Daily Stormer: The Vetting of Weev

I’m glad that The Daily Stormer is asking questions.

It is long past time that we start asking questions about The Daily Stormer and the people who are behind that project. It seems odd that a legitimate White Nationalist website would celebrate mass shootings, promote miscegenation and prostitution, foment hatred against White women and discourage traditional values like marriage and family as these are not values typically found in that community. From the beginning, there have been many times over the past few years when folks have wondered why it is that this particular website has gone out of its way to make the Alt-Right look terrible.

We can start with Andrew Escher Auernheimer aka “Weev” who wrote this essay while he was incarcerated in prison in 2013:

“My name is Andrew Auernheimer. I used to believe problems could be solved with criticism and discourse in our marketplace of ideas. Three years ago I incremented an integer on a public web API and analyzed the output for all to read. It was then demanded I apologize for abusive arithmetic. I disagreed that addition could be abhorrent, so now I write this from the Special Housing Unit of a federal prison.

A lifetime ago another Auernheimer named Raoul wrote things that angered powerful people. Those people called Raoul a bad person, too. “Mischling” was their word for him. They also sent him to a prison. It was called Dachau.

Raoul’s bail and passage to America was paid by one Theodore Herzl. Herzl said only fools stay where they are hated, paying the taxes for the thugs and pogroms to destroy them. Herzl said to every Jew: Grab all your goods and crew, let us move some place new. He founded the Zionist movement. …”

This seems strange.

Here we have Weev a year before he started writing for Daily Stormer comparing himself to Raoul Auernheimer who was sent to Dachau by the Nazis. He was released from prison and fled to America after powerful Jews like his uncle Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, lobbied the United States government to put pressure on Germany to secure his release.

Here is Weev again just a year before joining Daily Stormer and before he was sent to prison saying that he is Jewish on a Reddit AMA:

“Well, my line is related to Theodore Herzl, so I have blood ties to Zionist thought. It is a very nuanced and complex issue. Herzl’s original idea was to move the Jews to the sparsely populated areas of Argentina, which would have ended up fantastic. Instead, the Zionist congress went for the heavily populated and politically charged Palestine. The reasons for this are about 90% Mammonism (they saw the emerging market for light sweet crude) and 10% nutjob (rebuild the temple to initiate the apocalypse). Herzl’s idea was also to have Jews in all labor positions, but instead they’ve kept the Palestinians around as a slave underclass.

Largely, Herzl’s noble and decent vision for Zionism has been corrupted. The apartheid in Palestine must end. Palestine should largely be returned to the Palestinians as South Africa was returned to Africans. The Zionist elements in our government, media and financial system must be weeded out by any means necessary. Dual nationals of any sort should not occupy positions of power. The whole point of America is that we are supposed to put aside our ethnic and religious differences and put America first. This has been lost as we are continually balkanized by malevolent bankers that hate us for Zionist advantage.”

As one might suspect after reading the Tech Crunch article, the purpose of Weev comparing himself to the “Mischling” Raoul Auernheimer who was sent to Dachau was to suggest that he was facing a similar situation. He was lobbying powerful Jews to secure his release from federal prison.

Weev compared his situation to Aaron Hillel Swartz who was another Jewish hacktivist who co-founded Reddit and who hung himself in his Brooklyn apartment after he was sentenced to 35 years in a federal prison for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Weev was also convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

“I left the Aaron Swartz memorial tonight emotionally exhausted. Here is a guy who was beloved by many of my close friends, whose suffering and miseries I have shared in kind. I’ll never forget when the Secret Service started following me. My lover at the time and I treated it like a game, spending our days ditching surveillance in the best ways possible: speedboats, helicopters, club bouncers. …

FBI agents tried to frame me for terrorism in 2008. Twice. They ruined my career, my relationship, my life. Nobody believed that I could be a terrorist so now they try to libel me as an identity thief. …

This is the difference between the prosecutors and FBI agents and I. They wish me utterly destroyed, and have been hounding me for years of my life. They have been surveilling me, by their own admission, since I was 15. You know what I wish for? A world where no man may abridge the liberty of another. Not me, not you, not the FBI, not federal prosecutors. I actually hope they have fulfilling lives, and come to realize the mistake of treating our Constitution like toilet paper.

