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    • There are. We are not being heard; or haven’t you been noticing the silencing of the sane voices in a conscious manner increasing in number and frequency, since at least the Daily Stormer and Alex Jones’ initial gagging?

      Most people don’t have websites, social media that remains anonymous (why is there such a desire to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE, but is ONLY used against the Right/Conservatives?) or the willingness to lose house, job, family, etc. merely to watch their voice be drowned in an orgy of HATRED by the godless Left.

      So, why should they? When even this one evangelical is dissed by ‘fellow (cough, hack, puke) ‘believers’ who are in league with the Present-Day Sanhedrin (because we ALL KNOW IT’S JEWISH!) why should your average Joe lift up their head to have it lopped off by some Allahuakbarbarian as the Jannisaries of the Left? Unless we ALL RISE UP AND REMOVE THE JEW, you will not have a unified front.

      And those who have sold their souls to the devil (Like the SBC, the PCUSA, TEC, UMC, RCC), they are already damned, and will only serve their Lord and Master, SATAN, as he calls the shots.

      What’s the average normie to do? THE JEWS HAVE DESTROYED WESTERN CIV, and you wonder where the poor, befuddled normies are, who still haven’t put two and two together?

      Thank GOD for at least this man’s ability to WOKE the Boomers out there who still have a brain!

      • That’s all fine and good, but how many boomers or other generations of Whites are TruNews reaching? Unless, redpilled newbies proselytize other normies in their IRL and online social circles like that old Breck Shampoo commercial (i.e, “I told two people and so and so on…) their vital message will not spread far and wide enough to raise the consciousness’ Gentiles in order to expose and oust jewish power and influence.

  1. nope. The

    Boogaloo will not begin until

    the Jewbuck dies. 90% of White ‘Murkans

    will continue to go quietly extinct so long as

    they get their daily warm shower of (((gubmint)))-issued Jewbucks.

  2. as long as their is cheeseburgers and dancing with the stars, white people will never revolt. niggers might riot, spics might start a war (eventually they will) but white people, especially “nationalists” choose tendies and vidya over sacrifice

  3. Were these two fellas hip to the JQ prior to the impeachment proceedings chaired by the descendants of the Sanhedrin?

    • @November

      I only heard about these guys recently, but I will guess: yes.

      People might not realize this, but Christian Zionism has never been particularly popular. It’s always been a minority position in America. In the last 20 years, it’s basically only been the Southern Baptist Convention and a handful of “mega-churches” and some of the weirdo Pentecostals.

      Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians and most other mainline Protestants – including the conservative Evangelical Protestants – have never been particularly Zionist. Yes, the Scofield Bible had some influence – but it was mostly among backwoods “KJV-only” preachers who literally never read anything other than the Scofield footnotes – literally, the Scofield footnotes notes were the only non-Biblical text they had ever read.

      The Scofield Bible was perfect for ignorant, uneducated preachers because it told them how to interpret the Bible and they didn’t have to even consult a Greek dictionary.

      Scofield was also heavily promoted by the para-church media operations like the Moody Bible Institute and their radio shows, another favorite of the less-educated. Also promoted by comic-books, comic-books being a heavily Jewish art form.

      Billy Graham was totally woke on the “JQ” – he was just a coward and a sell-out. Jerry Falwell and Liberty University are not even technically SBC. The really far-out-there, like John Hagee, are not a part of any normal denomination. Hagee had to leave his church because he was carrying on an affair, divorced his wife and remarried, so had to set up an “independent” church that would accept him.

      This “Christian Zionism” stuff only really became popular during the “Jesus Movement” of the 1960s and 1970s. The idea that Jews can be “saved” while rejecting Christ is still fringe but got popular in media (books, radio, televangelists) in the 1970s-1990s, and literally has only been promoted by those being directly funded by the Israeli lobby, like Jerry Falwell and his Trump-blackmailed son Jerry Falwell Jr.

      I’m basically secular, yet I know more of this history than most religious Christians, which is a shame. There are people like these TruNews types and some others like WHTT.org or that funny youtube preacher the “independent fundamentalist Baptist” Steve Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church. Very conservative Reformed Protestants aren’t Zionist at all, although many of them may support the Zionist entity on a political, conservative level just because they are FOX-news watching boomers.

