Conservatism, Inc. Has Hired Libertarian Homosexuals To Fight “Rightwing Puritanism”

What is conservatism?

Who belongs within the conservative movement? Who should be excluded? It’s a question which has been burning on the Right over the past two months.

Personally, I don’t believe the Dissident Right has any stake in the electoral success of the conservative movement or the Republican Party. There is no reason to believe that Conservatism, Inc. is capable of conserving anything or that the Republican Party will use any electoral mandate from voters to either change our culture or make meaningful policy changes for its base. Indeed, Conservatism, Inc. has openly embraced homosexuality is now even more repulsive than it was before Trump won the presidency in 2016.

Casey Given writes this evening in The Washington Examiner about “the misguided war on pornography and the return of right-wing puritanism.”

The Washington Examiner:

“Some social conservatives are reviving a policy proposal straight out of the 1980s: banning pornography.

Right-of-center Twitter was ablaze this weekend debating the issue, largely instigated by Daily Wire blogger Matt Walsh and Republican lawmakers who called on the Department of Justice to take a tougher approach toward pornographers. One could easily dismiss this online banter as irrelevant, but it’s representative of a broader trend: A neo-Puritan zeal is infecting some members of the socially conservative right on a number of issues these days — from the panic over vaping to the freak-out over a drag queen story hour that sparked an intra-conservative debate over classical liberalism.

Social conservatives need to realize that we can handle pornography and other social ills without turning America into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia. America flourishes through choice, not government force. We must never let lazy moralizing force us to surrender our freedom to the government. Once we do, there’s no getting it back.”

BTW, Casey Given is a gay libertarian and executive board member of the DC Log Cabin Republicans who supports Trump’s Globohomo agenda. He supports #PrideMonth as “a celebration of individual autonomy.” Conservatism is gay liberalism.

In The Washington Examiner, the homosexual activist Brad Polumbo has agitated for everything from legalizing prostitution to ending the transgender military ban to policing the borders of the Right to exclude the Groypers in recent months.

Now, Brad Polumbo is agitating for the “Fairness For All Act” which is a sweeping new federal anti-discrimination law which would radically expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Washington Examiner:

“In something of a plot twist, it’s a conservative congressman restoring sanity to the debate over gay rights and religious liberty. For too long, militant left-wing activists have sought to crush religious Americans, while many social conservatives have refused to budge an inch on legal protections for gay and transgender people. Thankfully, a sane coalition is finally entering the conversation.

With the backing of various religious and conservative groups, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, just introduced the “Fairness for All Act,” a bill that would finally update our federal anti-discrimination laws so they strike the proper balance between LGBT rights and religious freedom. Right now, federal anti-discrimination laws do not protect people on the basis of sexual orientation nor gender identity. …

Stewart’s proposed “Fairness for All” bill updates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal laws to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit, federally funded services, refugee resettlement, and jury service. …

FFA would allow no discrimination against gay and transgender people in restaurants, lodging, entertainment venues, places of recreation, transportation providers, medical services, financial services, funeral homes and cemeteries, and medium-to-large retailers. This is well-warranted: No one deserves to be turned away from public, secular businesses because of who they are or whom they love. And large secular businesses open to the public have no legitimate claim for an exemption. …

But ultimately, compassion demands that even religious Americans make their peace with some form of meaningful legal protections for gay and transgender people. And if social conservatives don’t embrace compromise LGBT rights legislation in good faith, they’ll surely live to regret it — that is, when they’re stuck living under the crushing Equality Act a decade from now.”

I’ve saved the best for last.

Chad Felix Greene is an HIV+ Jewish homosexual who is a senior contributor to The Federalist where he writes about raising an autistic teenage boy with his husband. He believes that anyone who wants the state to play a role in regulating morality is a “progressive.”

The Federalist:

“My husband and I find ourselves parents of an autistic teenage boy who looks to us for almost everything. To say my life has changed is beyond my ability to articulate. As for my future, I no longer have any idea what it could or will look like.

But I am grateful for all of it, for simply being given the chance to imagine more than I could before. As I prepare for what will be my first family Thanksgiving dinner in my adult life, I understand the kindness of this past year tangibly. …”

Let’s just say that Chad has an interesting Twitter feed:

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    • Right-wing Puritanism. Yes! Calvinism, with public stoning of sodomites. Now, THAT’S A politcal platform that is godly! LOLOL

  1. What if the problem would have always been NOT Conservatism Inc. but, simply, CONSERVATISM itself?

    Ontologically, conservatism is a pure “full defending tactic”. And, in politics, chess, or sport, this tactic as proved to be a guarantee to lose. 100 %.

    What America, Europe, and rest of white countries need is a party with a full-attack philosophy.
    I was a left-winger until my early 20. And I have kept this mentality.
    So, let’s push in “trashes of history” all those Anglo conservatives parties, let’s do the same with euro “classical liberal”, “christian-democrats” and “moderate” parties.

