The Daily Stormer’s Meltdown

For those of you who aren’t up to speed with current Alt-Right drama, Andrew Anglin has been throwing a little temper tantrum since June on his forum because none of his former associates want anything to do with him anymore. No one answers his emails or returns his calls.

It has been a gradual process of estrangement. Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell were among the first to disassociate themselves from Anglin for making the Alt-Right look ridiculous by associating the brand with cartoon Nazism. This was back in the day when Anglin was loudly praising Adolf Hitler and National Socialism and promoting “wignats” like Robert Ransdell. Many people dismissed this criticism that Anglin was a bad faith actor on the grounds that Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell were moderates who couldn’t stomach being associated with Anglin’s vulgar shtick because the Stormer was bad optics.

During the rise of Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016, pretty much everyone in the Alt-Right was on the same page. Throughout this entire period, I didn’t give much thought to either The Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff. It wasn’t until 2017 that I really became familiar with these websites when I started writing for Richard Spencer’s website. I didn’t know much about Andrew Anglin or his past until Marcus Cicero started writing for Occidental Dissent in 2015. It was Marcus who first told me about Anglin’s history in the Third World, but we were focused on the rise of Trump at the time.

After Blompf was inaugurated and began to deflate his supporters, the Alt-Right turned to street activism and college speaking events in 2017. In both cases, it was MILO and the Alt-Lite who started the ball rolling at the various Battles of Berkeley with Antifa on the West Coast which inspired a wave of activism. This period lasted from April 2017 through August 2017 and culminated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville which Daily Stormer enthusiastically supported. Azzmador, Zeiger and Lee Rogers all attended Unite The Right along with lots of members of the Daily Stormer Book Clubs.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Daily Stormer began to turn on all of its former allies and reinvented itself as an “American Nationalist” website. It was Daily Stormer that did a complete 180 and started the so-called Optics War. It was said at the time that Charlottesville was a failure because of a lack of American flags, the “bad optics” of half the people who attended the rally and especially because the Alt-Right had complied with the authorities and failed to attack and resist the police in Lee Park. The Alt-Right had to be split so that the “viable” part of it could be separated from the “wignats” and assimilated by the GOP so that as many Republicans as possible could be elected in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Daily Stormer began to attack anyone who opposed this new agenda of full-throated support for Donald Trump and the GOP, “infiltrating conservatism” and American Nationalism. Most of the people who were alienated by this volte face were Daily Stormer readers who Anglin & Co. had cultivated for years since the days of his Total Fascism website. The attacks coming from Daily Stormer focused mostly on Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party. Christopher Cantwell was heavily promoted by Daily Stormer while he was in jail in Charlottesville until he was released in December 2017 and began to ask what the hell had happened in the interim. Atomwaffen which had similarly been promoted by Zeiger and Weev on Daily Stormer was also condemned.

From Shelbyville (October 2017) through Michigan State (March 2018), Daily Stormer disrupted and divided the Alt-Right to the point where the movement splintered and ceased to be viable. This was all done in order to achieve the right optics and to advance the correct political strategy – crude fliers with swastikas that celebrate mass shootings, the glorification of incels, guys in white t-shirts, blue jeans and ruby red slippers and finally shilling for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

For a long time, The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer appeared to be on the same page as far as strategy goes, but this apparently changed after the 2018 midterm elections. Blompf and the GOP had taken the base for a ride again only to deliver criminal justice reform and anti-BDS legislation. The so-called “blackpillers” who were skeptical of conservatism were vindicated.

In 2019, Daily Stormer has become a website for embittered incel losers who can’t find a girlfriend, sex tourists who are into miscegenation, degenerates who are fans of Matt Forney, nihilists who celebrate mass shootings and the few people left who are low-information enough to be still interested in Kushner/Blompf 2020. The rest of what had previously been the Alt-Right began to regroup and rebound minus Daily Stormer. As the cringe level grew, The Right Stuff slowly and quietly began to move away from Loser Nationalism with each new celebration of a mass shooting, with each new post glorifying incels and ranting about raping women, with each new absurd excuse made for the Blompf administration.

I can only speculate …

I have no idea what caused the rift. I’ve just watched as Andy has flown into a rage about how he has become the MILO of 2019. He imagines it is all part of a vast conspiracy against him. We can only hope he isn’t suffering a relapse into the paranoia that caused his flight into the jungle.

Personally, I think a new consensus has formed: Loser Nationalism is cringe and repulsive to non-incels, Blompf has obviously failed his supporters, there is no future to “American Nationalism,” no one is interested in doing street activism anymore, most people are focused on creating content and have moved on from 2016 and no one else wants to be associated with mass shootings.

Update: Not everyone has abandoned Andrew Anglin. Matt Forney is still on board with Loser Nationalism.

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