There Won’t Be A New Afrika

Billy Roper writes:

“Likewise, the Mississippi Valley and Black Belt stretching across the five states of the deep south will make it into what they are already calling ‘New Africa’. Any late-coming Civil War reenactors there who want to whistle ‘Dixie’ had better make it the short version.

In this new article Southern Nationalist Hunter Wallace, a.k.a. Brad Griffin of the League of the South, a man certainly worthy of respect and admiration for his principled stand for our people, agonizes in a convoluted effort to define who a Southerner is, culturally and ethnically and geographically, so as to not draw too fine a line and limit his pool of potential supporters.

I suggest something even more noble than fighting for a lost cause, or taking a martyr’s stand on the green graves of your sires, or around your local Confederate memorial monument.

New America: Your ancestors crossed oceans, mountains, and wildernesses to give their descendants, you, a better life. Won’t you give your progeny the same shot? …”

I’ve spent years discussing the same issue with Matt Heimbach.

I’m a native of the Alabama Black Belt. This is my home. I’ve lived virtually my entire life in this region. I’m a Southern Nationalist, not a White Nationalist.

There is a misperception among White Nationalists about our region. They look at census maps and imagine that huge numbers of blacks must live here. That’s really not the case at all though. The Alabama Black Belt, the Mississippi Delta and the rest of the old plantation belts have been depopulating for over a century now. Historically speaking, the black population used to be concentrated in the rural South, but now it is heavily urbanized. They’ve moved to the big cities.

Case in point, 34 percent of the black population, 11 percent of the Asian population, and 31 percent of the Hispanic population lives in the Deep South. I’m defining the Deep South to include the 7 states of the original Confederacy. Nearly half of the black population in the Deep South lives in Florida and Texas. 3/4ths of the black population in the Deep South lives in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Alabama is 68 percent White. The United States as a whole is 62.8 percent White. How do we explain this? How did the United States become less White than Alabama? It’s because the United States is changing so much faster than the Deep South!

Marengo County, AL is 51% black. There were about 20,000 people in Marengo County in 2015. In 1910, there were 40,000 people living there. In a nutshell, Marengo County, AL is why there will never be any Republic of New Afrika in the Deep South.

1.) First, the black population has been migrating away from the region for a century now as they have become superfluous to its agriculture, manufacturing and commerce. They’re dreaming of living in a big city like Da ATL or some prosperous Whitopia. That’s where they are all going.

2.) Second, the black population doesn’t believe in racial separatism. The average African-American prefers to live in a mixed neighborhood. They don’t want to live in a neighborhood that is too black. It is Whites who want to live apart from blacks, not the other way around.

3.) Third, the black population that does live here is sustained by the largesse of the federal welfare state and have desire to disrupt that cozy arrangement.

Maybe this is a racist analogy and I agree it is a bit mean, but they are not unlike locusts. Once they destroy an area, the swarm moves on. They’re leaving both the Alabama Black Belt and Detroit. From my perspective on the ground, the swarm continues its exodus from here every year. My area is becoming emptier and more rural every year. It is really becoming easier to live here.

It is really cheap to live here. I’ve got high speed internet access now. I don’t have to deal with these people. The low population density seems to have a moderating effect on the black population. When they are piled on top of each other like in Atlanta or Detroit, they are a lot more dangerous.

Basically, I am trying to say here that the American negro has become an urbanite. The vast majority of them live in urban areas. In Alabama, they are concentrated in Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery while a smaller number of them live in rural parts of the Black Belt. We really can’t separate from the black population without cutting ourselves off from the centers of our civilization.

The Black Panthers were founded in Lowndes County, AL. In the 1970s, blacks took power in Lowndes County, which has lost 2/3rds of its population since 1910. Drive through Bloody Lowndes in 2017 and your overwhelming impression of it will be that it has become a depopulated wilderness. The idea that huge numbers of blacks are going to move to Lowndes County and become farmers or something and an independent country resonates in White Nationalist circles.

It will never happen though. The reality is that the few blacks that are left behind will continue to be pushed out over the next fifty years. The real problem we have here is that Whites are leaving too. If we could only reverse that trend, we could easily gentrify the Black Belt.

