Rod Dreher: White Nationalism In Christian High School

Rod Dreher has shared this little story on Alt-Right’s influence from one of his readers:

“As someone who’s seeing the rise of Milo’s ideals specifically in teenagers raised in a conservative context in my Christian high school, I feel like I have a perspective that you don’t.

Milo isn’t getting conservative ideas out there in a subversive label that’s appealing to Millenials. He’s a prophet of the deeply un-conservative alt-right. He’s not creating a climate that’s accepting of conservative ideals. He’s creating one that specifically rejects those values as hallmarks of a system that they view as a failure through not being radical enough.

That’s why all the good little Christians at my high school are falling in behind him — not because they actually give a crap about conservatism but because he’s giving angry, aimless young men whose church hasn’t given them anything solid to fall back on an alternate source of values that happens to be steeped in fascist and white supremacist ideals. …

It has swallowed up most of the guys in the senior class at my school, and I’m tired of it. You can’t just not talk about politics with them, because everything is politics to them. Every discussion devolves into things like which girls are “feminazis,” celebrities dating outside their ethnicity being “white genocide,” and so on. It’s suffocating to feel like if you say “actually, that’s really racist” you’re going to be brushed off as some liberal or a cuckservative. I’m genuinely scared that it’s going to spread to the point where I won’t have anyone I can talk to like a normal human being. This isn’t hyperbole. …”

My term for it is “discourse poisoning.” That’s what we are doing.

BTW, everything we talk about on this website used to be completely normal until the Baby Boomer generation. They were raised at a time when the mass media was consolidated, White identity had become taboo and the Lügenpresse had the power to drive the Narrative.

The funny thing is, these Boomers haven’t realized that they are ones who are unusual in the larger scheme of American history. They have spent their entire adult lives in a Jewish-dominated discursive bubble in which a positive sense of White racial consciousness was held to be taboo.

It didn’t used to be taboo though. Every previous generation up to the Baby Boomers had a positive sense of White identity. The term “racism” didn’t even exist until the 1920s. It was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by a new form of media – television. We are told by our elites today that all these -isms and -phobias are synonymous with morality. These concepts didn’t exist a century ago.

In the late 20th century, television controlled the Narrative. If you were on television, you were “mainstream” and “respectable.” The elites who controlled access to television had the power set taboos and redefine morality by ostracizing folks like us to the “fringe.” These Boomers like Rod Dreher grew accustomed to policing their own thoughts and speech in order to be “mainstream.” You didn’t want to be seen as “fringe” in the 20th century because it would ruin your career.

But now? Breitbart and Infowars have shown you don’t have to be “mainstream” to be successful anymore. We have all the tools we need to poison discourse. We can attack and dismantle the Narrative. We have the tools to finance our operations, create networks and find each other all over the world. If I don’t want to watch Chris Hayes talk to a bunch of faggots tonight on MSNBC (his show should be airing live on MSNBC right now), I can watch someone else like Stefan Molyneux.

The world of these conservatives is crumbling. It is unwinding because their world was really the exception. It was a product of a confluence of historical events that was unsustainable.


  1. “My term for it is “discourse poisoning.””

    As others have pointed out, Mr. Wallace, “poisoning” has a bad connotation. One does not usually brag about poisoning something.

    How about “discourse fracking”?

    Or, to ape the left, “discourse jamming”.

  2. White high school kids brushing off the “racist” slur. That’s the best news I’ve heard today.

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