This is a country where if you express ideas that federal agents don’t like you, you will be beaten, imprisoned, or killed. I accept my responsibility for offending seditious thugs, liars and tyrants. I say this is the duty of all decent citizens left.

God bless.

Andrew Auernheimer

The reason that Andrew Escher Auernheimer went to prison was for identity theft. He claims the FBI and Secret Service have been after him since he was 15 years old. For what? Why?

Here is Weev being profiled in 2008 in The New York Times:

“Weev, the troll who thought hacking the epilepsy site was immoral, is legendary among trolls. He is said to have jammed the cellphones of daughters of C.E.O.’s and demanded ransom from their fathers; he is also said to have trashed his enemies’ credit ratings. Better documented are his repeated assaults on LiveJournal, an online diary site where he himself maintains a personal blog. Working with a group of fellow hackers and trolls, he once obtained access to thousands of user accounts. …

He is in his early 20s with full lips, darting eyes and a nest of hair falling back from his temples. He has a way of leaning in as he makes a point, inviting you to share what might or might not be a joke. …

Ideas like these bring trouble. Almost a year ago, while in the midst of an LSD-and-methamphetamine bender, a longer-haired, wilder-eyed Weev gave a talk called “Internet Crime” at a San Diego hacker convention. He expounded on diverse topics like hacking the Firefox browser, online trade in illegal weaponry and assassination markets — untraceable online betting pools that pay whoever predicts the exact date of a political leader’s demise. The talk led to two uncomfortable interviews with federal agents and the decision to shed his legal identity altogether. Weev now espouses “the ruin lifestyle” — moving from condo to condo, living out of three bags, no name, no possessions, all assets held offshore. As a member of a group of hackers called “the organization,” which, he says, bring in upward of $10 million annually, he says he can wreak ruin from anywhere …

Over a candlelit dinner of tuna sashimi, Weev asked if I would attribute his comments to Memphis Two, the handle he used to troll Kathy Sierra, a blogger. Inspired by her touchy response to online commenters, Weev said he “dropped docs” on Sierra, posting a fabricated narrative of her career alongside her real Social Security number and address. This was part of a larger trolling campaign against Sierra, one that culminated in death threats. Weev says he has access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers. About a month later, he sent me mine.”

Among other things, Weev told The New York Times that he has access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers, that he “dropped docs” on Kathy Sierra, that he hacks people and steals their personal information in order to make money. He portrayed himself as an international criminal living a life of luxury. Then he sent the reporter her own Social Security number.

Weev is a drug addict:

“Whatever he earned he blew on prison heroin that others had smuggled inside. (Weev is unabashed about his drug use, but says he only did smack “now and then.”) …

Taking his nickname from his favorite animal — weevils are swarming beetles best known for destroying crops — weev soon found another obsession: drugs. His favorite was LSD, which he claims was uniquely conducive to programming. “I’m already a pretty relentless person, but it makes me far more relentless,” he says. “You can hack better while you’re tripping.” …

“Want a bump?”

It’s not that surprising when Andrew “weev” Auernheimer offers me coke shortly after we first meet.

Weev is obsessed with Timothy McVeigh:

“Weev was released from the SHU after a few weeks, but he wasn’t back in the general population for long. In one of the first letters he wrote to a girlfriend, he says that he mentioned wishing death upon the houses of his enemies and praised Timothy McVeigh. “I think he’s a hero,” weev tells me, sipping a martini in a Brooklyn bar.

“So he’s heroic even though he killed all those children?” I ask.

“Correct, correct, yes,” he goes on, reddening in the face as he rails against the government. “What they do to us must be done asymmetrically to them. For every child they kill, there must be a thousand dead federal children. That should be the rule.”

