Unite the Right: Towards Alt-Right Activism

Unite the Right is going to be a high energy event.

I’ve written in the past about The Logic of Street Demonstrations. In hindsight, I wrote this at a time when virtually nothing was going on in the real world. Southern Nationalism was rebranding and shedding its Rainbow Confederate image. The Alt-Right was still a conference scene. White Nationalism was inert. The movement, such as it was, was fractured and bottled up on the internet.

The Trump campaign was still in the future. Breitbart hadn’t disemboweled “True Conservatism.” The Alt-Right hadn’t exploded into public consciousness through Twitter. Trump hadn’t delegitimized the Mainstream Media. We weren’t livestreaming our events on Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube to tens of thousands of people. Antifas were still unknown to the wider public.

The world has changed and we are in a very different place. There is a simmering culture war brewing online. We’re seeing cross-pollination going on between groups as the old divisions have broken down. I’m going to try to think through where this is going.

1.) The fun in being Alt-Right lies in the iconoclasm. We live under the yoke of political correctness in a repressed culture which is controlled by uptight humorless scolds. This is the “mainstream” culture which more and more young people resent. They don’t believe in the old bromides. Their dissent from the status quo takes the form of playful subversion of authority and norms online with trolling and memes as they go through the motions of pretending to believe in the “mainstream” catechism in the real world. There are millions of people out there like jew_goldstein and HanAssholeSolo.

2.) More than anything else, it was this mood among the electorate which made Trump possible. The American establishment has lost its legitimacy. The time is ripe for a cultural change. It needs a strong cultural vanguard though to push in the right direction.

3.) White Nationalism was focused on politics. It split into two camps. The mainstreamers wanted to moderate their rhetoric to appeal to normies and win elections at the ballot box. The vanguardists wanted to remain extreme and wait for the inevitable collapse of the system.

4.) In contrast, the Alt-Right is focused on culture. It believes in changing the cultural terrain which underlies “mainstream” politics which opens up new possibilities. This isn’t really a mainstreamer or vanguardist strategy because the Alt-Right isn’t trying to flatter normies or disengage from politics. The only thing that matters is breaking the “mainstream” cultural consensus.

5.) In order to do this, the Alt-Right only needs to build a supercharged, highly active dissenting cultural vanguard. The vast majority of human beings are naturally passive conformists. As the movement grows in size and strength, it will psychologically become more attractive to different personality types. We’re also telling the truth and giving White people their sense of identity back. The system we have now is due to unnatural repression and the resentment that breeds will work in our favor.

6.) In the real world, the goal of Alt-Right activism should be to summon the culture war that is going on online and channel it to the surface. We want it to explode like a volcano.

7.) In the realm of social media, this takes the form of meme wars, troll storms, swarms and raids that shock the normies. That’s essentially what Unite the Right is going to be in Charlottesville. It is going to be a kind of raid on a SJW stronghold by an Alt-Right avant-garde. We are going to whack a hornet’s nest. Mayor Mike Signer has labeled Charlottesville a “Capital of the Resistance” to the Trump administration. Hopefully, we can trigger them into coming out in force with their vagina hats and ukuleles.

8.) We should aim to draw the SJWs out in Charlottesville and create a massive polarizing spectacle in order to draw as huge a contrast as possible. They will reveal themselves to be violent, intolerant, opposed to free speech, the insane enforcers of political correctness, etc. They are degenerate scolds. They are the crybabies, hall monitors and diversity commissars that millions of White people resent at their workplace. The cucks are incapable of standing up to these people because they are afraid of being called -ists and -phobes. We have the opportunity to seize the mantle of the opposition.

9.) It is fun to engage in troll storms, swarms and raids online. We should aim to demonstate how much more fun it is to break taboos as a real world movement with likeminded people. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of practicing your beliefs in public space.

10.) I’ve already explained numerous times over the years how these events – think of Berkeley, which was transformative – undermine taboos, normalize our ideas, position our groups at the leading edge of this cultural angst, define our image, create trust and social capital, build real world social networks, isolate malcontents, generate publicity, draw talented new people into the fold and spark imitators. These events are small steps but they have a cumulative impact over time.

11.) The Alt-Right is transforming into a real world movement. It will never go back into the closet after it starts to gain cohesion and overcomes the fear of being out in public. As the movement rolls from place to place beyond Charlottesville, it will absorb new people who will come out and act on the beliefs they already hold in private. We’re seeing stable organizations sprout up now like Traditionalist Worker Party, Vanguard America, Identity Evropa and Anti-Communist Action.

12.) Eventually, this is going to evolve into a new youth counterculture and it is going to become such a big deal that the “mainstream” will crumble as it is forced to reckon with it. It possible to imagine the day when thousands of people are showing are showing up rallies and we are holding our own massive politically incorrect cultural festivals like the Boomers in the 1960s.

13.) Finally, we should aim to create a new cultural space and political center of gravity on the Right, which will be defined in opposition to the militant SJW Left. In the process, the heritage cucks, the Beltway cucks and the Alt-Lite cucks will all be diminished in the process. They will be measured against us. The same is true of all the embittered throwbacks who have failed to move us forward.

