/ or a federal informant

    • Agree.

      Rash actions and statements are self-made snares.

      It is very difficult to have the high energy drive of an activist and cold rational decision making.

      Chris is just one guy , trying to do a Herculean task, whereas our adversaries are well coordinated teams with deep pockets.

    • Thom, Cantwell needs some professional help. That he has people like the “Croat” in his corner may indicate that he is being played.

  13. I tells ya those Bowl Patrol satanists really are something else. Why just the other day ole Azz bumped into VM at Quantico, Virginia. I was in town for personal business you see, it doesn’t matter. But the long and short of it is that VM was dressed like on of those village people, wearing a badge adorned with the letters “A.T.F.”. It was a hell of a sight to behold. There must have been a cosplay convention in town or something. I didn’t get an invite. Ole Azz doesn’t get out too often these days. Oh well.

    Bottom text.

    • I really miss their podcasts… Does anyone still have the mpfrees?? Lost them a little while back.

      1589 kill whites first

  14. ABC—-Anything but Christ, anything but Christ. You will be offered anything and everything under the sun as away to improve your lot accept your one and only true salvation, faith in Christ. Christ must be hidden from us all as we are all led straight to hell.

  15. Chris has hinted towards (numerous times) – that he almost wishes he’d get locked up because it would force him to clean up some habits.
    But a part of me thinks there is this sick part of these figures that purposely try to get locked up so they can force-meme their story similar to what happened to Hitler.

    • Chris is one guy without resources or a support team. To expect him to be always rational and in an even temper is to expect the impossible.

      The perpetual failure of WN is ppl trying to do too much with too little.

      WN need money, support teams, and advisors with decades of WN experience. Our (opponents) have all this and more.

  16. The anti-White cabal in charge unconditionally forbids an open, free discussion about White Genocide and aggressively infringes on any discussion beneficial to White interests.

    Free speech is the alternative to violence.

    • They forbid far more than discussing White genocide.

      They take great messures to suppress racial genetic science, population parameters and social consequences. And even stronger measures to suppress information on their ethno-tribal characteristics.

    • “infringes on any discussion beneficial to White interests.”

      Amen to that !

      Even ‘wife with a purpose’ was driven off for simply giving advice on healthy, happy family living.

      A very sinister kind that doesn’t want ppl to have strong families.

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