Was World War II Necessary?

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In the meantime, I want to start a debate on the merits of Adolf Hitler’s foreign policy, which I believe was a total disaster that brought about the worst defeat in German history. Specifically, I believe that Hitler’s foreign policy was reckless and militaristic and that Germany did not need a land based empire in the East. Hitler’s choice of allies saddled Germany with wars on multiple fronts which ought to have been of no interest to the Third Reich. Danzig wasn’t worth World War II which is proven by the fact that Helmut Kohl later acquired the whole GDR from a nuclear armed Soviet Union without firing a shot. Hitler could have found a way to eventually get Danzig from Poland without a war.

Operation Barbarossa was also Hitler’s greatest mistake and the West’s containment policy was a much wiser strategy to deal with the USSR, but it was the culmination of a long series of errors like the aggressive moves that brought down Neville Chamberlain’s government and brought Winston Churchill to power in Britain. Similarly, if Hitler had only focused on domestic policy for a few years after annexing Austria, FDR would have died a few years later in the United States.

If the Third Reich had been more content like Franco’s Spain and had been less aggressive toward its neighbors, how would subsequent history have been altered? In this timeline, Germany doesn’t go to war with Poland over Danzig, but recommits to diplomacy. Winston Churchill doesn’t come to power in Britain. Germany rests on its laurels after absorbing Austria and the Sudetenland, international tension subsides and the Third Reich focuses on developing its rocket program, the atomic bomb and aerospace technologies. After detonating its first atomic bomb, the Third Reich becomes invulnerable to attack and Hitler’s regime survives.

Hitler didn’t know when to stop. He should have stopped after Austria or after the Sudentenland. Germany’s weakness was its geographical position which made it so vulnerable to a two front war. Germany’s strength was its economic power and technological superiority over the Soviet Union. The proper foreign policy for Germany was more pacifistic. Hitler’s fantasy that he could be the Frederick the Great of the continent was a misreading of England and how much it has changed since those times. He misread the strength and motivations of Russia. He misread the strengths and weaknesses of Germany too. It was all so unfortunate and unnecessary.

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  1. World War II as understood as merely a continuation of the First World War always seemed too simplistic to me. Indeed, with the launching of Barbarossa, Hitler “closed the book” on the Great War. After 1940 we should understand WWII as a titanic clash between Jewish Bolshevism and the forces of the Left against the forces of the Right, properly understood. The development and growth of the Waffen SS as a multinational Aryan elite force is a manifestation of this. In that vein, I would like to have seen Hitler create a new Carolingian Empire in the West, with the forced union of France and Germany and three regional capitols: Paris, Berlin, and Aachen. It is what Europe needed in 1940 and what it needs today.

    The result Hitler’s failure in Russia was, of course, was a crushing defeat not just for Germany but for our peoples worldwide as well. WWII was, in turn, the third consecutive defeat our peoples have had the ignominy of suffering at the hands of our enemies. The first being the English Civil War, when the Puritans defeated the Cavaliers and the second being the our defeat to the Yankee Puritans in the U.S. Civil War.

    Agonizingly so, the margins in each of these wars were razor thin: any of them could have broken our way with just a little better luck in one or two battles. The Germans were close in Russia in 1941 (capture Moscow!) , and had Lee won at Gettysburg…

    Of course the consequences of these successive defeats have been anything short of disastrous for our people.

    I sense that next time things are going to be different, though. Due to our successive defeats we have been more introspective and have learned from our mistakes, whereas the enemy is overconfident and conceited. We won’t start the next conflict, our adversaries will: their bottomless hatred for us will ensure that they won’t be able to help themselves.

    Against a coalition of mutants, degenerates, trannies, homos, lesbians, and soyboys we will surely prevail. Not only that, but our victory will be epic and will alter the course of our peoples destiny forever.

    Merry Christmas and Yuletide Greetings

  2. WW2 hasn’t ended, it has mutated into this globohomoislamojudeocommie opium mindfuck that has claimed more European lives than all wars combined

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