He openly advocates domestic terrorism:

“On revolution: “I’m not going to sit by and let a few banking dynasties ruin the Bill of Rights…I’m trying to catalyze a violent revolution, like I want people to pick up guns and murder the people who have become obstacles to liberty, and I am not fucking joking when I say that.”

He was arrested on drug charges:

“Andrew “Escher” Auernheimer was arrested by Fayetteville, Ark., police and was booked into the Washington County Detention Center Tuesday afternoon, where he is being held on bonds totaling $3,160.

Auernheimer, 24, faces four felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor drug charge. According to CNET News, which first reported the arrest, police found drugs that included cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and Schedule 2 and 3 pharmaceuticals when they searched his home. …”

Weev was on Huff Post Live before he was sent to prison (watch him talk about his right to drop your dox):

Weev was on CNBC to promote his hedge fund when he was released from prison:

Weev was picked up from prison by VICE and comes out and gets in the car and says Hail Victory to his buddies:

“A white power anthem blared from the van’s speakers while I drove away from the prison, and weev sang along, “There’s no crime in being white!” As we headed back to New York, weev detailed his experience behind bars, where he’d smelted jewelry, read some epic poetry, and started a small Greek yogurt business. “A lot of pedophiles like to tell other people in prison that they’re hackers,” he said. “And I got to call all of those fuckers out, which was great. I say gas ‘em, just gas ‘em all.” …

Exiting the Holland Tunnel, and heading into Lower Manhattan past the familiar sight of Zuccotti Park, weev reflected on his time at Occupy. We parked, reunited him with a backpack he’d left behind 13 months ago at his sentencing, and walked upstairs to a friend’s apartment where a small welcome party had assembled. Close friends and supporters awaiting Andrew’s arrival popped champagne bottles, applauded, and cheered, “Hail Eris! Hail victory!”

This is amazing.

Weev is popping champagne bottles with his friends from the leftwing media who knew him from his Occupy Wall Street days. He is saying Hail Victory after these people in the media raised thousands of dollars for him and campaigned for his early release from federal prison.

Here is Weev riding around with Gawker and telling them he is Jewish in 2012:

“When I asked Auernheimer, who says he’s got Jewish ancestors, if he actually means all of the bigoted stuff he says, he replied: “I do think Jews have power in this country and I fight powerful people. Jews in general have power over media and banking. Ergo, I will make fun of them on the internet.”

Here is Weev in 2010 saying again on the Goatse Security website that he is Jewish:

“Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way bought from the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many “journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case.”

For years, Weev maintained an OkCupid profile. In the profile, he claimed to be a Bavarian Jew who takes Satanic joy in corrupting White women:

In the OkCupid profile, Weev lists his ethnicity as “Native American, White, Other,” which is to say, he is mixed race. He is White, Native American and Jewish by ancestry as anyone can plainly see from looking at him. This individual looks like a Jewish troll.

It’s not just Weev saying five times that he is Jewish.

It’s not just his enemies who say this about him because he looks Jewish.

Weev’s own mother says he is Jewish on both sides of his family:

“And his mother has confirmed it. Alyse Auernheimer told Newsweek that she was saddened that her son had wished death on children. She added that she has been estranged from him for over a decade.

“He doesn’t like us,” she said, adding that her son comes from a “large, mixed-race family” with Native American heritage, and that he most certainly has Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.”

In the OkCupid profile, Weev claimed to be Native American, White and Other. He claimed to be a Bavarian Jew. In his LinkedIn profile, Weev claimed to speak the Muskogee Indian language.

Here is Weev in his Occupy Wall Street days:

Here is Weev’s mom pleading with his enemies from the internet not to dox her family because her son is a paranoid schizophrenic:

“There is a thread on your website referencing my son Andrew Auernheimer. I am totally sympathetic with those posting as my son is guilty of horrible behavior. We are ashamed of him and wish we could find him ourselves. Sadly, your contributors felt the need to “Out” our family, Andrew’s parents and siblings. There are links to our younger children, one of whom is only 14, our address and phone numbers are available, photos of the children and one reference by one poster as to a desire to rape me.

