Donald Trump Floats Cutting Medicare and Entitlements At Davos

The 2020 election got slightly more interesting this afternoon.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump suggested on Wednesday that he would be willing to consider cuts to social safety-net programs like Medicare to reduce the federal deficit if he wins a second term, an apparent shift from his 2016 campaign promise to protect funding for such entitlements.

The president made the comments on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Despite promises to reduce the federal budget deficit, it has ballooned under Mr. Trump’s watch as a result of sweeping tax cuts and additional government spending.

Asked in an interview with CNBC if cuts to entitlements would ever be on his plate, Mr. Trump answered yes.

“At some point they will be,” Mr. Trump said, before pointing to United States economic growth. “At the right time, we will take a look at that.” …”

Bernie Sanders is surging.

If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, we will at least get to see Trump raked over the coals for most of his fake populist agenda: how he expanded the “endless wars” in the Middle East after vowing to end them, how he is pushing us toward a war with Iran, how he has taken millions of dollars from Republican donors, how ending the carried interest loophole mysteriously vanished from his tax plan, how he put Mick Mulvaney in charge of the budget and reversed himself on entitlements, his non-existent infrastructure plan, how he tweaked and rebranded the existing free trade deals and so on. I can imagine him hitting Trump on all these issues.

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  1. Even the Tea Party was pro-Social Security and Medicare. Those not wealthy like safety nets. Blompf is doing his damnedest to betray the voters on every issue he campaigned on. I’ve never seen that before. All pols lie on some issues, but Bloated Orange Man has really gone the extra mile.

    • While the initial concept of Medicare and Welfare was a nationalist one, anybody can see these things are bankrupting America, the medical industry is so corrupt and greedy its insane, $100 for a bag of water, 20k for a bed, $30 for a syringe, Doctors making’s just out of control and now everybody and their dog is living off Americans like a tumorous parasite via these programs….from a nationalist perspective it makes sense to make sure your people are healthy and don’t suffer from temporary loss of employment or old age via social security..but from a globohomocommie perspective its a great way bankrupt a nation while plugging with the worlds trash.

      • I would add that from a “nationalist perspective” the task is to prepare traditionalist Americans for what is worth dying for rather than worrying about what they’ll eventually die from—if they value their own children and grandchildren more than manufactured fears about their physical health.

        • You’re right about that, I was just commenting about why all these things were initially set up. If someone got hurt or lost their job or whatever, their countrymen would help them. Now, small hat gazillionaire CEO’s and DR’s are pumping everybody with heroine, stealing their life savings and bankrupting our people while plugging our countries with the worlds AIDS infected masses.

  2. If you’re a working class white, trying to raise a family just below or just above the poverty level, try signing up for any federal or state “entitlement” or “assistance” program and let us know how it goes ok?
    * Rhetorical

    For bonus points ask them to not figure in your “white privilege”.

    • Look at one popular program, Social Security Disability. The application process takes up to six months. Applicants are not supposed to have more than $3000 of “total family assets” ($2000 for a single person). After the waiting period, most people don’t have much left, anyway. And 67% of initial claims are rejected. If you’re still making more than $1,260 a month when they finally make their decision, you’ll be rejected for that alone. You can get up to $2,860 a month based on past earnings, however, once approved. (No one said gov’t benefit formulas had to make sense, right?)

    • As Nietzsche pointed out, the underlying motive is vengeance and the success or failure of programs has nothing to do with it.

  3. Granny gets Medicare cut while Dron Drormf spends Trillions on the US Armed LGBTQ Forces – Honk, Honk!

  4. Israhell is the number one recipient of foreign aid, and has universal healthcare for every jew.

    USA-ZOG aka “Big Satan” provides platinum class healthcare for members of congress, but wants to take away grandma and grandpa’s Medicare coverage? Wow! The list if reasons to reelect kushner/drumpf keeps getting longer by the day.

    Trump is worse than a carnival barker or jew york con artist. He’s a pathological liar, sadist, narcissist, while demonstrating borderline personality disorder.

  5. It happens every election year.

    Imagine the crap that Trump/Republican tv ads will try to feed you in September, October and early November. Don’t believe a single word. All of it will be forgotten by mid-month.

  6. we will at least get to see Trump raked over the coals for most of his fake populist agenda

    When you’re lambasting someone, you’re dragging them over the coals — the coals being hot, and it’s gonna hurt.

    When you’re raking over someone’s coals, the coals are cold, they’re burned out — you’re dredging up unpleasant incidents or unpleasant memories from that person’s past.

  7. Silver bro either of these are legit let it be Bernie he won’t win but he’ll spell out exactly how much of a shit Trump is

    • Yeah, either of them is legit, but not the mixed metaphor “raked over the coals,” which makes no sense.

      And yes, I think Bernie is much more likely to attack Trump for being a fake populist than any other opponent. At least Bernie has populist credentials of his own.