Again, I will say that life is becoming better in the rural South, at least in some ways. There are fewer people living here. If you live in the Mississippi Delta, it is really bad, but at the same you notice there is an exodus going on and wonder what that means for the future!

Note: I do have some friends in the Harrison area though. The Ozarks are beautiful. I have mused about what it would be like to live there, but my home will always be the Gulf Coastal Plain.


  1. Absolutely! Northern Virginia is occupied territory now. It has been infested by foreigners and NY/NJ Yankees. All of the natives have fled to the mountains or down 95. The rest of the state is very red and very conservative (excepting a few places like Charlottesville and maybe Hampton Roads).

  2. Southern WV did not vote to secede. We were forced into it. We are extremely southern and consider ourselves southern. Northern WV are Yankees through and through. I have 30+ confederate soldier ancestors. My grandmother flies the confederate battle flag from her house on the side of a mountain in southern WV and I fly the bonnie blue.

  3. No way! At least not here. I get eyed with suspicion being from WV but once people start to know me they immediately start bashing yankees. It’s really kind of funny. But the south end of the county is on the gulf and it is totally different. Full of people from everywhere due to the military. But they aren’t wanted up here.

  4. Where did you go in Florida? There are two Floridas. The peninsula and the panhandle. Anywhere west of the Suwanee is generally ok and very southern. The peninsula is garbage with a few exceptions. I liked Citrus county a lot, the big bend is cool, even Cross City which is just down southof the Suwannee is great. There’s a confederate memorial on the highway there. It’s rural and nice and seems very southern. You gotta know where to go!

  5. Did you go to the Peanut Fest? We used to go every year when we lived closer. Dothan is pretty nice! But my criteria is minimal blacks because I have school age kids.

  6. There are places. The north end of my county in the FL panhandle is all white. Our county is something like 86-89% white. But our neighboring county is massively black. So it evens out I guess. You don’t see many here even driving through. Which is why I’m here. I think there’s a few mulattoes in my kid’s school but that’s it.

  7. I couldn’t believe it, but there are blacks in southern WV. Beckley, the bigger city near us, is 20% black! In my entire life I think I have seen ONE black in Beckley. They are in Lewisburg too, yet I have never seen them there either! Not at the Fair, nowhere!! I think they must keep to their areas. But they’re there. So don’t be surprised. Oh I have seen a few mulatto kids there but I figured the mothers found a black in Charleston or somewhere but when I finally went to Charleston I didn’t see any blacks there either!

  8. I said up thread that my part of Appalachia has blacks. Beckley is 20% black. But I’ve never seen one there in all my years of shopping and visiting relatives in the hospital or going to eat on special occasions. I guess they mined coal but my family are miners and nobody has ever mentioned blacks in the mines. Seems like it would be dangerous, they’d just blend in down there. Steve Harvey is from WV, can you believe that?

  9. I’m starting to conclude that, as a Northerner, I live in the black part of the country. Just checked Wikipedia and saw that Steve Harvey’s father was a coal miner, there in West Virginia (a place called Welch, about fifty miles from Beckley).

  10. I used to live in Harrison, now I live about two hours east of there, in an area that’s actually even Whiter. But yes, I am familiar with KIM. They’re a good source for Christian Identity material.

  11. Thanks for the input. I may have to someday check out the other side of florida then. My wife and I spent time in St Augustine, which i sort of liked, jacksonville, ughhh, went down to daytona, good lord what was that about, a rundown looking place and orlando. We would have spent more time checking places out but it was hurricane season and we thought it would be horrible to have gotten stuck where were so we left. Cant say exactly what turned us off but we decided florida was not going to work for us as a place to live….might have judged too hastily….

  12. Agree with you totally. I have spent some time in Brazil and it is exactly as you say. You can go anywhere as long as it is dominantly white area in that country but if you veer into areas of majority blacks you will immediately see the problems. Everywhere you encounter trouble it is always blacks.

    I just came back from the east coast and must say that there seems to be the worst blacks in the country. Arrogant and aggressive. It very well may be that it is all a matter of numbers. My rough guess is that as they approach ten percent or more of a population they begin to contribute plus eighty percent of the the troubles….

    In the end we should have all learned from the south who had long ago figured out how to keep the peace between the two races….segregate….

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