The Boogaloo Has Gone Mainstream

If you need a good laugh today, the ADL has an article up on the Boogaloo.


“It’s not often an old joke evolves into a catchphrase for mass violence, but that’s just what’s happened this past year when a variety of extremist and fringe movements and subcultures adopted the word “boogaloo” as shorthand for a future civil war. 

“From militia groups to white supremacists, extremists on a range of online platforms talk about—and sometimes even anticipate—the “boogaloo.” The rise of “boogaloo,” and its casual acceptance of future mass violence, is disturbing. Among some extremists, it may even signify an increased willingness to engage in violence.

“Boogaloo” has its roots in decades of jokes about an old movie: the 1984 breakdancing film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Almost from the moment of the movie’s release, people exploited the format of the movie’s title for humorous purposes, replacing “Breakin’” with some other film, event or person of their choice. …

In 2019, usage spread widely among pro-gun activists on a variety of online platforms, so much so that it was quickly pared down simply to “boogaloo” or “the boogaloo.” …

A range of boogaloo-related phrases also emerged this year, as the term became more popular, including: “showing up for the boogaloo,” “when the boogaloo hits,” “being boogaloo ready” and “bring on the boogaloo.”  Boogaloo-related hashtags have surfaced, including #boogaloo2020, #BigIgloo (igloo-related images are now also used as boogaloo references), #boojahideen, and #boogaloobois. …”

As a husband, a father and a Christian, I dread the coming of the Boogaloo. I’ve never even liked the thought of war overseas. Naturally, I am even less fond of the idea of a violent race war breaking out in my own country or the thought of my family getting swept up in it. I have consistently argued against the Boogalootarians for over a decade now.

The Boogaloo isn’t like some fringe belief. 2/3rds of the country now believes that we are “on the edge of a civil war.” Very few people want the Boogaloo to happen but millions of people are either preparing for it, resigned to it out of fatalism due to the polarization or expect fighting to break out at some point like in Bleeding Kansas and for it to spiral out of control. I strongly disagree with the people like Dylann Roof who believe they can “accelerate” the Boogaloo through engaging in violence to heighten the polarization to a breaking point.

No, the Right thinks way too highly of itself to initiate the Boogaloo and anyone who engages in violence to bring that about (Roof, Miller, Tarrant, Crusius, etc.) will be condemned as immoral and treated like a criminal. Those people are just throwing away their own lives and making matters worse for the rest of us in the process. Violent accelerationism doesn’t work.

This is not to say that the Boogaloo won’t happen some day. It has happened in the past and it was the Left that started it when John Brown attacked Harper’s Ferry. John Brown’s attack on Harper’s Ferry brought about a sea change in Southern public opinion. It confirmed Southerners worst fears that abolitionists were preparing to incite a servile insurrection in their midst. It was but a hop and a skip from John Brown to Lincoln’s election to secession to war.

Secessionists in the Deep South had been stymied for a generation when it actually came about. Robert Barnwell Rhett, the South’s leading secessionist, was retired from public life. There was nothing resembling, say, a mass organization of secessionists which took power and reformed the system. It was an emotional kneejerk reaction to John Brown’s raid and Lincoln’s election that created the tidal wave of disgust that destroyed the Union.

If the Boogaloo ever happens, it will be because the Left does something that is similarly so provocative that it will ignite a chain reaction which will prove impossible to stop. Secession and the creation of the Confederacy was cathartic for Southerners. The key was that they felt like they were under siege by abolitionists were morally justified in resistance. Shooting up random old people in a synagogue or gunning down random people in a Walmart will not bring on the Boogaloo. It is not a cause the average person can identify with.

What could possibly bring on the Boogaloo? It could be something like the James Younger case in Texas or perhaps another Bundy Ranch type situation that spirals out of control. I can imagine Texas becoming a blue state could be a psychological turning point.

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  1. With Lincoln corresponding with Karl Marx and the North fully engulfed in Freemasonry, its pretty safe to say the American civil war was a jewish trick to get White men slaughtering eachother…the same scenario played out in WW1&2…Germany shut down the Masons before WW2, for reasons that are just now becoming evident again..Blue Face!…again!

