White House Hanukkah Party

Here in the United States, we already have a version of integralism. Instead of fostering a homogeneous Lutheran culture, we are fostering a homogeneous Jewish culture because a handful of Jewish billionaires have bought all the politicians on the Left and the Right. No dissent from our “pro-Israel” foreign policy will be allowed on college campuses anymore because in Jared Kushner’s words “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

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  1. I am absolutely in favor of the Impeachment and Removal from office of potatus blompf, but not for the “reasons” put forward by the rats ruling the weimerikan klown kongress. It’s because of THIS obscene public act of Treason against the people of the United States. With the stroke of a pen blompf has granted unprecedented legal power to the most privileged and powerful racial group in this country.

      • Then you have just answered your own question. WE NEED A REVOLUTION.

        Just being a good American, and following Jefferson’s dictum, that’s all……

  2. If you sell out your own people you are worse than the ones you’re selling out to. Traitors are the lowest of the low.

  3. Your judaizing cult, called Lutheranism, made all this possible. Protestantism gave the Jews and therefore Satan, a foot in the door to destroy Christendom.

      • Christianity was the ultimate Jewish golem in Europe and the US for much of our history, now it’s bearing the intended fruit. Wake up. We ain’t getting out of this with Judeo-Christian Theology of any stripe.

        • I don’t think so.

          Christianity used to be the basis of the social order. We don’t live in a Christian society though. We live in a liberal republic under a constitution. Christianity is relegated to the private sphere under our social order. In a free society, which is not the same thing as a Christian society (these things are opposites), the individual is *free* to be a moral degenerate. The highest good is the freedom of the rights bearing individual which means that Jews are *free* to take over the universities and own the media, etc.

          • I realize it’s a large red pill to take, but worship of a Jewish “God” created to bring down the Roman empire was never the basis of European social order or anything else good for that matter. Our social order existed in spite of the Judeo-Christian universalism because of our peoples nature. eventually that was worn down, and here we are today. Liberalism etc. is irrelevant. It’s all about European peoples Vs Jews. Period.

          • Rome had transgender emperors like Elagabalus and homosexual emperors like Hadrian.

            The Roman Empire was centered on the Mediterranean. North Africa was more a part of the Roman world than Scotland or Scandinavia. Europe in the sense that we think of it today is a legacy of Christianity.

          • HW,

            Popes,, archbishops, bishops, deacons, cardinals on down become either by moral or financial corruption or both are used to infect their flocks, or pay the consequences for their indiscretions. Being human, most chose the cowardly route of poisoning the minds of their parishioners rather than ‘facing the music.’

            White Christians are just pawns in the ultimate talmudic endgame of eradication of people of European ancestry because we’re their biggest obstacle to achieving that goal. It’s not like the jews haven’t “let the cat out of the bag.”

          • Rabbi Jesus’ last supper was a passover seder! So he ran the “money changers ” out of “his father’s house.” His father’s house was a temple for jews.

            The only ones still buying the whole necromancer, miracle caterer, sommelier hocus pocus are mouth breathing rubes and third world illiterates.

            Whites aren’t returning to religion again, unless an massive asteroid meteor, or comet was going impact the earth. Otherwise, that chicken has flown the coop.

          • Funny that you would cite both Hadrian and the Scots. Because the Scots were nothing more than naked barbarians, Hadrian’s Wall was constructed keeping the savages outside the realm of Roman civilization.

            The Scandinavians didn’t have the runic alphabet, until at the earliest 100 CE.

            Hadrian was a homo, but he and Tiberius were most responsible for the final solution to the jewish question in Palestine.

    • HW, so glad to see you FINALLY standing up to the Pagan Assholes on this forum. And you should see by this one set of responses alone, that ALL OF THESE SHOULD BE BANNED.


      • Anathema . Anathema. Anathema.


        Just like a flat earth believing Iron Age zealot. Ban, censor, and suppress information and opinions that do not gel with a simpleton’s take on the world.

        More often than not, it is your comments that make OD appear insane to a new reader.

        The Fifth Century called. They miss you friar.

          • That water to wine parable is misunderstood.

            In ancient times, wine was stored as an intense concentrate.
            When it was time to drink, 1 part concentrate was added to 4 parts water, thus making wine. Much as water is turned into kool-aid. A typical task for servants or slaves.

