Greater Adria and The Formation of the Mediterranean Sea

The Tethys Sea used to stretch between Africa and Europe and Asia. The Mediterranean Sea is a remnant of it and has completely evaporated in the past. It used to be a hellish landlocked desert. The Mediterranean Sea will disappear again in the future as Africa collides with Europe and creates a new mountain range which will be bigger than the Himalayas.

In related news, Greater Adria is a lost continent the size of Greenland that has recently been discovered buried under Southern Europe. Italians live on the eighth continent!

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    • Conjecture based on continental drift, past continental impacts, rift valleys and sea floor spreading, and Cray supercomputer models.

      • Ryan and Pittman posit a similar scenario between the Bosporus and the Black Sea, giving rise to the reality of a localized ‘global flood’ a la Noah. The differing temperature and water DIRECTION in the Bosporus, clearly show that such a massive inpouring of water would have been like the ‘windows of heaven and of the deep’ opening around the area known to have been inhabited during the Noachic era, leaving the Indian, Egyptian and other ancient civilizations untouched, but clearly the ‘hand of God’ on sinful Adamic Man.

  1. I fear the New Himalayas, resulting from a collision between Europe and Africa,

    will rise too late to block an invasion of the remnants of White Europe

    from a Jew-induced inundation by 1 billion niggers.

  2. Two Historical points to consider, in regards the southern/eastern point of today’s Europe (terra & mare – land & sea).

    Historical point 1:
    Plato in one of his works he makes an analogues talking point about Atlantis.
    Homer makes a direct Historical mention about this great land in the south of todays Crete that shared water borders with Egypt and the North of Tyre in the 8th century BC.
    Similar mentions by Hesiod in the 7th century BC and Helinicus on the 5th century BC.

    Historical point 2:
    the very word “Mediterranean” is the Anglicised word of having conjoined two words:
    “Medi” = centre & “terranean” earth/land.

    In other words.

    Mediterranean = middle of Earth.

    Which in terms of Culture and Civilization – this claim was and is TRUE !

    Europe from the South to its North from the East to its West (as I have been making this point) WAS & IS the CENTRE of Earth as far as human civilization is concerned!

    Europe – the Name Europe

    WHERE DOES IT COME FROM(myth) and who spoke of this name – Homer & Alexander the 3rd

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