On a final note, I will observe that Unite the Right will be another step forward toward normalizing this style of activism in the South, which has become increasingly commonplace in recent months. The South is already the epicenter of this movement and the networking that will go on around this event will be particularly helpful in strengthening our presence in the Maryland/Virginia region.

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Hunter Wallace
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Occidental Dissent

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  1. How can you prevent infiltration by Antifas who dress like us then shout threats to niggers and Jews !

    Or how can you stop infiltration of someone shouting “he s got a gun”?

    I suggest strict LOS dress code have some armed security frisk everybody else

    • Krafty Wurker | July 10, 2017 at 11:12 pm |

      Because the subject matter of the rally is to save Lee Park and the statue of Robert E. Lee, I wouldn’t expect too many problems. Particularly, if the rally turns into a “be there or be square” thing for the area politicians. There’s got to be tens of thousands of votes in saving Lee’s memorial.

    • TheLulzWarrior | July 11, 2017 at 5:36 pm |

      Rip off their masks and record their faces when they try that, Pol will do the rest.

      A few reductionist measures, everyone must be clean-shaven and not stink. Don´t look like a tosser.

    • “How can you prevent infiltration by Antifas who dress like us then shout threats to niggers and Jews !”

      That’s not uncommon that the most extreme of individuals are infiltrators, it’s happens occasionally. Know this and watch out for them.

      “Or how can you stop infiltration of someone shouting “he s got a gun”?”

      That would blow their cover- I’m not aware of it ever occuring.

      “I suggest strict LOS dress code have some armed security frisk everybody else”

      Dress codes are excellent and give the look of uniformity and professionalism. Perhaps several dress codes depending on the group you’re associated with. Security frisking is bad as it insults good people and in the mind of the viewer makes it appear that we actually would want a police state, bad idea.

  2. Spencer wasn’t really part of the pro-trump trolling/memes of 2015/16.

    Now that the alt-right means Richard Spencer’s White Identitarian movement there is no cover for people with jobs to lose.

  3. If you are worried about being seen in public, you can either wear sunglasses or stay home. The rest of us are going to have a good time.

    • Anglin has a more discreet model for irl meetups. Spencer is independently wealthy – many are not and doxing has repercussions. See Prince Hubris and Eli Mosley.

  4. I’m not concerned about those scenarios. It has never been a problem in the past.

  5. BTW, this will be a weekend long event. There will be other things going on in the area besides the Unite the Right rally.

  6. League of the South will be in black polos, khakis and boots with Confederate Battle Flags. Identity Evropa and Vanguard America have a similiar dress code with white polos.

  7. The No. 1 priority should be saving the WHITE RACE from annihilation. Then we can celebrate our various ethnic and regional cultures.

    • If everyone would get organized and active in their own region, we would be immeasurably better off. A common mistake is focusing on the long term goal instead of the small steps that make things marginally better in your area right now.

      • @HW: Agreed. We will eventually build a Greater Aryan Reich, but first we must make our own communities and regions more hospitable for Whites.

        • Rainbow Fist ???????????? | July 14, 2017 at 11:02 am |

          LMAO ! Are as you have said and called yourself ” Whites ” a dying race. If so I must not have known I guess I’ll hug my loved ones a little tighter tonight! As you said ” saving the white race from anhialation….. lmao Didn’t know you were playing the hunger games of some sort !
          fuckin idiots !! Nice background btw from the two comments I read to everyone can see the kind of person you are. You are the reason that movements take a turn. You care about the ones that match your skin not just because we’re all humans trying to fight to stay alive instead of trying to fight to stay alive with each other!

          Good work, you and your mouth are going to make this world a better place one racist activist movement at a time ! I hope your future children learn from your mistakes stand with everyone and anyone.

      • John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia | July 11, 2017 at 3:37 am |

        Still trying to finesse the relationship between the alt-right and Southern Nationalism, I see, Mr. W.

      • TheLulzWarrior | July 11, 2017 at 6:17 pm |

        “Finally, we should aim to create a new cultural space and political center of gravity on the Right, which will be defined in opposition to the militant SJW Left. In the process, the heritage cucks, the Beltway cucks and the Alt-Lite cucks will all be diminished in the process. They will be measured against us. The same is true of all the embittered throwbacks who have failed to move us forward.”

        This goes in the right direction but you aren´t going far enough.

        The traditionalists/conservatives going back to X will not work, the goold old days had numerous flaws which lead to the Current year.
        Only with a new mindset and culture, one immunized to cultural-marxism and to whatever else (((they))) come up with, can the mainstream ever be subverted and smashed!

      • From Alexandria | July 12, 2017 at 8:17 pm |

        How would you recommend starting to do this type of thing in our own areas? How do we get started?

        I saw on the news today, probably about 100-200 mostly white people waiting in a lobby somewhere to meet the coach of Alabama….Nick Saran? The fact that people will stand for hours to catch a glimpse of some guy that spends his time coaching future and current felons on how to throw a ball, but generally won’t spend a second on anything that actually matters, is so infuriating and sickening. Why do people care about this crap and not their future and the future of their children?

