NSM Rallies In Little Rock

Here are the livestreams.

From what I saw, it seemed rather uneventful: the NSM held a typical rally, Antifa screamed a bit, the police kept both sides separated and there was no violence or arrests. If anything had gone down, we would have heard about it by now. Did I miss anything?

Note: Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch and Think Progress are on the scene.

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  1. Most Americans will be turned off by black uniforms and weird looking symbols forever. This type of thing is essentially worthless, I believe. It might work when our country becomes as violent and chaotic as Brazil.

    • The United States is well on the way to becoming as violent and chaotic as Brazil.

    • My main objection to the black uniforms is that they’re indistinguishable from Antifa. But we do need some equivalent to Casa Pound here, and it’s going to have to have SOME kind of symbol to distinguish it from the forces of ZOG.

  2. Heinbach’s speech was excellent. M’thinks he’s just not made for a settled Christian American married life…. who is?

  3. Derrick Davis III | November 10, 2018 at 4:54 pm |

    We tried this tactic with TWP, it left most people confused. The NSM can rebrand 6 million times but it will always have a small following.

  4. The reaction from the crowd… depressing, to say the least. But not unexpected.

  5. Instead of the NSM, we need the Normal White American Movement.

    Notice how the Jews and their coloured auxiliaries don’t wear weird costumes. Or waste any time on flags, uniforms and insignia. That’s only for their ostensibly White Antifa© stooges and vagina hat ladies.

    Or the hapless opposition and fake combat cells.

    • juniusdaniel1828 | November 11, 2018 at 1:44 am |

      As per usual, Jimmie, you are on to something.

      Real politicks, or rather, one that wishes to appeal to the current Mainstream, does not nominate itself to being relegated to the margins by wearing the exact attire and symbols which would immediate turn 99 out of every 100 years that cross it’s path, away.

      But, clearly you understand that this is more about the vanity of self-posturing in publick, than it is actually desiring to attain real ends.

    • The Swamp Fox | November 12, 2018 at 6:39 pm |

      If a group or coalition of groups could somehow convince millions of Whites here to actively act in their own interests no matter what the government, media or anti-Whites say I really don’t think optics would matter a damn. It’s the convincing that remains the unsolved mystery though. Europeans have discovered the secret. 250 thousand marched in Poland yesterday. Not every White that marched was a WN but the fact that they marched made them a defacto WN. Flags and uniforms were everywhere in that march-even some military marched with them I believe.

  6. Nice White Pill…..

    Their Flag is the least appealing thing about them…….

    It needs redesigned……

    I understand what they’re trying to do with the symbolism……

    But, it’s pushing too many things together without melding them into ONE Aesthetic…….

    It needs simplified……

    The hard core Anti-Capitalism/Socialism of Heimbach while rationally argued will only really work correctly in a White Nation…….

    In this Multicultural Dystopia, Whites owning businesses with low taxes/low regulations employing Whites and enabling home ownership and family generation is Pro-White……

    Finally, I saw Real Masculine Men in that rally, non-hot heads, good speakers, and even normal looking White Women…..

    I have to honestly say……

    NICE JOB……

  7. Little Rock is a nice name for a city.
    When I was kid I was fascinated by a city in the US named Texarkana, that I heard of somewhere. Texarkana really exists, and is such a nice name for a city.

  8. spahnranch1969 | November 11, 2018 at 8:48 am |

    The NSM is just another one of those Jerry Springer type Klan groups that will never accomplish very much. But at least they are trying to do something.

  9. Is the uniform really that outlandish? Its just black BDUs. If anything I always thought it looked overly simplistic. NSM has had way bigger rallies in the past. Hard times I guess, but they are not bad people.

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