Trump: For The First Time In History, Most New Hires Are Women and Minorities

Congratulations, I guess …

It has been a while since I have written about Blompf, the King of the Jews.

I spent mid-August on our annual fundraiser (we easily reached our goal) and enrolling my son in school, late August doing historical research and working on my speech, early September on the League conference and mid-September on Infinite Drama Quest 2019. We’re gradually shifting back to what I consider our normal schedule which is politics, history and current events.

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  1. Yea so in other words he’s nothing but the enemy of the White Male Worker. Go figure. Not my President! How people can still be brainwashed by him is beyond me. The King of the Jews is the enemy of White People. Deo Vindice !

    • The reason cheering White Magatards still support this lying JEW is because emotional need is usually infinitely greater than a desire to acknowledge and deal with hard, cold, brutal reality. White people in America want to be GOOD. They want to believe other people are GOOD. I have had “good Christian Whites” go ape-shite MENTAL on me, when confronted with reality on the ground. The DoGooder fantasy mentality is literally going to have to beaten to pulp, or killed off entirely, with the majority of the White Race.

      • “DoGooder fantasy mentality ”

        It is killing this nation.
        Ultimately, it will.
        (Really strange, how Whites don’t have this sentiment for fellow Whites, it’s rare.)

        • All of these degenerates Trump is clucking (cucking?) about i.e. minorities and colored women hate his guts and will never vote for him in appreciable numbers. The ‘Cult of Personality’ Trumtards will vote for him no matter what but in a close election he will need what I call the ‘Ann Coulter’ vote; all those white people who wanted a white agenda enforced but are disillusioned with him. Trump is not stupid and understands this and will pivot back to implicit (never explicit) white nationalism next year to try to win the ‘Ann Coulter’ vote back.

          White people, Trump’s core constituency who wanted and end to illegals and also legal immigration are disillusioned with him and he knows it. He failed on his signature issue, building the +1,900 mile wall with Mexico and that’s why he emphasizes economic issues instead, rarely bringing up the wall now at his rallies. If the financial system collapses like it almost did in 1987, 1998 (LTCM) and 2008, coming within inches of disintegrating and taking the economy down each time, Trump loses his main issue for reelection.

          Prediction: The last Republican campaign slogan of 2020 will be: “The Other Guy is Worse”.
          That will be true but insufficient if the economy is in a shambles, the ‘Ann Coulter’ vote stays home and Trump starts a war with Iran for “Our greatest Ally”. President ‘Batshit Crazy’ Pocahontas will be quite the nightmare then.

          BTW, where is Mr. Pocahontas, we never see him? Perhaps he told Mrs. Pocahontas several years ago: “I’m going out for a quart of milk, don’t wait up for me” and hasn’t been seen since? Could you blame Mr. Pocahontas?

          Here is an excellent analysis of Trump’s rallies from Counter Currents:

  2. America’s last real president was Richard E. Nixon. Thankfully the Deep State didn’t bump him off like they did with the Kennedy brothers. They only forced him to resign because he attempted to cover up a break-in that was staged by the CIA. Unlike Nixon Blormp is too much of a weak, incompetent clown for the Deep State to be overly concerned about. And the DemonKKKraps are making no real effort to defeat him in next year’s election because they benefit more from keeping him around for another 4 years.

    • He appointed Kissinger, that was too much harm. Kissinger ultimately caused Nixon’s impeachment. What a fool goy, to invite the enemy into your camp.

      (Mr K ruined Rhodesia, killed South Africa , opened China, gave the Arabs trillions in revenue. Lots of good.)

      • I remember Nixon railing against the jews with Billy Graham behind closed doors. I wonder if the experience with Kissinger helped wise him up.

  3. The 2020 Blompf/Kushner chant by MAGAtards wont be “Built the wall,” but instead it will be, “Build the third temple.”

  4. By the way, Laurent Obertone is coming out with the sequel to his first novel about a racial war in France. The book, like the first one, is published by a major French publisher. I can’t see an American publisher agreeing to publish this type of a novel, especially since in his first novel, a group of hard-core Rightist militants take the opportunity offered by a general civilizational collapse to assassinate well-known leftist journalists and politicians.

  5. You can chalk this development up to the workings of the good ‘ol 14th Amendment and “Incorporation” as well. As I’m sure you know, beginning around 2007 several states, including Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, etc., began, one after the other, writing and passing their own immigration laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants, harboring them and so on. These states did this under heavy pressure from their constituencies. With each new version of these pieces of legislation, legislators in these states were taking cues from the previous laws passed in others states and adding more to their own versions. It was said at the time, with each new bill, that e.g. “Oklahoma’s immigration law is the toughest in the country.” When Arizona passed hers, it became the new “toughest immigration law”; same with Alabama and so on. All of these, however, were soon facing lawsuits in federal courts which immediately began to gut them of their teeth, leaving nothing but useless stipulations that have no power to control or regulate any of the above. How did the federal courts justify doing this to our duly passed legislation on the matter? Via the “Due Process” and “Equal Protection” clauses of the fourteenth amendment, and the out-of-thin-air invention by the Supremes of the so called “Incorporation Doctrine.” As I’ve said before, I’ve written about this a million times seems like, dating back to around 2003, way before I ever read or even knew about Raoul Berger’s book. Here is something I wrote about it more recently in several comments beginning here:

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