Trump Delivers ‘America First’ Speech At United Nations

I’m not a globalist, BUT …

I’m deploying troops to Poland and Saudi Arabia

I’m ticked that Europeans aren’t paying their fair share of NATO’s costs …

I’m crushing Iran for the sake of Israel and Saudi Arabia …

Anti-Semitism …

I’ve launched global crusades to decriminalize homosexuality and promote feminism around the world …

I’m ticked that China was brought into the WTO and failed to liberalize its economy …

Lowest African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment level ever …

The GDP …

YUGE tax cuts and regulation cuts …

My military buildup …

I’m replacing NAFTA with USMCA …

Freedom and democracy must be protected at home and abroad …

The people in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are oppressed …

The specter of socialism …

We await the day when democracy is restored to Venezuela …

A free society cannot allow social media giants to silence people …

The enemies of liberty …

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      • I very much doubt that. Hilary would not need to prove her anti-racist bona fides by cracking down on the far right. Also the anti-whites would be lulled into a smug 4 year slumber instead of being invigorated like they are now.

        A Hilary victory would’ve been a disaster for another reason. It would have left everyone convinced that Trump could haved saved America if only he’d got elected. We’d resign ourselves to our fate thinking the west voted for suicide instead of seeing the rigged system for what it is.

        So thank you blormpf for exposing this corrupt Jewish circus and the colossal fraud that is the MAGA movement.

    • #Denise

      You weren’t wrong Ms. Denise. Take it from somebody whose barber was Bill Clinton’s first cousin.

      The Clintons are Vindictive. If Hillary had won, we’d probably be at war with Russia, over an idiotic no fly zone in Syria. The Clintons would also be taking it out on everybody who voted against them, more untimely and mysterious deaths would be piling up, and several people would be unemployed, in jail, or both.

      What Hunter said, goes along with it.

      The best we can hope for is that nothing really bad happens under Trump.

      • @James Owen,

        “The best we can hope for is that nothing really bad happens under Trump.”

        Nothing bad, eh?

        What would you call the social media censorship and deplatforming of dissent voices that has occurred during the trump/kushner administration?

        Do you not think that a cabinet filled with Israel Firsters is bad? Or how the USA especially under trump has become a branch of the IDF?

        How about the Trump DOJ’s behavior after Charlottesville? You didn’t mind the miscarriage of justice done to the members of RAM or the railroading of James Fields?

        Then there trump’s unilaterally pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, Iran Nuclear Deal, and the ABM (anti-ballistic missle) and intermediate range nuclear treaties with Russia?

        There are plenty more examples of trump doing Implementing really bad policies, but I’ll let chew on those.

    • @Denise

      I voted him solely because if I didn’t it would look like I wasn’t ratifying his message. Whites needed to see support and solidarity in each other, men perhaps especially from white women. My vote didn’t count in NJ anyway, I figured.

      But everyone needs to face that he’s was the zionist trojan horse.

      For those who think we’d be gulaged by now by Hilary, I can’t agree and think her health care plan (she was the first presidential candidate to release one during the campaign itself) was probably part of why she got torpedoed by the NYC Mossad aka NYPD and its media conglomerate via the Pizzagate emails. She was totally against gulags and her plan staunchly defended the rights of the so-called mentally ill.

      I also think Hillary was too experienced to be manipulated as easily as Trump. Regardless, we have to get him out of office if possible.

  1. The fact that he’s even at the United Nations shows he’s the enemy of White America. That’s not surprising that he’s calling for a War with Iran. We know that America First really just means Israel First. All because America First would really be racist? Go figure. We can do better than Trump. The solution is not vote for him. The Grassroots “conservatives” will be more on our side with a Democrat President. That means more meetings, rallies, protests in the streets, and more recruiting new members. It’s good for us. The future we can support better candidates for President who are serious about our Nationalist interests and saving Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  2. If Blormp is an America First president I’d hate to see what an America Last president would be like. But wait, we had one of those already. His name was Backdoor Barry Soetoro. And he a acted a lot more presidential than this fool.

      • People just can’t come to grips with the fact that America finally ended during WWII. The undoing started earlier during the war for Southern independence, but it accelerated from there. We don’t have a Nation. We have to pivot from saving the Nation to re-founding one.

        • The 1960’s, after JFK’s assassination, starting in 1964 was another re-founding of America similar to the way the aftermath of the Civil War was a second founding of the U.S. This third re-founding of America is based on anti-white, anti-Christian animus under cover of “diversity”. This encompassed all the civil rights, voting rights, equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and racial integration laws from Congress and that unelected legislature known as the Supreme Court. Even more pernicious than all those bad laws combined was the 1965 so-called “Immigration Reform Act”.

          This third re-founding of America is based on the Great Replacement of the 90% white population with a tiny, oligarchic, anti-Christian, majority non-white plutocracy that will rule over the wreckage of the country. The replacement Third World population will live in violence, squalor, stupidity, corruption, disease and misery; in other words, their natural condition. This might seem paradoxical, to exchange a great, high functioning, prosperous and successful country for a shit hole but John Milton explained it back in 1667: ” . . . Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

  3. I thought it was a pretty good speech overall. Imperfect as he is, still far better than the alternative. This site under a Hildebeast would have been shut down already and the operators in a re-education camp. It was fun seeing Chuck Turd and other globalist scum like from the CFR hyperventilate over it.

    Since the leftist in both parties won’t help at home, it’s true that there has been a substantial decrease in illegal immigration. Now whether he can really start enforcing the no capture is another matter.

  4. It doesn’t matter. The entire ruling class in the government and media and everything else is scum.

    Maybe the “intelligence community” would do the people a favor next year and issue an election list of approved candidates who would be spared such things as whistleblowers from the IC who have no first-hand knowledge of the act in question, foreign opposition research paid for by the FBI, surveillance based on false applications, etc.

    “Our Democracy”(tm) is crap. It’s a corrupt oligarchy.

  5. More of the same. I couldn’t care less about this new bunch of shenanigans.

    From what I understand this started with Biden’s meth head son and kickbacks. Typical DC corruption and graft.

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