            Nothing extraordinary.

  4. The White House may as well be considered a Pharisee synagogue. Its inhabitant hasn’t represented White interests in over a century or more.

    • Yes, until we have people and systems explicitly and exclusively representing Whites, we’re a fish flopping on the dock.

  5. In the end Trump is all about getting reelected. Jewish money powers that despite the fact he will be lucky to get 25-30% of the Jewish vote.

    When you have guys like Adelson or the fact Trump will do fundraisers in the Hamptons in New York or even fundraisers in Manhattan where he got about 10% of the vote, it does not matter. Gathering a handful of rich Jews at any event will drive up the political profits.

    Michael Bloomberg is and has been pouring outlandish money into congressional elections. Just one guy with that kind of sway is totally un- American. But as long as people can basically give what they want under the free speech banner, Jews and non Jewish wealthy people will have an extraordinary amount of influence.

    Trump has dealt with Jews for a long time. His daughter married out because of money and no other reason.

    But what also cannot be ignored is every push for Jews helps him with his true base- Evangelical Christians. They are the group that powers him at the ballot box.

    Trump knows what helps him. That is why he is president while all those cucks debating him for the Republican nomination years back saying no way could Trump get elected with the way he talks, fell by the wayside.

  6. “The White House may as well be considered a Pharisee synagogue.”

    Why not? Doesn’t the NY Stock Exchange serve the same purpose by becoming a synagogue on Saturday?

    • Congress, the Oval Office, and Wall Street are tied to the hip with international jewry. The jewnited states is just one big synagogue of judeo-christian zionism from sea to shining sea.

    • With all due respect madame I do not believe the jews wonder at all as to why they are universally despised.

      • Most believe they do no wrong. They honestly believe we are jealous and do not despise them for their actions.

        • Spahn,

          100% true.

          Their response to our reaction to them is often summarized as, “They hate us because they’re not us.”

          • “Spahn,
            100% true.”

            I second that, you’re totally right.

            (They) know why. It’s just a ruse to feign they don’t know.

    • (They) believe that everything belongs to (them).
      We are interlopers who are in temporary possession of things that rightfully belong to (them).

  7. Christianity became the cultural and religious bedrock of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. The reason the Roman Empire fell has nothing to do with Christianity. It’s incorrect to label Christianity a “Jewish export”. Christianity was not something cooked up by Jews to destroy European mankind. They have been trying to destroy Christianity since they paid off the Roman soldiers to keep quiet about the Resurrection of Christ. You are allowing your frustration and hate of this new Jewish agenda – to spill over into Christianity. You want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You fool yourself saying things were better in Europe under Polytheism and Paganism. Paganism is not a religion and Polytheism are made up gods.

    The Jews responsible for what is happening today are pharisee white European Jews. They are not authentic Hebrews. Bloomberg, Feinstien, Adelson, Foxman, Pearle Schumer Wolfowitz Kristol etc. etc. are all white European Jews. Every single centralized “Jew” in every facet of government, law, media – almost all are white European Jews. These are fake Jews. None of these people are true Israeli Hebrew linage,

    • Your Judeo-Christian / Norman Rockwell painting view of history is sentimental and touching, but wrong. After Rome fell, the white, European version of Christianity became a total golem for the Jews due to the inherent nature of our people. It’s not what they intended, and they grew to hate what they spawned. That said, Judeo-Christianity’s universalism and egalitarianism took it’s toll on the Europeans over time, ultimately culminating in WWI and WWII. All this talk of “real” Jews and “fake” Jews is a cannard and a distraction from the truth. We know who they are. I know it’s tough to find out your life’s long belief system is based on a falsehood, but the truth is the best (and only) antiseptic for our people’s current ills.

  8. “These are fake Jews. None of these people are true Israeli Hebrew linage…”

    That’s correct. But to get ANY of these IDIOTS to see that possibly (just maybe) the heirs of the ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ might actually be the genetic descendants of the European White Race, makes the ‘goyim’ go into hissy fits, almost as bad as if they WANT to have the Jews’ spurious legitimacy around, merely to AVOID SUBMITTING TO THE WHITE MAN’S GOD, because the God of the TRUE ISRAEL.

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