Ted Cruz Attacks Nathan Bedford Forrest

UPDATE: David French has endorsed Cruz:

Ted Cruz has posted cringe:

Why on earth do people equate the South with the GOP?

Most Republican politicians these days like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis are creatures of Conservatism, Inc and its hideous ideology and are fully owned puppets of Jewish billionaire donors. How many times has Mike Pence worn that yarmulke?

Note: Just yesterday, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida set in motion the process of removing a Confederate monument in DC to replace it with one of Mary McLeod Bethune. National Review celebrates Abraham Lincoln and has called for the removal of all Confederate monuments.

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  1. The Trump years have opened our eyes to so much, from the outrageous corruption and politicization of the “intelligence community” and “deep state,” to the massive overreach of the federal courts, to colossal jew spite and hostility, to censorship and leftist violence, to the viciousness and constant lying of the jew-controlled mass media, to the Conservatism Inc vermin’s hatred of white working America, to the utter worthlessness of the Republican Party. Although Trump is a failed president and a huge disappointment, that he showed up on the big stage 4 years ago did much good.

    Cruz is a shithead in addition to being a traitor for Israel.

    • It really flushed all the filth out into the open.

      The system is rotten to the core and gibbering with madness.

      The only word that I can find to describe the level of rot in this system is “putrescent.” It’s almost incredible that a situation this bizarre and grotesque could have arisen. Practically unprecedented in history in many ways.

  2. Back in the day, Ted wouldn’t have been worthy of picking up the shit from NBF’s favorite mount.

  3. The Conservatives / Republicans are nothing but the enemy of the Southern People. Those who think the GOP cares about us are nothing but Brainwashed Puppets of ZOG. Deo Vindice !

  4. It’s not enough that the Republicans do nothing at all to help us with the problems of the day and are ferocious warmongers for Israel. They– Haley, DeSantis, Cruz and many others– want to erase our history and, therefore, us.

  5. This won’t win them any significant number of people-of-color votes. They will just lose forever my vote and the votes of others like me.

    • It is the same story with conservatives in every white country.

      “You get the neo-liberal hyper-captialism fuck you attitude + you get all the shit the left has to offer.”

      Nobody Cares About The Tory Leadership Contest

    • @Mestigoit: The plan doesn’t seem to be getting lots of additional Negro votes so much as it is getting pats of approval on the head from the jew-controlled press and political establishment.

      • Spahn,

        Good catch!

        Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of Hunter’s bugaboos, i.e. ‘Rainbow Confederates’

        1. He insisted that there WERE BLACK CONFEDERATES.
        ( http://cwmemory.com/2019/03/10/nathan-bedford-forrests-black-confederates/) Sorry Hunter, I know you and above blog get bent out of shape over black confederates. But I feel General Forrest was in a better position to know than either you or Mr Levin.

        2. When he thought the Klan had lost its way, Forrest offered his services to round up the negrophobes. He would have made short work of any of you Dylan Roof wannabes that might be following this blog.

        3. Re: Fort Pillow….Forrest offered the USCTs POW status before any fighting commenced at Pillow. He didn’t even insist on returning them to their masters. He was rebuffed.
        (Many have condemned him over the ensuing massacre, but I think Stonewall would have approved.When you agree to ‘no quarter’ and you get no quarter ….at Burger King that’s called ‘have it your way’. )

        4. In His address to the Pole Bearers, Forrest called for brotherhood between the white and black races

        Unless Forrest was a liar or the historical record is lying, then you are stuck. He was rainbow confederate all the way. Maybe you can make the argument: ‘Forrest was such a good IDENTITARIAN that Hundreds of Negroes marched in his funeral procession!’

        I love reading Hunter’s historical pieces on the Antebellum views on race. Sadly I think he misses the mark when he focuses on obscure people you can’t even find biographies on, e.g. Henry Washington?- and then doesn’t treat Forrest and other TRUE LEADERS of the Confederacy. I notice this blog has a fawning post on the racial views of Dr. Josiah Nott but nothing on Forrest’s. Forrest was a Christian. Nott was an atheist. See the problem?

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  6. From Lincoln on the Republican party was never a friend of the South. It was only after the Democrat civil rights betrayal that GOP gained a foothold.

  7. I can picture Cruz trying to lead drunk niggra soldiers at Ft Pillow. I see him pushed into the river and drowning with his fellow niggras.

    • What a transcendent vision of Divine retribution for a hypocrite, a liar, and a Xenos, J.H. .

