1. Watson must be a fag.

    Paul Joseph WatsonVerified account@PrisonPlanet
    Let’s be honest. A lot of the so-called “conservatives” attacking Milo just hate gay people.

    Paul Joseph WatsonVerified account@PrisonPlanet
    The hatred towards Milo is driven by the jealousy & self-loathing of hacks who know only compromise, obedience and intellectual cowardice.

    Hunter Wallace?@occdissent

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson
    We’re talking about a Jewish homosexual who calls himself a black dick supremacist, bathes in blood and is into sex with teenagers

  2. Yes, we have a “Chabad Center” just an old house on a moderately busy corner on Campustown University of Illinois near the bars. The have a cheap pile of sticks up that bears a slight resemblance to a menorah right next to the converging sidewalks. Drunk punks have a habit of knocking it down, the installed security cameras and were able to identify the stumbling drunk vandals. One was a hispanic female Softball player who appeared to stretch the thing downwards to look at the tip and it snapped. The rabbi was interviewed hysterically screeching about “hate in their hearts” blah, blah, blah, when I doubt any of the drunk kids even knew the significance of the thing other than the very common vandalism of any item left unguarded by drunk punks in campus town. They turned mundane vandalism motivation into silly “antisemetic hate” for political purposes.
    With all these bomb threats to Jewish centers, cemeteries, I say Trump actually go out and find the perpetrators. You know 90% of these calls are hysterical Jews themselves, and if some gentile idiot seriously does this kind of stuff I say lock him up before he does something really stupid and derails the whole Trump agenda. Another way the Eastern Jewish stranglehold filtering our news distorts reality, few Americans ever hear over 90% of these so called “hate crimes” turn out to be fakes by leftists. If the common man knew this it might have quite the attitude change towards all these leftist harangues seeing that they do most of the political violence that goes on, and the few cases where they appear to be victims are in fact staged.

  3. Heard there is some documentary in England called “chemsex” that shows how widespread meth-sex binges are in queer culture. Most of them end up with the aids from taking it up the ass without a rubber during these hectic drug fueled binges. The gays were worried and didn’t want parents seeing it because they just might do some critical thinking that, instead of the propaganda of a man-man version of the George and Mary Baily relationship, when their “gay” son sets off for London they might think “Is this really all that awaits him?”

  4. Milo is a respectable. He’ll lead the newbies into a useless cul de sac, just like all the respectables do. Milo’s mistake was overplaying the homo shtick.

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