Donald Trump Nominates Thomas Cullen For Federal Judgeship

Donald Trump should be impeached within the hour.

It is hard to think of a bigger f*** you to those of us who supported him in 2016 than nominating Thomas Cullen to a U.S. District Court.

Washington Post:

“RICHMOND, Va. — President Donald Trump has nominated U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen for a federal judgeship to fill a vacancy in U.S. District Court in Roanoke.

Cullen, 42, has been the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia since 2018. He’s had several high-profile cases during his tenure, including criminal prosecutions related to the Unite the Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville in August 2017.

The White House made the announcement on Wednesday. …”

In Trump’s defense, he likely doesn’t know anything about Cullen or why this is a problem. There is no one in the White House who could even tell him it is a problem. This has been the story of the Trump administration. In spite of running as a nationalist and a populist, he has more or less turned the government over to conservatives and his victory in 2016 didn’t change anything aside from furthering the careers of these people.

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  1. The only thing Donald Trump runs other than his mouth is his Twitter account and even that I question.

    To hell with this worthless SOB.

  2. This is the very Irish Catholic that Drumpf has hunting down White Nationalists. He is the one who got Jack Corbin.

    MAGAniggers BTFO’d forever.

  3. Great. So now this guy is going to have jurisdiction over VA in the coming years as it slides into a Cold Civil War. Just Great. As an aside, I hope HW will do a review of Richard Jewell at some point. Would love one from an explicitly Southern perspective. Vdare had a good review but focused on his whiteness with no mention of the ethno-cultural factors that were on full display as Atlanta was in the midst of it’s slide toward a colony of Yankeedom.

  4. Blompf is a filthy disease carrying rodent like the tribe he worships. He is definitely the worst POTUS in American history by a wide margin. Blompf can now be put in the pantheon of white gentile traitors with churchill, fdr , lbj, lincoln,von stauffenberg, eisenhower, g.h.w. bush, reagan, bush jr., and the clintons.

    This is what 4-D chess looks like when shekels are pouring in from zionist anti-white jewish billionaires. “Look at the shabbos goy dance to the tune of our klezmer band.”

    Qanon boomertards are all lining up for their circumcisions.

  5. Just like Bush Sr. nominated sotomayor to the federal appellate court, and obama nominated her for scotus; with cullen’s nomination to a judgeship on a U.S. circuit court, the next anti-white demoncRatic POTUS will nominate him for USAG, fbi director, or a seat on scotus.

    • “In Trump’s defense, he likely doesn’t know anything about Cullen . . . ” or know much about religion, philosophy, history, science, law, etc. He is like a much more aggressive, sharp tounged Sarah Palin with better business and fighting instincts. He seems to have absorbed mid 20th century sensibilities and tastes from TV and reacts instinctively along those lines making him a civic nationalist, not a man of the right. He also recognizes frauds such as global warming and the TPP from his business career in NYC which is overrun with scumbags.

      He seems to think “all men are created equal”, that colored people are just white people with a tan, that with enough money spent intractable social problems can be solved. He speaks as though the America that put a man on the moon still exists with the same economy, wealth, talent, demographics and ambition and just needs to be awakened. He speaks with typical American optimism in spite of a contradictory reality. The MAGA types eat it up.

      His background makes him think of everything as a business, a deal waiting to be made. The idea that there are things that transcend money, that are not for sale, that the rest of the world doesn’t see everything as just business is foreign to him and the business class in general. He completely understands Congress being bought and sold like cheap whores though because politics is a business too.

      The Republicans only believe in business profits putting them at odds with their voters who want things that transcend money and reduce profits such as a racially white, orderly, unified, normal country instead of a freak show. The Republican owners want unlimited immigration to drive wages to zero while the Republican voters want zero immigration and kicking out wogs to preserve their children’s future. Trump successfully used bait and switch as a sales technique.

      Trump, the Republicans and Democrats are soaking up the shekels which ultimately drives their policies, especially in foreign affairs. Trump is apparently trying to thread the needle between taking money from the usual suspects to attack Iran but not stepping across the line and actually going to war, a very risky strategy. Next year the balancing act may fail especially with his miserable son in law and daughter in charge.

      The wild card next year is India/Pakistan, watch them. If they go to war this time they will exchange nuclear love taps and China will probably take Pakistan’s side. There will be tremendous pressure from the scumbags in Congress to back India because there are many wealthy Indians in the U.S. who will try to buy a war from Congress just like the Israeli lobby, this country be damned.

    • After years of well deserved scrutiny, Hunter seems to be softening on Trump. I’ve noticed others are doing the same.

      It’s all very strange.

  6. Somewhat off topic:

    “National Guard drops two Georgians after investigating extremist ties
    Chris Joyner and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Local WSBTV

    Published: December 26, 2019 5:15 PM
    Updated: December 26, 2019 5:15 PM

    Two Georgia men targeted earlier this year by online activists for their associations with radical white extremism have been kicked out of the Army National Guard, following months of investigation.

    Army investigators started looking into Dalton Woodward and Trent East, both members of a neo-pagan sect called the Asatru Folk Assembly, earlier this year after the activist group Atlanta Antifascists published a report linking the two men to the controversial sect of paganism identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

    At the time, Woodward was on active duty with the Georgia National Guard in Afghanistan. East, a member of the Alabama National Guard, was not on active duty when he was “doxxed,” or publicly outed, by the activist group.


    It sucks that the armed forces allow antifa to veto those they hate.

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