      Such evil, to bear the name of ‘Cross’ when he has NOTHING of Christianity about him…. Anathema.

  8. So, this ugly mud-skinned mongrel hates a true southron! It’s sad that Texans have to vote for this creepy clown.

    • @Magnolian

      “It’s sad that Texans have to vote for this creepy clown.”

      I had to, to keep that idiot Beto out. I didn’t want to, however. Cruz is no good. He’s an example of the worthless, scalawag politicians that we’re saddled with.

      There were a huge number of vehicles with Yankee state and Mexifornia plates associated with Beto’s campaign. It was even widely reported on WBAP radio, Dallas.

      I even saw a car with Illinois plates and a Beto sticker, in Paris, Tx.

      Anything or anyone that Yankees, Mexifornians and Jews support, I oppose.

  9. Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence should have their busts etched into the ‘wailing wall.’

    General Forest’s face should be on Mount Rushmore.

    • Gen. Forest was a great man but didn’t he try to make friends with the coloreds? Why would any white man actively seek their approval?

  10. This is totally going to turn everything on it’s ear– Cruz is going to get a whole new support base by saying this. Great strategy on his part, conceding to the left works every time.

    • We need a Southern Nationalist Party.

      We also need to cure the bad case of Stockholm Syndrome that Dixie has.

      • I imagine a lot of Germans also have that sense of being beaten down that comes with living under a prolonged enemy occupation.

      • We need to cure the bad case of Stockholm Syndrome the entire White race has.

        In order to do that, though, we need to control at least a solid plurality of media/entertainment/culture outlets. He who controls the Tube controls the Boobs.

  11. It just must (not might) happen one day in the future…

    We just need to build better Confederate monuments. That’s really all we need to do — build the real Confederate monuments with super human strength and powers and super AI and provide them with complete whole armies of support Confederate monuments with AI and modern day leading edge weaponry.

    Whenever one of these modern day buffoon politicians like Cruz makes some wise cracks about one of these monuments and they hear or read about it in the media, they can take care of themselves and mobilize their whole army and surround this wimp’s house at night and demand an apology or else…

  12. I honor the memory of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Southerner of strength and honor. Forrest was a rugged son of Appalachia, a warrior of renown, a successful plantation owner, and in later life I understand he became a Presbyterian.
    When I posted an essay on my blog titled *Musings on Malakos* a year and a half ago, raging against effeminate modern men, I ended the piece by giving General NBF as a example of *true manliness*, the polar opposite of malakos. Hail Forrest!

  13. Add on…
    After I had already submitted my comment, a funny thing occurred to me. The title of this piece stated that malakos little Ted *attacks* General Forrest. Think of that literally, if we could time warp Ted Cruz back to 1863, put a saber in his hand, and let him square off with Forrest for real. If Ted had the *testosterone glands* to stand and fight, which is highly unlikely, it would not go well with him!
    I have despised Ted Cruz and his policies since the 2016 election cycle, but I feel especial disgust for him today after reading what he Tweeted about Forrest .

  14. Considering how concerned Ted Cruz is about truth and honesty and fairness and racial justice, in his next press conference he’s going to tell everyone about his father’s involvement in the assassination of JFK. JFK was a supporter of the Civil Rights movement, the father of Ted Cruz helped assassinate the supporter of the Civil Rights movement JFK . And then Cruz is going to condemn the JEW slave owner and slave trader Judah Benjamin and condemn also all the JEWS who owned the slave trade and condemn the JEW Albert Pike for starting the KKK and condemn all the JEWS who were members in the KKK. The father of Ted Cruz, the father’s name is Rafael Cruz.

    Everybody in Washington, including Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, are very concerned about unfairness towards NON-Whites. They’re appalled and horrified at the thought of unfairness towards NON-Whites ; That’s why pretty much everyone in Washington, including Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, fully support the JEWS stealing land from the NON-White Palestinians and fully support the JEWS in killing the NON-White Palestinians in very large numbers and fully support the JEWS in making life a nightmare for the NON-White Palestinians. That’s because unfairness towards NON-Whites makes them morally indignant.

  15. I learned quite a bit at http://www.southernheritage.com regarding General Nathan Bedford Forest, a good man. As well as Stonewall Jackson, Confederate history and what their culture was is commendable. The more you study about the South, the more I yearn for them to have won the war. Very respectful people

  16. Cruz looks like a creepy mischling and acts like one as well. This is no Spaniard, I’d bet he is of the Tribe. It’s amazing how many Americans seem to think that this mystery meat Goldman Sachs connected Cuban is the best choice to represent their political interests.