The truth is everyone we know already knows we have a mentally ill child. We have made no secret of Andrew. We too are victims of Andrew. The hardest part for all of us is that he used to be normal. He loved us and was sweet and kind to his siblings. Several years ago he developed a relationship with a girl with a serious drug problem. He began by using xtc regularly and eventually graduated to LSD and heroin. About three years ago he had a mental breakdown and began hearing voices and talking to himself. He vanished from our lives. My children would log into AIM to see if he was still alive; if he was logged on too long  or not recently they would worry something had happened to him. There are references to his lavish lifestyle on this thread but the sad truth is he is paranoid schizophrenic and has been homeless a number of times.

I am not excusing his pathetic behavior. My >husband and I contacted law enforcement in Southern California almost a year ago as we wanted to try to “catch him” and have him forcibly committed; he needs help. Unfortunately we were told that the likely outcome would be 72 hours in a mental facility and they would let him go and since we are in no financial position to pay for mental health care for him we should just pray and forget it. I cried every night for a year but I am done crying. I can only worry about things that I can change and I really have NO information about Andrew. He never once gave us a phone number or address where we could reach him. When he left here he did not have a car or a license. I don’t even know what state he might be in and frankly, I don’t know if I want to anymore.

I don’t know if any of you have ever had a mentally ill family member. It is torture. For it to be your child is indescribably painful.  I sometimes wonder if  because our lives as a family have been dedicated to diversity and inclusion, that he may have chosen his weapons to purposely hurt us. We are tough though and committed to each other and making the most positive contributions to our world as we are able. I hope you all can find it in your hearts to please take down our personal information. If your goal is to hurt US then you have succeeded.

Other than that I am not sure what the purpose of all this was. I don’t cry over Andrew anymore but I found this thread when I googled my daughter looking for a school picture for her dorm room and I sobbed. She has never said an unkind word to anyone and I knew she would be devastated. We are not responsible for Andrew’s totally screwed up life, he is. I was contacted erroneously on my Facebook page by someone named Anton Garcia posing as a Dreamworks Animation Employee trying to find Andrew because he was hacking Dreamworks. I suspected it was fake but I answered anyway, truthfully. I too want him to own up to his stupid behavior and take the consequences like a man. I’m sure I will be disappointed. The worst part about this is you ONLY hurt us. Andrew probably thought it was hilarious. He doesn’t care what you say or do to us, he only cares about himself. He, in the past, has even made up a variety of ugly lies about us, but he is always found out. Many of the postings referred to our family as nice. This is accurate. Our other children are everything Andrew rejected, kind, smart, hard-working, dedicated to making a difference through public service, and we have left Andrew behind. There is so much need in this world and so little time that spending it on tears and regret is a colossal waste. Don’t get me wrong we will always love Andrew and our hearts will forever be broken where he is concerned but what else can we do but move on. It’s like the Andrew we knew died long ago. Hope does spring eternal and sometimes I dream the real Andrew is home and we are all together, but my hopes are waning.  Who knows, the future is never certain. I have been referred to an FBI agent who is involved with the cyber crimes division. I will forward this email to her tomorrow. Again, please don’t make my younger children suffer any more. Do what you will with Andrew, he’s earned it, but please let our family try to move on. We have been dealing with this for years.”