        • Marcus Cicero | July 12, 2017 at 8:53 pm |

          You’re thinking of SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama.

          At these things you’ll see grown men of middle age calling off from working to support their families to catch a glimpse of some Nigger half their age only famous for playing with balls – oftentimes while wearing the jersey of said Nigger.

          That right there is the definition of a cuckold.

    • I think it’s time spahnranch1969 explained his ‘ethnic culture.’

      It’s often the non-‘anglos’ who want to glide past those small steps.

      • @Onceler: I’m White, ain’t got no Injun, Jew or Messican in me. Satisfied, churl?

        • There’s a reason we have expressions like ‘olive-skinned.’

          Dodging the question is one way to answer.

          I don’t know of any New England true white person who would respond that way.

    • more of the same | July 11, 2017 at 12:50 pm |

      I agree and anyone who frustrates or virtue signals against alliances between various regions or White ethnic groups is not a friend.

  8. John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia | July 11, 2017 at 3:12 am |

    Your attempt, Mr. Wallace, to expropriate, for the alt-right, the cachet of the avant-garde is about as likely to succeed as is Mr. Cushman’s present argument that the South’s slave empire reflected the beautiful harmony of nature. If you think anyone on the cultural high ground that is academe will be fooled, you might want to scroll through the comments that were posted at a recent Slate article, headed “Trump’s CNN Tweet Appears to Have Originated From Racist, Islamophobic, Misogynist Reddit Troll.” There, an exchange between commenters whom I’ll call “bumpkin” and “SJW” went as follows:

    Bumpkin: It’s kind of amazing how fervently creative a lot of these troll/supremacist/whatever venues are. It kinda reminds me of the “Cinema of Transgression” from the 1980s, only now the values being transgressed are liberal rather than conservative.

    SJW: This is regression not transgression. Frat boy humor is nothing new.

    Bumpkin: The goal of the 1980s “movement” was “to go beyond all limits set or prescribed by taste, morality or any other traditional value system shackling the minds of men.” I think they’re kindred spirits.

    SJW: These guys are just primitive knuckle draggers, they are not avant garde artists. Their intent is only to jeer and humiliate.

    • Fr. John+ | July 11, 2017 at 4:56 pm |

      Toward that same line of reasoning, I’d like to note/quote:

      “Their dissent from the status quo takes the form of playful subversion of authority and norms online with trolling and memes as they go through the motions of pretending to believe in the “mainstream” catechism in the real world. ”

      This is valid, only insofar as the ”authority” in the above sentence is a specious one- i.e., a Jewish one. Modern, capitalist, amoral Gordon Gecko, Wall St. FEDGOV specious authority.

      Because valid authority comes only from God- not even from the ‘consent of the governed.’ This idea is key and has not been dealt with by ANY of the young- because they are, I am afraid to point out, in rebellion to God’s lawful order. Plain and simple.

      This stance of mine goes way beyond just mere ‘frat boy’ humor, into realms where people like Dr. Michael R. Johnson and Soul of the East would need to weigh in, as I am not that kind of theologue. But I do recognize that one cannot fight anarchy (Leftist, Soros-funded Judenkampf) with merely a different form of Anarchy (Alt-Right, Pagan larping) because both of them are grown from the same antichristian ground. Satanic soil, as it were.

      And the only ‘catechism’ that has gained cachet in the last thirty years, is Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” -not what I would call (well, maybe that’s all it really is?) a ‘kosher’ source of catechetical instruction in the ways of Western Christendom. More like ‘Talmud for teletubbie children’…

      Just sayin’…

  9. Sam Dixon at NPI pointed out the need for ‘popularizations’.

    Hunter, have you thought about writing short popularist polemical and humorous ebooks. (Sam referred to pamphlets – same kind of thing).

    We Waz Kangz: The Truth about Africa and the West

    Redpill normies and give them the means to win arguments with humour.

    Could use hatreon or the other new funding site for funding.

  10. Pray that it is successful!

  11. more of the same | July 11, 2017 at 12:21 pm |

    There would be no alt-Right without the internet. Troll, trigger and most importantly, seed memes.

  12. The beauty of being on the Right is our opponents such as BLM and Commie filth often do our job for us. They say and do discusting things that put them out of sync with the wider public, and they’re also chronic liars.
    With the arrival of the Internet in recent decades, the public are now beginning to see through their nonsense, and its only going to get worse for them. Be ready though- the harder it gets for them, the more violent and unpredictable they may become.

  13. Reverse freedom rides?

  14. (((Shill))) | July 11, 2017 at 8:39 pm |

    So I know that various groups have their own dress codes, but I’m not part of any specific group and wish to attend this thing anyway. What should I wear to it? And will any schedules be put as to when other activities will start?

  15. I support this. We need to spread this across North America.

  16. Coming to Charlottesville to tell locals what to do with their statues? How are you any different from the Feds?

    • Carolyn, Jason Kessler is a Charlottesville native and is also the person hosting the event. Also you seem to fundamentally misunderstand what the point of all this is and what the purpose of protesting is.

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