National Conservatism Rome Conference

In the last article, I talked about a certain demon that has subverted every building block, stone by stone, that makes up the foundation of Western civilization since World War II. These people will be holding the second “National Conservatism” conference in Rome:

“God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations—A National Conservatism Conference”

Today, everyone knows that Europe is at a crossroads. The rise of nationalism in Europe and America, and throughout the democratic world, is seen by many as a threat to the post-War liberal order. But others regard the renewed emphasis on patriotism and the freedom of nations as a continuation of the best political traditions of the last century. So is the new national conservatism a menace or is it—on the contrary—a virtue? …”

The same conservative elites who have spent the last 70 years dissolving this country and repressing nationalism are now trying to cling to power by rebranding themselves as “nationalists.” Their goal is to control nationalism, harness it, neuter it and channel it in a way so that it remains useful for the projects of our current conservative elite like starting a huge war with Iran. We’ve already seen what this means with the Trump administration which has brought back discredited neocons like John Bolton, Elliot Abrams and David Wurmser.

Just as mainstream conservatism aka conservative liberalism really had nothing to do with the actual substance of conservatism, the same is true of “National Conservatism” which has nothing to do with the substance of nationalism either which is the nation. The point of this conference is solely to boost the profile of Yoram Hazony & Co. by associating their Made in Israel brand with Matteo Salvini, Marion Maréchal, Viktor Orban and other European nationalists. It will be just as ruinous for nationalism as conservative liberalism was for conservatism.

The Trump administration is the definitive argument against supporting “National Conservatism.” It has been “nationalist” and “populist” solely in the sense of meaningless tweets, dog whistles and empty platitudes in speeches that “trigger the libs.” The policies of the Trump administration have been to give Israel and wealthy Jewish donors everything they ever dreamed of whether it is tax cuts or assassinating Qasem Soleimani. Trump recently hosted a private dinner in Florida with donors in which he gave a minute by minute account of how he killed him for Israel.

It is better to lose in 2020 and have the Democrats come back to power than to win with Donald Trump and “National Conservatism.” We didn’t win anything in 2016 as a result of “triggering the libs.” Instead, we absorbed all the costs of the backlash while getting absolutely nothing out of it. A bunch of wealthy donors got what they wanted when Trump and the GOP used their last days in control of Congress to pass criminal justice reform. Sheldon Adelson got what he wanted when Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and pulled out of the Iran Deal.

What does Bibi Netanyahu want? What does Sheldon Adelson want? What does AIPAC want? That is what Yoram Hazony and his Israeli “National Conservatism” aims to deliver. They want Americans to be patriotic enough to fight another devastating war with Israel, but too cowed by accusations of racism to demand anything but lip service about their interests from their elites. The last four years of Trump has shown that any version of nationalism that caters to Jews, includes Jews and is defined and policed by Jews is utterly worthless.

Never again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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          • @Krafty Wurker Okay naming individual so called Catholics(who are not even real followers of the religion) doesn’t prove anything. You’re a bitter protestant shill who thinks that the problems whites face are caused by Catholicism when in reality it is caused by Jews and their butt goys who are predominantly cucked white evangelicals.

          • Knock this gay rally around the flag shit Kraft, literally no one brought this up but you, croat makes a good point none of those people you listed are even sunday church going Catholics they are just birthright catholics who like to do the phony virtue signaling rounds of being one.

            Croat I wouldn’t say predominantly because there is a good amount of traitors and shills on both sides Catholics aren’t as jew free or not zog controlled as you let on we are all in this trap together lets try to be civil towards each other without saying which sect is more responsible for all the problems in the world I see this on both sides this stupid shit gives me a headache

          • @Thom No Krafty Wurker needs to wake up and realize his beloved Protestants aren’t as innocent as he makes them out to be particularly Evangelicals. Catholics literally fought the Jews until the late 1950’s when the church became just another Jew run organization. I am a Traditionalist Catholic who does not recognize the current leaders of our church as having any moral or legal authority because everything they preach and practice is against Catholicism and I call them out for that and I view them as heretics and traitors to both their religion and their race! Krafty Wurker on the other hand always agitates and seems to think that Protestants have clean hands which is a load of shit.

    • Will Charlie Cuck and his black boyfriend be there to take abusive questions from the audience? Are they still touring with Don Jr. and his ugly girlfriend? They don’t like unscripted questions much so I guess they won’t be taking their dog and pony show on the road anymore.

