The False Narrative: Homeless Black Man With HIV Rapes And Sodomizes White Woman In Columbus, GA

This is staring into the abyss:

“A homeless man with HIV raped a woman on Feb. 3 near the Chattahoochee River at the intersection of First Avenue and 17th Street, according to testimony Monday in Columbus Recorder’s Court.

Joseph Lee Sims, 55, pleaded not guilty to rape, sodomy, reckless conduct HIV and giving false information to police. …

Lombardo said as Sims was being transported to the jail, he denied raping the woman. When he arrived, he allegedly made another statement to detectives about the incident.

“He stated that he ‘had the white b—- without a condom,’” Lombardo testified. …”

This is Joseph Lee Sims.

He boasted to the Columbus Police that “had the white b**** without a condom.”

If any further proof were needed that these horrible things aren’t just happening in South Africa, this recently happened in my own backyard in Columbus, GA. Just two days ago, we were talking about the widespread belief in the Jim Crow South that black men preyed on White women.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the CofCC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

  • Learnabout Papercups

    This is why we had lynchings.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    How is this AIDS vector still alive?

  • Stephen Dalton

    It’s my understanding that lynchings happened when people believed the courts were too lenient on criminals. For example, raptists in the old days usually got the death penalty. If the courts didn’t sentence such a person to death, a lynching would soon take place. The Leo Frank case was a good example of this kind of rough justice. Frank was sentenced to death, but the corrupt governor of Georgia commuted the sentence to life. It was widely believed that Frank would probably be freed in the near future, so a very organized lynch gang took matters into their own hands and carried out the original sentence on the raptist.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    He should have just been made to fall down some steps or passed away in the night on his pillow.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Negroes, and their Jew masters.

  • DenisetheCelt

    The Jew Frank child rapist and murderer was nearly killed in prison. The hideous little Semite Frank tried to rape his White male cell mate, while the man was sleeping. The adult male was not a little girl; he was big and strong. The fellow has a jail cell shiv, and nearly killed Frank by slitting his throat. A jailed doctor saved Frank’s life, until justice came calling.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Jews paid off the Governor, and the Traitor Slayton and his wife fled to Jew York City.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Whites – you must be armed at all times. And READY.

  • The Law should do the right thing and enforce the Death Penalty. WPWW !

  • Jim

    Anti-white Jewish supremacist organizations like the SPLC have the gall to attack whites who organize to protect and defend themselves.

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    Then the little sheenie had the nerve to accuse that big Negro janitor Jim Conley of being the actual killer of Mary Phagan. Do you think the coloreds had anything to do with her murder?

  • Solidus

    Disgusting. But as a filthy old walking contagion that’s had the virus for at least 20 years, at least he’ll probably spend the rest of his pathetic life rotting in a cell.

  • Stephen Dalton

    That’s was Mary Phalan’s great niece said in her book about the murder.

  • Stephen Dalton

    The Phalan family believed to this day that Leo Frank alone was responsible for the murder. Years after the murder, they spotted him on the streets, and invited him to their house for some refreshments to show their everlasting gratitude for his testimony in the trial that convicted Frank.

  • Rebel Yell

    He looks very ape-like.

  • Junius Daniel

    Good comment, Mr. Dalton.

    In fact, according to former Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers, the first lynching he witnesst was in Laurel, Mississippi of a negro who had been tried twice for the rape of different white women, and, when he was, a third time, placet in jail, the DA said that he would not try the man anymore, because he knew any guilty verdict would, just as it had been twice before, be overthrown on appeals by New England court judges.

    That night, the sheriff lookt the other way, as some townsmen came to deliver a long overdue justice, though, interestingly enough, Bowers saw that act as far less about administering justice to a negro, who had strayed into the unthinkable, than it was a living Confederate statement to the tyrannical and usurpatious behavior of The New England Government.

    Bowers described this affair as teaching him what Confederate culture was and meant; – something which he, having grown up in ‘the nouveau riche and confused society of Jackson, Missi’ippi, in the 1930s, had lost to a confused self-identity, or the lack of it’.

  • Nightowl2548

    I’d be cautions about jumping to conclusions. Richard Jewell well could have gotten Lynched after the Atlanta Olympics Bombing, they made it out like he surely was guilty. Turns out he had nothing to do with it and actually was a hero. I doubt Congressman Garry Condit would have been lynched, but he too was seen as surely guilty and turned out to also have nothing to do with the crime.

  • JewishWife1488

    Hey Hunter, Is PJW ripping off your material without attribution? Looks to me like he is.

    He quotes the same paper as you do which appears to be a local paper. Is there another explanation?

    Btw, ignore my account name and picture, it was a troll for another site. I will get a new one.

  • muscle mike

    Let’s keep in mind that this is the same city that banned me for defending myself against two black felons,but they do Not ban child molesters. Ask the corrupt judicial system why they don’t use Terry vs. Hamrick against sexual predators. My white privilege got me banned from the entire Chattahoochee judicial circuit. The corrupt DA’S office won’t ban blacks because they’re future Democrat voters.

  • Very interesting.

  • Junius Daniel

    We kind of figured that the picture and the ikon were fake – given that no Jewish wife would ever have ‘1488’ included:)))

  • Stephen Dalton

    N.O., if you’re refering to the Frank case, there’s no jumping to conclusions. The evidence presented at his trial proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was guilty as sin. The murder victims great niece’s book throughly documents the evidence presented at the trial, the corrupt actions of Gov. Slayton to bias the outcome in favor of the defendant, and the actions taken by him and Frank’s supporters to save him after he was found guilty. Unfortunately for Frank, their attempt to save him backfired, because enough citizens of Georgia were outraged at the highhanded chicanery to do something about it.

  • crittergirl

    This sonofabitch should be shot on sight. Wait until muzzies get their sharia here…rapes are allowed.