Democratic Candidates: White People Are Horrible!


White politicians commenting on race, as noted by AP:

  • John Hickenlooper described his “shame” that some white people “kind of looked the other way during these lynching incidents.”
  • Beto O’Rourke admitted he “clearly had advantages” as a white man.
  • Elizabeth Warren acknowledged black single mothers struggled more than she did.
  • Tim Ryan said he didn’t grow up around many black people.
  • Pete Buttigieg said “any white candidate needs to show a level of consciousness around issues like white privilege.”
  • Kirsten Gillibrand: “I guess I don’t see it that way” when asked whether she’d benefited from white privilege.”

It was precisely this sort of pandering to racial resentment and talking down to disaffected White populist and nationalist voters that put Blompf in the White House in 2016 and gave the GOP control of both the House and the Senate and the majority of state legislatures.

Andrew Yang has a huge advantage over his rivals for the Democratic nomination because he has talked sympathetically about the various problems afflicting White America. Along with Universal Basic Income, it is the reason why disaffected White populists are Yang Curious. No other Democratic candidate currently comes anywhere close to Yang in being an ongoing topic in the populist conversation.

The threat we are facing in the 21st century isn’t “white supremacy.” The truth is White people are actually dying out in this country because of a raging suicide and opioid epidemic. No, the real threat is the rise of artificial intelligence, which will make racial differences in IQ between blacks and Whites look minuscle by comparison. What are we going to do when humans over the next ten to twenty years can no longer compete with deep learning powered robots for employment? What are we going to do with the millions of people immigrating here then?

That’s the real question!

Andrew Yang is uniquely focused on the real questions facing our society. Blompf is trying to take the Boomers back to the 1950s. Elizabeth Warren wants to reconvene the Salem Witch Trials. Bernie is talking about creating unions in the 21st century to compete against automation and machine laborers. Beta O’Dork is an empty suit with crowd pleasing clichés. Pete Buttigieg wants you to know he is gay. The mainstream media is still talking about dumb irrevelvant shit like the Mueller Report.

50% of Americans are projected to lose their jobs over the next 15 years. Why aren’t these other candidates talking about that?

Note: We can’t afford to continue with business-as-usual Boomer outrage politics. The stakes are too high now. It will be difficult to navigate the issue.

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  1. Amy Klobuchar is the candidate to watch for 2020. Either her or some as-of-yet unheralded boring white guy will take middle america for the D’s.

    Harris is their only hard line hope. Everyone else is just going to the prom.

    White liberationists and anti-communists in general should only be accelerating, not enabling.

  2. Do NOT call me a Republican because I have given my votes to Republican candidates by way of voting AGAINST the Democratic candidate. The Democratic Party, besides having given this country the bar-none hands-down worst President we have ever had, Woodrow Wilson; is today a petri-dish of hatred for the Commoner’s Right of Arms.

    If the troubled twentieth century has taught us anything, it is that citizen disarmament is the harbinger of indecent designs on other liberties.

  3. ” 50% of Americans are projected to lose their jobs over the next 15 years.” You are really losing it!Lool! This automation crap is something that might or might not happen in the distant future and even if it happens the Jews and their colored slaves will still keep their focus on destroying the whites. There is no such things as all coming together.

    • ” 50% of Americans are projected to lose their jobs over the next 15 years.”

      How many people work in retail??? it’s a lot and self check out has already started cutting those. Self driving trucks will come this year. Musk has a new processor that does nothing but drive vehicles and he has millions and millions of miles of AI programmed driving already. He says self driving cars by the end of this year. I believe him. Inventory in big box retail is right now starting to be done by drones slaved to a computer. It flies around and counts. How long before they stock? Walmart just recently started using automatic floor polishers and equipment to unload trucks automatically. The job losses will be huge. Massive. The job loses will accelerate fast as computers get more powerful they will more quickly begin to do more and more work.

  4. So, have you pretty much stropped caring about the demographic apocalypse facing whites and decided just to focus on ways to alleviate our suffering as we go the way of the dodo?

    • No, I think about it in the context of history and as awful as the present is now we have faced down greater challenges in the past. I’ve become more optimistic, not less, that the status quo is unsustainable.

    • That’s what it sounds like to me, too. Hunter can get all these economic fixes he wants, and they won’t do a damn thing towards stopping the process of genocide that is underway. All it will do is make whites a little more comfortable and complacent as they disappear and get absorbed.

  5. Maybe a vote for Yang will usher in a “Chinese Century” at home. Where did he come from? After all the political screw jobs you’ve experienced, do you really think he is “the one”? $1,000/month is so low to sell out for. I think he may be the guy the system is really supporting. That’s why every other parasitic Dem is being urged to enter the race (quietly behind the scenes).

    So far, I’m writing in Steve King as President and Kris Kobach for something else high on the ballot.

    • Snowhitey,

      I don’t see it as selling out.

      Once again, I see it as the only solution to a practical problem. If 50% of American workers are going to lose their jobs over the next 15 years because of automation, then what else can you do but give people money to buy social peace? These people who are focused on Yang being Chinese are shooting the messenger. They are missing the forest for the trees.

      Let’s suppose Blompf is reelected in 2020 or Joe Biden defeats him. What happens then? Just as Yang is trying to tell people, automation is the black hole underneath the working class and middle class and the problem is only going to continue to get worse. The difference between Yang winning and anyone else winning is that at least Yang will wake up every day and try to address the real issue. These other candidates want to pretend that the economic black hole doesn’t exist and that this isn’t happening and they can continue on with status quo politics.

