New York Times: In a Homecoming Video Meant to Unite Campus, Almost Everyone Was White

The existence of White people is controversial now.

If too many White people are seen in the same place doing something completely innocent without enough blacks like making a homecoming video, that itself is a teachable moment about race in America.

New York Times:

“MADISON, Wis. — The video was just two minutes long: a sunny montage of life at the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus in Madison. Here were hundreds of young men and women cheering at a football game, dancing in unison, riding bicycles in a sleek line, “throwing the W” for the camera, singing a cappella, leaping into a lake.

“Home is where we grow together,” a voice-over said. “It’s where the hills are. It’s eating our favorite foods. It’s where we can all harmonize as one. Home is Wisconsin cheese curds. It’s welcoming everyone into our home.”

Days before Homecoming Week, the student homecoming committee, tasked with producing the video, posted it online. The outrage was almost instantaneous. Virtually every student in the video was white. …”


“But it’s not just the New York Times (though the nation’s paper of record is particularly obsessed with sticking it to whitey). Thinkpiece after identical thinkpiece have decried the “unbearable whiteness” of everything from hiking to farming to cycling to the states of New England. In colleges, white students can take ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ courses, to cleanse them of the sin of “racism and white privilege.”

The University of Wisconsin held its own discussion on “whiteness in queer spaces” earlier this year, where white students were invited to “address and discuss their role in oppressive whiteness in queer spaces, community, and beyond.”

Imagine being told your very skin color is oppressive. That your very existence makes minorities and gays feel uncomfortable.

And yet journalists, commentators and university administrators act surprised and cry “white supremacy” when flyers declaring “It’s okay to be white” appear on campuses. Though a joke originally created to mess with liberals, these flyers wouldn’t exist was there not a cancerous movement in media and academia telling white people the exact opposite.”

RT seems to agree it is a teachable moment.

The Russian government seems to want to come across as being more sympathetic to White America than The New York Times.

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  1. I really think this OK symbol as the new symbol of White Supremacy was also cooked up to embarrass liberals because they knew liberals would take it and run with it. I think it was created on 4 Chan just to F with liberals and demonstrate how naive and psychotic they really are. And they have yet to figure it out!.

  2. The new video is no surprise. As a Wisconsinite, I know Madison is shitlib city #1. Milwaukee is a close second.
    Ironically, Madison also has some of the most SWPL spaces imaginable. As the vibrant diversity increases those spaces will disappear. And be assured, the diversity is multiplying exponentially…I’ve seen far more shitskin children and big-belly mommas’ ready to *POP* in what should be White areas.

  3. You have to bus the black kids in or tell them there’s going to be some free stuff they might want to take advantage of. Unless it serves their own purpose exclusively blacks don’t participate.

  4. If blacks had HALF the intelligence those Aryan Cheeseheads had, they’d be IN U-Wis- Madison.
    But non-whites are intellectually deficient when it comes to college admissions requirements, UNLESS YOU DUMB DOWN THE ENTRANCE STANDARDS…. which we already have done all over the MAP, in the USA!!!!

    Happy New Year.

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