  8. That was always the plan. The supply-side method works the same way every time it is tried. It starts with massive tax cuts for Big Capital that they claim will lead to big profits which will fill the treasury and lead to investments in the US but it doesn’t happen ever. The money never trickles down as claimed. What you get is what you have seen with the Trump-era. Massive stock buybacks and things that just enrich the top 10% even more at the expense of the rest of America

    Then a ballooning deficit and national debt get out of control due to zero money coming into the treasury as previously claimed would happen and then cries from the “fiscal conservatives” like Rand Paul and Mick Mulvaney for YUGE cuts to entitlements to pay for the tax cuts. It’s a broken record that has played out in every Republican admin since Reagan. The push for entitlement cuts always comes in the second term for obvious reasons.

    Trump is no different except that Trump has been an even more egregious neoliberal then his predecessors and is the best liar of them all because he ran a populist campaign in 2016 on the exact opposite. He was going to be a different Republican. Biggest bait and switch in American history.

    Bernie as the nominee would be a wonderful check to Trump’s insane out of control neoliberal policies which are crushing the White working class/middle class.The election would become completely about Trump’s treachery vs. the populists which would be a wonderful thing. Biden would run a boring neoliberal vs. neoliberal campaign trying to outdo Trump on who is the biggest servant to the banks.

    • America is being lured into a massive DEBT TRAP!

      The same way jwz trapped many powerful nations into their clutches.

      • Check it out: “Pro-Israel PAC Hit Up MAGA Fans for Phantom Event”;

        “Donors were told they could “sponsor a Holocaust survivor,” or more with a $75,000 “King David” package at the mysterious gathering. But it’s not clear if it ever happened.

        A pro-Trump super PAC that has enjoyed the outspoken backing of some of the biggest names in the president’s orbit hit up its supporters for donations as high as $75,000 to attend an event in New York last month. But it’s not clear that the event ever took place. And the group still won’t give election regulators any information about its finances.

        The American Pro-Israel PAC (APIP) website billed the Dec. 11, 2019, event in New York as a “Founding Donors Special Event.” For $249, its website said, donors could “sponsor a Holocaust survivor” and get access to a VIP reception. For $75,000, its “King David Sponsorship” package, donors would get 10 tickets and a full-page ad in event literature. The website advertised nine other donation packages with names like “King Solomon” and “Pool of Siloam.””

        Ha! The MAGA types who contributed got fleeced by one faction of those who hate their patron saint the most while another faction of the same people is using their money to buy a war against their best interests for their own selfish purposes. MAGA 2020!

        I can’t take all this winning.

  9. It will be the Irony of ironies when all the movers and shakers of the dissident right endorse Bernie over Trump as seems to be starting.

    Anglin basically has.

    HW is toying with the idea.

    TRS, tbd.

    There is an accelerationism argument for trying to get Bernie elected. The sooner the mask gets torn off of ZOG, the more Boomers there will still be around to get royally pissed off at the obvious anti White Agenda. The demographic timer is ticking.

    There is a practical argument for voting Bernie. Currently the anti White agenda is not overt enough that we would be denied the benefit of things like student loan forgiveness or other gibs. As most of us are lower to middle income, there is alot of resources to gain off the dying corpse of the U.S.. We might as well get our piece.

    There is an argument from spite. Trump is an obvious shill for Zionist Jews. Bernie isn’t very Zionist that I can tell. Trump needs to be punished for what he’s done. Pulling the rug out from under him in 2020 would effectively toss him to the wolves waiting to destroy him. His current office affords him defacto immunity from the Left. Take that from him, and they will destroy him.

    Are there other arguments?

    It will be telling if Bernie shifts back to his populist positions and away from the signally wokeness he had to engage in for the primary.

    There has to be a reason they are trying to keep him out of office so hard. I have never understood the treatment of Bernie by the DNC. it is inconsistent with what you should expect if you subscribe to the grug brain anti-semitism of the Altright that says “its all the Joooz fault, man!”. Clearly something is off with that worldview, or it would be predictive of ZOGs behavior. Its not.

    If a worldview is predictive, it has Explanatory force. That is what I am looking for. I can smell bullshit a mile away and am way too cynical to settle for less from the Dissident Right.

    Clearly its more complicated than it has been presented by our “thought leaders”

    The case for Bernie. A good faith argument, brought to you by teh Sock.

    Cantwell also has a good argument for why its insane not to hold you nose and vote Trump. It the lesser of two evils thing.

    Idk fam.

    • “I have never understood the treatment of Bernie by the DNC.”

      There is rivalry within jwzish clans and conflicting doctrines as to reaching their goal.

      Predators fighting over prey.

    • ” . . . There has to be a reason they are trying to keep him out of office so hard. . . ”

      The billionaire class is worried about Pocahontas and Bernie actually imposing a confiscatory wealth tax against the billionaires. They are sooooo, greedy apparently that scumbag Bloomberg’s $45 billion, Gates, Larry Ellison, Leon Black, Ray Dalio, Zuckerberg, Sergi Brin, Larry Page, Buffett, Bezos, David Tepper and a cast of about 500 other filthy rich types will have trouble getting by on just a billion dollars. Some people don’t even make that much money in a year, from what I hear.

