Beto O’Rourke: Trump Is Like Hitler


Beto O’Rourke here again.

Did you know that Trump is like Hitler? We’re basically living in Nazi Germany. I read that in The New York Times last week.

I believe everything that I read in The New York Times. Did you know this country was founded on slavery and white supremacy in 1619? It is still racist to the core.

It is no longer enough to not be a racist. You have to be anti-racist. As a White man, I recognize the clear advantages of having white skin. The immigration system is racist. The education system is racist. The criminal justice system is racist. The economy is racist. The health care system is racist. People of Color are suffering from environmental racism. Guns are racist. Did you know the First Amendment and the Second Amendment is racist?

The president is a white supremacist, a White Nationalist and a Nazi. He inspired the White Nationalist mass shooting in El Paso, TX. He is a Russian asset. He talked to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. He needs to be impeached and removed from office.

Read the Mueller Report! It’s all there!

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    • Anthony Quinn was Irish and Mexican. He was a great actor, artist, lover of women and a boxer, too. By contrast Zero O’Dork is just a goofy faggot.

  1. Hahahaha! These morons kill me sometimes. Anyone who knows the first thing about Hitler and Trump knows, above all, that this clown, Donald Trump, wouldn’t make a good fester on Hitler’s rear end.

    • Correct.

      Hitler was the exact opposite of hate propaganda that is trotted our as authentic (((history))). He was a “Man against time” and an unparalleled defender of Western civilization from all of those that sought its decay and ruin.

      O’ Rourke is a shabbos goy judas goat used to push the anti-White Overton Window in the direction of talmudic jewry. He is a Gracchite who anywhere else but clown world would be a dunsel. “Beto” is like most other Gracchites (I.e., a man or woman whose ambition outweighs their character in spite of the advantages of their birthright fails to succeed on their own merits because they can’t compete against their peers, so they change teams and take out their failings on their own people).

      Trump is merengue the Zionist’s “Renfield” doing his blood sucking masters bidding with total obedience.

  2. Trump is against mostly White workers in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin not being unemployed and having the US $ become worthless like in Weimar Germany.


    Hitler and Trump are the same!

    Another explanation is that in these areas of mass unemployment and mass inflation, Hitler and Trump were both right.

    So wish we had more than a few White guys with a pair that could tell fags like this to just:

    “Shut up Faggot”

    Why don’t you try mouthing off like this in Saudi Arabia!

  3. If Trump is HItler, then we can he assume he is a Bolshevik?

    This metrosexual really needs to be beaten up and turned over into a federal prison for full time glory hole duty. I guess he will say any absurd thing to get some media attention.

  4. Beto O’Rourke: “Trump Is Like Hitler.”

    Hitler: “Beto is a spoiled Texas rich boy whose current hobby is politics.”

    James Owen: “Beto needs to move to Dallas, get a new hobby, and fail at being elected mayor of that city.”

  5. All politicians need to be fastened to a polygraph machine wherever they are making public statements because we can’t rely on Pinocchio rhinomegalomorphic tells.

  6. Notice ; Trump is not considered to Stalin ever? He did reference the white farmer’s of South Africa plight some years back? He’s a con artist, nothing will change with the Zog bureaucracy! Hitler never helped the Bores as well!

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