Sincerely, Alyse Auernheimer

Actually, Andrew has no relationship to designadventures or sealpac. Years ago before sealpac came the US market, Andrew grabbed the domain name (before we knew anything about his mental issues). We want it back. We didn’t even remember until this week that his name was on it as we paid for several years in advance and the recent renewal was paid by credit card. Design Adventures is my little interior design business-never had a thing to do with Andrew. Design Adventures and Sealpac have nothing to do with Andrew and have never done business with Andrew. In fact, even as parents we have never financially supported him since he left home. Years ago our communication with him was come home, get help, go to school and we will then and only then support you. He refused. Andrew was never abused or neglected. When he lived with us he was a totally different person, prior to his substance abuse issues. He became a different person in Cal. He had to get as far away from us as he could to participate in this kind of behavior because we would have called the cops and kicked his ass to the curb. From his postings he is deranged and a drug addict. We are not asking for sympathy for him. Andrew has been detained by the FBI twice this year? They didn’t do [email protected]…! I don’t know what the strategy should be for you or I if the FBI won’t do anything to stop him and we can’t find him. You don’t want to call the FBI and we don’t care if you do, if they need to they will contact you. Andrew’s name has been available online for years so it never even occurred to me to disclose his name but I also spoke to law enforcement a year ago so even they knew. There are so many crazies on the > web just like Andrew and we simply stopped trying with him when he went to > California years ago. He would not give us his address or location. Truthfully, until about a year ago we didn’t even know about this ugly, racist rhetoric because we weren’t wasting our days looking.

Many years ago he was online railing against Bill O’Reilly and the far right and saying anything to inflame. He used to be a radical liberal. I think he is so crazy now that he might be convinced that martians are ruining his life, not Jews. He’s nuts. Sadly he is not alone. I could not believe, when I finally got wind of his livejournal, how many people were posting horrible things in agreement. I felt physically sick.

All of those people are also a danger and who knows who those people are. They were smart enough to not post their own photos and link their real names to their ugly words. They may be more of a danger because we don’t know who they are. I thought the person claiming to be from Dreamworks was you because I > replied that I had not seen or heard from him in over two years and you > posted that very communication on your forum a day later. I communicated to law enforcement that I thought it was you. Maybe it was one of the other people posting and giving you information. Regardless, that is for law enforcement to work out and I don’t believe it was really someone from Dreamworks. The problem with all this hacker shit is that you cant trust anyone; you don’t know what to believe. Frankly, I don’t even know about you. I want Andrew to stop. I don’t know what to do. I am frankly worried you will post my cooperation with you somewhere and andrew will find out and hurt us. Do not disclose communication with us because of this fear. I have answered your questions truthfully. You have promised not to post our personal information and I am trusting you are the kind of person I am hoping you are.

I am open to further communication with you through the Richmond Rabbi of your choice. I do a lot of volunteer work through a Richmond non-denominational non-profit organization and I can bring a local Rabbi into the conversation if you would prefer. As you said, the irony is we are a multi-racial family. My great grandparents were Czech, Jewish immigrants, and I am native American. As the white parents of black kids living in the south you can be sure we know about racism. The world is a small place and we are all one. Andrew and his victims are but one of the many sad, dark consequences of drug addiction, internet addiction, and the internet itself. I am so so sorry for your suffering. We too are suffering. This is a nightmare. We feel like hostages. I am sure you do too.


Maybe Weev’s mom is lying about him though?

No, Alyse’s story is easily verified. Weev’s grandfather was a Muskogee Indian named Alan Marshall who grew up on the Creek Indian reservation in Oklahoma, which is why Weev himself claimed to be a Native American for years and fluent in the Muskogee language. Similarly, Alyse’s story that her great-grandparents were Czech Jewish immigrants can also be verified. When I researched this last year, I discovered that Weev is descended from Jewish merchants (Jerry & Ethel Rousek) who settled in Muskogee, Oklahoma around the turn of the 20th century. They intermarried with Muskogee Indians (their daughter Grace Rousek married Benjamin Marshall) in Oklahoma which produced Weev’s grandfather who was Alyse’s father.

So, we have a mixed-race Jewish troll whose own mother claims he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He is a drug addict and key supporter of Occupy Wall Street. This individual claimed to be of Jewish and Native American heritage for nearly a decade on the internet. He was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison in 2013 for exposing the personal data of 100,000 people, but was mysteriously released 13 months later after becoming a cause célèbre on the progressive Left. He was represented by Professor Orin Kerr of George Washington University law school and Tor Ekeland in that case free of charge.