    As HW often write, our ennemy is not democrat, nor liberal (in freedom sense).
    I suggest we use party name such as “nationalist party”, or “national-democrat” party.
    Or something like that.

    But, please, NO MORE MIKE PENCE style!

    • Yeah we need another ultra zionist scumbag like stalin to mass murder poles, germans, ukrainians, and russians to have brother wars to intensify and keep the zog oligarchy going…

      • There is the historical Stalin and then there is the cartoonish villain Stalin. Neither he nor Lenin were Zionists. Stalin’s plan was to get Soviet jewry to live in Birobidzhan, near the Mongolian frontier in eastern Siberia. And I believe Stalin ordered more jews to be shot than Hitler ever did!

    • Be careful what you wish for. Christians are taught that mercy tempers justice, even in war. Pagans merely wish to annihilate everything. Sometimes, even themselves.

      • Ok nazbol boomer whatever you say, but historical stalin is plenty Zionist dude, Russia under stalin was the first country to recognize Israel as a country and Lenin was literally funded by heebs and his Bolshevik party top positions were comprised of jews but sure believe whatever you want spahn

        • The failed haberdasher and 32nd degree Mason from Kansas City was the first world leader to recognize Israel as a state, Douglas Mackey. Now go back to your boyfriend Wigger Anglin and ask for reassignment.

  2. Based and globalhomo pilled thank you blumpf and conservative inc for conserving homosex and becoming liberals to troll the nazis lol

  3. Moshiach is a homosexual transsexual with a predilection for small children. Everything the Jews do is to prepare the world for the Moshiach so when the Jews promote all these assloving freaks it is to prepare the world for the Moshiach who himself is the biggest homo freak of them all. I am telling you, Judaism has a secret homosexual past. Judaism worships homosexuality. Don’t laugh, Jews rejected Christ because he would give them anal.

    • BOY, I will gladly denounce you before the hosts of Heaven at the General Judgment. YOU ARE DAMNED, AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. Just leave this plane, and let the rest of us build a civilization worthy of us, if not your sorry ass.

    • “Jews rejected Christ because he gave them anal’ dude rob your screwed in the freaking head wtf blasphemy is this?

  4. Something not understood by far too many people on “The Right” is that faggotry has always been a huge component of this movement. Our British Cousins understand this far more than we do in America. Remember how chocked full of fags the Bush II Administration was?

    • If fags have no problem with buggering each other then they will have no compunction about committing other moral outrages.

  5. If you remember how the South resisted homosexuality (think Roy Moore, state referendums) the Christian moral conservatives need a new party in the South. It should be a party unlike the Radical Republicans in the 1860 election who destroyed the nation by winning the Presidency but refrain from Presidential elections and focus on Congressional and state elections and do all that is possible to help/defend the South morally, economically and preserve Southern heritage and history. This third party could be the swing votes to decide the outcome of major legislation in the future and can use this block vote to get what the South needs.

    • A “nation” in its truest sense is a country whose inhabitants all share a common race and culture. That was America up until the “Civil” War. It’s been a “melting pot” ever since then. Or perhaps more accurately a chamber pot.

  6. “Basically, they think their religious morality should be law instead.
    Sorry, no. That’s theocratic.” – Brad (I’m a d*ckhead) Polumbo.

    YUP. God’s Law, God’s Rule, God’s reign. Get over it.
    Go big, or go to Hell.
    Have a nice/normal day.

  7. Respectable conservatives have been doing this for decades: First they oppose the latest shitlib madness, then they embrace it and condemn anyone who still opposes it. When it comes time to legalize pedophilia the same pattern will repeat again.

    • In a different context about Iran that could apply to the culture wars, Pat Buchannan repeats some line from Churchill that, in regard to war, it’s better to “jaw-jaw than war-war.” When the left could have and should have been taken out, Conservatism Inc hid behind empty talk about rights, which then left us dead in the water when activist courts ruled anal sodomy and homosexual “marriage” are constitutional rights. Homosexual practices are disgusting, but not nearly as harmful as the betrayal by Conservativism Inc.

  8. They control both sides which is why neither side is ever happy with the outcome.

    If you want to know who’s behind a war simply look at those who are never harmed by it but gain much from it.

    In fact that goes for terrorism right on down to legislation.

    The world does not work the way we’ve been programmed.

  9. Faggotry is the end of the line, a long line of sin. It always ends in faggotry. Just as in Sodom. Then come the disasters.

  10. Speaking of globohomoschlomo run amok!

    Catholic church is working overtime to train up exorcists, somebody opened a portal to a hellish fahgscape!

    Repent, ask forgiveness and armour up. this battle is heating up

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