  1. “Trump recently hosted a private dinner with donors in which he gave a minute by minute account of how he killed him for Israel.”

    omg. If there weren’t other good reasons to abandon Trump in 2020 this alone should suffice. Maybe not as cringeworthy as the infamous trio of harpies Clinton, Rice and Power cackling over “We came, we saw and he died,” but appalling none the less. Imagine Trump entertaining these jews with the tale of his ordering a hit on a foreign dignitary whom they disliked. These are gangsters, plain and simple.

  2. Its an attempt to co-opt National Populism so we had best define National Populism. In my vision the nationalism in question is Ethno-Nationalism and the Populism in question is a form of socio-economic populism which reigns in big business entities, limits political campaign donations to private individuals only, and bans political action committees and corporations from donating at all. In that regard individuals will also be limited in the amount they can donate.Political campaigns will be limited to a certain time period by law. Employee and worker owned cooperatives will be the order of the day with outsourcing or insourcing by corporate America banned under penalty of nationalization and confiscation of assets. Business entities thus nationalized will be converted into worker or employee owned cooperatives. National referendums and initiatives as well as citizen recalls will also be the order of the day. In other words a fusion of Ethno-Nationalism and Democratic Populism AKA National Populism with an immigration policy designed to maintain and enhance white homogeneity with certain immigrants banned outright similar to the 1924 Immigration Act. Sort of a combination or Orania and Switzerland.

    • Some good ideas here, HS. I particularly like employee-owned co-ops. Under such policies as the ones you promote here, workers will not be subjected to the economic vampirism of corporations willing to sell out their workers for barely-paid slaves in turd world hellholes.

    • Political campaigns should be publicly financed. What we have now is legallized bribery. Better still, democracy needs to be entirely done away with.

      • Universal suffrage democracy needs to be done away with. Voting should be an earned privilege, not a right conferred by nothing more than age.

  3. All of this current “nationalism and populism” on the right is a joke. All of it is being subverted into being pro-business, pro-bank and pro-Israel.

    I personally see more opportunity on the left at this point in the area of foreign policy and economy than anything happening on the so-called right.

    • It is “conservatism” all over again.

      In the 1970s and 1980s, these people saw there was a backlash to all the social revolutions of the 1960s. Ronald Reagan was elected president. For the last forty years, the GOP milked those people while conserving absolutely nothing. It is the same con by the same people except now they are calling it “nationalism” and some people are dumb enough to fall for it.

  4. As if I could ever be interested in any “national conservatism” which pushes some Israeli as its public face…

  5. “These are gangsters, plain and simple.”

    Yes. But more importantly: they are demons. I think Soleimani was a human sacrifice for Purim.

  6. The Jewish takeover of the far right is really the defining feature of the first quarter of the 21st century. They anticipated the backlash to liberalism that would inevitably occur and they masterfully got out in front of it. Blood and soil nationalism has now become based black guys in MAGA hats and protecting the queers from Islam.

    These types are the greatest traitors of all, those who pretend they are on your side but are really out to thwart you. I used to think there was nothing more loathsome than a self-hating white liberal, now I see that the fake nationalists are even more disgusting.

  7. Got sources? Azzmador of Daily Stormer: is he for real? Why is his contact info scrubbed from net? Storm Front? They too are censored from search engines. White Rabbit Radio? How do I call in? There’s no number.

    • Assholemador is bad news, I would recommend you keep away from him and the rest of that Daily Homo crowd. Stormfart is deadly dull, it’s not cool at all. And White Rabbit Radio is totally gay.

  8. Maybe we should work to alert Hungarian leader Victor Orban not to speak at this fake National Conservative “conference” which looks and sounds like National Review ~ 1995 as the Jewish Neo Conservatives were taking over, smearing and purging anybody that questioned the first of many Jew Neo Conservative wars, adventures, regime changes in Iraq see (David Frum Unpatriotic Conservatives link Victor Orban Hungarian Nationalist leader has been probably THE best real European nationalist leader in power that we’ve seen in the last 25 years. He’s smart, very aware of the JQ and gets things done. During the mass Muslim migrant invasion of Western Europe, via Greece, Yugoslavia and Hungary – Hungarian razor wire border walls and military defend the borders went up immediately. And victor Orban handled one of the most connected cleaver, international J emmisarys Bernard Henri Levi.

    So this is something we can do the same as our enemies do to us. They pressure anybody remotely still employed in mainstream GOP, Conservative inc that they can’t go to any of our conferences (Amren, Vdare) or even be seen on the same state as the likes of Peter Brimelow. We should do the same with anybody that wants to present themselves as legitimate European nationalists.

