Virginia Cuckservative Protested For White Supremacy At Townhall

This is what it is like these days to be a self-effacing Virginia cuckservative:

“Students and residents in Charlottesville, Virginia, protested Republican Rep. Tom Garrett’s first town hall Friday with a massive sign stating “no dialogue with white supremacy” and chants including “say it loud, say it clear: immigrants are welcome here.” …

“[W]e refuse to give him a platform to spout his politics of racial terror and white supremacy,” the Charlottesville chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice said in a Facebook post. “Engaging in polite conversation with Garrett normalizes his extreme views and allows them to spread. Instead, we need to disrupt this language and these policies in order to make space to create a world in which we can all be liberated from the damning violence of white supremacy that has built and structured this nation since its inception through settler colonialism and racial chattel slavery.” …

Garrett’s protesters had several chants, including “Tom Garrett, go away; no racist USA,” “If we don’t get it, shut it down,” and “no ban, no registry; fuck white supremacy.” …”

While all this was going on, Rep. Tom Garrett talked about how President Trump’s refugee ban is “stupid and un-American,” how we don’t need a wall on the Mexican border and how “there’s no place for white supremacy in the forum of Thomas Jefferson’s university.”

Note: We will have more to say on white supremacy later tonight.


    • Ugh, Colbert is such an unfunny liberal faggot. I never watch his show. The same goes for that goofy-looking kike Seth Meyers.

  1. He was committing the sin of talking while White. Whites aren’t supposed to talk, not even to celebrate our dispossession. It will not be long before just being White will be a crime.

  2. This is why moderation in the defense of (White) liberty is no virtue.
    No matter how reasonable conservatives try to be, they will be under
    fire from the left. If anything, the left homes in on moderate
    conservatives for their weakness.

    It’s also why it’s going to take some extremism to gain justice for Whites.

  3. If there’s any final proof that negroes
    have no agency whatsoever in America.
    And that they’re mere pawns in a power struggle between two groups of white people, Showing Up for Racial Justice is it. The leadership of this organisation are all white and Jewish. The Co-Director is a white woman from Buffalo, New York. The other Co-Director is from Colorado. For some reason, they don’t mention the director. The “Leadership Team” consists of Yankees, Jews and a few ‘Southern ” scalawags. All with education and connections to New York, Massachusetts or California. Not surprisingly, Tim Wise is also an associate of theirs. Southern Nationalists and other pro White organisations are going to have to concentrate on the puppet masters, not the puppets. Ferguson, for instance, was fanned into a riot by SJWs from Chicago and New York. Once they were arrested, and on busses back to Chicago and New York, the riot was brought under control. It’s a safe bet that BLM was not created, nor is directed, by blacks. Left to their own devices, negroes are only capable of disorganised riots. Which can be handled by police and national guard forces. Southern Nationalists have to sever negroes from their handlers. Even coopt or buy them out, distasteful as that may be.

  4. Cucks do not get it, they the left will NEVER stop until they are stopped by not giving in and pushing against them.

    How did this cuck win the primary again?

  5. Respectables always give legitimacy to our enemy’s language and memes. They never use pro-White counter memes to discredit our enemy’s and legitimize ours at the same time. I hate Respectables, passive aggressive anti-Whites.

  6. Do we have to go through a Maoist phase in America before we get back to normal? I hope not.

    Putin and Iran have the answer, unrelenting crackdowns. Take away their hope.

  7. Thomas Jefferson, the founder of UVA, was what shitlibs would have considered a White supremacist. So why are they attending his school?

    • They conveniently never learned the darker, less “useful” truths.

      It might be interesting to see what would happen if a meme were to spread showing just how pro-white Jefferson and the rest of the founders were. How long would the liberals continue to sing the praises of the Constitution?

    • Yes, Jefferson loved liberty- for “ourselves and our posterity”. The Negros would also have eventually gotten liberty -in the own land, perhaps Liberia. Anti-Racist is a code for for anti-white, and white supremacy is basically just a code word for normal white thought.

  8. The antifa tards were apparently having a field day. I see that they declared “we can all be liberated from the damning violence of white supremacy that has built and structured this nation since its inception through settler colonialism and racial chattel slavery…” At least they are now openly admitting that they hate America and its Founding Fathers. They are no longer claiming to be the vanguard of “true Americanism”; They now admit that they hate America. The ideological lines are drawn; they put on their own yellow star -or maybeit should be a pink star?
    Maybe the pathetic Republican quoted here should read Thomas Jefferson’s “Notes on the State of Virginia” before he talks at Jefferson’s university. Just a thought.
    Current day America is a cesspool of multiculturalism, and multiculturalism is nothing but Neo-Babelism.

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