      Christians are no different than anyone else, they typically just parrot what the media tells them to. And Christian leaders and preachers are typically just con-men with TV shows and book deals. I mean, I just read that comedy Christian Joel Osteen is going to hold “revivals” with … Kanye West.

      I mean, how people can take these actors seriously, I don’t know. My best read is White wives/mothers like the music and fellowship so their White husbands join these churches and play along just to make their wives happy.

      • BannedHipster,

        Thank you so much for that abridged synopsis of the evangelical zionist movement. That it is primarily a southern church phenomenon is not a secret. It makes me wonder how many Southern Christian soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen have both a Conferderate battle flag and Israeli flag tattoos.

        Outside of freelancing at a Presbyterian church 15 years ago, I put Christianity in my rear view mirror in the late 1980s. To your point about some Protestant creeds being non-zio-cucks. The one I worked at BDS Israel. His congregation stood solidly behind him, and there’s section of the church named after him.

        Like yourself, I had never heard of these two men or TruNews prior to HW posting their videos. Nothing they said in this video, other than the religious elements did I disagree with.

        Before the over-the-air “superstation” in my area got “woke,” they used to allow the ‘fire and brimstone ‘ biblical prophecy telecast “Tomorrow’s World” to be presented in the wee hours on Sunday morning. I’d watch it for their end times forecasts, and who was the “antichrist” this week. It was amusing and well done. It’s been awhile, but I believe they were located in North Carolina.

        On occasion, I’ll see someone reading one of Joel Osteen’s books in public. Usually, it is an adult male in his early to mid-twenties.

        When I think of Osteen now, I recall how he didn’t want to take in people affected by a hurricane or some other storm that flooded the Houston area. Yeah, he’s got the Holy Spirit. Ha. Ha.

        Billy Graham Sr. was caught on tape with Nixon discussing the degeneracy the jews were responsible for spreading in America. As a “man of God,” Rev. Graham indeed was a coward in not naming the jews publicly for their pernicious activities. That’s also why to this day jews still have a seething hatred for Nixon.

      • Excellent observation. You are not far from the Kingdom of God. And the coming conflagration will only make those sitting on the fence have to choose sides. Better to choose now, than when you are the line of demarcation in a Civil War….. just sayin’.

  4. I suppose it all depends on whether or not white people in red state America still have it in them to resist? I predict the House will vote to convict but it will fail in the Senate. The question depends upon us. It it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? Are nations an end in themselves or a means to an end?

  5. Thank you for posting this. I enjoy listening to these gentlemen. It’s a great blessing to have so much content out there from different age groups, religious persuasions, perspectives, and nationalities. Too much to follow it all but glad it’s out there to reach, expand, and continue to feed and energize the Dissident Right.

  6. At least these impeachment hearings are providing an excellent opportunity for redpilling on the JQ. #jewcoup

  7. Love these TruNews guys, but they are just beginning to learn about the JQ, and have a lot to learn. The impeachment, for example, is not a struggle between white Americans and Jews, it is a struggle purely between the two major groups of Jews, the bankers/Rothchild and Soros against the hardcore Likudniks like Bibi, who Trump represents.

    These boomers still are deluded, thinking Trump represents us, when he couldn’t care less about us. He is only thinking about Jews, and being the Chosen One, and having a Book of Trump in the Talmud. And he intends to attack Iran to accomplish this.

    The banking Jews are taking him down, or are trying to, because all they see from a war with Iran is 300 dollar oil, trillions of dollars in derivitives going in the toilet, and complete bankruptcy. Rothchild has supported the agreement with Iran all along.

    This goes right back to day 1, the deep state coup attempt beginning in 2016. It is all the same issue. And it is a struggle between two sets of Jews, and we are just on the sidelines watching. The TruNews booners are righteous, and I love then, but they have a lot to learn.

  8. My prediction is that will end up like we had in USSR back in 1991. Sooner or later your liberals lose last self control and do something terrible so the society freaks out. Soviet shit hit the fan also because they impeached Gorbachev to protect noble values, you know freedom and democracy and human right and so on…:D

  9. This woman is obviously insane just look at her. Again the real question is who voted her in. People cannot be that incredibly stupid. The water is boiling.

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