After being released from prison in April 2014, Weev returns to his LiveJournal on May 26, 2014 to rant and rave about his revenge on the federal government. After sending a letter from prison about Timothy McVeigh, he gets out and says he is going to build a monument to Timothy McVeigh. He says “we’ve got a whole fucking Internet to cover with dongs and swastikas, and we’ve got a whole world to fill with monuments to martyrs that the government dares call “terrorists”. Let the ruin begin.” As with many other aspects from Weev’s past, it has been scrubbed from the internet.

To recap:

  • Weev is mixed-race. His mother is a Muskogee Indian and identifies as a Native American on Facebook.
  • Weev claimed to be Jewish on five separate occasions on Reddit, Gawker, Goatse Security, OkCupid and Tech Crunch. He mysteriously ceased to be Jewish while in federal prison.
  • Weev went to federal prison for identity theft. In that case, he compromised the emails over 100,000 AT&T users. Years before that happened, he boasted to The New York Times about having access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers. He he also compromised the identities of thousands of LiveJournal users.
  • Weev boasted on Huff Post Live that he has the right to “drop docs” like he did with Kathy Sierra who is a programmer
  • Weev threatened to dox his prosecutors
  • Weev was one of the most prominent members of Occupy Wall Street
  • Weev suffers from paranoid schizophrenia according to his mother
  • Weev is a drug addict known to abuse LSD, cocaine and meth
  • Weev was freed from prison after a media campaign by progressive journalists and his allies in Occupy Wall Street
  • Weev was picked up from prison by VICE
  • Weev is hosted on CNBC after his release from prison to promote his hedge fund
  • Weev is openly promoting domestic terrorism to anyone within earshot

It is October 1, 2014.

Five months after his early release from federal prison, Weev makes his debut on The Daily Stormer where he becomes embedded in the Alt-Right. Suddenly, this relative of Raoul Auernheimer is now brandishing a swastika tattoo on his chest. It is all part of some retarded troll to promote himself and discredit the Weev app. He ends up acquiring Weev.net which he interprets as a major success.

Weev continues to send unhinged rants decorated with swastikas about raping and murdering the children of federal agents to printers across the United States:

What’s the source of Weev’s feud with Christopher Cantwell?

After Cantwell was released from jail in Charlottesville, Weev went on Cantwell’s show The Radical Agenda and started ranting and raving about how he supports domestic terrorism and mass murder. The feud began when Cantwell lost his domain name as a result.

Weev has dozens of posts on the Daily Stormer forum celebrating mass shootings, rating them by their “score” and delighting in the carnage which he sees through the prism of Volund the Elf:

The same thing happened with Gab which nearly lost its domain which its registrar threatened to yank because of Weev’s longtime obsession with Timothy McVeigh:

Weev used to promote Atomwaffen on Daily Stormer and interacted with them in the Stormer’s private Discord server:

Weev used his podcast Race Ghost to revive interest in the Charles Manson cult in the Alt-Right:

The failure of the Alt-Right to vet Weev in spite of the fact that his past was on full public display allowed him to become embedded within the movement at the Daily Stormer which he transformed into his platform for plastering swastikas across the internet, celebrating domestic terrorism and promoting his perverse Jewish obsessions like degrading White women:

Here is Weev sharing his plot on the TRS 504um in late 2017 to further splinter and disrupt the Alt-Right. This came after he had already succeeded in driving lots of people away by associating the brand with cartoon Nazism, incel rape gangs and support for domestic terrorism:

A year ago, The Daily Stormer was still supported by TRS, Eric Striker and David Duke. It was pointed out during Weev’s previous campaign against Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Christopher Cantwell and TWP that Weev was a subversive Jew. This came after the campaign against Andrew Torba and Gab who banned Weev for supporting terrorism. It came after the campaign against all female content creators who were relentlessly trolled by incels affiliated with Daily Stormer. There were campaigns before that like the one against Colin Liddell and Ramzpaul when Weev and Anglin first manifested in 2014. Over the course of five years, they have come into this online space and associated the Alt-Right brand first with cartoon Nazism, gutter nihilism and vulgarity, second with God Emperor Donald Trump and conservatism and finally with Loser Nationalism in the form of white sharia incel rape gangs and celebration of mass shootings all while repeatedly disrupting, polarizing and dividing the movement.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, The Daily Stormer lost its domain name. This was after Anglin wrote an article mocking the death of Heather Heyer and Weev threatened to “send Nazis” to Heather Heyer’s funeral. The Stormer spent the next several months being kicked off one domain registrar after another. Dailystormer.lol was one of those domains and was active around August 18, 2018. It was registered first to Name Cheap where it was shutdown and then it was transferred to Instra.

Dailystormer.lol was registered by Weev to the Manhattan apartment of a Jewish man named Alex Pilosov who is an internet security expert.

How did “The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website” come to be registered to the apartment of a Chabad-Lubavitch Jew in Manhattan? It turns out there is a simple explanation for this. Pilosov is a longtime friend, supporter and associate of Weev since his pre-prison hacktivist days.

Alex Pilosov was a supporter of Weev at his trial.

It’s not surprising that Weev registered Dailystormer.lol to that address because that is where he used to live back in his Occupy Wall Street days. He is wearing a Fuck Rich People t-shirt when he was the darling of the Left. Pilosov appears to have been more than just a buddy.

We’ve been told he has changed though.

After Weev emerged from his early release from prison in April 2014, he magically ceased to be Jewish. He ceased to be involved with these people. And yet, he was still involved with them after Charlottesville. This was in mid-September 2017 during the Optics War.

This gets even more interesting.

Here is Roger Stone venting on Twitter about Weev in September 2017. He condemns Cernovich and Alex Pilosov because Weev has gotten banned from Gab for one of his usual outbursts about Timothy McVeigh and domestic terrorism. This suggests that Weev, Cernovich and Pilosov were working together in September 2017 and were connected to Roger Stone. GOP operative Douglass Mackey (aka Ricky Vaughn) was also working with Weev at this time to divide the Alt-Right. Why the hell would Roger Stone even know or care that Weev had been banned from Gab for inciting terrorism?

There is a circle of people behind and around Weev whose actions and motivations are unclear: Cernovich, Ricky Vaughn, Alex Pilosov and Roger Stone. Chuck Johnson seems to be another one.

What is going on here?

This Twitter thread goes on, and on.

It sheds some light on Weev’s actions, associations and backers though. What possible interest could Roger Stone have in Alex Pilosov and Weev? How about Chuck Johnson? The answer is dirty tricks. The common thread between these two is internet security. For years, there has been speculation that Pilosov is Guccifer 2.0 and all this had something to do with the hack of the DNC in the 2016 election. This would explain Weev’s insane rant about how he had “permanently realigned the world” and taunts about his “connections” and “who is helping me out here” and his shady Bitcoin transactions.

Speaking of those Bitcoin transactions:

“Their fears have been proven true. In November the Neonazi BTC Tracker, a Twitter bot that pores the web for activity to and from bitcoin wallets owned by neo-Nazis, found that “Weev” Auernheimer, an Internet troll and webmaster for the far-right website The Daily Stormer, had received over $1 million in bitcoin.”

Weev has received over $1 million in Bitcoin. From who? For what?

It is actually up to $2 million dollars in Bitcoin now.

Andrew Anglin has received over $1 million in Bitcoin:

In contrast, Richard Spencer has received around $7,000.

In contrast, Mike Enoch has received around $250,000.

It’s true that small donations can add up. Christopher Cantwell has received $280,000 in Bitcoin donations. Why on earth though has Weev received $2 million dollars in Bitcoin? What has he done to earn twice as much in Bitcoin as Anglin? Does Weev produce content?

