1000 AD: A Tour of the Viking World

The World War II debate continues to rage in the comments.

It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on the subject. I’ve always hated the World Wars and the 20th century. Liberalism won World War II and the end of that conflict represents the beginning of our own era in which “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and nationalism have been pathologized while commerce has been put up on a pedestal above everything else in life. The postwar era has been a long process of weakening, degeneration and repression of strong national identities and the replacement of the peoples of the West.

Lately, I have grown interested in taking a look back at the origins of England and Anglo-Saxon identity, which are the centuries between The Venerable Bede in the early 8th century and the Norman Conquest of 1066 when the Vikings invaded Britain and Ireland and “England” was created in the process of the reconquest and Christianization of the Danelaw by the West Saxons. “England” was part of a greater Scandinavian world for centuries. The same was true of Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and Normandy which were also settled by the Vikings.

It is Christmas Eve and I am just going to chill and watch a few more documentaries about the Viking World which used to stretch from Vinland in North America to Kievan Rus in Russia and Ukraine. The Vikings left a massive imprint on Northern Europe because their raids went on for centuries. Eventually, the Norse were converted to Christianity and Northern Europe calmed down, but not before spreading out and colonizing the entire region.

Note: There was no such thing as Muh White Brothers in this era. Liberalism didn’t exist at the time either. England as a nation was formed in this era though.

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  1. Vikings are good example what is wrong with society. Actually all the inventions, conquest and all big things were made by small warrior class. The rest of the Scandinavians were as cucked as they are today.

    This problem is inside the entire white race. When King Sobieski saved Vienna, he had something 60 000 to 70 000 men. Sobieski knew that he is heavily outnumbered and took everybody who may be useful for war. In his kingdom, there were 12 million people this time. 60 000 is 5 %.

    This 5 % has done all things throughout history, white people can be proud of. Now we have the problem that in the democratic election is not enough 5% of radicals who vote the Nazi party. The rest is unfortunately cucked and capable to do to only what rulers tell them. Normie does not think , never thought and never will.

    Normie is only afraid. That is how those Eastern European torch rallies work. Normie see that there is many of us and instead of liberals, Normie is afraid of us. Has anybody ever heard any intellectual nationalism from Poland or Hungary ?

    • ” Actually all the inventions, conquest and all big things were made by small warrior class”

      One of the most ignorant comments I have ever read, since we find no trace of a warrior class. What we find is that the oldest son inherited the farm, and that the rest had to seek their fortune somewhere else.

      • Tovarich Juri is Russian, a people who were originally an offshoot of the Vikings and known as the Rus, or “rowers”.

      • The oldest sons still inherit the farms and everything else. What the problem is that today we do not have warrior class anymore.

        When the oldest son or other inheritant start screaming about luck of farm or whatever workforce and the need of immigrant labor, the warrior class should arrive in the horseback’s, behead him and take the lands and property away for treason and give lands to warrior class loyal supporters. Greedy traitors must be dead and loyal supporters rewarded.

        There is no problems with unemployed youngest sons in the West. But there is big problem with oldest sons who inherited everything and now they need immigrants.

        And there is no warrior class controlling them. .

  2. I guess there won’t be any mention of Christmas, no articles about Christmas, no Christmas music videos, nothing, not until Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, 2020. Fr. John wields his tremendous influence in Mayberry to make sure we celebrate Christmas the Russian Orthodox way!

    I would say Merry Christmas to everyone — when in Rome do as the Romans do, but when in Mayberry do things Fr. John’s way!

    I can wait until January 7th 2020 to wish everyone a Merry Christmas . I certainly wouldn’t want to offend any Russian Orthodox sensibilities by giving my Christmas greetings today, I wouldn’t want to commit a faux pas or any other kind of sin in Mayberry. Never that! 🙂

    • Joe, says who? But you raise a point. Until the 16th Century, Rome followed the Julian Calendar. Why should we have changed it? But I never said (until today, in one comment) that this site (run by HW, a Looootheran) had to follow it? Are you just hatin’ on me, for merely telling you the truth?

      Not very Christian….

  3. P.S. King Saint Olav died a martyr in Norway, at the battle of Stiklestad, endeavoring to Christianize his people, in 1030. A generation before the Schism.

  4. The Vikings settled as far west as the Mississippi and as far east as the Volga. I believe the earth’s climate was warmer and wetter in those days, so travelling across the north was much easier. And Greenland probably was actually green.

  5. Fr. John :

    I’m just joking around, I’m not “hating on you”. I’ve never known you to be so sensitive. Please don’t turn into a snowflake on us. You’ve always been tough, please don’t change. Thank you. 🙂

    • Yes, sir. Will do. Blessed Holiday.

      P.S. I’m originally from Minne-SO-ta. We ALL are ‘snowflakes’ there… because we’re perptually frozen.
      Some would say, ‘God’s Frozen Chosen.’ LOL

  6. (((History Channel))), (((History Time))) there is no truth in them. IM always amazed at how many well-informed, well-meaning individuals try to fend off kosher White Genocide using kosher productions, social media, movies…MOVIES! As in jew infested Hollywood. SMDH! See ya….

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