Trump Administration To Reimpose All Sanctions On Iran

I’ve been wondering what Sheldon Adelson expects to get in return in 2018-2020 for the $55 million he has invested in the midterm elections. He has already gotten Jerusalem, the end of the Iran deal, two missile strikes on Syria and foreign aid being cut off to the Palestinians:

“The Trump administration is to reinstate all US sanctions on Iran removed under the 2015 nuclear deal.

The White House said it was “the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on Iran” and targeted Iran’s energy, shipping and banking sectors.

However, eight countries will not be penalised by the US for continuing to import Iranian oil.

EU states which backed the deal have said they will protect EU firms doing “legitimate” business with Iran.

President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in May, describing it as “defective at its core”.

“Sanctions are coming,” he tweeted after Friday’s announcement, referencing the TV series Game of Thrones and its motto “Winter is coming”. …”

Winter is coming, folks.

Neocon Mike Pompeo is now in charge of the State Department. Neocon John Bolton is now National Security Adviser. A few days ago, Trump said he intends to destroy all the enemies of the Jews. Congress has already passed a huge overseas contingency fund war chest.

Do you think Iran is on that list?

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  1. How many WNs will still stand with Trump when he declares war on Iran? Will that be our movement’s final red line?

    • @Supreme Kommandant Irusk

      “How many WNs will still stand with Trump when he declares war on Iran? Will that be our movement’s final red line?”

      Before that happens, look for ZOG forces to build up in Northeast Iraq and Western Pakistan. They’ll capture flatland Iran and Teheran, but the Iranians will withdraw deep into the Western mountains and conduct a protracted campaign against ZOG for years. They’ve been stock piling materials and building manufacturing facilities in those mountains for years.

      • Trump is goddamn clown and a fool but even he wouldn’t be stupid enough to drag this country into a direct war against Iran. That would require reinstating the draft, as well as a formal declaration of war. It would be sheer madness and political suicide for him to attempt such a thing.

        • Iraq was obviously a quagmire, but that didn’t deter Bush in the slightest.

          Reality doesn’t matter to Zionist lickspittles who are trained to bark at the Likud Party’s command.

        • @spahnranch1969, don’t put past zog to perpetuate another false flag on the scale of 9/11 to incite the patriotards on “proud boys ” to sprint down to the nearest recruiting station.

          If the international zog cabal could get the jew kay and jewnited states to fight Germany in world wars one and two, getting the sheeple into a war with Iran will be a breeze. Neo-con Fox News is already in t pockets.

  2. From what I understand, Iran is one of these bogus enemies sewn by the Deep State. The Iran Deal supposedly wasn’t even signed. It’s a money-laundering operation.

    • Iran was an important ZOG ally under the Shah, madame. The 1979 revolution was a huge embarrassment for the Jewnited Snakes.

  3. Irusk, a lot. Possibly most. By that point, the repressed disappointment in Trump will have built up to the point where the thirst for a ‘victory’ of some sort, any sort, will be insatiable. And a war on Iran will be the toxic drink of choice.

    As horrified as I am by the perpetual motion machine that is redwave rationalization, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • AMR, I can easy visualize the spin: “Look guys, our invasion of Iran is the White Man reasserting dominance over the non-whites. It’s a return to colonialism. Manifest Destiny!”

      There were a few shills already spinning that narrative on the DS and TRS forums shortly after Trump’s election. They were mocked and ridiculed back then but now I’m not so sure that would happen again.

      • “Look guys, our invasion of Iran is the White Man reasserting dominance over the non-whites. It’s a return to colonialism. Manifest Destiny!”

        Sounds like Joachim from Heel Turn.

        I am willing to be called a racist and otherwise be made out to be a villain, but I’m not happy to do that so we can implement a bunch on neoconservative policies which benefits only (((them))). 4D chess will be in overdrive.

        • If we manage to avoid a war over the next few years, we will be lucky. Dems will take over the House and launch investigations. Trump’s domestic agenda will be dead. What else can he do but wag the dog?

  4. “targeted Iran’s energy, ”

    American and British oil companies effectively control Iran’s petroleum sector, thus making electricity expensive for Iran.

    The Iranians are building nuclear and hydroelectric plants, and ordering electric locomotives for their railroads to get out from under US/BRITZOGs’ thumbs.

    US/BRITZOG doesn’t need the oil in the Middle East, but certain countries they want to control, do. By controlling the oil, they can control those countries. They don’t want a single drop of oil, or cubic foot of gas anywhere in the world that they don’t control. They use the fear of starvation and freezing cold as a weapon. Which weapon they can’t have without first controlling the energy supply. They’ve already bullied France and Germany with the threat of cutting off the diesel at harvest time. Implying a long, hungry winter if they didn’t knuckle under.

    The worst thing that could happen to ZOG would be Japanese tankers calling at Chinese oil loading facilities, or Germany and France buying natural gas and oil from Russia. The next worst thing is Iran trading oil on the open market with countries that ZOG wants to control or destroy.

    That’s why ZOG is going after Iran, Russia and China. It’s also why they hate Venezuela.

      • Thank goodness there are still a few countries outside of ZOG’s control. We’d be truly screwed otherwise. Nuclear war is probably the only thing deterring ZOG from accelerating both White Genocide and Greater Israel.

  5. It’s been true for a while: Iran has a saner and healthier society than the jewnited states of emirica.

    Hopefully, the Bric count will bring Iran into their economic fold.

    Come on Putin, sell those S-400s to Iran. Make zog butt hurt.

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