I’m a big fan of the Neonazi BTC tracker because it allows me to see who is real in the Alt-Right movement and who is fake. Christopher Cantwell has used Bitcoin to accumulate small donations from his audience. The same is true of Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Don Black, Lauren Southern and so forth. The Daily Stormer is a popular website and we can see the small donors who are contributing Bitcoin to Andrew Anglin. There are two Bitcoin transactions, however, that really stand out.

In August 2017 between the Unite the Right rally and the Optics War, $60,000 of Bitcoin was transferred to Daily Stormer:

Now, I will be completely fair and say that even Andrew Anglin’s enemies have told me privately that this might be legitimate. Whoever sent 14.88 in Bitcoin to Anglin though was sitting on a $25 million fortune. Perhaps this was just a Stormer reader supporting Anglin after his site went down? That’s the most charitable explanation of this windfall.

In any case, none of us at the time connected this unprecedented transfer of Bitcoin to Anglin as being related to the Optics War. We all assumed initially that it was a legitimate point of contention and for most people who participated in that debate on either side it was. Ultimately, the movement as a whole shifted away from street activism and college speaking events a year and a half ago after the Michigan State event although AIM and Patriot Front continue to hold their flash rallies.

A few months ago, Andrew Anglin launched a big attack on his former allies at TRS and tried to reignite the Optics War. This was a puzzling attack. For one, no one had heard about “The Legion of St. Ambrose,” which is a tiny Orthodox fraternity based in Knoxville until Anglin began to publicize the group after it held a local event. The rest of the movement, particularly TRS, had long since shifted its focus from street activism to creating content and networking between fans. This was all woven into an elaborate conspiracy theory by Anglin which made no sense whatsoever. And so the response to it was to dismiss it as a drug fueled bender or paranoia or perhaps a mental breakdown. The true source of Anglin’s ire was that TRS had quietly cut ties with him and began to crab walk away from Daily Stormer as the site began to celebrate mass shootings and publish violent rants about raping women. Weev in particular was angered when the 504um was shutdown because his insane rants there was a potential legal liability.

Azzmador had the Daily Stormer Book Clubs going around posting Brenton Tarrant’s face on churches even before the El Paso mass shooting. Talk about fed posting:

Meanwhile, Anglin has focused on his weird obsession with raping women:

Yeah man, that’s a little like psycho … well, you do you, all right?

Shortly after the initial salvo, Andrew Anglin received a $34,000 Bitcoin donation from an anonymous source:

This second Bitcoin donation which was perfectly timed with the assault on TRS began to shed new light on the Optics War that disrupted the Alt-Right after Charlottesville.

This time around it was clear that stoking division within the movement optics was a bad faith argument because no one is even doing street activism. There is nothing going on but the start of the 2020 election cycle. For a year and a half, the rest of the movement has focused on producing content, building relationships, tightening up its rhetoric and staying out of the media spotlight.

Have you noticed how Daily Stormer has become inseparable from Weev’s peculiar obsessions? Weev had begun to attack Mike Enoch privately before Anglin launched the attack on TRS. It is Weev who was bizarrely obsessed with Christopher Cantwell who we assume is still doing his radio show. It is Weev who has always been focused on degrading and corrupting White women.

It is Weev who decided the Alt-Right had to be divided so that the “viable” part could elect as many Republicans as possible in the 2018 election. Above all else, it is Weev who believes mass shootings are great optics for the movement. Who is the boss over at Daily Stormer? Is it Anglin who has made $1 million or is it Weev who has made $2 million in Bitcoin? I suspect it was Weev who recently transferred that $34,000 in Bitcoin to his employee Andrew Anglin.

Weev is currently in Transnistria living the dream. The lulz are flowing as he fucks the finest Eastern European teenagers. Certainly poisoning and disrupting and dividing the Alt-Right for his conservative backers and promoting miscegenation and prostitution and mass shootings to White Nationalists is the greatest accomplishment yet of this Jewish troll. Do you find it funny?

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