  2. As a husband, a father and a Christian, I dread the coming of the Boogaloo. I’ve never even liked the thought of war overseas.

    In 2002, that made you an official Enemy of the State. Even milquetoast Pat Buchanan was attacked by neo-con Jews as an “unpatriotic conservative” because he didn’t want nuclear war against all Arabs, Muslims, and anyone else Jews and Israelis hated.

    The Jewish ADL – a front group for organized crime like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s child-sex-trafficking ring – is just promoting genocide, mass murder, and World War III like they have been forever.

    Now they are pressuing President Donald Duck into nuking Persia/Iran, which he may do because his son-in-law instructed his wife, Donald Duck’s converso daughter, to bat her eyes for “Daddy” and maybe even shed some tears to get sympathy from that old, Boomer cuck.

    They hate your sons, seeing them as only cannon fodder for Greater Israel, and they hate your daughters, seeing them as only “shiksa whores” for sexually pleasuring Jewish oligarchs like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Alan Dershowitz – and the White oligarchs that willingly collaborate with them.

    It’s both an ethnic/racial issue and a cultural issue. One thing is certain, “religion” has next to nothing to do with it.

  3. Said it before and I’ll say it again: first whiff of Boogaloo and we get American Franco, i.e. military dictatorship. And far too many military-worshiping Americans would be comfortable with that.

  4. “Boojahideen” made me laugh my ass off. I’m not really looking forward to civil war either, but at the same time I desperately want this rotten system to fall in the very near future, one way or another. I reckon I’ll be better prepared for boogaloo than the average American…we’ll see how much that’s worth.

  5. Wars are the natural state of mankind. I do not condemn them, as long as they are fought for our national or racial interests and not those of the hostile alien elite which currently rules over us.

    The jews seem to live in a perpetual state of fear that they are about to be annihilated. Let’s make sure those fears are FULLY justified.

  6. Every time I hear “Boogaloo,” I think;

    The Bugaloos
    The Bugaloos
    We’re in the air and everywhere
    Flying high, flying loose
    Flying free as a summer breeze

    The Bugaloos
    The Bugaloos
    We’re climbing high and diving low
    Through the sky, ‘cross the land
    Straight to you
    With a helping hand
    Ready with a helping hand

    We’re friends indeed
    Should you need
    If you ever need

    The Bugaloos
    The Bugaloos

  7. Boogaloo sooner is better.

    Boogaloo later, after after our communication channels are severed and our guns have been slowly taken by homeowners’ insurance regulations, manufacturer lawsuits, and debanking firearms sales is worse.

    X L R 8

  8. Hunter, you may remember that in the 90’s, establishment publications like Atlantic and NYT Magazine would discuss casually that a race war was not terribly unlikely in America’s future. This was not uncommon around the time of the LA riots, Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City. I think that establishment liberals used to think that the average boomer type conservative was a secret militant white nationalist. When boomers showed what cucks they were, the liberal establishment decided to be more aggressive. That’s why things spiraled so quickly with gay marriage, BLM, LGTBQ, white privilege, antifa etc. because liberals realized boomers would never call any bluff.

    In many ways, the conflict in between the alt-right and Conservatism Inc. has changed little since 1992. For the life of me, I cannot understand why most conservative boomers didn’t like Pat Buchanan and things like trade protection for American manufacturing back in the 90’s. I’m old enough to remember how the alt-right type positions got less popular for a few years, as boomers drank the kool-aid on war and free trade. There was a period from around 2000 to the mid 00’s where the alt-right was seen as a dead relict from the 90’s.

  9. Many see the boogaloo as the only way out of this mess since elections seem to be futile, and maybe it is, but how is any sort of civil war going to play out here? I don’t think it’s possible with the high-tech surveillance state we have. I think some combination of violent revolution mixed with acquiring state power will be the trick.

  10. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 1 not the sequel’s (Number 3 is coming?) is also a peaceful solution to this existential made up crisis.

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