  17. Toward dusk on their return journey, within a mile of home, the two sisters found themselves pursued by a panther. The sister begged Mrs. Forrest to drop the basket of chicks, which the panther apparently had scented, but she refused. When their horses had to slow to cross a high-banked creek within earshot of their home, the panther attacked. Mrs. Forrest’s horse, bleeding profusely from the big cat’s assault, reared and threw its assailant into the stream, then died, while the panther fled as the rest of the Forrest household came running with their dogs. Clawed severely on her neck and shoulders, Mrs. Forrest had her clothes torn from her back, but she held on to the chickens. Another of her eldest son?s youthful exploits immediately followed this incident. As soon as Mariam Forrest’s wounds were dressed, he took a flintlock musket and some hounds into the night to wreak vengeance. In deep woods around midnight, the dogs treed the panther, and the youth waited below in the dark until dawn brought sufficient light for a shot. By 9 A.M. he returned home carrying the animal’s scalp and ears. Legend quotes him as having grandly told the matriarch, “Mother, I am going to kill that beast if it stays on the earth.” His actual words probably weren’t that pretty, but their spirit was one he would live by most of his life: no creature, four-legged or otherwise, could harm him or his with impunity.
    — From a biography by Jack Hurst

    Later in life the big bad panther (Lincoln’s illegal unconstitutional mercenaries) jumped on the South and Forrest made those invaders pay…

  18. “A month later, Forrest was back in action at the Battle of Shiloh, fought April 6–7, 1862. He commanded a Confederate rear guard after the Union victory. In the battle of Fallen Timbers, he drove through the Union skirmish line. Not realizing that the rest of his men had halted their charge when reaching the full Union brigade, Forrest charged the brigade alone and soon found himself surrounded. He emptied his Colt Army revolvers into the swirling mass of Union soldiers and pulled out his saber, hacking and slashing. A Union infantryman on the ground beside Forrest fired a musket ball at him with a point-blank shot, nearly knocking him out of the saddle. The ball went through Forrest’s pelvis and lodged near his spine. Steadying himself and his mount, he used one arm to lift the Union soldier by the shirt collar and then wielded him as a human shield before casting his body aside after he had found his way to safety. Forrest is acknowledged to have been the last man wounded at the Battle of Shiloh. Forrest galloped back to his incredulous troopers. A surgeon removed the musket ball a week later, without anesthesia, which was unavailable. Forrest was likely given a generous dose of alcohol to muffle the pain of the surgery.”

    “At six feet two inches (1.88 m) in height and 210 pounds (15 st; 95 kg), Forrest was physically imposing and intimidating, especially compared to the average height of men at the time. He used his skills as a hard rider and fierce swordsman to great effect; he was known to sharpen both the top and bottom edges of his heavy saber. Historians have evaluated contemporary records to conclude that Forrest may have killed more than 30 enemy soldiers with saber, pistol, and shotgun.”

  19. Reared in an area and era in which law was a luxury, Forrest grew accustomed to enforcing it himself. In an antebellum fight with several men in which his aged uncle was killed, he faced the attackers down alone with a gun and a knife and won. After the war, he invaded a cabin in which a black man was threatening to beat his often-abused wife; when Forrest intervened unarmed and the man turned on him with a knife, he grabbed the bully’s own ax and killed him with a single blow of its handle.
    — From a biography by Jack Hurst

      • I enjoyed reading it. I need to go back and read it again plus the other books out there on him. Wish someone as fierce as Forrest was in battle would come along and drive all these “Communists” out of the South and make no apologies…

      • Nathan Bedford Forrest was many times the man Ted Cruz thinks he is. I could go on and on about how much Better he was. I don’t necessarily like some of the things he did later in his life but I also wasn’t there to see the whole context.

  20. But he massacred all those union blacks at Ft. Pillow. What they don’t mention in their propaganda is the niggers were drunk. Then they raise a white flag. Next they shoot at N.B.F. He had every reason to kill them. The Klan? They saved the people of Tenn.

  21. Forrest himself was soon back at the Hatchie, however, overseeing the crossing. When a ferryboat foundered and threw a wagon and mule team into the current, the general himself got chest-deep into the water in an attempt to save the mules. On a bank above this scene, a large conscript–perhaps not realizing his commander was within earshot–boasted he could never be made to enter the water on such work. A member of the escort later remembered that Forrest climbed out of the river and up the bank, grabbed the big-mouthed soldier-to-be, and pitched him into the freezing current.
    — From a biography by Jack Hurst

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