Too White!

We’re a conquered people.

Liberalism is now synonymous with hatred of White people. In hindsight, it would have been better to lose the Cold War to the Soviet Union and to live under communism than to “win” and live under contemporary liberalism. As bad as communism was in eastern Europe, it didn’t seek to completely destroy and replace, say, the Poles in their own homeland.

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  1. If you believe that lie, then let the Jews screw your kids right in front of you, anally. You do know, that is what they want?

  2. Incredible. Speaking of cultural appropriation, why aren’t whites demanding that blacks and Hispanics give up everything but thatched-roof huts with dirt floors and no electricity or medicine? Or, how can Jews be allowed thirty-five-times overrepresentation among the management and ownership of such critical determinants of culture, such as TV and Hollywood, and be allowed to trick a profit off every non-Jew’s wages via debt slavery?

    The problem isn’t the power of blacks or Hispanics or even Jews per se to have achieved any of this, but the suspicious inability of the Republican Party and Conservatism Inc to conserve anything in seventy years of cultural warfare. Our very existence is at stake and we’re gone from history if we continue to vote for the Jewish flunkies in the Republican Party or support them at Conservatism Inc.

    We should take Richard Perle at his word when, after getting angry with some Chinese gal for a question about Jewish power, said that Jews own all but maybe 5 out of 535 seats in Congress. Obviously. We also now know that National Review was from its inception funded by Jews to promote Jewish interests by co-opting conservatism.

    • The problem in a nutshell is the demoralization of our people resulting in guilt and self hatred. It didn’t happen by accident.

  3. “It would have been better to lose the Cold War to the Soviet Union and to live under communism”

    That’s hyperbolic.

    All of this would have come about earlier and no ability to fight back.
    Besides, liberalism ( now known as progressive) is just ‘pseudo-communism’.

  4. It was a hard realization for me to arrive to when I became a race realist that my preoccupation with what political system we have was foolhardy.

    I really believe that (((they))) played both sides of the communism argument. It was a complete distraction that caused us to collectively turn our heads while they tore our very society apart. (((They)))successfully infiltrates the left and right.

    Our European brothers and sisters in the Soviet Bloc instantly became our enemies because they didn’t have muh “democracy”. Sheer lunacy.

    We wittingly went along with the killing of 100 million Europeans in the 20th century because we bought the lie that liberalism was the end all be all of civilization.

    The reality of course is that liberalism is the most destructive force in human history. It’s the perfect tool used by Satan and his minions to annihilate God’s people.

    So much damage has been done already and as each day passes it gets more difficult to believe that we will get out of this mess.

    But strangely, there is another part of me that thinks maybe we shouldn’t. That maybe, just maybe, this is God’s just punishment for a people that turned their backs on Him.

    I just don’t know anymore.

  5. The USSR resettled peoples within its territory quite often (Tatars evicted from Crimea). It put millions of loyal Russians into the Baltic republics to undermine national sentiment. And of course many Soviet officials were alien jews.

  6. The commies lost the Cold War but won the cultural war. While everyone was busy guarding the front door against a military attack the back door was left wide open and unguarded. Into our institutions came the cabal of anti-White nation wreckers aided and abetted by traitors.

    By 1990 Eastern Europe had had its fill of earthly paradise and was rightfully leery of anyone offering another one, vis a vis a New World Order.

  7. The Cold War was protecting Eastern Europe countries from smut. We brought the Frankfurt school of thought in ? ! HW please protect whites! If you’re doing the northern medieval European history lesson l!

    Google ( Rodney Moore) proliferated in the adult film industry!

    The guy banged celts, Germany refugees, and whites in Los Angels!

    It’s about time the Bloomberg and Jude Judy tribe we’re made cringed

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