    I’m not sure if it’s wise to try to ban people like UK Tommy Robison for going to Israel, seeking funding, only concentrating on Islamic terrorists, sexual groomers.

    As long as some White Brit, White European, White American is 100% firm against Black crime, sexual grooming, stopping and reversing the Islamic invasion I think it’s understandable for them to support the Jewish ethno state of Israel. I’d hope they would strongly oppose the worst Js now in the USA, UK, the West that openly take the Muslim migrant invasion. I’d hope they would pressure real ZIonists actually living and working in Israel to come down hard against the likes of William Kristol, Tim Wise, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Madeline Albright, George Soros etc.

    • Orban was alerted as long as anybody remembers. Orban as the rest of the Eastern European folk do not win fights by running away but coming in and taking over. .

      Eastern Europe sees and does things by little other way. I predict that bad guys are those who will run from this “conference”

      There is such thing like “historical weapon” . Every ethnic group develops some survival mechanisms and when they work, those mechanism become such a part group that they will be part of self preservation instinct.

      Now the bad news. Group organism is very much like human organism and when the new factor comes in, those old self preservation instincts will work like fever. They are not protecting the group, they will kill the group.

      Jewish historical weapon is the big lie and information control. But now we have the internet. So the mechanism saved Jews more than 3000 years will not defend them this time.

      Basically, this is the WW I for Jews. For a thousands of years, white people in danger moved closer to each other to defend each other. Now, in the WW I new factor called heavy artillery moved in and turned the tables. There was not safer in the big group anymore but there was a bigger chance to get killed by artillery fire. Group self preservation instinct started work against the group.

      The same thing will happen with the Jews. They keep doing their 3000 years old tricks but now the internet turned the table and outcome will be very different as in the previous times.

      Despite controlling Big Tech, Jews seem not to understand how information society exactly works and this will be their doom. Of course this “conference”, like the tomorrow rally in the Virginia are old good new boss like the old boss re branding trick. But there is no information control for Jews anymore, they do not understand it and this will be their doom. 3000 years worked, not anymore…:because now…Goyim knows.

      • Still not enough Goyim know, or care, though. It is a race against time, we are dwindling. Probably will take some kind of huge event to even turn things around.

    • Trying to sort through who’s a “good” zionist and who’s a “bad” zionist(they’re all communist criminals) is part of the mind fk…its much easier to say anyone who has ever sworn any kind of allegiance to that little shithole in the desert is a criminal.

  9. Newt Gingrich was always an open borders supporter. There is nothing remotely nationalistic about anything he has ever done or said. He supported NAFTA, China most favored nation status, etc. He was literally the leader of these policies. How can they honor amnesty traitor Reagan? You would think Hazony would be astute enough to know this is not something that sells to anyone under 60. This all makes me think this is more of grift on boomers than a serious attempt to astro-turf a new movement that will appeal to disaffected white youth. On the other hand, the presence of Marion Marechal LePen is disturbing. I noticed neocon were saying good things about her even two years ago, that she was “different,” they obviously knew she was networking with neocons behind the scenes. Neocons were all bashing Orban a few years ago, using Soros talking points that he was “corrupt” and “a dictator.”

    The alt-right has to blame itself for not coming up with a strategy to combat neocon style infiltration. We see how the Jews network across borders to subvert nationalism, but nationalists in one country can’t even come up with a statement about this problem. Neo-nationalist type subversion started with counter jihad over ten years ago. We should have had a movement wide coordinated response a long time ago.

    At the same time, European nationalists are doing a terrible job on the jewish problem and they need to be called out for it. They kicked Bannon to the curb, they need to kick Hazony to the curb too. Orban and the LePen girl need to be called out for this. European nationalists need to step up on the neocon zionist problem and stop giving succor to these types. They need to be supporting real nationalists in America. If someone like Orban were telling boomer conservatives to support us instead of this garbage, for example by hosting our conferences instead of shutting them down, that would break the taboos around the real alt-right in America.

    We need to go hard on this Hazony gay op. We need to make him a toxic figure that people are afraid to associate with. This is one time old school trolling tactics can be useful. What would be best would be if we could get counter protestors inside, disrupting it and calling them out for excluding real nationalists like Peter Brimlow and for the hypocrisy of being against white identity while pretending Israel is not an ethnostate. Several people who went to the last event said they and others considered doing that while some speakers attacked white indentitarians. But no one did anything. That’s sort of the problem with whites. We don’t ever make a scene.

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