      Apparently, it’s never enough no matter how much it costs everyone else. The billionaire class is able to buy something mere millionaires can’t afford though, politicians. Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and the usual suspects are buying a war for “our greatest ally” while they all are carrying around the rest of the politicians in their back pockets like pieces of lint.

      • The threatened tax on billionaires will never happen, for the same reason Occupy Wall Street collapsed. It was pointed out forcefully to them that 43% of the 1% are jews and going after them is literally Hitler. Instant goodbye to OWS.

        The Rulers couldn’t get away with trying to tax only non-jewish billionaires, even with this corrupt system.

  10. Bernie can allay concerns about his age and health by choosing Miss Tulsi as his running mate. They would be a lot more appealing to most voters than Neo-Con Don and “Race” Bannon. And as far as Medicare and Social Security ” bankrupting ” America goes who gives a shit? ZOG is already trillions in debt to the Central Bank anyway. They can always print up more fake paper money if they need to.

    • yup, exact truth, and yes they will print up more electronically or not, and will use the electronic “monetary” (chinese style social credit system) to control everything, grand tyranny coming via the “messianic global monarchy” of Usury… Rev 12:5

    • How much for he Iraq war ….4 or 5 trillion? Yet they talk about cutting American’s tiny stipends.

      Just absurd !

  11. cut welfare for those who refuse to work, not medicare as it is a pre-paid insurance program thru tax by those who did work!!

  12. Off topic- in case anyone didn’t know, Christopher Cantwell just got arrested this morning, for allegedly making threats last year to the opposing legal counsel in the Unite the Right case.
    If we lose this case this fall, then that opens the door for the feds to start charging participants in the rally, incite to riot etc.

    • Keep us informed.
      If you have details, plz post them.

      I wondered when (they) would pull some trick to silence Chris.

      He tells too much truth.

  13. He knows the rest of the world will not allow the US to run $1t+ deficits indefinitely, living beyond its means and piling up unpayable debt — this can only happen today due to the status of the USD and the preeminence of the Federal Reserve among the world’s central banks.

    • It isn’t a matter of the world allowing. The US has The brute force to make countries take the debt.

      It’s a matter of internal stresses where markets lock up, as 2008. So much phoney money, massive debt and bubble markets are a recipe for disaster.

        • They had a near death experience in 2008 but it was not followed by a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment. The Fed is pouring money into the repo market daily to prevent the overnight loan market from seizing up. The best analogy I read was it’s like pouring money into a bucket full of holes trying to keep it filled.

          • This playing with fiat currency usually results in runaway inflation. Currently the inflation is going into assets, housing, stocks, bonds.
            So far, so good, but what is the next phase ?

            Inflation overflows to the rest of the economy ?

            Asset prices collapse when they try to control inflation ?

            What if these things happen at digital speeds, minutes and hours instead of months ?

  14. Let’s see:

    Remains in Syria as he said, “for Israel,” and to steal oil.

    Refuses to leave Iraq as ordered by the democratic government, leading to a probable mass uprising against the occupier– a new war.

    Commits war crime by murdering Iranian dignitaries (adopting Israeli tactics).

    In short, remaining in Mid- East wars and aggravating the situation.

    Not building a wall– just repairing some fences.

    Keeps talking about his desire to legalize so-called “dreamers.” A second-term amnesty? I don’t trust him.

    Endorses war crimes by recognizing Israeli annexation of Golan. Next up– West Bank.

    Ignores UN mandate and recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

    Presides over outrageous deficits.

    Wants to do a Paul Ryan-style reform of entitlements.

    WHAT THE HELL is the argument for Trump’s re-election???

    This, of course, is the question for those who took Trump’s 2016 promises seriously and voted for them. Establishment Republicans are happy with this record, especially on war and Israel.

    • This is what Americans get for not demanding politicians to sign contracts.

      “If i (politician) don’t accomplish this task by this date , I will resign.”

      The jwz demand such written statements.

      Goyz are satisfied with empty promises.

    • What the hell is the argument for Drumpf’s re-election?

      The answer I always get from the Trumpfags is “He makes libturds like you go crazy.”

      The Boomercaust cannot come soon enough.

  15. I read that Trump wants to do more Continuing Disability Reviews on disabled people who are receiving disability payments and who are older. I don’t understand why he would do this. These people have enough problems without him causing more stress for them. I got the impression when he was campaigning that he wouldn’t do this, but I guess we should never have trusted this conman in the first place.

  16. The Republicans love the idea of cutting Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements. That would mean a big fat cut cut for the rich and people would be forced into planning their retirement more. That means some crooked rich snob would steal everybody’s retirement. This is the same political party that was for investing Social Security money into the Stock Market. Thank God that crazy idea never happened. Social Security, Medicare, and Disability all work. So that makes Republicans wanna get rid of it so some Big Corporation could steal all the money and charge you fees for getting your money back. I say leave it the heck alone. The private sector has failed 100% on offering affordable health care for everybody…so lets go in a new direction. We can have a solid Third Position on issues like this that work for everybody and provides Universal Health Care. Deo Vindice !

  17. How long has it been since Trump gave a holocaust speech? I think he’s behind schedule. They won’t like that.

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