President Trump and House Republicans Condemn Democrats For Failing To Stand Up To Anti-Semitism

President Trump and the House Republican leadership are focused like a laser on their top priority: shielding AIPAC from criticism with accusations of anti-Semitism.

Note: It is not like they have anything better to do with illegal immigration spiraling out of control after they failed to build the wall for two years.

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  1. There is no longer any reason for the continued existence of the Republican Party. And, of course, demographic change will end it pretty soon anyway at the national level. There is a base out there for them but the GOP seems uninterested in it except in early November of even-numbered years. I don’t think being the party dedicated to defending Israel and jews is the answer to their problem.

    I have gone from losing interest in voting for them to active hostility to these bastards.

  2. It is hilarious to listen to the MAGApedes go on about how this issue is dividing the Democratic Party while conveniently ignoring the fact that the Repubs are in solid lockstep as to their undying loyalty to their jewish masters.

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  4. That heifer Meghan McCain was crying about the danger Joe Lieberman is in because of Ilhan Omar’s “scary” remarks.

    • I’ll bet it eats you alive that Muslims and Jews have more influence over what happens in the U.S. than you do.

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