      The next 20 years aren’t going to be like the last 20 years. Automation is going to abolish cheap labor. Technological change will finally accomplish what 40 years of Boomer conservatism was unable to do which is to make immigration redundant. We’re going to watch millions of Americans lose their jobs because of automation. Even in the short run, there is just no way that in such a future that current immigration levels are going to be sustained.

      Immigration nostalgia will inevitably bow to reality. Political correctness will also bow to reality because the illusion of normalcy is about to give way to something we haven’t seen in generations.

      • We really don’t know who he is though. After Trump, I trust no one. They all get controlled one way or another and Yang won’t be any different. If he’s genuine, he will get that visit early on. We can’t vote our way out of this. $1,000/month will put people at poverty level. Since you have to be 18 to get the income, a family of four will be at $24,000/year. The poverty level for one is $12,490 and for family of four it’s at $25,750 in 2019. Only a family of two adults is above it at $16,910. What about medical insurance and all the other benefits employers often provide? Or, are we also talking Medicare for All, housing assistance, and free tuition on top of the $1,000/month? When they start reducing that – and they will – people will start committing suicide. We have become so dependent on others for our necessities. Right now Social Security starts at 62 but full SS doesn’t start until 66-1/2 with Medicare starting at 65, We are doomed.

          • The former United States is facing industrial and financial collapse. Automation and robotics won’t matter anymore, then.

          • MARXISM it is, then, Brad…
            Thats what basing political actions solely on economic grounds IS, folks…!!!

          • Allow me to explain.

            Karl Marx was a historicist. The same was true of his mentor Georg Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche and Friedrich List who was the founder of the German Historical School of Economics. The same was true of the French postmodernist Michel Foucault who wrote about how discourse evolved through time. It was Pat Buchanan and Nietzsche who turned me on to historicism back in 2001 and 2002.

            George Fitzhugh was a Southern historicist who criticized free-market capitalism. Thus, it is true there are some similarities between my way of thinking about economics and Marxism, but that is simply because we are both historicists. Obviously, I am a social conservative and an orthodox Lutheran, which makes me more of a Right-Hegelian than a Marxist.


          • Instead of approaching $1,000/month as a safety net, approach it with with reality. It’s an ambush.

  6. You might as well change this site to Yang’s campaign headquarters.
    EVERY article comes back to Yang/UBI/ The Robots are Coming..
    My God..
    Our enemies are laughing if they are reading this.
    The only good practical observations are from the commenters. If you ain’t for Yang, there’s not much here of value anymore.
    Are you being paid your $1,000/month already to lead us all off a cliff or even better, make us all out to be greedy stupid sellouts so desperate we’d vote for an asian democrat?
    Even typing that out sounds like the punch line to a bad joke…

    • mike porter,

      I don’t believe that nostalgia for dead regimes is getting us anywhere in the 21st century. I’ve sat here and watched for 18 years how all these old paradigms and way of talking about the issues has utterly failed. After the debacle at Michigan State last March, I got tired of relying on other people and their failed paradigms, their coarse discourse and their failed strategies and so I created a new one from scratch that incorporated the best of those two models and improved on it.

      • In my opinion HW, you and your LOS comrades should be preparing for Southern secession from the Union, not actively supporting establishment political candidates.

      • Saying that nothing from the past is worth studying or considering is very nihilistic.
        Those who will not study history are doomed to repeat it. I know you’ve heard that before and it is a true statement.
        Modern applications of tried and true principles and courses of action, properly adapted to our time and place are what is needed, sir.
        Hold the line.
        Desperation leads to poor decisions.

      • And to clarify things a little, I am not one of those LARP’ers for Nazi Germany or even the Confederacy, for that matter.
        I do, however, fly the Stars and Bars over my house with pride. Its the ONLY flag that has ever stirred my heart, but it is still just a symbol of something deeper.
        The guys who play the dress-up game will be the first to run scared when things get hot.
        I’m not in THAT crowd.
        Honestly, they have been the biggest deterrent to me actually linking arms with a group and attend any rallies.
        I nearly went to Charlottesville and the biggest reason we didn’t, believe it or not, came down to Matt Heimbach’s goofy optics and caricature of our side. I wanted no association with such.
        I am proactive in my own local way and people are receptive to the ideas we share, but have NO LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION to join up with.
        We’re like gasoline burning out in the open air…without a combustion chamber to direct the force.
        We are bullets without a rifle…

  7. After unions were defanged under Reagan and economic protectionism taken away, the American worker was left to the tender mercies of the marketplace. Salaries, which have been flat for decades, have recently gone up (supposedly) something like 2%. Wow! We can’t count on politicians or businesses to look out for our interests. While the cultural and economic systems implode, let’s see to it that we have something to tide us over.

    I would love it if any candidate picked up the UBI idea, but so far it’s only Yang. Higher minimum wages get jobs automated away faster, and (sadly) unionization these days is friggin’ moronic when the blue-collar jobs usually protected by unions are already going away. Manufacturing is becoming heavily automated, and ordering kiosks and self-checkout stations are everywhere. So a lot of jobs are being phased out. Money needs to come from somewhere, hopefully without the stigma of welfare.

  8. hate whitey works, chinese techno man doesn’t work. who would have thought that the political science major could get it so wrong? lol.

    at this point it’s time to start asking hunter if he’d like to make a bet on this stuff. he’s so confidently wrong that he looks like a first timer in a vegas sports book.

    • Back in 2016, I was far more accurate than the mainstream media and punditry. I also predicted that the Republicans would lose Congress in the 2018 election well over a year before it happened.

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